Bring your light to the darkness

I have mentioned before in other posts that it is time for action! In each moment we sit idly by in anticipation of what is to come, further unbalance and destruction is wrought upon the world. Eventually we will reach the point of no return but somehow many sit back and seem to think otherwise. It is past time we bring our light into the dark spaces around us. This calls for the courage to stand out in the crowd, to speak the truth knowing you may well be ridiculed, to point out the illusions to others who you know are asleep. It is not easy being the ‘labeled one’, for that is how the dark ones portray us so it will be less likely were will be listened to. I have always walked to a different drummer so it is not so difficult perhaps for me as it would be for someone who has always marched with the others. Then again I don’t know, I’ve never done a study on it, but maybe all light workers tend to walk to a different drummer. It would make sense given the jobs we have taken on at this time.

Often times I feel like I am singing to the choir writing here, that most people dropping in to read my words are already enlightened to the truth. I always hope that some days asleep or semi awake people will stumble in and go “Oh my gosh!” and their light bulb moment will flash, but I am beginning to wonder if I am truly reaching those most in need of awakening. I feel like at this time we need to be doing more to show people the true reality of the world today. We stand in a really precarious place right now as the ending to the battle between light and dark begins to come to a close. Just hoping people happen upon this website does not seem like enough to me. It is time to give it all we have to give.

If we are totally honest with ourselves and have opened our minds to accept all of the insanity playing out around the world, then we are well aware of the fact the dark ones agenda is to destroy the earth. Each day we wait for the shift to begin they are off being busy destroying some part of the planet and how will we undo all of this damage if we even can? Here is one example of a headline circulating the web today. This kind of news happens almost everyday. So much is happening that the majority of people are totally unaware of! If the people are unaware, how in heaven’s name will they be able to voice their opposition? The media blackout has become extremely dangerous now for all of us.

We truly must think up ways to get out into the field and do our work more openly. We have always known the time would come where we would have to put ourselves out there and accept more risk in what we were doing. Sitting quietly at our keyboards is helping but the situation calls for far greater measures at this time. Everyone knows the toughest part of the battle is the end, this is when all our energies are needed to push us over the finish line. Many are battle weary now but we must find ways to restrengthen ourselves by sharing our support for each other and offering encouragement as it is needed. Be the light!

The mind control being used today via the propaganda on television is powerful! Our main obstacle it seems to me in winning this battle is trying to figure out how to reach people through the haze they are buried in. This is the 64,000.00 question and if you have an answer please share it. We know living in the heart raises us up and keeps us out of the haze and out of the dark ones control, but those stuck in the haze already cannot fully comprehend what is happening. Therein lies the problem! There has to be an answer to this dilemma.

Blessings to you all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  2. Visionkeeper you are a breath of fresh air!!!

    I just posted this comment at a spiritual YouTube: Suggestion. Each of us is called to align matter [physical body] and spirit [non physical Light within that gives us life] as one, and transform the dark matrix sustained by fear and negativity. This requires heart centered affirmative ‘action’ by a critical mass, to end extreme deception; debt slavery; potential nuclear WWIII, escalating police state; militarization of cyberspace democracy; scarcity; profit before nature/us. Visit h t t p : / / p e a c e i n s p a c e . c o m

    It is not for us to dwell or deny darkness; it is for us to bring Light of new awareness to be set free. I sense is the ‘Outer Space Security and Development Treaty’ is an invitation for every person to choose world peace, harmony, transparency, joy, prosperity, love, fair care share, a new sustainable world. Every person who says ‘yes’ raises our collective consciousness. To learn more please read I know of no other way out of darkness into Light at this moment. Peace and Light to all.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hi Doreen….Thank you for your kind thoughts and I am so glad you stumbled in. Yes, the final battle being played out is a battle of frequencies between the light and the dark. They are working overtime to smash all the street lights all the while we run behind them putting new ones up and bringing the light back. As we gather in numbers and strength they cannot keep ahead of us. We are gaining on them. The light will win in the end if we can enlighten enough souls in time. We must keep on keeping on! VK

  3. Lala says:

    “Have courage to be who you are despite what others think!” (in your comment to SB) ~ =D Looks like we agree! I am so encouraged by this!! ❤ Keep doing what you do best, VK! =) Love and Light to YOU.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks lala….We must always be ourselves and not worry about what others think. The dark ones trained into that as a way to keep us doubting ourselves. We are perfect just as we are…..VK

