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Another FYI….

For those who might want to read a follow up to David Wilcock’s saga about the worlds gold…Here’s the latest…  Thanks to Blessings……VK Advertisements

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Home is where the heart is

Wishing you the best for the New Year ahead. Follow your heart and the road will bring you home. We are almost there at the end of this journey. Join hands with those around you, embrace the truth and open … Continue reading

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A follow up…Here is Ben’s latest interview…Lets pray for change!

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Strong roots

A good question to contemplate is this: How strong are your roots? How firm is your foundation? It means a great deal in how well we handle the upcoming shift. We need to be rooted securely so we are able to … Continue reading

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Here is the latest from Ben for those following. when this can be truly verified  I will let you know…Happy reading!

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Deep listening….

I talk a lot about our souls/spirits and higher consciousness, but I haven’t talked very much about our bodies, our vehicles for this journey, and without them we cannot proceed. Are we tending our bodies well? Are we listening to … Continue reading

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Well said…. Thanks to Zen Gardner

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Headed towards purity

Hopefully we are headed towards purity on this journey we are on together. We sure could use it after all of the filth we have been surrounded by for so long now. There is no purity or morality left in the … Continue reading

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I couldn’t agree more with this article. Think I will see how to get this started where I live. I am tired of treasonist politicians selling us all down the river towards our demise. I am also tired of so few … Continue reading

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I am just wondering how many people are taking time to look closely at themselves these days. It is something we must do in order to move on to the next earth we are meant to be living on. If … Continue reading

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