Soul-utions(Finding Answers)

Please use this page to add your new ideas on how best for us to begin to build and create our new world and take back our freedom. The beginning of our new life is upon us and we need to join our light forces and our sharp minds and come up with ways to achieve this goal. Thank you for your inspiration and ideas.

56 Responses to Soul-utions(Finding Answers)

  1. Hi VK, I dont know if you have watched the Film Thrive… but well worth a watch if you haven’t ~DW

  2. Hi VK it seems my last comment on the 5th is awaiting moderation as it contained 2 links it may have found its way in the spam box.. No worries if it has… I can repost you the links…… DW xx

  3. HI ALL…. I was reading through this site I have had links with for several years… and Ive read a few books published by the same… so this resonated with me so thought I would pass it on…

    The Site is….. and what they said years ago is now already happening with Banks etc….
    DW xx

  4. Great page VK and We all of us need to keep our connectivity and align ourselves to creating Soul-utions which bring us closer together…. Sharing and Caring and respecting each other in our Communities starts first with ourselves and our families..
    I know you have this link VK in fact I may have joined it via a posting you once did.. But a Shared Vision helps us to connect our thoughts… Thoughts are powerful tools as they are living energy… Our Thoughts Create…. so I will share this link as a starter…..
    Love and Blessings to you all DW xx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks for linking that DW…We seem to have a plan now which we really needed to find and so now we seem to feel comfortable to do our thing whatever that may be and get things done!!! Sharing thoughts is where it all begins…Thank again friend…VK

  5. Gina Michelle says:

    We live in an aggie town. Almost every other house in our circle has a garden or chickens. I found out we have a cheesemaker, breadmakers, seed-harvesters, composters, too. I propsed a fb group for our neighborhood to organize real swapmeets- no money exchanged for the goods we cultivate or make.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Excellent Gina!!!! This is exactly what we need to be doing. Barter is coming back into style big time and makes such sense. Good going for making that effort and getting things started. I’m impressed. Lucky you. I live way out in the country and I am trying to figure out how to bring people together. I am headed out to the town offices next week to see what I can drum up. Pass the word around Gina and encourage others you know to do the same wherever they live. This is how change will come about. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Visionkeeper says:

    Right you are Raven…Lots going on now and we are on the move. I can only hope people will take the initiative to wake themselves up and take in the truth and reach out to others who need support in switching paradigms. Glad you are getting good results with what you are doing with people Raven. You help one you end up helping ten more. Everything spreads and it’s rolling like wildfire now. Keep at it! Good work…Sounds like that friend you are working with is into some neat stuff. I bet she is into dark field microscopy. That is really fascinating. Squawk back at you friend….take care and blessings to you….VK

  7. Raven says:

    Hello Soul Mates! I’m going to spend some time watching the Sirius documentary this evening when I have time to enjoy it. Meanwhile Skyz put a link on Facebook to the latest David Wilcock essay, which is quite interesting as always, and he talks about Dr. Greer’s work on the fossil alien. The link above has lots of good photos of that.

    Here’s a link:

    As to Soul-utions… right now there is so much new and important information coming out it’s almost a full time job to just keep up with it and assimilate it, in all fields of endeavor. One important leap people need to make in all this is that we are now responsible. I say that because as the times become more unsure for the still-sleeping and just waking up from their nap crowds, they are clinging even harder to their old paradigms. I keep seeing Bible verses constantly, and things like “God gives me… X” or “Without God I would be helpless.” I really despise this mindset in my friends (of whom there are many) because it places the entire onus of EVERY THING on someone else. We place our health in the hands of a system that is trying to kill us, we place our faith in religion that is trying it’s hardest to keep us from realizing our potential, we put… well, we put a lot of crap on everyone but ourselves. We rely on so many others for our very existence, so it’s really easy to look “out there” for the Soul-utions. This must stop, and this is where the biggest change is going to happen, in ourselves, when we start taking responsibility for EVERY THING in our lives.

