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Oracle Report April 30

Here is today’s report. Enjoy and adjust…. Advertisements

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FYI… Good Morning… I just wanted to let everybody know that my posting will be off for a while. I have slipped a disc in my back which is causing sciatica and I am unable to sit and write at … Continue reading

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Oracle Report April 28

Good Morning to all. Here is the Oracle for today. Enjoy and adjust.

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Free Yourself I talk to many people these days that tell me it feels as if things were dragging along and not much was happening. I think it is imperative we stop looking outside for changes to take place and pay … Continue reading

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Oracle Report April 27

Hi Everyone! Take a look at today’s Oracle Report and enjoy and adjust!

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Time to create your dreams

As the shift approaches, the time of preparation picks up speed. I mentioned yesterday about going within to figure out who you really are, do you have integrity? While you are in there moving stuff around looking for answers, take … Continue reading

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Oracle Report April 26

Good Morning everyone! Here is your peek into your day ahead. Enjoy & adjust!

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Let it all go Time is fleeting by us so quickly now, we are fast running out of time to do all we must do to be ready for this shift that awaits us. The more prepared we are the far easier this … Continue reading

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Oracle Report April 25

Here is the latest Oracle Report. Enjoy and adjust to a new day.

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Let life be a mirror I spoke yesterday about how our thoughts create our reality. That is such an important thing to understand and if you can’t grasp the meaning of it, then just look around you. We have such a strong attachment to … Continue reading

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