Mark Your Calendars!

Global AM BannerPlease mark your calendars for world animal day! It is long overdue we began to treat animals with respect and compassion instead of torturing and killing them. Here is the article and information. Thank you.

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Live Video Benghazi Hearings…

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Let’s Get Beyond This! Source:

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I keep trying to get through each day as we go along on this difficult journey but I have gotten to a saturation point of what I can and will accept going on in my world. It is so time to get beyond this era of brutality we live in. It is so old school, so out dated it is pathetic. To remain in a state of brutality says we have not evolved very far at all, that we are willing  sit back and accept what we are seeing take place with no push back what so ever. This way of thinking about solving our problems that we are experiencing with brute physical force of aggression has got to stop. The acts of talking and compromise are no longer even on the table for discussion it seems. Who we are and how we act are a root cause of what we are seeing yet we do not seem to own up to it and move beyond it. Would half the countries itching to take down America feel this way if we had not forced our way into their lives first and destroyed their way of living in our almighty quest for power and control and yes oil? I highly doubt it. When an animal is cornered and being threatened it lashes out and tries to attack. Are we not making the rest of the rest of the world into cornered animals by our brutal, invasive behavior?

Day after day those who watch television( bad idea) are pummeled with vicious, terrifying images designed to provoke us and instill fear in us with the hopes we will beg for protection and go happily along with the suggestions of going to war yet AGAIN because we have been made afraid and doing battle has been touted as our savior. Is it not time to see it is the same old story we have been fed like pabulum over and over again, year after year, decade after decade? A huge part of this problem is the fact far too many people just accept what they are told as truth rather than doing their own research into whether it is the truth or not. Have we ever asked ourselves if the pictures we are being shown repeatedly are even real or perhaps doctored? Have we ever asked if the reasons we have been given as to why things are happening to us are truthful? It will be very interesting to see what comes out of the Benghazi hearings beginning today. Perhaps the real truth will emerge and those folks sitting on the fence will finally see the truth for themselves and cry foul!

Until enough of us are awake to the truth, those of us who are, should take on the responsibility of pushing back against this warped mindset of war and death and torture and demand that our Governments approach the worlds problems with new thinking. If we all sit quietly safe in our humble abodes and watch this brutality continue we are equally to blame for our ‘consciousness evolving’ going nowhere. It is time we get beyond this mindset of aggression and it is we who are being asked to stand up for a better way of living. Our Government spends billions of our hard-earned money on fighting, killing and taking control in other countries where we don’t even belong. As this is all happening, our country is falling apart. We have no border control to protect us, our infrastructure is so corroded soon we will be without daily necessities like clean water and sanitation. Our hungry and homeless remain hungry and homeless. We have our own needs to think about first then we can reach out lovingly to others. If we are not strong and secure how can we help others in need?

Please ask yourself questions about everything you are being told and what you see and do your own research for the real truth. The internet is waiting for you to begin your search. It is time compassion for one another took center stage and the era of war and death is put to rest so we can all move on to the new world.

Blessings to us all,


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Oracle Report Tuesday Sept. 16


Thanks to Oracle Report. Here is the report. Enjoy your day!

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Oracle Report Monday Sept.15

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Sharing the Oracle Report for Monday. Enjoy and make the most out of your day.

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Quick Question To Ponder… Source:

Do you know what your true dream in life is? Have you ever really thought about it? This is your main purpose while you are here in this lifetime. To recognize your dream and to pursue it. There will always be one thing you feel driven towards, one thing that keeps presenting itself to you throughout life, one thing that makes you light up inside and feel complete. We won’t know what it is unless we pay attention to what our heart and soul are telling us. When we do discover it, do not push it aside but go after it, pursue it at all costs, this is who you really are, so take time to ask yourself, “what is my dream for myself?” and fulfill it.

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Shocking Reality…

I wanted to share these pictures to help people understand the extent of damage the chemtrail/weather modification program the Government is using is creating in this country and around the world. When are we going to stand up and say no more? If the environment is dying what do you think is happening to us? Ever wonder why they are zeroing in on California? It is one of our major sources of food supply!