  4. Lala says:

    Without having read the other responses, I believe the answer is to be our beautiful selves. The light bringers. We know who we are and all we have to do is be who we were created to be. That is just enough to create wonderful rippling miracles. A beautifully inspiring post, VK. I apologize for my not so very positive response on the only other post I made. I think it was me getting mad at myself for not being who I was. Maybe even envy, that you had that much passion for something, anything….when I felt apathy. =( Thank you for having a blog and for being the beautiful person you were created to be. You have changed my life with this post and I just hope that I can remember my own great advice! =)

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  6. singingbones says:

    VK, I feel in my bones that you write the truth here… yet a part of me simply resists and does not want to accept the good vs. evil battle of Armageddon… it all sounds so Book of Revelationish, reminds me of the Jehovah’s witnesses I associated with so many long years ago when I was young and very naive. So there also is a battle which goes on inside myself. I feel myself to be a person who is awake to what is happening, but I also do not wish to be put into a box and labelled ‘new age weirdo’ or something. So I am careful with my own blog as to what I post and how I say things. I do not want to support and advocate dogma of any kind, I simply wish to, like you, be someone who works to awaken others.
    I agree, just sitting at the computer screen day after day, hoping my feeble words will be read by ‘the ones who really need to hear it” and not just singing to the choir, is simply not enough. It’s like how Noah must have felt, building the ark and trying to let the people know that something terrible was going to happen… and most everyone just laughed and ignored him. then, it was too late. I get so terribly tired of being here in this sorry world with all its troubles… there are days when I just really don’t even want to be here…. but then I think of the people whom I love so dearly, and then all the people, the children, the animals, all the lovely nature on this beautiful earth, and I just want to weep. What can we do in the face of such evil, there just is no other word to describe what those in power are doing all around the planet. It is difficult to keep my chin up and keep hope in a better future. Yet I know this is what I must do.
    I wish I had some brilliant answer for you tonight. How to awaken the sleeping, the ones who are really just totally unaware that there is anything really seriously wrong, the ones who say the global warming is a hoax, the ones who support the politicans who are working for the ones who have an agenda of power, greed and enslavement? God I wish I knew. Our society is so unbelievably fractured into so many individual bits, it’s amazing that any of us agree about anything. Where is sanity? I question my own, often.
    Thank you for your blog. It helps me, your words give me strength and encouragement. I feel very alone out here in the Danish countryside, one of the only English speaking people for many miles, I think (at least I feel this.) And it is a metaphor for the whole thing, this whole lifetime for me…. a stranger, visiting a foreign country (or planet), a wanderer, forever longing for home, and not really fully knowing where home actually lies…. thanks for letting me vent. SB

    • I love your heart-felt words, singingbones. But I do feel that people will awaken at the time their higher self deems perfect. Our higher self knows us better than we know ourselves, and knows what it takes to wake us up… Regradless of how difficult it is, it’s a process in divine order.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey SB…. Boy I hear you! I can relate. It is a super tough time to be here. Especially being awake and knowing what is going on and not being able to do a whole lot. I do know we must stay in our hearts and keep the higher frequency vibrating. It is crucial. Not fun being a loner in a strange country.You cannot be afraid of labels SB!! Have courage to be who you are despite what others think! Those days are gone. You don’t want to be around people who judge anyway. That is 3rd dimension old crap. We are moving on to the new world where people care and respect and love each other, no judgments! Don’t ever be afraid to be who you are. That will just hold you back from moving forward. We are all tired of the crap the dark ones are shoving down our throats, but we knew what we were getting into when we came into the earth school. We are here to shine the light and awaken others no matter how difficult this may become. We know the truth while we are drowning in lies.
      Stay strong SB….The reality of what is really going on is very difficult to digest. When I first woke up to the truth I was like a zombie for two days fluctuating from believing to denying. I just couldn’t believe it. Find your courage and know your full awareness will help raise the frequency and help us win this battle.We need every person we can get to be fully awake. Find the courage to stay strong and fight to awaken others. It feels hopeless at times, we all plunge down but we must pick ourselves up and continue onward. I am glad you are here with us. Come back and vent anytime and if you need us just ask!!!! Take care and blessings…. VK

      • singingbones says:

        Thank you so much, VK. Your words ring so true… and I found an amazing page tonight by the woman, I read her invocation aloud right here at my desk, and it gave me strength, I felt much better afterwards. So glad to have found your blog, I feel like I am not so alone now that I have found you and your friends here. I will return often. In gratitude, SingingBones

