The rant I couldn’t hold back

If things weren’t so seriously in peril in the world, I would have to laugh at what I am witnessing in our country right now. You turn on the television and the Christmas advertising is in full swing, each store or company having a better deal than the other. Same goes for the internet. I go on my home page and it has all the latest sales on Ugg Boots and waffle irons. All the stores about town are filled with Christmas decorations, all the displays moved up front to capture you both coming in and going out. The grocery stores have pyramids of can goods on sale such as cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie filler and fliers you can pick up for all the lowest prices on holiday foods. Well hello? Has anyone bothered to read the papers or listen to the news stations( Not suggested) lately? World economies are getting ready to crash and burn, ours included, and we act as if nothing is going on. My God it makes my hair curl and frizzle from frustration. America is sitting in front of their TV’s at night in a coma I guess all the while there is a 1000# elephant standing next to them. Life in America is so surreal right now. What is everyone planning to do, just whip out their credit cards and add more to their debt with no way to pay it off? I feel like I am in a Twilight Zone program where zombies are walking around and I haven’t got a clue how to communicate with anybody. Where am I?


It just really boggles the mind, mine anyway. America, we have already been fleeced and left homeless by these corporations and you want to run out and give them more of your money and shove yourself further into debt, so deep you won’t probably be able to get yourself out, just to keep the lie going a little longer? Our country is broke and our dollar is going down the drain and what little you may have managed to save will shortly be worth half of what it is now. What is everyone not getting about this? We are in serious trouble. Has anyone ever heard of making their own gifts? Much more meaningful to receive. The woods are filled with incredible goodies to gather and create things with. Fire up your stove and get baking or get out the knitting needles and get stitching. Do you have a way with the power tools? Get building. Kids get out the construction paper, glue and markers and start creating from your hearts. My dear readers, we MUST NOT give corporate America any more of our money. The more we feed the corporate monster the bigger it grows, we need to starve it to death! I worry for all of you out there sinking your ship of debt even further just to hold on to a reality fast self destructing. Christmas is not about gifts. It is about Jesus but we have lost sight of that. Corporate America created the Christmas you are so fond of, not to please you or your families but to make money off of. It was a scam as so much of our lives have been. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but somebody has to I guess. It is time to return to the true meaning of Christmas, reclaim the love surrounding it, enjoy the simplicity of family and finally STARVE the monster to death. Enough is enough! I am sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings and so adamant about this but lets face reality for once! I love you all. I saw this on cadesertvoice’s avatar. Hope they don’t mind my sharing. I am also reposting this link concerning the internet. The vote comes up this week and if you like your freedom on the internet speak out NOW while there is still time. This is urgent!! Also an explanation to my questions! Startling to say the least! Thanks to Jean for this article.

Blessings to you all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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5 Responses to The rant I couldn’t hold back

  1. Avian says:

    Just popped over from Jean’s blog and my comment is to LOL, straight down from your belly, as you could have a stroke feeling so flustered and uptight.. I only read and look at news articles(mostly Jean’s) to keep abreast of how bad it is each day as i watch and wait until it all comes crumbling down…
    Seriously , though Visionkeeper, this is the way it is supposed to be which was foretold long, long hundred, of years ago that “People would be doing this very thing of going about their everyday ordinary affairs of life and would not even be paying any attention to the happenings all around them..

    Peace to You

    • Visionkeeper says:

      What can I say…..Glad you got a good laugh. I don’t find it humorous really….They wouldn’t be asleep if they weren’t drinking fluoride, strung out on anti psychotic drugs and brainwashed by a suppressive Govt…..

  2. Visionkeeper says:

    Hey Jay…Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. Guess today was my day to pull the plug and let the air out. Now I can pick up where I left off 🙂 I really do enjoy doing this blog. It has been a great pleasure, tho’ quite challenging to come up with ideas everyday. So far so good….VK

  3. Jay says:

    Visonkeeper, I hear ya. It’s mind boggling. And it’s not that these things are very secretive: the info is out there (on Federal Reserve (private bank), “corporate communism” etc). I do feel we need some benevolent force from outside to set things straight, even though I know how unspiritual victimish that sounds… The thing is when all comes crashing down the ‘more aware people’ will see it as a sign of the crumbling of old structures and welcome it with open arms… And at the same times the powers that be also welcome it with open arms, as it historically has been times of crisis when they grabbed even more power.

    The thing is our current economic structure cannot survive with a happy free population. Happy people make different choices, spend less and our western system (China included 🙂 isn’t built for less stuff. Throwing in your neighbour’s windows on the other hand adds to the economic bottom line: fear, anger and aggression pay off, peace doesn’t. But perhaps another Great Depression will end the Great Oppression. Are we having fun yet on our Earth School 🙂 Shine a light ~ Jay

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