Coming Unglued…

I feel a strong need to write and release the anguish within, but sadly I have no answers to the dilemmas of the world. We always knew these times were going to be tough, but did we realize they would be so brutal and savage? It is hard to imagine things could get much worse than innocent people being beheaded. I send my thoughts and prayers to James Foley’s family. Not only is their beloved child now dead, but they must see their frightened child just before death over and over again because the media has no mercy or morals. Why has the media become so blood thirsty? I guess the sad answer to that question would be because the media ratings go up whenever they cover these outrageous news stories 24/7. What does that say about the people of the world? Why have we lost our souls and begun dancing with the devil with such delight? I know a great many people who not only don’t think like this and don’t watch television, there is no way we can even comprehend how anyone could possibly desire to do such despicable things to fellow human beings. It is beyond understanding and sadly that is what makes actions such as this going on in the world so frightening for so many.

It is blatantly obvious that the fear meme is running rampant through the world right now. It would appear that everyone seeking power and control is plugging into it and using it every chance they get. Obviously a great many people are still being sucked in by the mind control of television as higher ratings are keeping the 24/7 coverage of the Ferguson riots and now this latest atrocity front and center. If the media weren’t capturing the limelight they would not keep doing this because we all know money is what feeds the beast. So millions of people must still be tuning in to get their fix of the world’s horrors. I truly thought we were further along on this spiritual journey to wellness than this. This tells me the T.V. addiction is fully engaged and unfortunately all those watching 24/7 don’t have a clue that they have been captured and are at the mercy of the darkness.

I can write and talk until the sun goes down about how we must move beyond this travesty and not allow ourselves to be sucked in because there is no getting out once hooked. I honestly do not know what to suggest people do to combat this powerful takeover of our minds. None of what we are seeing going on in the world right now will stop until we disengage ourselves from the matrix of evil by no longer participating in their continuous games of war against humanity. We must no longer watch the propaganda on TV, we must do our own research on the internet for the truth of what is going on. People obviously do not understand how subtle mind control works because millions are seriously addicted to television. I don’t know how we are meant to combat such a force of evil except to say each one of us needs to make peace in our own lives, to settle our own issues and finally allow ourselves to become the moral, honest, authentic beings that we really are.

Hopefully we will  encourage all those around us to unplug from the addictions being perpetrated on the world and get clean within. For every person who tunes into the nightly news to watch the illusion continue we can add another month of insanity to the world. It will continue to go on and on until the majority of people finally see the light and remove themselves from the dark ones playing field. Once you allow yourselves to disconnect there is NO way of going back! Once you grasp the depth of truth there is no way you will ever see the world through the same eyes again. I urge everyone to help those around them to disconnect and search for the truth. It is the only thing that is going to save us all. Again, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Foley family at this painful time.

Blessings and love to the world…


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I was thinking about words today and the power they hold in our world. They can hold such strong meanings that stay locked in place and we refuse to let them go. They take on a life of their own. Why do we seem to need the meanings of these words anyway? Why do we allow them to define our lives? Just take the word ‘riots’ for example. That word is front and center these days because of the killing of that young boy in Missouri and the unrest among the people in turmoil. These people are angry and they have every right to be. The way the black have been mistreated for so long now it is no wonder they are fed up and crying out for justice. It is the media who has labeled these protests RIOTS. Now riot is the buzz word for the week and the insinuations that word evokes is front and center as well. Words get used as weapons and they get twisted and over dramatized and used to persuade the public to see and feel things a certain way. Words are no longer a form of communication, they have become an art form of judgment used against the people rather than for them.

Look at the word ‘environmental’ and how that has been transformed into an evil word used to divide the people and put down a way of thinking in the hopes of stopping a movement to protect the earth. It has now become a dirty name with bad connotations. Then you have the word ‘natural’ and it too has been hijacked and used to promote lies. Natural was placed on food labels despite the fact they truly were not natural and from the earth but rather concocted in some factory and filled with chemicals and GMO’s. All the evil corporations jumped on the ‘natural’ bandwagon in the hopes of shoving their not so healthy foods down our throats. Who needs swords or guns when you have words to use as weapons against people and to perpetrate lies?

