Ground Hog Day… Source:

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These days it feels as if the dark’s agenda were running on empty. The same old dog and pony show is dragged out on stage before us, the same methods of fear mongering are instilled over and over again and the same threats of violence against us in one form or another are laid out upon the table for all to see. I could feel like  a weary hostage trapped inside a never-ending drama much like the movie Ground Hog Day, but I choose not to. The actions of our oppressors are being created out of desperation at this point, no ingenuity at all. The dark ones have lost their element of surprise and every thing they do now is predictable. There are rumors running rampant right now because of the Georgia Guide Stone discovery many are now calling a set up. The decoding of the secret writing carved into the corner-stone rock that was removed claims a possible Oct. 3 surprise for the world. This is my point exactly. Even if they pulled off some horrendous act it would be mere minutes before it was false flagged all over the internet. Everyone is on to them and their element of surprise has been exposed and will continue to be. Far too many are awakened to their truth now and what they have done and wish to do in the future.

It really is important for us to remain above the frequency of death they keep promoting in every fashion they can dream up. We must preserve our energy and remain above or at least removed from the drama. Is it not obvious to most at this point what they are doing? Just turn on your televisions and watch CNN pound the Ebola scare into the ground or the threat of ISIS that is supposedly imminent to come knocking at your door. Over and over again they will drill it into your head in hopes sooner or later you will believe it. Now we have the Secret Service Scandal designed to make everyone believe they are vulnerable and at risk. There is no safety to be had from their point of view. This is my point. Everything they do is predictable and as soon as something happens the internet is on fire and on it exposing what is going on. I surely hope people are putting the dots together at long last. They aren’t even dots anymore, it is a matter of joining the golf balls at this point. Everything is predictable and obvious to those whose eyes are open.

Do not fall for this dog and pony show! Remove yourself from the dramas playing out and stay within yourself. Whatever they plan next for us, it is crucial we remain strong and together enough to weather the storm. Find what it is that makes you strong and reside there. Your strength should remain intact if you are not allowing yourself to be weakened by their threats. All of that drama is the old world and we are far beyond that now. It is important to remember that everyone, everything in the world has its own frequency including our emotions. Fear is a frequency and we must not allow it to enter our space and bring us back to the old world of death, war, fear and hopelessness. Rise above it and stay that way. Just knowing the dramas taking place in the world are all lies created by the dark helps to give us courage to stay clear of their programming. Stay in your hearts, feel love for everybody around you, see the good in the world and shut out the bad, stay positive in your outlook on life, don’t fall into the trap of judgment, do not allow yourselves to desire revenge and you will rise high enough to stay clear of that frequency trying to envelop the world. We are all strong and together we will make it through whatever comes our way. We will survive and create our new world built upon a foundation of love, truth and freedom.

Blessings to us all,


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Time To End The Insanity…

Please add your presence and your voice to a march near you. It is time the killing of our planet and humanity stops NOW !!!! Speak out!


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Asking Questions And Facing The Truth… Source:

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If one surfs around the web and stops at various spiritually oriented sites, most likely one will see mention of the importance of getting to know yourself. Why is this so important? If we don’t know who we are how can we expect to live the life we are meant to be living? Our strength and foundation comes from that knowing, it is the glue that holds us together. I would imagine there are many people out there who are not even sure how or where to begin to know oneself. It begins with asking hard questions and ends with having the courage to face the answers. Lets be honest, as a society, we have been so preoccupied by the many distractions placed before us, that knowing who are was not high on our priority list in our day-to-day meanderings. In fact many adults still wander aimlessly through life unaware of who they truly are and what their purpose in being here is, and worse, many don’t even realize they don’t know. It never occurred to them. It is time we ask those questions and get some answers so we can embrace our authentic selves and become who and what we were meant to be.

Remember that age-old saying “Ask and ye shall receive”. It has been around for a very long time and most things that remain in our lives do so because they hold importance. So find a an hour or a day when you can just be quiet and spend that time with you and you alone. Ask important questions and most importantly be willing to receive the answers. I ask a lot of questions of myself and because of this I usually have pen and paper close by. I write everything down. I am one of those people who does better seeing things and I do even better if I write and see as well. Others prefer to listen to learn so writing may not be your thing. So take along a pocket recorder and record your answers to your questions so you can listen later.

What does one question about you ask? Well you can begin with writing or recording what you feel is most important in your life. It is essential to understand what holds meaning for us. It is how we create morals according to what we see as essential to being the best that we can be. It is in essence the foundation of ourselves, it is what we begin to build ourselves up from. It is who we are. So think about your life and look carefully at what truly matters to you. I know for instance, I could not imagine life without the ability to write whenever I felt moved to do so. Also truth is a huge part of who I am. In fact it is why I find living in these times so galling. The world today is orchestrated by lies on every level. Truth is obsolete these days. I firmly believe that life will never flow peacefully until the lies stop and truthfulness becomes our way of life. It is an honorable way to live.

As you begin to uncover these ways of being or beliefs you hold you begin to be able to put a picture together of who you are. Knowing I have to be able to write when I choose to tells me I am a creative type person. Usually creative type people tend to be sensitive, so I now know to be more closely aware of my feelings. The fact that truth is so important in my world tells me I care about what happens in the world around me. It also shows me an area in which I can be of service to others through being honest and awakening others to the truth and it shows me where the world needs fixing and a place for me to try to make the world a better place. Alternative health care and alternative medicine are an integral part of who I am. My health is extremely important to me and I make it my mission to research in great depth to find the answers to my health problems. I also know I want to  awaken others to the dangers of Pharmaceutical drugs and the values of herbal medicine. This shows me I care about myself and my health and it also shows me I find great meaning in sharing with others what I have learned and in helping them as well.

