Things Are Looking Up….

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I just wanted to share this article from Carl Boudreau about his latest astrology chart. It looks like these extreme times of chaos are coming to end and our stress levels can begin to lessen. Good news. I was getting exhausted! Here is his latest article.

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Always Looking Up….

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I know that title seems like a tall order to fill, but this is what the new world is really all about. Looking beyond the chaos to the positive that awaits us all. As with everything in life, we have the freedom to choose what we wish to believe in, either the chaos created for us on a daily basis guaranteed to bring us to our knees, or we can choose to see what is RIGHT in the world. It seems to be human nature to zero in on the negative and store it in our memory banks. It is up to each of us to concentrate on the good aspects life has to offer us instead. It really is as simple as that, it is we humans that tend to complicate things. It all begins with being aware of our thoughts. If we pay close attention we can feel when we are down or just not connecting with the flow of life smoothly. We can stay stuck there if we choose, or we can make a concerted effort to banish the negative thinking that keeps us stuck and search instead for what is right in our world. There are plenty of right things going on if we allow ourselves to see them. It is a matter of discipline. We make the conscious choice to block out the chaos bombarding us everyday by turning off the news spewing lies from our television sets and throwing away the newspapers.

In our quest to expand as human beings we have gone so far adrift we often forget to stay closer to home and pay attention. First thing in the morning when you awaken, do you take time to appreciate the fact you were allowed to awaken to yet another day? This is one thing we take seriously for granted. It seems the only real way we can be aware of what is of value in our world is to imagine life without the good things. What would your world be like without the birdsong, sunrises and sunsets, wildflowers outside your door, the fact you are breathing and thinking. There are many things we can be grateful for but we tend to overlook them. This is where the discipline comes in. Because we tend to take things for granted, paying attention to them gets overlooked. If we make ourselves aware of what is of value and positive in our world everyday, we eventually change how we view the world and appreciating life becomes our new way of being. In these chaotic times mired in fear, it is critical we take the time to remain grateful and aware.

Just something to think about. If life is not being kind to you at the moment, change it by changing your thoughts. We always have the freedom to choose how we wish to view life. Please do not allow the fear mongering and chaos to take over your life. Steer clear of it and make it your choice to stand strong and remain positive despite whatever is swirling around in your world that wants to bring you down. You are in control of your ship so steer it in a good direction.

Blessings to us all,



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I just wanted to let you all know that I am now on Twitter in case you wish to follow along. @OWRSLC   Be patient please while I am learning my way through. Technology is not my favorite thing.

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Autumn Approaches…

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Summer is fading quickly, bright splashes of wild flowers are now replaced by fields of golden rod and dying grasses. The air is tinged with a musty smell as leaves begin to slowly fall to earth and rot in the dampness of cooler evenings and we pull out a quilt to take the chill off as we sleep. I wonder to myself why we feel such sadness as the seasons change. It is not forever, summer will return again next year and life will be easier once again as we strip clothes off instead of adding them on. It is far easier to open a window to catch a breeze than load up the wood stove and haul in wood. Is that why we feel sad to see summer end? Or could it be that we lose a bit more of our freedom when we have to go inside and shut the doors and windows to stay warm? Does losing that freedom remind us of other freedoms we have lost? Is the passing of summer into Autumn unearthing buried truths and hidden emotions? Or could just it be that we don’t do well with change no matter how it comes our way? We just get used to the carefree days of summer then BAM, it is ending and we must change our ways yet again to accommodate the colder temperatures moving in. Change is such a mystery because we humans have such a hard time accepting it.

I think the energies we are feeling these days are not just the super moons, but it is also the flux of changes we are all enduring in our lives. Everything around us is shifting and changing and not always for the better. It leaves us unnerved and on edge, not quite knowing what we are meant to do next. Humans tend to like to make plans and it is next to impossible to make plans in this crazy world right now. What is here today could well be gone tomorrow. In order to flow with these changes that are erupting all around us we are being asked to change ourselves as well. The ultimate fear that for some reason most everyone dreads. In order to change ones life one must be willing to cross that proverbial stream, where we are in limbo with one foot on one shore and the other foot is anchored to the other shore. We have a momentary fear when lifting off and experiencing being ungrounded until that foot we just lifted up joins the other on the shoreline. In that moment we are risking loosing our footing, falling or slipping, but going forward we must in order to get where we are going.

