Dimension of Peace

                                            PAX’S THOUGHTS AND UPDATES

Little Pax is the mascot for One World Rising. She is filling the paws of her sister Comet, former mascot, who left this dimension far too early. If you wish to keep up to date on her growth or wish to read her words of wisdom, keep checking back here. Purple Skyz will keep us tuned in to how she is doing and what wisdom she has to share. Welcome Pax!

I am growing quickly. So quickly I need kitty naps to catch my breath. Good thing or nobody would ever see pictures of me I scoot around so fast. Peace is coming! Have faith!


Here I am again, bigger and more beautiful. I have big feet as you can see, guess I’ll be a big cat one day soon. I am pure peace even though I race around at 100 mph and play hard. I am so glad to be here with all of you. I am here to remind everybody to love yourselves just the way you are, big feet and all, we are all purrfect.


Well, here I am again thanks to PSkyz sending you my photos. I am growing leaps and bounds because I spend so much time doing leaps and bounds. I am a very busy girl. I also have my own special way of communicating as I am part Tribble (Startrek). Listen below to hear what I sound like, sort of….




So we have a few more shots of the growing girl who is changing quickly as are her nick names. Seems she has become some what of a speed demon. She is a cute girl and I am so glad she is doing well.



Well, here I am with my big brother Artemis playing. He is not completely at peace with me yet, but we are getting on better now. I am happy to be in my new home and I love everybody. They are very kind to me. Peace to all and love…..Pax


Well, here I am trying my best to get inside this Christmas light Skyz put out for decorations, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to do this! I’ll keep working at it. The stars are fun to pull off though :)



Merry Christmas to all from me. I am liking my Christmas tree. Thinking about climbing up soon to check it out :) I no longer live with Skyz as her older cats did not like me being there in their space. I’m living with a friend of hers now so you will still see pix from time to time. I’m happy and I hope you all are as well. Merry Christmas to all and peace to us all as well….Love and light…Pax


34 Responses to Dimension of Peace

  1. Eileen says:

    Oh …. it is so wonderful to see how Pax is doing. Such gorgeous photos… I was just sending out some intentions with my white candle and my mind went to Pax … so I thought I would come over and see how she is doing. She is beautiful…
    Thanks for sharing the photos. That photo of her lying on her back & BEing is really wonderful. Imagine if we were all to feel such pure contentment for being in our bodies … thanks Pax – you can teach us a lot.
    Loving meows from a cat in the chilly north

  2. Purpleskyz says:

    It was Noon.
    But of course I did not factor in time change for area other that my time zone. The way mankind has manipulated “time” I think it is all a guess. :)

  3. Purpleskyz says:

    I will be sending pics tomorrow for you VK.
    Pax is becoming quite the little character. Even Aunt Cabitt is starting to accept the little one. Kind of hard to hate a little wingnut. I almost saw Cabitt smile when Pax was attacking Nikki last night. They have a game where Skylor and Pax gang up together and go after Nikki. Just hilarious!
    It is something to behold. LOL

    • Visionkeeper says:

      She sounds so cool….I am just in love with her…love her beautiful fluffy coat and bright little eyes. Thanks for being a sweetie and taking the time to get a new shot of her. Give her a squeeze for me…BTW….Do you remember the exact time you figured out for the download time coming up????

  4. Awww so lovely to see Little Pax growing and enjoying life :-)

  5. Purpleskyz says:

    Things that Pax is Thankful for:
    Thankful that box-elder bugs are so much fun.
    Thankful that Skylor is so much fun to monster on.
    Thankful that it does not have to live out in the cold.
    Thankful to be a part of One World Rising.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      First and foremost Pax is grateful that Skyz loves her and brought her into her home!! I think you should buy a bottle of bubbles with the little plastic wand and blow a few for her. I think she’d love it! Happy TG Pax….

  6. Purpleskyz says:

    So now we have 3 of the 9 names required to be a family cat.

