What happened to appreciation?


When was the last time you interacted with nature and her incredible beauty? A large percentage of humanity has become disconnected from nature and in doing so have lost their connections to what matters most in the world, appreciation. If we can’t appreciate a beautiful sunrise or sunset or brilliantly colored flowers and birds, then how in heaven’s name will we ever appreciate the things in life that don’t capture our eye? There are no beautiful colors involved with breathing, but without it we would not be here, yet so many do not give it a second thought. We have been dubbed ‘The throw away nation” for a good reason. We don’t appreciate what we create, we have put profit over pride and no longer create things of beauty, built well and built to last. Long ago when businesses  made the turn from building things with pride into building for profit we should have stood up and rejected the products and demanded better. So why have we allowed the continual downfall of our country to occur?

What were we doing, where were we as this was going down? It was all happening on our watch yet nothing was said or done about it? It seems we disconnected from life altogether and punched the autopilot button and continued on. The same way I question what happened way back when and why nothing was done to stop it, our children and grandchildren will be asking the same questions. Where were we? Why didn’t we do anything? I often ask, what is this deafening silence I keep hearing ring out? Where is the opposition to what is taking place? I am truly baffled by the whole mystery of why the people are not fighting back. It’s not just the fluoride and mind control dumbing people’s brains, there is a far greater meme we have been imprisoned by and I can’t figure out what it is or where its incredible power is coming from. It is like a mysterious force that has taken control while we were shopping.

This is also more than just subtle long-term influence as well. Yes mind control is evil and done in such ways it is not obvious to the victims, but we have been captured by something much more sinister. A great deal of this has been done by outside forces, but I also have to lay some blame at our own feet. We lost our appreciation for life and jumped on the ‘ Take it for granted’ train. As we began to lose our appreciation for the life around us, over time appreciation for ourselves and each other eroded away as well. I think I have to lay my greatest blame at the base of the almighty television whose programming continually grew more dark and perverted and ate away at our morals and before long we were caring less and less about life and each other in general.

So what do we do about this? First, we become aware of what has taken place to each of us and inform others. Explain the evils of what has taken place over decades to anyone who will listen and get rid of our televisions. Not only is it devouring our brains, it has cut off our ties with nature and its immense importance to keep us all sane! Nature is reality and beauty and is always happening in the moment. Television is fantasy and often dark and not of this moment at all! Nature is calming and uplifting and intriguing. There is always movement and therefore always a flowing. What we no longer realize in our stupors is that we are one with nature, we can communicate with it and interact. It is not just something to be observed. It is part of who we are and if we continue to destroy it and the balance it brings to life, we eventually destroy ourselves.

Appreciation means we understand the importance of something and so I have to wonder how important we all regard our lives. Our lives are of great importance, we are all part of life’s hologram, inter-connected with one another and an integral part of keeping things flowing and in balance. It is time we began to understand our importance and restore our appreciation for all that is. If we are now aware of what television is doing to us and yet we continue to watch it, then what does that say about us? Is our disconnection so great now that we don’t care if our demise is imminent? I think it is time for some deep soul-searching within to discover what matters to us and get a grip on reality. Our lives depend upon it. Like the picture I chose today, life is so is beautiful and captivating, if we just plug ourselves back in!

Blessings to you all,


About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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7 Responses to What happened to appreciation?

  1. StHaelRazor says:

    It’s the mass hypnotism mechanism…get’s ’em and they don’t even know they’ve been gotten. Thank you, VK.

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  4. Visionkeeper says:

    That spotlight on evil is happening all over now. Did you watch the brief video I put up yesterday? I will be all over that for sure. I have lots to say to people via the sticky notes! It is a great idea! Of course television will be my main message I think. That is the biggest hurdle to get over, getting people unaddicted….Major hurdle!!!! Thanks RK. Appreciate your input….Have a great weekend and be at peace….VK

  5. Vk, beautiful post! Television is a platform for brainwashing. It is used by government and corporate interests and offers mindless “entertainment” in exchange for the devious ploy of teaching society to be controlled, mindless consumers, hedonists, unrealistic, dumbed-down apathetic non-thinkers. It is used to instil fear because a society that is eternally afraid is easier to control. This is all effected by television, and the affect is at horrendous cost to our humanity. The spotlight must be put on the evil to reveal to everyone what liars they are, what deceivers they BE, what they have done, and continue to do to humanity itself.
    Have a wonderful day, Vk, and don’t be discouraged. Life is what WE make it. The best part is, the truth ALWAYS comes out. Truth is inevitable… “:) ~R

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