Dec. 21, 2012 Party Palace

                                                            !!! Party Time !!!

                             Come on in and celebrate December 21, 2012 together!



73 Responses to Dec. 21, 2012 Party Palace

  1. Purpleskyz says:

    Hey ALL!
    Hi aFrankAngle! Hope you enjoyed your visit! LOL
    Hope you all have a wonderful day full of personal meaning and joy!
    I am hoping to get a glimpse of the night sky here.
    Then turning in early. All this partying has wiped me out.
    To all you fabulous folks here… it has been an honor hanging out with you today!
    Much LOVE

  2. Mish says:

    Hi again,

    Looks like the sun is having a party! Far side activity is starting to increase;

    I’ve just been to see the film ‘The Hobbit’ with my son – and there was so much in it that seemed relevant right now. It’s basically about a simple Hobbit who gets caught up in an ‘adventure’. He has to leave his homeland – the beautiful Shire, a lush, green valley, full of life and abundance, in order to help some dwarves reclaim their homeland which was stolen from them by an evil force in the past. Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit, doesn’t want to leave the warmth and comforts of The Shire and is told by Gandalf the Wizard that although he doesn’t have to go, he should for his own good and growth. He also tells him that if he goes on the adventure he will not be the same person when he returns home. At one point in the film, Gandalf says something like, in his experience evil is never conquered by great power, but by ordinary people displaying simple acts of everyday kindness and love. His adventure is full of risks and danger, but ultimately brings out the best in Bilbo. When they get into real trouble – they get the help they really need (I haven’t gone into huge detail in case I spoil it for anyone!) It’s a really great film if anyone decides to go and see it!

    It reminded me of us, as spirit having a human experience – leaving our ‘home’ wherever that may be in the cosmos, (spirit realm, other stars/planets etc), to come here, learn and grow. It was never going to be easy – lots of risks and danger, the battle with darker forces and evil who have taken over the land, (and people’s minds). So we’re here to help reclaim the land and at the same time evolve with it. This all helps immensly with our own spiritual growth and we get help when we really need it, rather than when we think we need it. I could see how Bilbo’s struggle with his fears and doubts, could relate to our own fears and doubts at times. I could also see how Bilbo, (like us) had opportunities to develop inner strength, courage and self belief and that if spiritual forces stepped in too soon, it wouldn’t have allowed him to develop this within himself. Also, even if it looks as though we will be overcome by darkness, the forces of good/light always come through in the end – even if it’s at the eleventh hour!

    There was quite a powerful message in it – just thought I’d share that with you :)

    Sorry to hear about your HAARP headaches….get better soon!

    Brightest blessings to all! Mish

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  4. aFrankAngle says:

    First-time visitor via Tom’s! Dang … food, drinks, music … Jackpot!

    Before my contribution, I invite you and your readers to attend my holiday gathering starting 8 pm Eastern US, 23 Dec.

  5. Wow VK! WHAT A DAY!
    Great fun! And it is still going on!
    I did mean to call by a little earlier but kept getting lost in the Mansion! And, I think I’ll give Sue’s meditation a ‘quick go’ tomorrow… to rest! ;)

  6. gcgrann says:

    Really nice spread you have here, Vk. I thought I’d drop off my favorite Christmas carol for the enjoyment of your party guests. Love, Gillian

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks GG….Good song! Good talking to you today. Hope you got my goody in your inbox!!! Pertains to what we were talking about. Take care and have a good nights sleep in the new world of feminine energy…..VK

  7. Visionkeeper says:

    I just wanted to say this storm was not natural. i lived on the coast for years so i know what a hurricane sounds like. they roar. this storm today roared but it was a strange roar, made me think it was actually being driven by haarp…It was a manipulated roar if that makes sense. I hear Snow Monkey has a haarp headache….maybe that is why she has not be in today. hope you are feeling better SM…Get better quick…..VK

  8. Barbara says:

    Hi Everyone:

    Wow, you guys are rockin! Just after high noon here and our Solstice celebration only just beginning, but, hey, when you guys call it quits, tuck yourselves in, give yourselves hugs, and know that the party continues. Hope there’s some eggnog/brandy left! Don’t worry, I’ll bring some over. So far I’ve been about as far apart in mood swings as I’ve been in years. Like every few minutes, I’m feeling something different. Have been through anger, sadness, tears, joy, orgasmic! Okay, okay, maybe you didn’t need to hear all that, but, hey, that’s what friends are for, right? I’m wearing my bright yellow outfit and you can’t miss me! So here’s to Love and Peace Around the World and here’s to coming in on 5D. Love to you all, super party you got going here, and I’ll be right over. To those already snoozin’, sweet dreams! We did it! Love, B.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey B….Glad you could make it….There’s plenty for everyone. We just did a run for more :) I hear ya on the moods. i have been so impatient today and snappy… I’m sure energies are jerking us every which way. i mean when you think what a full moon can do multiply that a thousand fold or more and you have a once every 26,000 yr planet alignment and that’s huge!!!! this all will probably take a while but we’ll get straightened around. until such time, party on!!!!! vK

  9. Purpleskyz says:

    definitely need some David here!!