    To many who haven’t been doing this already, there is A LOT to learn. Skyz is working herself ragged sharing as much information as she can, me to a lesser extent since I am working quite a bit privately helping my friends, who are now calling me The Green Guru because I’ve been helping them get healthy in various private consulting ways. This avenue just opened up for me because I turned my FB page into a Wake Up And Smell the Coffee Dammit page and all kinds of stuff has flowed from that, including a highly interesting rekindled high school relationship with a friend who was nominated for a Nobel Prize for her work in experimental mycoplasmic biology. Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know what this meant either, but it’s extremely important non-mainstream science and I am working with her to get her vast knowledge into the alternative media. She didn’t even realize there was such a thing until we started talking! All this time she’s been beating her head against the mainstream media wall, so this has opened up a whole new world for her to explore and learn about. She is highly, highly intelligent (she used to freak me out in high school because she was so smart) and I am so looking forward to working with her and setting her up with the right journalists. More on this as it develops. EXCITING STUFF!

    But anyway, people need to work at catching up to the truth now, hot and heavy, because before we never had any truth and now it’s everywhere you turn. Share everything to anyone who will listen. You never know when a Nobel scientist will turn to YOU for information! SQUAWK!

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  9. anup says:

    well i guess wine and music :)

  10. Purpleskyz says:

    I only had time to watch a bit of it… but will play catch up tomorrow when not at work. Can’t wait until the day come that I no longer have to slave to survive. LOL

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  12. Purpleskyz says:

    Thanks VK! I can hardly wait until Dr Greer puts out the full movie!
    He is a hero in my book!

  13. Visionkeeper says:

    Thought you might like to take a look at this documentary…We are moving forward quickly now. We have so much to do and so much power to do it with! Let us not forget that…. VK

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  15. Visionkeeper says:

    This link is a carry over from the ‘I need to rant’ post i wrote…this is filled with good ideas and lets carry this discussion forward and try to make some progress on stopping the dark ones dead in their tracks….VK

  16. Purpleskyz says:

    Now this is a soul u tion!!!

  17. purpleskyz says:

    Well keep your hopes UP VK!
    I think it is so encouraging when I come across this info. It is a huge start to what we have been advised to look for.
    You have a wonderful weekend also.
    We need some R&R now so we are well rested for the journey to freedom, peace and harmony.

  18. purpleskyz says:

    HI ALL!
    I did not get an email for this last post VK.
    I am really getting encouraged by what is happening now. Wanted to share this video.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Wonder why you didn’t get the email? Strange. Sorry about that. Yes Skyz, things seem to be happening. I don’t get my hopes up, but just keep plodding forward trying to awaken others as it is all of us who will actually create the change we so desire. Hopefully this video is the beginning of our manifestation finally coming forth. Lets hope so. Thanks for posting this. Have a great weekend…..VK

    • Darcy says:

      How might I share this video? It is fantastic!

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Hi Darcy…Click on the video to start it, then go down to the lower right corner and left click on the youtube icon. When the video comes up look below it for SHARE..Left click share then right click on embed and click copy…Now just paste it wherever you want to leave it. Good luck….VK

  19. purpleskyz says:

    Good Morning ALL
    I love your spirit HR!
    We have been saying the same as you on other sites I am on. As you can see from the above we agree that we need to start to go into action. Let the soul u tions begin and we will spread the word.
    Love and ONENESS

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Skyz…. I was going to email you on this and Raven and Hannah…i don’t know what you get from this site. Do you receive an email when posts are put up from all sections of this site? I figure unless you do who will think to come in these areas. To be honest I know nothing of invocation that HR speaks to. Is that Pagan practice HR? Hey if it works it couldn’t hurt us to try together….What do you think? It IS time for action NOW….Everybody is getting the calling for action. Good to see you. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend….VK

  20. Visionkeeper says:

    HR…Good Morning! The light workers are definitely united but we obviously need more comatose victims to awaken to the cause. WE need everybody we can get. Both the lunar eclipse and the Venus transit helped awaken people plus we are at the moment being bombarded by solar flares that always does the trick. I am going to email a couple of commentors here to let them know this discussion is going on so they can be involved. Keep an eye out for new comments. So glad you are aboard the freedom boat. We’ll make it. Have faith, be positive and stay in your heart space.

