Full Moon Ahead….


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Are we ready? A full moon cometh (July 12) and once again let us use her powers to work our magic. Here is the article. Enjoy.

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Tough Times All Around….


I just wanted to write a quick post as I sense from both myself and all those around me, that times are very difficult right now. We are being stretched us to our limits. It is times like these that we can easily slip out of balance and begin to tumble downward. Lets face it, we have major dramas coming at us from all directions and to make things worse, nothing is being done about any of them. They are all just flapping about in the breeze like sheets on a clothesline, unaddressed and with no accountability  being handed out for anything. Talk about frustrating and maddening! One can feel their blood pressure rising quickly, so how do we deal with this? I live by the motto ” Out of all bad comes some good, so look for it!”.

As with any situation we find ourselves faced with that causes us stress and discomfort, we must face it head on! It is normal to want to push it aside and get as far away as possible from what we are feeling. It doesn’t feel good. But getting distance between ourselves and what is bothering us, is not really getting away from it. It follows us, it buries itself deep within us and pops up from time to time like a nagging jack rabbit. No, the true way for us to deal with these difficult times is to accept them. They are what they are, for the most part there is little we can do about them and so we must accept them. Sit quietly with your discomfort, feel it rather than run away from it, ask questions of yourself. Why am I so bothered by this? Is how I am thinking making it worse? Is there something I can do or think that will make things better? Try to understand what is going on inside you and why you are reacting the way you are.

Just the act of addressing the issue and the discomfort will help to ease its impact! The act of being with the discomfort gives you a certain amount of strength for having done the unthinkable, accepting what is going on rather than resisting it. The fight we create in trying to avoid something zaps our energy and our self-confidence that we can get through this. We need that strength! So face it, pull in all the strength you can from facing it and then let it go. Release it! In doing so we free ourselves up to be able to find a solution of some measure that will allow us to deal with what is going on in a positive way. In the end it is far easier to face these battles set before us than fight against them. They are what they are and if there is little we can do about them, then we can at least help ourselves which in the end is the best thing we can do. We grow from adversity so embrace it as best you can and better yourself. We will get through these trying times. Have faith, stay strong and make lemonade( be inspiring to yourself) out of these lemons being tossed our way.

Blessings to us all,


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Attempts To Hide The truth…


If America is going to be drowned in the illegal immigrant explosion thanks to NO action by this administration to stop the ability for border crossings to take place, it is important that we at least know the truth of what is going on, but they rather we didn’t know that. Awaken America to what is being done to our country! Here is the article to read. Please be sure to share the information with others.  Thanks to: http://www.dcclothesline.com

Is anyone else irate about this  border problem besides me? Does anyone else think it unfair for WE THE PEOPLE to be forced to pay for a problem Obama created himself by his inaction to deal with this problem years ago? Is anyone else getting tired of this trumped up drama designed to wear us down? I am thinking now would be a good time for Americans to refuse to pay for this by refusing to pay our taxes. Don’t forget, we are all one and our power is mighty!

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Are We Getting The Message Yet?


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Just wanted to share this crop circle and it’s uplifting message. Hopefully we will reach this point of no more war. Here’s hoping!

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Do You KNow What You Are Eating?


It is time everyone understands what is in the food they are eating. Do NOT fall for the sexy ads selling these toxic products. Our present food system is broken completely and we the people are being sold food not fit for consumption on many levels. Make the time to research for yourself and keep yourself and your family safe through your knowledge. Here is the article.  Thanks to http://philosophers-stone.co.uk for this article.

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Take A Listen….Very Interesting

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More sick truth coming out about the world in which we live. It sadly no longer shocks me, but it continues to sicken me inside for sure. It is disgraceful and unthinkable what has been done and it would seem we are way past needing to finally take action against our corrupt governments. Enough is enough and people need to wake themselves up and get concerned about their world while we still have one. Time to clean house in Washington and start again fresh. All in favor say aye! Here is the article. Please take a moment to read it. While it is difficult to finally realize your Government was not at all what it seemed, it is important we ALL finally accept the truth and move ourselves forward into a new world centered around compassion and caring for one another.