  10. Purpleskyz says:

    Here you go! lets Rock this place!!!

  11. Purpleskyz says:

    Hey Mish, Sue, Tom, VK and ALL
    How you doing? I am listening to the wonderful video Lucas put up entitled 21 12 12 the zero point field celebration… and I think it is helping my head ache,, The barometric pressure changes here will do that to me.
    So I think I will start off with a virgin mary! with celery. :)
    Off to wrap some presents !
    have fun…

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Oooohhh…I had that headache yesterday as this storm was coming in. I’ll mix you a stiff one and that will knock it out and you’ll be good to go. time for my spiked eggnog…still gray and rainy and windy!!!! Glad to be back inside. VK

  12. Mish says:

    Hi Skyz,

    Yes please – all of the above…lol…;)
    I’d love to join in, maybe a bit later? I have to dash out…but save some of that egg nog for me!

    Sending you love, hugs & blessings! Mish

  13. Mish says:

    Hi Sue Dreamwalker,

    I haven’t had a chance to read your poem yet, I will a little later – but your meditation sounds awesome! What beautiful animals you saw! Sending you blessings & hugs too :)

    I really do feel this is a turning point in our history and evolution, as we bring more light onto our lovely planet to shift our level of consciousness and open our heart centres.

    I was thinking about what you said VK, and it occurred to me that maybe different people ‘process’ the energy in different ways, (as there’s so much diversity on this living library of ours!) So maybe, even those people who don’t think/feel that anything has changed within or without, have received and processed this energy on a different level.

    It’s definitely a consciousness shift and I feel it will take time, (I know ‘time’ can be a pain!) to filter through to the physical.

    Sending love & bright blessings! Mish
    p.s I love coconut ;)

  14. Purpleskyz says:

    back from shopping. Hope you all like Crystal. :) Also picked up some egg nog with brandy if anyone wants. Got some freah nutmeg for the sprinkles!
    Super funness alert!!!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Love eggnog with fresh nutmeg….Yummm and oh so fattening :) My son loved when he was just a tadpole and he used to call it eggmoke….Don’t know where that came from but it was cute. Going for a bowl of yummy soup now and then heading out before the rain turns back to snow…I shall return….btw, if Hannah is reading today, Happy Solstice girl! You don’t need to ascend, you were already doing it on cloud 9 last time you were here. You sounded very happy…Stay sweet…VK

  15. Hi ALL Just thought I would share my own meditation with you I went into the quiet zone around 11 am, and emerged feeling energised and lifted.. just before I went into Meditation I had a heat sensation upon my head crown chakra which was quite intense to the point of uncomfortable.
    As I went into my medi I linked with our Earth Mother and pulled energy through my crown chakra sending it down through my feet into Mother Earth… as I did this the the heat from my head expanded throughout my whole being filling me up with Light and so much love it brought a tear to my eyes as emotion swept through me..
    I saw Firstly Elephants on the planes of Africa, and then all the wild life such as Lions, Tigers, all were running,
    Then I saw the Whales, leaping in the ocean along with Dolphin leaping together in unison.. I said a prayer within my mind to all of Mankind and All of our Animal Kingdom…. I was rewarded with the feeling of being united with all and everything..
    Love stayed with me while I opened my eyes, I had a note pad with me and was inspired to write these words in a poem…. you can find here I posted on my blog this morning..
    love DW

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Great meditation DW…Everyone seems to be seeing animals today. They must be sending us messages and if you saw the dolphins jumping along side the whales maybe the dolphins were telling you you were raising up as well :) and away we go!!!!! VK

  16. Wow, Im back now I can see all that party food, it didnt want to show me on my phone LOL.. looks like the party is full swing with lots of nibbles and great music…. Hi to everyone Mish, Lucas, Tom, Raven, and ALL…..
    Wishing you a Very Happy Winter Solstice and a Happy New Earth Day to ALL….
    DW xxx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Ya know DW, we should be doing this for real, in person, chatting our way around the room of light workers….I wish we could all meet somehow. I guess if we get to 5D no problem as we will be able to astral travel to wherever we think up…Lets meet up on some glorious island with luscious hibiscus and orchids and white beaches with blue blue waves rolling ashore. VK

      • Now that sounds like paradise VK… I know lets Manifest it… I can see it now…. a string Hammock between two Trees as I lay there listening to the waves lap upon the shore, Sipping from our Coconut drinks.
        I can taste the salt in the air from the sea, and there we are… ALL of us gathered around swapping our Light Stories as we wait to beam up to the next level of our dimension … Bliss……….

