Headed towards purity

Hopefully we are headed towards purity on this journey we are on together. We sure could use it after all of the filth we have been surrounded by for so long now. There is no purity or morality left in the world it seems. I will so welcome purity into my world. The morality of our supposed leaders in Washington belongs in the trash can. They have no morals and are on a mission to destroy everybody elses as fast as they can. Do you ever stop long enough to ask yourself what is this doing to my children? What are they learning from these anointed ones of darkness? These corrupt role models?  Is this how I want my children to grow up? Learning to lie, cheat and steal, pedophilia, murder.  It is all filth and small brains are getting a steady feed of it from their ‘leaders’, from their television, from their music, from their movies. This filth has crept into every facet of their lives, it is how the darkness takes possession, through subtle infiltration, until it is too late. Those people mesmerized by their infiltration are not even aware of it going on it has become so commonplace in today’s world. Parents are so busy trying to survive and consume, they are now alienated from their children having not had time or making time to monitor their existence. I hope they do, so they can try to save them from being totally lost to the infiltration. Yes it is past time for purity. Purity of thought, of our hearts, of our morals and of our dream for a better world. There is no place for hatred and hurt in our thoughts, no space for judgment of others, no place for allowing ourselves to be infringed upon by a lewd and crude lack of morality. Where has our self-worth disappeared to? Why are we allowing ourselves to be brought down to such a low-level? Where is our pride and our caring? Let the purity blanket the earth and cleanse the rot we are wallowing in. Embrace a life of purity.


I long to see people care about what is being done to them, being done to their morals, being done to the planet, to our country and speaking out because it really MATTERS to them. I long to live in a country that cares again, not just about themselves, but everyone. I long to see movies of positive messages not hate and killing and war and degradation of each other. I long to see families have the time and desire to reconnect with their children, take more care in directing their lives, showing them what truly matters in life, not what television tells them. I long to see people reaching out to one another, offering support and showing an interest in each other, I long to live a life that holds deep meaning, where people have an interest again to question and learn, not just listen and accept, I long for a world where everyone can get along and feel love for one another. I long for pureness and goodness to return and cleanse the filth. Life is such an amazing miracle at every turn and yet we fly through it everyday at warp speed unaware and often uncaring. We need to return to having things matter in our lives. Very few question anything anymore and this is how the darkness is winning the battle. They have put you to sleep and moved in to make the kill. Questioning is how you stay awake, it is how you learn, it is how you care! You cannot question if you do not care enough to do so. Purity is not a state of rigidity and perfection as we have been trained to believe. It is sacred and life-giving, it is the very heartbeat of all that is right, it is a standard to live up to, it is a deep caring for all life and its welfare, it is being innocent yet knowing at the same time, it is love at its very core. I hope we can all reach out for purity in the coming year. It will be magical, alive and real !http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxJUEuTcLwU It will only take 6 minutes to watch!

Blessings to you all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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14 Responses to Headed towards purity

  1. Fillandra says:

    Hey I’m the daughter 😀
    What do you want to know? I would love to talk to other starseeds 🙂
    Because my mom is the only around me…
    How can I give you my email address without everybody can see it?
    Hugs, Filla

  2. Visionkeeper says:

    Thank you Martina….Hope the sun is shining on you there….:) VK

  3. Martina says:

    Hello VK,
    yesterday evening my younger daughter (she is 17 years old now) told me how much progress has been made already that she can see and feel (and I should post it in fact)!
    Greetings from Europe, M.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Martina…What a wonderful thing to hear. I’d love to know her thoughts on this. Its good to get things from a younger and fresher perspective. Really glad you are onboard with all of us now. Keep putting those raisins out for your buddies….VK 🙂

  4. I agree! I spend a lot of time with my children. We share almost everything with each other.
    When they were younger I trained myself to be able to listen to anything that they have to say. I vowed to myself to be open and honest with them. After many years this has come to be a relationship in which they are able to tell me anything.
    I continue to vow that I will accept their opinions and feelings so they may share with me anything that they wish to share. We filter and discuss all the negativity in the world and place it in perspective. We believe in God but we are not dogmatic about it. We have a comfortable faith.
    I love being a mom! Truth be told, I don’t have much of a life without them.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey WS….good to see you. Thanks for sharing. Your children are lucky as many are lacking that attention. For many kids they are no longer a priority. It’s too bad. All we can do is pray for them and hope we awaken quickly!!! VK

  5. Visionkeeper says:

    Thanks DW….That mission to spread your light is invaluable…Keep at it…L&L…..VK

  6. Another Excellent Post VisionKeeper…. Our Children are so vulnerable to influences they are constantly bombarded with.. All you say is so true.. I have often blogged along a similar theme and used Pay-it Forward as a wonderful illustration to show that we have to start and give not take. And the subliminal Messages held in TV and Computer Games which bring such anger and hatred people do not realise .. And as you say Parents havent time for children anymore, they grow up too quickly becoming latch-key kids as parents work to make ends meet.. The Values of life are forfeited as society become slaves to possessions.. We have put possessions before people.. It will not be until we meet some terrible disaster whereby our gadgets and electricity will be useless along with money that we will understand the meaning of Unity and pulling together as a family unit again.. As we will have to then learn to trust the values we have forgotten, and share and co-operate with one another to survive.. Its a terrible state of affairs that we will have to learn the hard way in order to progress.. But we cannot continue in this same way, for we are just destroying each other and our world… Blessed are the Pure in Heart….
    Love and Gratitude to you VK.. ~Dreamwalker

    • Visionkeeper says:

      You are so right on Dreamwalker…To the point! I think that will be what the coming collapse will all be about. Having everything we depend on removed from our lives so we can once again become resourceful people who can once again appreciate and see the value of life. Thanks for your constant and kind words. As another blogger I know you know the value of it. 🙂 Have a bright light filled day…VK

      • Yes that will be what I think will happen VK.. that our monetary systems will fail and life will get very tough for many.. as we learn to survive again… The violence is being provoked already with the Hollywood protrayal of the End of Days in their many films of the Earths destruction.. Hollywood is also run by dark forces … and is a valued tool in creating dark thoughts… Did you know that Holly Wood was used to make Magic wands..??? as they cast their spell??? Hummmm some very interesting facts when you start to dig around ..
        Keep spreading your Light VK.. and I will keep on keeping on also.. x Love and Light xx

  7. anilraheja says:

    excellent VK. I long to see everything you’ve written come true…God bless & love always…

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Good Morning Anil….Thank you my friend. We will see it but it will take some pretty heavy traveling through chaos to get there I am afraid. We must be stripped of our dependencies so we can fully appreciate life again. We can’t get there still cliging on to our old world ways. Thanks for dropping in 🙂 peace to you…VK

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