Those are just a few examples of questioning yourself and finding answers. The more you know about yourself the more secure you feel in being who you are. That goes for the world around you as well. The more you know the truth of what is REALLY going on in the world, the more informed you are and the better off you are to live your life. The truth may at times be difficult to hear, but the truth will set you free and give you the strength and knowledge about how best to live the life you will need to survive. Knowing the truth of what is going on in the world around you and abandoning the lies is all part of waking up and many are doing just that thank goodness! So ask yourself this question for starters. If I were stranded on an island what would I absolutely not be able to be without? From there you can branch off into living priorities and your morals. It is like walking through a maze and one question leads to another taking you in a new direction. Good luck and enjoy your journey.

FYI….I just wanted to say that my posting may be off and on for a while and for that I am very sorry. I am dealing with Lyme Disease at the moment and many days I am not feeling very well and writing is the last thing I feel like doing. I hope to get on top of this soon and get back to my routine. Thanks for being patient.

Blessings to us all,




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Mark Your Calendars!

Global AM BannerPlease mark your calendars for world animal day! It is long overdue we began to treat animals with respect and compassion instead of torturing and killing them. Here is the article and information. Thank you.

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Live Video Benghazi Hearings…

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Let’s Get Beyond This! Source:

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I keep trying to get through each day as we go along on this difficult journey but I have gotten to a saturation point of what I can and will accept going on in my world. It is so time to get beyond this era of brutality we live in. It is so old school, so out dated it is pathetic. To remain in a state of brutality says we have not evolved very far at all, that we are willing  sit back and accept what we are seeing take place with no push back what so ever. This way of thinking about solving our problems that we are experiencing with brute physical force of aggression has got to stop. The acts of talking and compromise are no longer even on the table for discussion it seems. Who we are and how we act are a root cause of what we are seeing yet we do not seem to own up to it and move beyond it. Would half the countries itching to take down America feel this way if we had not forced our way into their lives first and destroyed their way of living in our almighty quest for power and control and yes oil? I highly doubt it. When an animal is cornered and being threatened it lashes out and tries to attack. Are we not making the rest of the rest of the world into cornered animals by our brutal, invasive behavior?

Day after day those who watch television( bad idea) are pummeled with vicious, terrifying images designed to provoke us and instill fear in us with the hopes we will beg for protection and go happily along with the suggestions of going to war yet AGAIN because we have been made afraid and doing battle has been touted as our savior. Is it not time to see it is the same old story we have been fed like pabulum over and over again, year after year, decade after decade? A huge part of this problem is the fact far too many people just accept what they are told as truth rather than doing their own research into whether it is the truth or not. Have we ever asked ourselves if the pictures we are being shown repeatedly are even real or perhaps doctored? Have we ever asked if the reasons we have been given as to why things are happening to us are truthful? It will be very interesting to see what comes out of the Benghazi hearings beginning today. Perhaps the real truth will emerge and those folks sitting on the fence will finally see the truth for themselves and cry foul!

Until enough of us are awake to the truth, those of us who are, should take on the responsibility of pushing back against this warped mindset of war and death and torture and demand that our Governments approach the worlds problems with new thinking. If we all sit quietly safe in our humble abodes and watch this brutality continue we are equally to blame for our ‘consciousness evolving’ going nowhere. It is time we get beyond this mindset of aggression and it is we who are being asked to stand up for a better way of living. Our Government spends billions of our hard-earned money on fighting, killing and taking control in other countries where we don’t even belong. As this is all happening, our country is falling apart. We have no border control to protect us, our infrastructure is so corroded soon we will be without daily necessities like clean water and sanitation. Our hungry and homeless remain hungry and homeless. We have our own needs to think about first then we can reach out lovingly to others. If we are not strong and secure how can we help others in need?

Please ask yourself questions about everything you are being told and what you see and do your own research for the real truth. The internet is waiting for you to begin your search. It is time compassion for one another took center stage and the era of war and death is put to rest so we can all move on to the new world.

Blessings to us all,


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Oracle Report Tuesday Sept. 16


Thanks to Oracle Report. Here is the report. Enjoy your day!

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Oracle Report Monday Sept.15

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Sharing the Oracle Report for Monday. Enjoy and make the most out of your day.

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Quick Question To Ponder… Source:

Do you know what your true dream in life is? Have you ever really thought about it? This is your main purpose while you are here in this lifetime. To recognize your dream and to pursue it. There will always be one thing you feel driven towards, one thing that keeps presenting itself to you throughout life, one thing that makes you light up inside and feel complete. We won’t know what it is unless we pay attention to what our heart and soul are telling us. When we do discover it, do not push it aside but go after it, pursue it at all costs, this is who you really are, so take time to ask yourself, “what is my dream for myself?” and fulfill it.

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Shocking Reality…

I wanted to share these pictures to help people understand the extent of damage the chemtrail/weather modification program the Government is using is creating in this country and around the world. When are we going to stand up and say no more? If the environment is dying what do you think is happening to us? Ever wonder why they are zeroing in on California? It is one of our major sources of food supply!

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