  21. StHaelRazor says:

    Hi VK. Thank you for your kind reply to my last comment. So, here goes…

    The only solution that I know works for certain, with results that are permanent, would be the use of the Cosmic Fiery Christ Power of the Great Command. We used it in times so long ago that today many question it’s authenticity as well as it’s reality.

    It’s very simple. We just have to unite within the Great Heart Realm of Creation. That Realm can be located in our own Hearts, which is connected directly to the individualized God Presence right above us, which resides at less than fifty feet in most cases. Of course, it comes much closer for individuals such as ourselves. That Presence can be easily contacted, even if you don’t always see It due the fact that It’s in a much higher dimension than we are.

    If you know how to use invocation, which I’m sure you do, you might consider one of the calls that Jesus first brought. I AM the Open Door. You can increase that with something like, “I AM, I AM Know I AM the Open Door which no one can shut into the Diamond Shining Heart Realm of God.” Or you can use something of your own, which has a definite and powerful feeling for you as an individual. One way or the other you have to open the Door so that God can show you directly what needs to be done.

    No one in the outer world can teach you how to draw forth the Power of the Great Command. It has to come forth directly from the Source. The application for every individual is, of course, individual. Therefore, it must come from either Great Ones who are already Ascended and Infallible in their understanding, or from your own Individualized Presence of Life. At any rate, the Great Ones are always there in attendance.

    The dark ones need to be handled in way that they cannot control or understand, This is it. The Great Command sets all things right. Permanently. Just don’t ever back down-no matter what.
    Thank you,

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks HR…. Sounds great to me! We should all pick a date and time and join together and try this. We have some pretty intense times coming up and we might as well put the extra energy from the astrological universe to good use…Let me think on this and try to get others rallied around us…I will get back to you. Thanks again for writing this. It is time I feel to assert our power and get this whole mess over with and move on to a loving world of peace….. Later HR……VK

      • StHaelRazor says:

        Hi VK,
        I’m a complete newbie at blogging and the whole social networking environment, so you may need to prompt me here and there as to what I need to do in regards to being on the mark.

        By necessity I have become a loner. But I am so grateful to finally see that I am not alone in my passion for finding (and putting into action) a genuine solution for this war that is being waged against us by the forces of destruction.

        As you stated, ‘It is time…’ I couldn’t agree more. If we don’t get to it, we will be repeating Atlantis on a global scale. The dark ones are working hard to bring about the final episode. The only thing they have on us is that they are united in their cause. Once we unite, they will be overcome.

        Keep me posted, and thank you so much for including me in your efforts. Later and always…

  22. Visionkeeper says:

    Darth Vader has a lot of you know whats to come forth and spew such evil….I will hold my tongue but I have my own thoughts boiling over…VK

  23. purpleskyz says:

    Here is our solution brothers and sisters!

    This is exploding over the we right now. This and all of the lies. OMG!!!!
    This is incredible!

  24. Visionkeeper says:

    Sounds good Skyz…You’re on fire today….Go get em girl…..VK

  25. purpleskyz says:

    My thoughts are that the more people that become aware the brighter the flame from the conscious collective. I also keep reading that the stronger we are the quicker they will act on our behalf. I think of it as a beacon invitation. Maybe I am interpreting it differently but that is the sense I get. I don’t know about anyone else out there but it is critical time right now from my perspective.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Very critical Skyz…People are tired and worn out and done waiting for the action to begin..This suffering down here in hell has gone on long enough now…As I always say enough is enough….Past enough!!!! Yes we must brighten the light, kind of like putting the candle in the window at night for those coming home….Glow baby glow….VK