Why do the meanings of words have such power over us? How has the art form of communication become so jaded and misleading? How has our form of communicating with one another taken on such a sinister meaning? Perhaps it happening to show us it is time to drop words all together and tune into ourselves enough to begin to use telepathy. Perhaps it is occurring to show us that we should move beyond such an archaic way of being and move forward into higher forms of communication such as telepathically speaking with one another. If we became able to read each others thoughts, lies and secrets would no longer be possible and honesty would be first and foremost in the world. Honesty is desperately needed in the world today. We are drowning in deceit and lies for the purpose of control. Is it not time, perhaps, to look more closely at what is going on and realize we should get more closely in touch with ourselves and learn a better way to get our thoughts across?

There is a great deal of promoting evil going on out there by choosing words carefully to get across a message to people.  There are words that are used over and over until they get beaten into the ground just to make a point. I think we need to be more aware of what is being said and why and by whom. Words roll off our tongues so easily and with such little thought, that they are now becoming meaningless. There is far less thinking before speaking going on these days and that needs to change. Words have become part of the dark’s arsenal of weapons being used against us and it is time we pay attention more closely. Personally I think it is time for a whole new vocabulary if we aren’t going to move forward telepathically. These old words are hurtful, divisive and demeaning. They do not inspire nor do they offer hope, so why do we need them? Are we not trying to become more loving and caring about each other? If so today’s words need to go and be replaced with ones that lift up the world.

Blessings to us all,


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Wolf In Sheeps Clothing…

Forever now we think of the saying ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ as referring to the evil person trying to pull something over on someone else by hiding the truth. Time to give that saying new meaning. It is time we the wolves take off our sheep skins and be the aggressor and protector of our rights of humanity. Being quiet and complacent and being still in the boat rather than rocking it is not doing anything to help save ourselves. The role of spirituality was hijacked like everything else and used against us. For ages we have been told to stay calm, don’t fight back and be love. Clever way of getting the masses to do nothing as they are being herded into prison. It has worked for quite some time now, but what we need to all realize is, we can be the wolves AND be spiritual at the same time, and we need to be! If we haven’t figured out yet that the world is imploding and everything is drowning in insanity, we better. People are drugged up because of depression, committing suicide, becoming catatonic because of what is going on because they have not dared to find a way to fight back and stand up for what is rightfully theirs on their own. The frustration has become overwhelming for many and then apathy sets in and nothing gets done. We need to come together!  It is time to feed the wolf inside us!

I’ve written about this before and I’ll probably write about it again. Spirituality was hijacked by the dark and used as a way to silence the resisters. The understanding that you could be both spiritual and a resister got buried during the activation of ascension in 2012. The new buzz word was LIGHT and in order to be light you had to drop the resister part of. I fell for it, I know a lot of others who did as well, but I also woke up and others are doing that as well. If we don’t fight back, if we don’t take a stand for what is ours, if we don’t make any moves to save ourselves, we’re toast. Simple as that. What has gotten better, truthfully, since 2012? The world is cartwheeling further into oblivion day by day but the resistance to this destruction is oddly silent. You have dribs and drabs of resistance over the different injustices raising their ugly heads here and there, but there is no mass outcry from the people to save themselves from destruction! They are still wearing sheep skins and believing the news propaganda being spoon fed to the sleeping public drugged on Big Pharma drugs peddled on television like children’s toys or cereals. Sadly many are not even aware of their coming demise.

I stay up at nights straining my brain trying to think of ways we can fight back against what is taking place. The first step needed to be taken to do something is to come up with a way to get people together on board the same boat and all use our power to paddle together in a new direction. I’m thinking we need a website where people can go and voice their ideas and throw them around until a clear way out of the chaos is born. We don’t have a place to go to do this. All of our blogs are helping in small ways to awaken people, but we need a meeting place to brainstorm and make things happen! It’s easy to build a website, but how to get it out to the world so we can make a difference is the problem. So readers and friends, put on your thinking caps and let us become active! Enough sitting about and ruminating about everything. Throw off those sheeple skins and become wolves! I welcome all ideas and comments. It has to all start somewhere!

Blessings to us all,




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Great Quote…

” Nature is the only way out of the Matrix. Take the green pill.”