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Yep, and after a day in the sun we can head to Paris for dinner in a small cafe….Ah the life of light :)

  17. Mish says:

    Hi VK,
    Thanks so much for that info about wolf – that’s very intersting…
    He/she was also in snow – like a snow wolf.

    Just wondering – if the galactic alignment was 11.11am UTC – would it be different time zones accross the world? So although it would be 11.11am here, it would be another time your end? In other words, it’s all happening at the same moment, but in 3D it would be happening (at the same moment), but different times in different countries. Sorry if I’ve managed to confuse you…lol

    Please don’t get blown away by that wind/storm!!

    Stay warm, dry & cosy :)

    Brightest blessings! Mish

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Don’t know how they work the time zone thingy..Personally I feel Creator will flip the switch when he’s good and ready regardless of the time…We have a little over an hour to go yet. I’ll be glad to get to 5D where time no longer exists….I’m not a big fan of time. Never wear a watch….Don’t know what the snow symbolizes in regards to wolf. Maybe cold or purity? VK

  18. Visionkeeper says:

    The LIGHT revolution has begun at warp speed. Ain’t no turning back now. Shine your light!

  19. Purpleskyz says:

    Whoo Hoo! Solstice Party Friends Happy 21st!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Well Skyz is here. The energy just blew in the door and spun me around. Grab whatever you want to drink or eat. I’m already stuffed…Been over at Tom’s pigging out :) Yum! I hope all is going well for everybody. Nobody dropped off the edge of the world or anything and I haven’t died yet as Drunvalo was talking about. Nope still here but then again I can’t say for certain what Dimension i am in? VK

  20. Mish says:

    Hi VK & all!

    The food looks scrummy…arrgghh! I just can’t get my hands on;)

    I sat in meditation just before 11.11am and this is what came up for me;

    Firstly, there was the feeling of connecting to millions of people around the planet who were also tuned in at that moment. There was a feeling of connection to everyone, especially those bringing light to the planet. There was an incredible feeling of love from people accross the world, from our friends and loved ones in spirit and also from our star brothers and sisters.

    I was seeing the planet as an emerald green sphere, (emerald green symbolises the heart centre), which was really beautiful! I was seeing Mother Earth/Sophia as a living, emerald green being, full of love. I was feeling and seeing that we were connecting to spirit/light and our star brothers and sisters – and feeling that this was a momentous moment in time.

    There was a feeling of ‘crossing a threshold’, moving into a new era – one of light, love, peace and greater harmony. I was hearing, ‘Welcome to the new era!’ as we crossed the threshold and moved from a darker cycle into one of greater space, light, openess, awareness and connection. This brought tears to my eyes.

    I had a sense or feeling that even though there’s still much work to do, there are many more possibilities now open to us….as this new era brings greater light, we have the opportunity to form a stronger connection to our higher selves and the spiritual realms. We have the opportunity to be more in alignment with our true purpose on earth, our spiritual blueprint. The heart centre of the earth and of humanity is awakening and opening and this will bring in huge changes which will filter down to the physical over time.

    The balance of the scales has tipped in favour of the forces of light (which is love/truth) and we will be working much more in the light, less and less affected by the darker forces.

    I also received symbols including the rune symbol Jara – meaning ‘harvest’, a pink rose which I also believe symbolises the heart centre, a pyramid and a wolf.

    I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s experiences here!

    Love, light & brightest blessings to all! Mish

    • Visionkeeper says:

      This totem brings faithfulness, inner strength and intuition when he enters our lives. But he also brings learning to live with one’s self. The wolf teaches us to learn about our inner self and to find our inner power and strength. But to achieve this, we must take risks and face our deepest fears. A wolf totem demands sincerity. This totem demands a lot of us but gives us much in return; a spirit helper that is always there to help and gives us extraordinary powers of endurance. He reminds us to listen to our inner thoughts and trust our insights. They remind us not to waste resources and to learn how to avoid trouble and confrontations. People with Wolf totems have the capacity to make quick and firm emotional attachments. Trust your insights about these attachments. Wolf will guide you. Take control of your life with Wolf’s help and do so with harmony and discipline.
      Interesting Mish… Sounds like everything is going in the right direction. i have nothing really to add here. The day has been the usual but then we haven’t gotten to 11:11 yet. Maybe Creator is waiting until all parts of the world have hit the right time and then he will flip the switch :) Who knows, I’m just ascending along for the ride right now. The wind is so strong right now(60mph gusts) and just roaring like a jet engine. I’m sure if i went outside I could easily make it up to 5th :) Continue on my friend. i will check back and report anything new should it blow my way… Solstice Blessings…. VK

  21. Visionkeeper says:

    Oh man…i was just over at Tom’s and you won’t believe the food. A crown rib roast and a stuffed pig over the spit fire and the shrimp are to die for. I can’t find Tom though, the mansion is so big!!! I am totally lost but I keep singing loudly hoping he’ll hear me. Do stop over…What a mansion!!!