  26. Raven says:

    VK- I have some thoughts on your Are You Exhausted theme. The channeled guides have stated many times that some people have chosen not to ascend and they are being “removed” by choice. They point to the tornadoes and other natural disasters as part of this plan. In the same vein, they state some people will ascend and others will not, some by choice and others by simply being unaware and unable to adjust to the increased vibration and dimensional shift, so it is our job as Lightworkers to hold love in our hearts and to try and awaken people, but trying to fight the Dark Ones is out of our hands really, other than group manifesting of desire through meditation and intent.

    Please understand I’m just repeating what I have read in several sources. I have NO CLUE about what we can do, other than let fate take its course, hold the Light, and help anyone we can on a local level.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      I totally understand and under normal circumstances I would agree with you, but these are NOT natural disasters!!! I cannot sit back and watch innocent people murdered and I think God would have them die in their sleep first and not torn from their homes, and thrown through the air to their deaths…Innocent little children do not say sure, I don’t want to ascend, put me in the tornado….I’m sick and tired of their crap and I for one am not going to sit back and watch this hell being unleashed….Sorry Raven cause I do know what you were saying and if this were natural I would agree with you. Thanks…VK

  27. purpleskyz says:

    I just posted this site on a board and copied the Are You Exhausted article. I hope that it is ok to share. Lets get this party started!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Sounds good…What site is it? I have to watch my ass as well while I’m going out on the limb here…VK

      • purpleskyz says:


        as for the flyers…. some may not have access to color printers or be very tech minded.
        I don’t know of a graphic artist off hand but I’ll bet one will cross my path. :)
        I was thinking public parks would be a good place.
        We could all wear white hoodies in memory of Trayvon so when the cameras pick us up (and they will lol) it makes a statement. This could be awesome!!

  28. purpleskyz says:

    You got me all lit up on this VK!!!
    Thought of of few things that I can/will do:

    * Utilize the cling on letters you can buy at almost any Office Depot etc. to decorate our vehicle windows with slogans such as:
    Time to WAKE UP!
    Ascension IS coming to your neighborhood soon!
    Stop the INSANITY!
    My car is parked on a major highway that most in this town have to travel.

    * Leave flyers in some interesting containers,bottles or boxes all around town or tied to trees even! That would get some attention. Maybe a specific flyer that we can all use, so the continuity has impact, that we could download and print.
    Anyone really good with publisher or any other program? Maybe we could do this at a specific day. The media needs to be given the opportunity to “report” on the events. Maybe we should start to give them some. :)

    * Post that flyer on all of the blogs we go on and maybe this could be a movement of sorts. Kind of how Anonymous started only we will be Not Anonymous. LOL

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Good ideas as well Skyz….Flyers should be artsy and colorful and eye appealing I think as just written words will not grab somebody enough to walk over and take a look. If someone has talent in art a beautiful flyer with flowers and bright colors would be nice. Kind of like that door i loved so much. VK

  29. purpleskyz says:

    Here is a soul=ution that I came across yesterday. I am not affiliated with any church but I will start this at the Blue Lotus in my town. They will be receptive I have a feeling


    Rev. Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

    Unbeknown to the majority of Americans, much very positive work has
    taken place for decades in an effort to right the wrongs presently being
    perpetrated on the people. We live in a world of lies and cover-ups.
    Working to correct these problems is dangerous and can easily result in
    being killed and/or having your family tortured and killed. For that
    reason, much of the work has been done behind the scenes. The advent of
    the internet has served to allow those Americans interested in finding
    the truth to do so.

    The news media is tightly controlled and therefore the individuals
    depending on our major media outlets for information know very little
    about what is really going on in America. Now, this is about to change.

    This change means that the people will be shocked, extremely angry,
    and maybe even violent as they learn of the horrors inflicted upon them.
    We have not recognized the ways in which we have been manipulated and
    enslaved because Americans have accepted them as this is life.