Unknown Author

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Why Didn’t We See?  I’m shocked! I have been thinking about the present rat race called humanity for some time now and I just can’t understand how we could have all been so blind to what was going on in the world. I mean, look at your own life as an example or at least some close that you know. I bet you get up everyday and dress, get the kids fed and off to school, get yourself off to work, work all day, get off and go get the kids, go home, fix something for everyone’s dinner, get the kids off to bed, the dishes washed and kitchen cleaned and collapse in a chair for a few hours before you head off to bed as well. How could we have possibly believed that this was the way life was really meant to be? It is sheer insanity! If we take the time to think it all through now, why in heavens name would we think Creator would put us on earth to step into this pattern of chaotic living? He wouldn’t have! We were born to live and experience life in whatever way we chose to do it. That is the truth of the matter. The mind controlling propaganda must have been so powerful to hoodwink us all into believing this was how life really was. Well it isn’t really meant to be this way and hopefully people are waking up this fact and I certainly hope in the very near future people get wise to what has been done to them and do something about it.

This is such a shameful act of oppression being enacted against the people of the world by a few greedy, power hungry individuals. They know we are getting hip to what they are doing and waking up, it makes them very nervous, but they need more than just their nerves rattled. They need to see the inside of prison walls with razor wire strung on top and lousy GMO food served daily. It is time for everybody to stop and take a good hard look at their lives and see the insanity of what they have called living for their entire lives! Many poor individuals lived and died over the ages and never knew the truth. How tragic! At least we are aware of the illusion we have been held captive in for so long. It actually makes it harder to know the truth of it all, but harder is good, but ONLY if it spurs us into ACTION! Harder is evil if we don’t do anything about the situation we find ourselves in and just continue to suffer. Our lives have been hijacked for the benefit of the few and it is time we stop accepting this plight and fight back for what is rightfully ours. Our freedom to live a free and happy life!

It is facts such as this that I find so difficult to fathom how we could have gone along with this plan but even more, it shows me how insidious their control really is and if we fell hook,line and sinker before, what is to say we aren’t doing it again. Take time to research and see how long the Government has been studying the human mind and how to gain control of it. It is shocking and we best all make ourselves aware of their capabilities. Once awake, are we capable of falling asleep again without even noticing? A very scary thought indeed. So how can we be sure we remain awake? I would have to say one good way would be to NOT watch television at all. That is the greatest weapon of propaganda going. People’s views on life and deep felt beliefs are affected by what we are made to believe is the truth despite the fact it isn’t. Very little on TV is the truth but rather information carefully worded to catch our attention and steer us in a certain direction. So plan A would be to not watch television. Plan B? Stay centered in your heart and refuse to allow judgment of any kind to cloud your visions.

The truth is cruel and I guess many would still prefer to not face it because of how awful it really is. I totally understand, but our present situation will never change unless we find the courage to face the truth head on. Our survival actually depends upon our waking up. Please think long and hard on how we have lived so long without realizing we were captives lost in a false illusion and let us all stay vigilant in staying wide awake now so as not to be led astray again. It really is quite disturbing to think we were totally oblivious.

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Blessings to us all,


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Challenge Yourselves…

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As crazy as things are in the world today, so many question what they can do to make things better. Is it possible to actually bring about change in the world, can we each really make a difference? The answer is definitely yes and it all begins with changing ourselves. Perhaps so many people refuse to change themselves because what needs changing seems so mighty and overwhelming, after all, their life is all they’ve ever known . A life time of bad habits to try and undo, where do we begin? We begin by changing our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and about the world around us. One easy way to begin is to pick one change and choose to live your life by it. Make that change your mantra, your passion and your day to day challenge to live up to. It is always good to embrace challenge because it empowers us and builds self confidence. The challenge I choose to live by everyday in every way is to wake up and ask myself first thing in the morning ” How can I make the world a better place today and do it” If each and every one of us were trying to make the world a better place, the world would be in a very different state than it is now. Find your own challenge and embrace it fully.

The way forward in this new world is to choose challenges that are outside of ourselves. It is no longer just about how we can change our own lives and what we can get out of it. Our thinking has shifted dramatically and we now find ourselves wishing to improve life for others, to make changes for the good of all, it has become a WE world instead of a ME world. It is welcoming to see see this shift. Slowly we have come around to understanding how shallow selfish living leaves us, empty and without purpose. Ones whole life can shift tremendously when they can see their actions change the life of someone else for the better. It fills us up inside and gives life a deeper meaning. We grow and improve upon who we are and what we can offer the world at the same time. Change is the essence of life, it keeps our growth expanding giving us new insights to spur us along. Change should never be something we fear but rather an opportunity in life to make friends with and embrace, for it offers us a chance to create ourselves anew.