Blessings to us all,


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Happy And Safe 4th Of July….


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Today is a good day to disregard all of the dramas being played out, the weather being manipulated, the lies being spun etc. and just focus our thoughts on the heartbeat of America, the truth of who we are, the strength we stand with and the compassion we the people share with others. We are far, far more than our unfortunate circumstances have made us out to be. Look inside today and find that person and share that person and your compassion with someone who needs it. Patriotism is at an all time low which is sad. It is not the country we are so disenchanted with, it is the dark force that is running it into the ground. Our country needs us and our trust and belief. Let us not forget today who we REALLY are! Have a safe and meaningful holiday. Remember we are free if we choose to be.

Blessings to us all,


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Choose Your Path And Walk Proudly….


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Well, no one can say life is boring right now! Wow! Things are escalating at a very rapid pace and with no end in sight. At times it can get a bit overwhelming and ones head seems to spin like the exorcist. This is all by design and we must keep that in mind. The dark ones are still very much on autopilot, cranking out the dramas and figuring out laws to accommodate the perceived needs for more control. It is their intention for all the people to be overwhelmed as the drams come at us straight in the face, one after another, to hopefully bring people to their knees. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of ways to combat what is going on, it drives me crazy at times, all the while I hear people saying to just think positively, don’t give anything our energy. I bounced back and forth between those two scenarios for a long time until I decided the real answer to this is to do what YOU think is right for you. We are all needed. Those who actively fight what is going on, those who hold the light and preserve the energy for peace, those that give neither their attention. There is no right or wrong involved here. We are ALL needed to give our energy to what we feel needs it most.

Lets face it. If nobody ever fought back think where we would be today! I am the kind of person who is driven to action as well as hold the light for peace. I think it’s why I have to keep taking breaks to regroup. It’s exhausting being spun back and forth between both, but both it is, for me anyway. Despite which road we choose to travel, we need to make sure we are well grounded and have our final destination in mind. What is it you desire for the world, how do you want to live life, what are your priorities, and most importantly, what do you desire for the good of all mankind? There is no point in stumbling along this very rocky road strewn with boulders if we don’t have a clear idea of where we are headed. It is, as I mentioned, not a case of what is right or wrong, but rather what FEELS right for who you are. Do you know who you are? Now’s the time to get busy finding out if you don’t already know. Everything we do must be in agreement with who we are. Our strength comes from standing up for what we feel is right and in need of our support, for therein lies our passion, and where there is passion there is strength and conviction.

Once again, there is no right or wrong way to be walking this amazing journey against the dark that we are on. Your path must come from your heart and be fueled by your passion so we have strength behind us to keep fighting. For many, turning off the TV is their way of dealing with everything that is happening, for others they must at least know what is going on but hopefully not be sucked in by the drama. In my humble opinion, if you are one of those in need of having to at least know what is going on, what we are up against, then I say make very sure you know how to release all you see each day and NOT carry it with you. The weight of that knowledge can become very heavy and the best way to compensate is by learning to let it all go once you know what you need to know. You know it and that awareness is all you need. If you get mired down in the insanity of what is taking place you will be of little use to yourself or anyone else. I have the nickname Visionkeeper for a reason. I have to see and understand what is going on but at the same time I make sure to dump everything as soon as I know it. I couldn’t survive otherwise.

So just know you are here to do what YOU feel you should do and devote your soul to seeing that you follow through. The world needs each of us right now to help save it and to help usher in peace at long last. There is a job for every one of us to do and it is up to us to make sure we are doing all we can to see that it is done. The only way we will be clear- headed enough to score a victory at the end of this battle is if we steer clear of falling prey to the drama being trotted out and crammed down our throats everyday and stay as strong as we can by following our paths and fulfilling the blueprints of our own lives.

Blessings to us all,



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Look Up And Wake Up…..

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