    I am writing ministers asking you to listen to the 3 hour audio I am
    referencing and join in helping to explain and calm people as they learn
    of all that has been done to them. All 3 hours contain valuable
    information, so please take time from your busy schedule to listen to it
    all. That the information get to the people is the request made by the
    Pentagon as explained in the audio….

    Read Full Article Here:

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Good one Skyz!!! Thank you for this. This is exactly what I am talking about. We need to be actively preparing for what is coming and awakening those sleeping still. Once the majority awaken I think things will greatly change. We just have to get out from under so we can breathe and regroup and be able to find ways to fight back. This is an excellent way and again thank you!!! VK :)

  30. Visionkeeper says:

    Hope you got my email T….I passed it on to about ten sites so we will see what happens. I hope you hear from people and things grow. Be patient though. Have a great weekend and again thank you!!! VK

  31. tiamssai says:

    You know when you prepare a place for a special occasion, it often seems that the place will never be ready enough… But at some point one must admit that the time has come for the inauguration, whatever how well prepared we may be.
    So let’s get this party started !!!

    You are my starting point to spread this info, so do not hesitate on the mouse…
    Om Shanti,

  32. Tiamssaï says:

    Hi there,
    I have to think of this deeper, how to put it together so that it works in the end and be user friendly. It has to be a blog since I can’t put money on it. And not so much time either…. But I suppose the bigger part will be the biggining. I am far from being an IT specialist, so I welcome any suggestions whatsoever. I suppose once the template is done, I will send a “call” to rally all spiritual websites and blogs. And if everyone passes it on and on, maybe it could really become something of use to many. We’ll see.
    And in any case, not to worry, there is hardly a day when I don’t keep an eye on this place of wisdom, among others… Once you taste of the light that is shared by the Bearers daily, it is hard to get away from it…
    om Shanti.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hi Tiamssai….So very glad you stop by often and are enjoying being awake at last! It is nice to find hope in such dark times. Yes if you get it put together all the spirit sites will, I am sure, link to it. That is what this is all about, linking together as fast as we can to awaken people and add our light to the world. We will do this! We have the courage and determination to see this battle through to the end. The light will win!!! By the way you should call the site like you mentioned in your first comment, “The place of one light”…Good luck and keep in touch with how it is going! Thank you for adding your light to the world! VK

  33. Visionkeeper says:

    Tiamssai….I asked the folks I know and they said no so it looks like you have a new job :) I think it is a great idea. Most websites have a long list of links on them. Good luck and let us know what happens with it. If you get it up and running I will link to it and mention it to everybody. Hope you will return again and visit with us all here. We’re a friendly bunch….Blessings.,..VK

  34. Tiamssaï says:

    Here is one thing to start with, if anybody feels up to the task… It would certainly help all those around the world trying to understand how to start on the path of light, and probably many more.
    The idea is to create a website or a blog that would list (with the contribution of many) and classify all the spiritual websites or blogs around the web, whatever the country, whatever the purpose, as long as it is created with good intentions.
    Just imagine how this could connect us all and allow those in need could find whatever counsels, readings or guidance suits them best !
    Maybe there is such a website existing already… I have not heard of anything like this. If there is one, please let me know!!!!!
    But if not, and if a valiant soul feels up to the task, this could bring a tremendous push forward for the light on Earth.
    Now I think about it, if after some time nobody takes this gift of an idea, then maybe I will kick myself in the butt to start this crazy enterprise… Maybe i would call it… The Place of One Light.
    Om Shanti,

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Great idea Tiamssai…! I will ask a couple of people but if there are no takers it will be your baby I guess. I’ve got my hands full here :) I will get back to you and let you know. Excellent idea! We need more minds creating and time is short. Back to you soon. Thanks very much for adding this idea. I hope we can get more interacting. Blessings..VK

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