Learn to be with yourself quietly

We are headed towards very busy and sometimes chaotic times ahead. We have the holidays coming up which while loving and exciting for many, these times can be stressful as well. More importantly is the fact of turmoil around the world bubbling and steaming off to the side. What is going on worldwide cannot be avoided and we all need to face this fact. Once again those watching mainstream news are only getting part of the picture of what is going on in the world. World economies are crashing and well they should. These are the economies created by the elite, not designed for fairness to the people. Because of this they are no longer working, they have reached the end of their ability to function and it is now time for them to depart. This will of course cause chaos in the world for a while until the new plans are put in place. If you have planned ahead, stored your food and necessary supplies for your family and pets, all will be well. It is those who have continued to ignore what is going on, have made no preparations and continue to live in denial who will suffer. The world is changing rapidly now, the days of June Cleaver have ended, Government we have learned is not a friend to its people, we have all been lied to and have been arrantly led astray into deep waters and left to drown. How well are people processing this betrayal? Betrayal is a very difficult emotion to deal with for it wounds the heart deeply. I know for myself following a spiritual path has given me great strength. Part of it is the understanding and acceptance that what is taking place is happening for a reason. Rather than fearing the destruction of our monetary system and what that will lead to I see the necessity for its demise in order to make room for the new system that will be replacing it. I also see these times as miraculous knowing our lives of slavery are almost over. Trying to live in this world of corruption was becoming almost unbearable. I will give great thanks on Thanksgiving for the shift that is beginning to take place. Just know as well, that there are those on the inside of Government working to take down the corrupt system all the while  they are preparing the new systems to replace it. We are not alone dealing with this implosion of our country. It is time to reconnect with ourselves, to go within and find the essence of who we are, rekindle our strength and concentrate on what is so positive and wonderful about what is happening and not to allow fear to be a guest in our homes.


Obviously being quiet with myself and writing is my way of coping with what is taking place around the world. Find whatever way is best for you to get quiet with yourself and discover those parts of you that have been overlooked or lost. Where do you gather your strength from? We have spent so much of our lives being lured away from ourselves by long days at our jobs, television, electronic devices, sports. We have found ways to bury ourselves in what we are doing and forgetting to take quiet time to stay connected with ourselves. If we don’t feel secure with who we are then whom can we count on when the going gets rough? I liken it to the way many have eaten for so long. They open up boxes and cans or go to the freezer to find dinner. They have been lured away from the skills of cooking from scratch and so when the rough times come what will they do when the store shelves are empty? If you have stayed connected, hopefully you have a veggie garden you can eat from to survive. There are numerous ways we have quietly been lured away from our essence and our abilities and have been made to depend on things outside of ourselves. We need to find our way back to the simplicity in life where everything works and we know exactly who we are and most importantly that we can count on ourselves. As the saying now goes, Occupy Yourself! Turn off the black box of lies. Sit quietly by an open window and write down your thoughts about yourself, read a book that will open up your mind and inspire you, dig your hands deeply into the soil of mother earth and plant your own gardens and put food on your tables, meditate, whatever helps you find yourself again. If you possess these skills then surviving the rough times ahead will be fearless, for you know who you can count on to get you through. These are not frightening times, they are times filled with many blessings for they are awakening us all to what life is really about and we are reconnecting and beginning to make our journeys home within.

Blessings to you all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Thank you Rooha….How nice to have someone from another part of the world. Welcome and thanks for your comment. I never know what my readers are thinking! I voted on your blog and I wish you well. You have done a beautiful job of bringing the world together… VK

  2. Rooha Tariq says:

    “We need to find our way back to the simplicity in life where everything works and we know exactly who we are and most importantly that we can count on ourselves.” golden words!
    Great post !!
    I hope to read more of them 🙂

    PS: do have a look at my blog and vote for it please on this link: http://pakistanblogawards.com/2011/11/19/best-youth-blog-rooha-tariq/

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