Let it all go


Time is fleeting by us so quickly now, we are fast running out of time to do all we must do to be ready for this shift that awaits us. The more prepared we are the far easier this shift will be on us. Now is the time to go within and clear away the fog of ego and issues and become pure in heart. We must stop living our lives from our minds as 90% of humanity probably still does and learn how to live from our hearts. For most of us our past is stained with deep traumas that many people still carry in their bodies and minds and just can’t let go of. It is time to release these traumas so we can raise up our consciousness. These traumas keep us trapped here in 3D ego dramas and if we remain in this state it will be far more difficult to shift our consciousness to a higher dimension. We need to be lighter within and open up space for love and compassion to enter in. If we remain immersed in our past dramas we stay connected to that 3D mindset and cannot get beyond this pool of quicksand that threatens to pull us under.

So what is meant by living in the heart. I think a great deal of the explanation is impossible to explain because there are no words to do so, but rather we must learn as we are in the moment of learning and experiencing. One way is to begin to live our lives for the world not just ourselves. Every action we take and every word we utter, think first how those will affect all others around us. In other words, are our actions or comments or ideas pure and loving and from the heart, or are they negative, hurtful and filled with pain? This is something we can become conscious of quite quickly if we just spend a few days forcing ourselves to observe ourselves closely. This it was is referred to as being the witness. It becomes habit quite quickly and soon this is how we will begin to live life daily. There is great value to that old saying “Think before you speak”. Add to it think before you do as well.

Another way is to spend quiet time with ourselves and go within and discover who we really are. What is our true character? What are our qualities like?  Do we tell lies, are we self-centered and think only of our needs, can we be giving, are we capable of showing love from our true hearts? Who are you REALLY as a person, do you have integrity or not? If we look deeply at ourselves and see those qualities, there is where the work must begin. In order to live a pure life one must have strong integrity. One must be completely honest at all times, one must think about their actions and make sure what they are going to say or do is from the heart and has no malice within it. Lets say you decide you wish to cut your trees down for a better view. Have you asked yourself who that action will affect? Will it hurt the tress, will it take away housing for small critters to live in it, will it perhaps alter the view your neighbor has? We must stop acting for ourselves and think of others at all times.

Raising up our integrity is like raising up our consciousness. The two go hand in hand. If we raise our integrity, our consciousness will follow. Becoming a better person, a more loving and caring person, a more observant person will change our whole lives. The flow I so often speak about will begin and the struggles upstream will cease to be. The more you give the more you get back in return is yet another valuable quote. They stay around for a reason and that reason is that they speak to the truth. So this is a good place to begin our journey. Go within and see what the real you is all about. Are we basically a good person who cares about others or are we selfish and don’t think about our thoughts and actions and how they affect other people? When we find the answer and BE HONEST, then we will have a blueprint of where we need to begin our work!

There is great pride to be cherished in becoming a person that is rich with integrity. It feels good within to be kind and giving and loving. The better you feel the more you want to do for others. It is a feeling that multiplies and expands our hearts. It is where we are headed. The new world we are creating will be a world of love and compassion and integrity. We might as well make our journey easier and begin to make these changes now and be ready to Glow With The Flow when the time arrives for us to shift. It will be a wonderful moment for all to encounter. I look forward to it, there is nothing to fear, only good things for us all.

Blessings to you all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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