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  24. Hey VK! Our time here has come… and gone. The new phase has begun!
    Happy Solstice!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey T….come and gone here as well…Not much different really :( We are having a big storm blow through and winds are gusting up to the 60′s at times. As I close my eyes I imagine it sounds like the noise of earth as it blows through the photon belt, wind whipping by…I I keep thinking maybe I should wait a bit longer for something to happen, but another part of me says I am sick of waiting, done with waiting…I really don’t know what to feel right now…..Time for a cocktail and a few munchies I guess…..

      • Yay!
        These new beginnings sometimes are quite subtle VK. We don’t want anything too loud or flash as people would think that’s the end of the world! We don’t want to begin on a panic! :D
        Enjoy your munchies!!!

  25. Visionkeeper says:

    Happy New World to all !!! We made it and all is well, not that I expected any differently. I will be with paper and pen at 6:11 my time which is about 20 minutes away and gone again at 11:11 my time for a global sharing in thought and prayer for world peace and love and happy Solstice to dear Gaia…Then i will be back here again to say hi to all. So if you don’t get a reply comment right away that is why. I am not sure what is in store for us or how I feel. I wish I had felt a wave of consciousness shift but maybe that is yet to come. We will have to wait and see. A lot of waiting these days.I do know I awoke with a feeling that it is time for everyone to stand up and take an active role in taking back our lives and our freedom. Enough sitting and watching, time for DOING now! Have a bright sunshiney day and stay in your heart filled with love. It ain’t over yet!!!! VK

  26. Will be right back here A little later VK :)

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  29. Hello, VK… just turned midnight here in the UK… December 21st has arrived!
    Have a great day!

  30. Lucas says:

    Btw, Much Love Visionkeeper for all your posts… Have been reading for awhile now and have really helped my process :)

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks my friend and thanks for the video link! This is a grand day and my hairs are standing on end in anticipation. It is all so wonderful I can hardly stand it.You too as well have led the charge to a better world and thank you for that! It was all worth the long journey. May the light explode and peace rule the planet….VK

  31. Lucas says:

    Yay, we made it! :D I’m feeling loads better tonight, woke up feeling off but thats done now. Can’t wait for the invisible landscape in the background to go through a change of guard, hehe. Which maybe it will do now for good. :)

    Here’s an awesome song for a awesome Dec 20th:

    Much Love

  32. Visionkeeper says:

    This seems appropriate !!! Love to all….

  33. Purpleskyz says:

    Well there may be more. I am putting out the word on many sites and facebook also.
    Whew Hew!!! I am so looking forward to this! YEAH!!!!!

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  35. Purpleskyz says:

    and OWR of course … sorry bout that. No coffee yet. :)

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Those are all I am aware of unless you want to go to the group meditation thingys. I am doing my own meditation and listening intently at 6:11 and then it is party time! The good cheer will be a great vibration to add for Gaia….. VK

  36. Purpleskyz says:

    So what other sites are wanting to be included in this party hopping event beside OOM and WHG?
    I only ask so I can post it and we don’t want to miss anyone.

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  39. Visionkeeper says:

    Hope so….It’s time to party regardless the outcome. We earned it :)

  40. Eileen says:

    Problem is that I can’t seem to eat much these days … November 29th sushi looks yum …. December 17th ……. ick.
    If this energy keeps up I can’t see myself rushing to the buffet. ;-) Remember those days when we used to eat … what was it called again…? Oh yeah … food……

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Yep….Know the feeling….I am doing mostly veggies, veggie soups and salads. that’s it! Nothing else even wants to venture between my lips….VK

      • Eileen says:

        Considering that the only things which I have been eating in recent days have been porridge oats and curly kale washed down with loads of water party food seems one step too far… Hardly celebratory fare … but who knows .. maybe it’ll catch on. :-)

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  42. You’re getting a nice spread ready here, VK… I’ll have to get started on mine soon as well!
    Thanks for the link!

  43. gcgrann says:

    This is sweet, H! Thanks for the invite. Will check back on the 21st. Love and hugs, Gillian

  44. Visionkeeper says:

    I’m leaving off another party you can go to as well with Tom at the mansion! Party hop to your hearts delight! See ya then Tom!
    Here is another party to crash in on at Purple Skyz’s….Enjoy!

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