These times demand strong faith and belief in ourselves. There is very little around us we can count on to remain the same, and so we must be able to count on ourselves to remain grounded and secure. In order to have faith in ourselves we must first know who we are and have a plan as to where we are headed, otherwise we would have to struggle with living our lives with a stranger. Life is hard enough to get through at the moment without more uncertainty. As we head into the cooler seasons and begin to close our doors and windows, it is a good time to go within and open up and establish a good relationship with ourselves. By opening up we get to keep the freedom we lost by closing doors and windows. Knowing who we are is liberating and something essential to remaining secure. All knowledge is liberating yet we tend to fear it and shut our ears to knowing the truth. We humans fight against ourselves at every turn.

To go with the flow we must embrace truth no matter how painful and frightening it may be. The truth is what it is, there is no running away from it, it will always seek us out and stare us down. It is like that trip to the dentist we dread and put off and cancel our appointments then reschedule. It is only when we actually go and face it and leave the office that we feel the weight lift from our shoulders and a giddy lightness takes hold. The world is ugly in many ways right now and looking away from it rather than at it seems a better option, but is it really? Knowing truth is arming oneself with our most powerful weapon. Knowing the truth is cold and often brutal, but not knowing truth creates that dreaded fear of the unknown which weighs us down, fogs our thinking and stifles our growth. Let us not only take the time this fall to know ourselves and work on ourselves as the cold weather approaches, but let us find the courage to know the truth no matter how awful and arm ourselves for whatever comes our way. To know ourselves is to build a strong foundation beneath our feet and having the courage to face the truth is what creates the structure around us, our road map to wherever we are going in life. So let us drag out the sweaters and quilts and settle into becoming our own best friend, armed and ready to face all the unknowns of our tomorrows.

Blessings to us all,


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Sept. 8 Full Super Moon….

This looks like quite the full moon for us to work with and better ourselves. Let us use this energy to transform and create ourselves anew. Now is the time to release what we no longer need!

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Holy Cow !!!


This is quite shocking to see! What do French children eat at school? Good food that is for sure. As I looked at the pictures and thought about the story they were telling me, I began to realize that our country has a lot of work to do to begin to turn things around and make people matter again in America. We have been offered the cheapest of everything forever now and it has become a way of life. Even if we offered this French food at our schools our children would not eat it. Why not? Because it is alien to them. They have grown up on fast food and our schools have consistently offered food just as unhealthy. It’s quick and easy and our children do not hold the same meaning as the French obviously. If we truly cared we would not have accepted crap for so long now. As a whole society, we did NOT demand better as we were busy doing other things, and now we are seeing the results in the obese and sick children walking the halls of our schools. There is that old saying ” It’s never too late” so I hope we will awaken quickly and begin to see the error of our ways and make a greater effort to do better for our children and for ourselves and each other.

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Secret To Life…

I’ve had some time off but I am back. I just wanted to inspire your day and hopefully your life with these powerful words from Jim Carey. Enjoy them and embrace them. My thanks to Jean

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Workshop talk with David Wilcock…

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This Is Disgusting !!!

It is so hard to comprehend the vileness and evil of Main stream media right now. Here is CNN’s latest attempt to hoodwink the public into believing that vaccinations are safe rather than have us believe the CDC whistle blower who bravely came forth to try and save children. Despicable and grotesque. The media all need to be in prison….

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The Big One: CDC whistleblower goes public Now

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:

The Big One: CDC whistleblower goes public Now

CDC whistleblower admits fraud publicly: releases Aug. 27 statement!

by Jon Rappoport

August 27, 2014

Here it is. All the people who said we were making it up, inventing charges of fraud at the CDC…well, here it is. CDC Whistleblower William Thompson’s own statement, released from his lawyer’s office today.

I’ll have more to say about Thompson’s confession. But for now, read his words, particularly the opening. The 2004 CDC study on the MMR vaccine and autism was cooked. It was fraud.



My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998.

I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically…

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