Urgent Message From Tom Kenyon…

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I just wanted to share the latest Hathor Message from Tom Kenyon as it addresses specifically the chaos we are now experiencing in the world around us and how to deal with the stress of it all. If nothing else, it certainly tells us we are not alone in what we are experiencing! Hang on tight guys and work hard to raise your consciousness. Stay in your hearts, see the good in all bad, remain positive and be love to yourself and to all those around you. We will get through this, TOGETHER!

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New Food Matters Video…Carb Loaded

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Now I Understand…


Boy, the last couple of days have been rough and now I see we are once again being pelted by solar flares, this time a very powerful one! It is a good time to stay grounded with nature outside as it can lessen the negative effects from the solar flares. Lets hope this one blasted us with more awakening abilities and people are popping open. Here is the write up about it. Don’t fight these energies, just try to go with them, if you are feeling off, now you know why so accept it …

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Super Juice Me Movie….

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I thought some of you might find this movie very interesting to watch. If you have any illnesses pay attention! Slowly but surely we are all learning we can in fact HEAL OURSELVES! Enjoy the movie and thanks to Food Matters….

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What Can We Be Doing Now To Help…?

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I don’t believe any one of us needs to be told how crazy the world is right now, everything being pushed beyond their boundaries to the point of near explosion. What many of us may need to hear is what we can do to make things better. I am sure you have heard over and over again that we need to heal ourselves first and only then can the world heal. Well, what exactly or should I say, how exactly do we do this? Like the picture above implies we begin by finding a place to be quiet with ourselves, where we can think deeply and dive within and ask ourselves the tougher and more revealing questions about ourselves. It seems forever now we have been conditioned to look outside ourselves for answers and direction and being totally distracted from the essence of what is going on within us. That has been a great way to keep us off-balance and disconnected from self. It is now time to re-connect and begin to look for answers as to how we can become more of who we are truly meant to be.

What questions are we meant to ask to get to the core of the issue? Well, we can begin by sitting quietly and asking ourselves what our life story is. Who have we been throughout our life, what have we done in our life that made us who we are? What are your beliefs about yourself from childhood forward. Are they truthful or just stories about yourself you tap into regardless of whether they are truthful or not, it’s who you have believed you’ve always been. I like to write things down so I can go back and refer to my inner discussions on paper. Often times the stories we tell ourselves can be very limiting like doors shutting off whole segments of living to us because of our beliefs and fears. So we first have to discover where our beliefs have led us. Have we cheated ourselves by living an unlived life? Have you always dreamed about being an explorer but found yourself pushing paper in an office? Did you always want to be a singer but because you didn’t believe you had a good enough voice you stuffed that idea and became a teacher?

We have to try to unearth the parts of ourselves that have gone unacknowledged, for those areas of ourselves become unhinged from being ignored. It is the ignoring of that side of us that wishes to be born, that drains our soul and leaves us feeling unfinished and incomplete. It was our mission in coming here to fully experience ourselves and satisfy all of our desires of who we wish to be. So who is it you really wish to be? What is it you really wish to be doing? It is time to grow wings and fly off into your life fully and with joy. There is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it. It is only ego that chatters in your head and casts doubts in your mind, it is not reality! Reality has no boundaries. So if you start to throw out a lack of finances available to follow your dream as a reason why you have lived an unlived life, rethink that. That is ego saying no. For every rock it throws up in your path to stop you, look deeply for a way around it. You can always go around or up or over, you just have to figure out the way to do it.

A great deal of the unrest in the world today and the violence we are witnessing, is unlived lives expressing themselves. If we were all living exactly the lives we desired for ourselves there would be peace. Lack of peace within ourselves creates the lack of peace we find around us, for what we think we create. The slave masters that railroaded our lives to fuel their own selfish agendas stole our lives and it is time to get them back. It is time to go within and figure out where your life is lacking and fill that empty space. You are dying for it and so is your soul. It is starving in fact, if you are not feeding it happiness and love and contentment. That is the food your soul requires to thrive and in turn your own life will thrive. So go get quiet, find out what story you have been telling yourself about your life and discover those empty areas that need filling and go fill them! The world wants peace but we can only have that when each of us has peace within. It is not something you can win from war, it can embrace the world only when the people living in the world feel peace within.

