No more tunnel vision

As we move closer to shifting our paradigm into the fifth dimension, please understand that once we do, we will no longer be living life as we know it now. In order to not have to face change you will have to remain in the third dimension and not make the shift. That is fine if it is indeed what you choose to do. As I have mentioned before there is no more time for sitting on the fence with this issue. You must embrace the change now or wait another 26,000 years to join in. Remaining in 3rd Dimension means you remain locked into this insanity swirling about, the control will continue, the greed, war and hatred will continue, all that is familiar in your life will continue uninterrupted, but at a very high cost. To remain ensconced here means you will not experience the freedom and love and the beauty 5D offers to us all.

Part of the process in this shift in consciousness is the ability to release the old and embrace the new. Tunnel Vision living is a thing of the past. Narrow mindedness is self-limiting and allows you to live life only through the narrow window with which you view your life. We narrow our window view by our fears, habitual living patterns, staying locked in our comfort zones and through our egos(judgments). This is not a time to fear facing reality head-on or that our world is changing and we can no longer cling on to what was. The old world of 3D is either in the process of dying away or it is essentially over. If we are stubborn and refuse to acknowledge the changes taking place or refuse to expand our minds to embrace new ways of being, then we remain here in 3rd dimension and die away with the old way of living, never being able to experience true freedom to be ourselves.

In order to progress to the fifth dimension we must possess an open mind and allow all possibilities to enter in. I realize this is easier for some more than others. I was lucky to have the ability to see the big picture not just my immediate space I am in now. Not everyone has that ability, but it doesn’t let us off the hook. Anyone can see beyond their immediate space if they open their minds and eliminate small, narrow-minded thinking. It requires our true desire to free ourselves and experience every ounce of life we can. It is embracing life with gusto and not settling for second best. Are we really happy judging others and eliminating our exposure to them because we don’t maybe agree with how they think or look, what race they are or how educated they are. Instead of looking at less educated people with disdain, would we not feel better about ourselves if we were to reach out and help find ways to give them better educations so they can keep up and be an equal part of the world? Please, I ask us all to open our minds and embrace the new way of being so we may shift.

I know for many it can bring about fear. That fear is only there within us if we do not believe in ourselves and if we rely on outside forces to take care of us. It is time for us to grow up now and be adults. We have lost our connections to our own survival abilities. Every living being on the planet has them, but ours have been deadened by our willingness to be taken care of rather than caring for ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, don’t know who we are or understand ourselves, we are rendered incapable of escaping the fear. We have no strong foundation to hold us up, nothing to hold on to for support other than the Government now crumbling to pieces before our eyes. We feel alone and helpless. What a terrible and UNNECESSARY place to be in. If we take the time to turn off the tv sets and be quiet with ourselves in nature or meditating and ask ourselves the hard questions, we would know ourselves, what we stand for, what we desire, where we wish to go in life. This job of living is not a free ride without hard work. Get to know yourself intimately, build your foundation and begin to live your real life! If you know who you are and what makes you tick there is no fear for you have yourself to trust and believe in. You no longer require outside help to live your life.

It is time we acknowledge that we have been absent from living our lives for a very long time, being carried along by Government. Unfortunately this is how they gained control over us. No more! We cannot move forward and shift into the 5th dimension while we are still holding out our hands for help. These are the bigger issues we must open our minds up to and recognize the limitations we create for ourselves. We are more than capable of doing this, we are far more powerful than our controllers ever wanted us to know. They are the few and we are the many! We must use this advantage to checkmate the darkness and evolve into our freedoms to be who we truly are. Major changes are coming very soon, we are already seeing massive resignations in the banking world. The old system is falling but have faith that a new system has already been created and is waiting in the wings to replace it! Have faith in yourselves, have faith in humanities abilities and please, open your minds to what is coming our way and do not fear the change!

Blessings to you all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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7 Responses to No more tunnel vision

  1. Hi VK.. Great post VK…Always love reading your thoughts, and I am trying to put a piece of writing together but have been drained a little by work.. But I have two days off now, So may get to finish what I want to say.
    Those of us who are in the Know and understanding how and what is behind the Powers that be and controlling systems can see very plainly what is gradually happening within our banking systems and its obvious to us that it has to change.. But those in power are so blinded by their greed they think it will never alter that they are too big to go down… Their tunnels will never expand..
    I feel a world event will shake us up, and we will see in the next month an escalation of events that will have a snowball effect.. And the ‘Shift’ we know of will start to accelerate .. I so hope so as so many more are so blind .. But we can only do what we are doing and if it’s their time to progress they will, and if not they will carry on knowing no different. As frustrating as it is we cannot save those who don’t want to be… I have given up catching up on the many New Posts now in my inbox from various blogs… Love and Blessings to all you are doing in the Wake-Up Call.. xxx Hugs DW

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey DW….can’t have you all worn out!!! We need your brilliance to wake the sleepers up. What is it you do anyway? Got to get some rest and remember to enjoy life as well. I hope you have a good two days off.
      Yes the asleep ones are firmly entrenched in the illusion and don’t even realize I don’t think how bad things are for them. They still think they are skating on easy street. Got new for them, it’s over!!!! Stay well my friend and find time to laugh. As always thank you so much for stopping by and putting in your two cents worth. I always love to read what you say…Have a good night….VK:)

      • Not gone to bed just yet my friend 🙂 I work as a Support Worker with adults with learning difficulties although today I have been with a lady with mental health issues.. and they can be quite challenging in their behaviours.. so hense the Brain Drain.. I try to keep my bubble up/ knowing how energy exchanges and all of that.. but some days it can be tireing as long 8 hour shifts some longer with sleep ins.. So I have Friday and Sat off now.. 🙂 And thank you for the good wishes VK.. You too.. 🙂 xx

  2. anilraheja says:

    open our minds indeed – to the nth degree. a true awakening VK. So looking forward. and yes, we’re keeping our eyes open for you zipping by 🙂
    God bless & love always…

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Throw me a rope and I’ll try to grab on if I’m not going too fast! The lesson of a lifetime right now is patience. Boy by the time it rolls around we’ll have patience mastered. Ya know, the anticipation is part of the journey and so much of the fun…We’ll get there Anil.
      Blessings…VK 🙂

  3. Visionkeeper says:

    That is precisely why I am doing what I am doing RK or trying to. Showing them there is another way to be and how to do that. That there is nothing to fear. That all will be well. They will either get it because they are supposed to or they won’t because they were supposed to. All I can do is offer another way to see life and live life. And pray a lot for more light:) Hope all is well and you have a fearless love filled day…VK

  4. Vk, the keepers of the old system are afraid of losing power….. they must be convinced it is all right to release that power and progress to a new system. A new loving and more compassionate world is happening with or without everyone. Peace and blessings ~R

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