So, choose a positive mantra to live up to everyday and I guarantee it will begin to bring more meaning to your life. Just the act of challenging yourself to do it everyday will change how you feel about yourself, then if it is a really uplifting mantra you can not only change your life but others lives as well. You can do this in groups also. Everyone chooses a mantra to live up to and each of you helps encourage the other to keep at it. Share your stories about how it is going, what is changing, encourage others you meet to do this as well. A world full of people working to make it a better place is a happier world and our world needs a great deal of love and joy right now. All it takes is our participation and we will see the changes before long. Give it go and see what happens.

Blessings to us all,


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Ponder This….

 “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian.”

Henry Ford

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Happy Howling…!



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Don’t forget…Full super moon tonight! Here is another article about it. This is going to be a very powerful full moon. Get ready!

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Balancing Act…

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I can’t help but feel that what we need most right now during these chaotic times is balance. If one looks around themselves these days all they see is chaos and upheaval. Everything that should be up is now down, everything it seems is way out of whack. So how do we compensate for this irrational state of our world? We need to create balance as best we can and stay centered there at all times. Everything in life, it seems, is unknown to us right now, we don’t know what we can place our trust in anymore and for most, the unknown is quite unsettling and often dredges up copious amounts of fear. Balance makes life dependable! In order to create balance in our lives it is essential we look closely at our lives and figure out what is out of balance. Once you know the areas of your life that are dangling and impaired, you know what you are to work on to compensate for that imbalance.

If we remain out of balance all the time we cannot stay grounded and feel sure about our lives, about who we are and what our greater purpose in life is. If we are out of balance we are weakened and unsteady, just like the Government would like us to be. Out of sorts, doubtful, and in the end fearful. Living this way will get us nowhere. So we try to create a life that is as balanced and peaceful and positive and productive and as inspiring as it can be. This is our way of saying NO, I will not allow myself to live my life the dark’s way. So we search for ways that can make our lives feel dependable and full of purpose and inspiration. This is where it is up to each of us to create the life we want, not just hope and dream about it. It takes work to stay the course and fight against the creating of chaos going on by our overseers. It takes courage to stand up with defiance and choose to take another path to walk down.

So where is your life out of balance? I think for many probably there is a huge lack of deep joy and laughter on a daily basis. Life has been made so difficult by the dark ones that most of us are just managing to survive and when we are fighting for survival, there is little time left over for joy and laughter, but we must make the time. Life without joy and laughter is sad and often lonely and many times feels pointless. It is up to each of us to figure out what brings us joy and go after it. The postman is not going to bring it to your door or leave it in your mailbox. If you know what makes you happy you now know what to go after and bring into your life. It may be simple like a certain healthy meal, walking or sitting in nature, it may be spending time with close friends, pets or working in the garden. Whatever it is, it is so important that we do these things often to stay in balance. Find people or places or books or movies that make you laugh and laugh! The world is desperate for joy and laughter and we need to save our selves by offering our souls the time to laugh and feel glad we are alive.

If you don’t already know what your purpose for being here in this lifetime is, now is the time to find out! I’ve said before in other posts that our purpose can often be found in our hurts, where we feel damaged. My life was not a particularly happy one and I spent the majority of my life wishing it had been. Wishing for what might have been was getting me nowhere, and so I looked closely at those wounds and found purpose. If my life had not been a happy one, then I knew it was my purpose in life to make others lives happy if I could. So discover your purpose and pour yourself into it. When you are doing what matters most, you are happy and when you are happy you make others happy. If you have purpose you have a reason to get up everyday and greet it with joy, if you have purpose you feel good about yourself and life is balanced. The dark ones can try all they want to bring us down and destroy our lives, but that can only happen if we allow it to happen. Bring balance into your life and stand strong and proud of who and what you are.

Blessings to us all,



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Full Moon Sunday…

Just letting everyone know Sunday is the full moon, so let the howling begin! We chose things to work on at the new moon, now lets bring it all to completion with this full moon. It is time to burst forward and make some major changes. Are you up for it? Here is the article.


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