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We go through life believing what we see is what is. What our eyes see is only part of the story, what our minds think about what we see, is the other half. Our beliefs taint what we see and puts our own spin on things. If we oppose homosexuality lets say and we see two men embracing, they are disgusting and should not be allowed in our world. If we believe in the freedom of others to do what they want and be who they want to be, we see two individuals sharing loving and caring feelings. Same scene, different beliefs, therefore a different outcome, and unfortunately a different life for the close minded individual. How we think and what we believe shapes what our lives will be like. In this case one person went on about their day with a happy feeling of love and caring, yet the other person spent a very unhappy day feeling disgusted and angry because of their limiting beliefs. They could not accept what they saw, fought against it by swimming upstream and their day was stressful. Life is so different when viewed through a mind that is open and accepting and free of judgments. It allows you the freedom to float down stream with no effort.

If you look closely at the majority of unrest in the world you can almost always bring it back to one reason. Judgment , which is a manifestation of ego. Judgments limit our lives and puts happiness in chains. It creates a life of negatives. Unhappiness spawns dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction spawns unrest. When one cannot go with the flow and accept what is, then there is a driving need to change whatever is causing the unrest. It is most unfortunate for the world that we cannot see the unrest is coming from within ourselves and cannot be changed unless we ourselves change. Death, wars and hatred are the result of somebody not being able to release judgment.

The world seems stuck inside this bubble of judgment. That is our ego side holding to our beliefs and refusing to view the situation a different way. Stubbornness is a by-product of ego. I chose to judge this situation my way and because I believe this I am not going to change my mind! It is incredible to think so much death and destruction in the world has come about from closed minds! You don’t need money or man power or government to change your mind. It is free, takes no physical effort and yet has proven to be  one of the hardest things to do. To simply open your mind and allow yourself to view the world in a different way. How could something like ego have so much power?

It has so much power because we allow it. We have fallen asleep and no longer are observers of our lives. If we were observing we could be catching ourselves and stopping ourselves, but we have not been doing that. We have wiggled down into a certain lifestyle and decided there is no need to change, regardless of its outcomes! This is what I believe therefore it is. Observers always question life and allow for changes wherever needed. If they catch themselves being judgmental they stop, become aware that they are doing it and change what they are doing. Imagine the world if everybody were being an observer.

Having an open mind is nothing more than allowing all thoughts and possibilities into your life. This is part of what it means to go with the flow. The only way I can see someone doing this, opening their minds, is by being an observer. If you don’t know you are doing something, how can you change it? Allow yourselves to become seekers as well, always looking for better ways to be, for then you will not be able to sink down into a comfort zone of living your life. When you take root in that comfort zone it becomes difficult to get out. If you keep seeking for better ways to be as a person, you stay moving and roots can’t take hold. Be a seeker and an observer and keep your mind open and your life will flow effortlessly.

Blessings to you all,


About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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10 Responses to Open your mind

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks Razor….Glad you enjoyed it. Very good to see you join us here….Enjoy 🙂 VK

  1. mountainmae says:

    Reminds me of that saying “A mind is like a parachute – they only work when they are open.” Wore that pin on my backpack for years.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      I remember that quote well MM….Glad you reminded me of it. Yes that is so true. Open minds are the only way to go!!! Thanks….VK

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  3. Yes, you are so right, we observe without Judgement, And yet so many jump upon the bandwagon of judgement…We are all connected but need to detach from the emotions of it, being a neutral observer .. I have also stepped back from myself recently to stop judging myself.. as Ive been viewing my own actions as I try to piece back the puzzle of life!..

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Self judgment is by far the worst!!! Glad you are being good to yourself. My whole life changed when I dropped the judgments.Of course we all have moments when we slip up, but by in large I stay away from it as best I can. Good luck with the puzzle!!! Its a doozy! Be well friend…. VK

  4. Vk, you are right on with the concept of ‘how you see’ being so important. Clearly much of humanity is based on judgement of others, the resulting stress, instead of open-minded learning, acceptance and love. I enjoy observing humanity in spite of it’s foibles and repetitive mistakes. Observation, acceptance, and open-mindedness is so important, it can never be stressed enough. GREAT post! Blessings to you this Sunday and always!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Good Morning RK….Happy Sunday to you as well! I hope all is wonderful up there and summer is embracing you all slowly. How we all view life is critical as is open mindedness. It is a very hard thing to accomplish one would believe as there is so little of it in the world, but it is just yet another result of our comatose world we live in. You can’t do any of this stuff if you remain asleep and unaware….Hopefully we will get there but it will take OUR EFFORT and OUR PARTICIPATION! It ain’t just going to happen….Best to you.. VK

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