Need help understanding?

I have gone through all of my old posts looking for ones I felt would be most helpful to people in how to approach changing their lives at this important time. First and foremost you should read the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. That lays out quite clearly what one has to do to turn their life around. Most of us have been living on autopilot for our entire lives and giving very little thought to that actual art of living. You must start by changing yourself within first. YOU are the change the world needs. The more people who awaken the brighter the light will shine in the world. So start by reading that short, well written book and begin to practice what he talks about. If you give it your full attention, it will not take long before you find you have changed how you think and life has changed right along with you.

If you learn nothing else on this journey learn this life law and live by it! It is of dire importance to the welfare of the world.

LIFE LAW: Realize every thought you have and put out into the universe has energy and is creating your reality you live in. You best think loving thoughts or your life and your world could be very difficult to embrace and enjoy. Think kind and loving thoughts only! No judgments of others. We are all one, spiritual beings having a human experience.

Most of these posts below are from the first four months since I started this blog. I have left out the last two months as you can read through those yourself once you have begun this journey and feel acquainted with what is going on. I urge you to work diligently on yourselves as time is getting short and the changes are speeding up considerably. Ask questions here if you need to but also it is up to you to look for the information you require. We all have had to do this questing for ourselves to get us where we are today. Be bold and find the courage to wake up, see the lies you have been living and be willing to help find new ways of living your lives outside of the illusion we have been trapped in for so long.

Change is rapidly approaching. It will get uncomfortable as our security is taken away and we are left to adjust to living a new life. Please have an OPEN MIND!! There is no room nor time to stay locked inside our minds of illusion. Accept what is and move on to the truth. There is no need to fear, in fact it is imperative we don’t! Stay centered in your hearts, think positive, don’t be judgmental, and love all those around you. The new world we are headed into is all about love and gratitude and you will need to be able to feel and believe in both to get to the end of this journey. Get busy, start researching and read that book!  The posts for reading are below. Good luck and blessings to you all…Visionkeeper

P.S. If you see me refer to 3D, 4D and 5 D in my posts just know I am referring to 3rd dimension, 4th dimension and fifth dimension. We are residing in the 3rd right now with our five senses, but as our consciousness increases we slip into 4th and 5th and back to 3rd quite often. It is a bit of a roller coaster ride as you do this but there is nothing to fear. Much of the time you may not even notice. One day in the near future we will make it to 5D and remain there and what a glorious day the will be. No more ego and judgment and greed and destruction. Only love and gratitude for all and a deep respect as well.

4 Responses to Need help understanding?

  1. Why I had never seen this page and links before I never know.. I sent a thought too to Anil via the Cosmos and to his Wife and Son who remain… Life is far too short.. And time is of the essence in bringing in the peace and changes within our own lives which in turn helps promote Community and Peaceful ripples around the world…

    Thank you dear VK for supplying these links to your first posts.. I will be sure to be back and read those I have missed. :-) xxx Hugs Sue

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hard to believe Anil is no longer with us. That was a real shocker! He is dearly missed and I pray Aarti and her son are managing to get beyond the pain of losing him. I know it must be hard. I hope people will remember this link for when things get really bad. We so need each others strength to help us along….Glad you stopped in…Blessings…VK xxoo

  2. anilraheja says:

    loving this VK. thanks :)
    God bless & love always….

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks Anil…I am hoping you will be my voice as to what this page needs. It is hard for me to know. If you see something or think of something, please alert me to it. Thanks…
      VK :)

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