  7. You know VK, I share your view, as we try to bring the light to others,.. But some will never open their eyes to it, let alone their hearts.. I think we have to be zone out into our own No Media spaces VK… Every which way we turn there are negative news items and propaganda trying to led the sheep into their own pens of narrow minded views with blinkers on..
    Cancer Chemo I have long known acts as a poison to the system, and I held my breath when my sister went through a mastectomy and chemo .. I know beyond doubt it was her WILL power that got her through it all, at the age of 36 and a Young Mum herself of 4, her daughter that same year presented her with a granddaughter. That was her focus, that changed the course of her life.. She had a light to aim for, to live for..
    We each of us have Lights within our own families, within our own life stories, This is where we need to focus also, as we bring LIGHT into the world.. We need to share and Care. And try not to worry too much ..
    Yes we plug away with our posts on our blogs, and we try to illuminate others minds , But I have come to this conclusion VK… We are all within the stories of our lifes-plan. And if we believe we chose this plan, then we are already set upon the right course of action.. We are where we are meant to be, as others are where they too are meant to be.
    If they cannot see it, then they will go through their own wake up calls in a different way than others..
    Me, I have not a clue how that Transition will take place, So many different things and ways have I read upon Ascension .. ALL I can be is the best I can Be,, holding my own LIGHT aloft for guidance.. if others wish to add theirs thats fantastic.. if not, then we carry on holding a torch so that others may see a little clearer..
    All I know is that WE cannot let our own Lights drop.. or blow out, in others hot air negativity …. The Web of life is truly magnificent.. THE WEB of deceit weaves ever stronger.. and we have to watch that those strands do not catch us within the Forums of negativity which I myself in years past got caught.. They played their part for they woke me up to lots of things,..
    Now though VK, I think sending out our own light of vibration into the world and knowing.. really KNOWING that the Battle isn’t Lost.. Its already Won.. is the best we can do to adding Light and upliftment ..
    Just keep on keeping on, doing what you are doing VK and the WORLD will come out just fine.. Remember We are infinite Beings we cannot be destroyed.. we only transcend and transform into the ethers of Living energy…
    WE ARE ONE xx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Right on DW….I know some will never awaken, it is easy to get all this intellectually but emotionally it can be hard. We will get through this somehow, we wouldn’t have been sent on this mission if it wasn’t a mission that could be won. We would not have been sent to our demise. I do not stop wracking my brain as I keep hoping I can think of something more we can do. Keeping the blogs going and offering each other support is so important but I will not give up on finding something else to do. I’m stubborn….
      Whatever comes about, we are doing what we are meant to be doing and all is as it should be! Thanks for coming by! I always love hearing from you. Be well and take care. Sending you blessings…VK

  8. Mandy says:

    I have come to notice that two opposing factors will come together with the following dynamics: a common wound or a common goal. Our opposing factors, in this scenario, are those who are asleep and those who are awake. Since those who are asleep aren’t aware of the goal, we would need to highlight and work within our common wound (which enables trust), and from this place we empower all of ourselves.
    I know this is an abstract thought, but that’s what I do. I offer the context – I’m sure others can be catalyzed to fill in the logistics from many perspectives and contribute some genius ideas!

  9. VK, the masses will not respond or look for solutions until they are personally affected on such a profound and deep level that their worldview is shattered and they know they have to look for other answers. Things have to get really uncomfortable on a personal level for people to respond. The higher self knows how each person best responds and this is in the works to wake people up…

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  11. Vk, as usual, the answer to your dilemma is in truth itself. Exposing the lies, deception, and devious agenda being pushed by evil people WILL reveal the truth–and place the spotlight on the dark ones to ensure they learn the error of their ways. Occam’s Razor-the simplest solution is usually the best one, the right one–so shine the spotlight upon them to bring out the truth.
    Interestingly, when they are exposed, they MUST change the errors of their ways–or be revealed to be the liars and deceivers they ARE.
    The truth always comes out eventually–one way or the other. Be fearless, have faith in the Light. You are doing the right thing. Blessings to you on this wonderful rainy day! ~R

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Greetings RK….Yes I know truth is the answer, my dilemma that needs answers is how to get that truth to those that are buried in the lower frequency mind control. You can’t hear the truth down there let alone understand it. We have to somehow figure out a way to pull the people up out of the mind control ( if they want to be) and then show them the truth. See what I’m getting at? Thanks friend and you too have a great day! VK

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