Blessings to us all,


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Please Help Protect Organics….

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Here is an article and a ‘take action’ is included to stop GMO animal vaccines from being allowed in organics! They keep trying to get in through the back door of everything! Please take time to sign your name. Thanks!

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New Moon Tomorrow The 23rd

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I am sharing this information on tomorrow’s new moon. Don’t forget the new moon is a time to set into motion new beginnings. If you are desiring to do something, change something, accomplish something, take this time and the new moon energy to put things into motion.

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Strive For Positive Change…

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Having posted the ‘wake up post’ before this, I wanted to follow-up on a positive note. There is already far too much negativity going on in the world and it must be counter balanced with positive and uplifting thinking as well. I can’t urge you all enough to make a part of your every day be centered on imagining positive change. After all, whatever we choose to concentrate on in our thinking, we manifest into our realities. Everyday we are blasted with bad news and fear porn and the question we should ask ourselves is “What am I doing with this information?” Are you allowing it to weigh heavily on your shoulders and succumbing to it or are you transforming it into something better? The bad things we are constantly being shown are bits and pieces of insight that are showing us where we must make change in the world.The bad news is like a neon road map. Rather than being weighed down by it, use this information to make the world a better place.

We have marvelous minds that have no boundaries, but we only use so little of them, and by using so little of them, they are shrinking from lack of use. Just like any muscle in our bodies, if we do not keep active and move, they become atrophied and begin to waste away. We must use our minds, think outside the box, and allow them to expand and grow and help us to overcome the situation we find ourselves in. When confronted by something negative or fearful, take time out to think deeply about it, turn it around in all directions and search for the answer that lies hidden within. There is a solution to every problem, we just have to look for it. I saw so many situations far beyond my immediate control and found it unbearable to live with. I chose blogging to try to wake people up and help them see a different side to life than what we were being given to see. We are only shown what the dark wishes us to see and even that is manipulated to serve their agendas.

If an issue going on and it grabs at your heart-strings and causes you great discomfort, you are being shown the area in which you are meant to make a difference! It is up to you to find a way outside of the box to make that difference. The destruction of the earth also bothered me greatly, so I eat and promote organic food in my small way of not being part of the destruction. There are hundreds of things you can be doing to make the world a better place, you just have to step up to the plate and do it! Listen to your heart, it will guide you, it will show you what matters most to you. We all have our areas of what matters most thereby providing a multitude of people to fan out and perform different projects so everything gets covered in the end. If something isn’t of great importance to you and you do nothing and then feel guilty, don’t! We can’t take care of everything on our own and so we then accept that there is somebody who has our back who is concerned about it enough to do something. It is called trusting others.

The only way all of this works is if we are all doing our own part in making a difference in the world. If you see something that tears at your heart in another country do not give up. Find a way to help in some small way through starting an organization, doing charity work for that country,start a collection to help get what is needed, blogging about it, whatever. There are ways to help, but thinking outside the box, the boundaries we have all been held captive in for so long, is a must if you wish to find the answer to your dilemma! This is how we are all going to change the world in the end. By allowing our numbed bodies to thaw out and begin to feel compassion again. The perpetual war machine has deadened us and shelved our compassion in the dark. Turn on the light and find your compassion again, allow yourselves to care about others as well as yourselves. It is a bit painful to come back to life much like when your foot falls asleep and begins to tingle furiously. It is short-lived however, and well worth the discomfort. Reawakening ourselves to feeling compassion and love again is the answer to all of our problems. Find the courage to make your life all about making a difference in the world. Think positive, imagine positive change, see the positive change and go for it!

Blessings to us all,



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Waking Up Is A Must…!

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A Light Has Gone Out In The World!!


Very sad news. Dolores Cannon has passed away. She brought such encouragement for all of us trudging our way towards the new world. She shared incredible insights from her many years of working with people under hypnosis. She shall be sorely missed. Here is the news from her face book page.

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