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Be Inspiring… source:

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Many times I have people ask me how can they better their lives, what do they have to do to make the world a better place. My answer is always the same no matter who asks. Be inspiring with your life! There is no greater satisfaction for yourself than to get out of your own life and change someone else’s life for the better, to lift someone up who is feeling they have no reason to go on, to bring a smile or hope or happiness to someone’s life. You can  create beautiful pieces of art that bring joy to another’s life or a piece of music that sweeps into someone’s life and carries them away. It is all about YOU being the starting point of change, be it yours or somebody else’s. When I first started my blog it was during 2011 as we were getting ready to enter the 2012 time of shift in the world. There were so many people around me who didn’t have a clue about the shift and they didn’t know how to flow with it. We were all finding our way together. I wanted to share my ideas with them on what I thought was going on and how they could flow down stream with it more easily and to awaken them to reality. You just have to find your niche and go for it. Every time I was able to help someone understand what was going on or better yet, help them awaken or feel good about themselves, I knew I had to keep doing what I was doing. It inspired me to inspire others.

We are all born with a gift we are meant to share with the world, it is just a matter of figuring out what your gift is. It is usually centered around something that comes easily to you and makes you feel good inside. Writing has always come easily to me and wanting to help others has as well. Along with the work that I do, writing my blog felt like something I needed to do and so I began my journey into blogging. It took a while to free myself though and find the courage to do it. It amazes me how we can all get so mired down in our own dramas in life, we can’t seem to realize or remember that we can make our lives be whatever we wish them to be. We get caught up in being stuck or a victim of our circumstances and for some reason we feel we can’t seem to change this mindset, especially in the moment. Well, we can! Always. It is just a matter of finding the courage to take the actions required to make the changes we have been longing for. Nothing in life changes without movement of some kind. Stagnation is what creates death and rotting of anything and the longer we remain stagnant the harder it is to free ourselves.

What is your purpose in life? It is to make your life inspiring to yourself and to others, so the momentum keeps flowing and you find ways to reinvent yourself as you go along. Nothing in life ever stays the same so why should we? Allow the desire for your life to be an inspiration to the world, live larger within you than the fear of change and all will be well.

Blessings to us all,


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Things Are Looking Up….

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I just wanted to share this article from Carl Boudreau about his latest astrology chart. It looks like these extreme times of chaos are coming to end and our stress levels can begin to lessen. Good news. I was getting exhausted! Here is his latest article.

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Always Looking Up….

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I know that title seems like a tall order to fill, but this is what the new world is really all about. Looking beyond the chaos to the positive that awaits us all. As with everything in life, we have the freedom to choose what we wish to believe in, either the chaos created for us on a daily basis guaranteed to bring us to our knees, or we can choose to see what is RIGHT in the world. It seems to be human nature to zero in on the negative and store it in our memory banks. It is up to each of us to concentrate on the good aspects life has to offer us instead. It really is as simple as that, it is we humans that tend to complicate things. It all begins with being aware of our thoughts. If we pay close attention we can feel when we are down or just not connecting with the flow of life smoothly. We can stay stuck there if we choose, or we can make a concerted effort to banish the negative thinking that keeps us stuck and search instead for what is right in our world. There are plenty of right things going on if we allow ourselves to see them. It is a matter of discipline. We make the conscious choice to block out the chaos bombarding us everyday by turning off the news spewing lies from our television sets and throwing away the newspapers.

In our quest to expand as human beings we have gone so far adrift we often forget to stay closer to home and pay attention. First thing in the morning when you awaken, do you take time to appreciate the fact you were allowed to awaken to yet another day? This is one thing we take seriously for granted. It seems the only real way we can be aware of what is of value in our world is to imagine life without the good things. What would your world be like without the birdsong, sunrises and sunsets, wildflowers outside your door, the fact you are breathing and thinking. There are many things we can be grateful for but we tend to overlook them. This is where the discipline comes in. Because we tend to take things for granted, paying attention to them gets overlooked. If we make ourselves aware of what is of value and positive in our world everyday, we eventually change how we view the world and appreciating life becomes our new way of being. In these chaotic times mired in fear, it is critical we take the time to remain grateful and aware.

Just something to think about. If life is not being kind to you at the moment, change it by changing your thoughts. We always have the freedom to choose how we wish to view life. Please do not allow the fear mongering and chaos to take over your life. Steer clear of it and make it your choice to stand strong and remain positive despite whatever is swirling around in your world that wants to bring you down. You are in control of your ship so steer it in a good direction.

Blessings to us all,



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