  7. Purpleskyz says:

    Eyes are definitely changing. LOL!
    But today they are grey unlike the “diamonds” last night.
    Pax is officially joined pita status. Chasing us around and attacking everything in sight. Loves to play with Skylor my 20 month old grandson. Aunt Cabitt is none to happy with the new addition but Uncle Artemis seems happy to have a playmate. It is so much fun to have this little sweetheart to share with all. Unless you are a crabby old cat that is jealous that is. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Purpleskyz says:

    Her little eyes are changing now. They are going greener. I am glad because if they stayed blue she could have distemper, as I understand that is a cue. Happy 11:11 for Pax to ALL

  9. Purpleskyz says:

    It occurred to me after I hit send that 10/01 is more than purrfect! = 11

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Good…It is purrfect….Write it down on your calendar so you don’t forget. I was looking at her pic again and just love that little white foot peeking out. She really is a pretty girl, all fluffy and those bright blue eyes. I wonder what color they will be when she grows up? Green? Gold? If you see them change capture it on film :) VK

  10. Purpleskyz says:

    Sounds like a date! :)

  11. Purpleskyz says:

    I figure that they are around 5/6 weeks old so…..maybe born the last week of Sept? I think Comet was the runt with is why I thought maybe younger but their eyes had just opened when we found them. I think that typically happens at 3 weeks.

  12. Purpleskyz says:

    LOL for sure. Bought the wee one a laser pointer yesterday. Very astute our Pax is. Now I can wear the critter out. :)

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Ha! Just point it at the floor and not her as those lasers damage eyes and can cause blindness. She will love chasing it for sure.Sounds like we are coming out of our shell. You need to try and calculate her approximate birthday…Let me know…VK

  13. Purpleskyz says:

    So our little Pax is no longer being shy. When I came home from work yesterday she came pounding…. yes pounding down the hallway to greet me. Sounded like a small herd of tiny elephants. Then she followed me into my room which she had not done before. It is like a switch was turned on. Even Pax is feeling the shift I do believe. I am trying hard to get new pics but Pax is so fast it is hard to get a good one. :)

  14. Purpleskyz says:

    LOL well how is that for synchronicity eh? I miss that little one. But Pax is a total hoot. It has taken over my grandsons Cars chair for a bed. It follows us all around. Instead of a meow… it just goes ME.. ME…ME. Hilarious to hear. I am wondering if it will ever finish the sentence with an OW. :)
    Hugs right back to you Eileen.
    And GIANT HUGS to VK from Pax!
    and I was told to tell you thanks for the 20 kisses.

  15. Eileen says:

    It is odd how often that word Comet has come into my awareness lately. We drove passed the Comet store the other day ( Comet … oh Purpleskyz this is a bit funny considering how Comet helped you with technology … as Comet is the name of a shop here in Britain for techno goods )
    Pax looks so lovely with that soft blanky. Thank you for posting the pictures of her.

  16. Purpleskyz says:

    What Pax has taught me so far….
    That it is ok to go on when others don’t.
    If not for Comet and Pax, I would still be using my old broken flip phone.
    I have been now brought into the present technology so I can send pics. LOL
    So letting go of the old and letting in the new is what I will keep doing.
    Have a great week ALL!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Glad you have a new phone! I still refuse to buy one. I am still living in the olden days in many ways but I like it :) She is such a beautiful little being! Love her new picture…VK

  17. Visionkeeper says:

    Okay everyone, here is the latest picture of her majesty Pax at the top of the page! What a sweet heart and check out those eyes! She is a great mascot for peace and love. You can’t get much cuter than this and we will need her energy in the days ahead. Thanks Skyz….VK

  18. purpleskyz says:

    How does one achieve this concept that we all wish for?
    Simply with LOVE and KINDNESS.
    Kindness is the single most powerful tool that we have to bring forth Peace.
    Kindness for even the smallest helpless creature, like Pax.
    Give a smile to those that you pass on the street or in the isle in the grocery store.
    Be kind to those that are need. Be kind to yourself most of all.
    If we all just start adding a heaping dose of kindness to the world it will spread.
    So lets start a kindness virus and spread Peace to the world.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thank you Pax and Skyz…I could not agree more! Being kind is a double whammy for you not only make the other person feel better, it makes you feel better as well. Lets put kindness on our radar scope and make a concerted effort to achieve this act of kindness every day in every way! Blessings and happy weekend to you both :) VK

  19. purpleskyz says:

    Pax is doing quite well. Very active and is finding a place with Uncle Artemis and Auntie Cabitt. Now trying to eat some dry food but taking in almost 2 ounces of formula at a feeding.
    Also very curious and exploring the dust bunnies under the couch. :)

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Ah….The good old dust bunnies. They are fun when the wind catches them and blows them along the floor. I can’t wait until she does the sideways spider dances as I call them. I am glad she is eating well. Sounds like she is out of danger now. Yea Pax! VK

  20. purpleskyz says:

    Pax wants to wish ALL here a Happy and FUN All Hallows Eve.
    This is a purrfectly wonderful thing that Visionkeeper is doing to remind ALL that we must keep the HOPE alive.

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