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We are in the final stretch of the journey now, December 2012 fast approaches. I have always said these will be precarious times and we must observe everything carefully. The dark ones are running out of time and are desperate to push through their agendas to complete their task of world domination. They will stop at nothing and we should all be well aware of what they are capable of by now! False flags are popping up now to aid them in what they wish to accomplish and they will continue. It is up to each of us to realize the truth and not fall for anymore of their lies. Each time they do something it is used as an excuse for them to lay down the law upon us yet again and strip us of more of our rights. Don’t believe me? Pay close attention to the political chatter after they commit their crimes.

The Patriot Act sprang to life after 9-11 and decimated the constitution. Airline bomber suspects brought forth the TSA and it’s abuse of human rights, getting us trained to accept their intrusion into our lives and our freedoms. Now we have Aurora Colo. and the Sikh temple and what was the immediate chatter afterwards? Gun control. They do not want us armed and able to fight back. If this sounds far-fetched then you are still buried in denial and you obviously choose to remain there, and by all means that is your right. We must be magnificent owls and quietly observe everything going on now and not fear knowing the truth. The truth is hard to swallow, but we must, for if we don’t swallow we will starve to death. Have courage for it will save you in the end.

Once you begin to grasp what they are capable of doing to innocent people and awaken, you will be able to see the lies in everything they do. It becomes crystal clear and you will wonder how you could not have noticed sooner. We didn’t notice sooner because we were all asleep and distracted by their various ways of snagging us. Television put us all sound asleep and hungering for the next episode of survivor or dancing with the stars. While everyone was hooked and enthralled they were busy destroying our country. This is why I keep hounding everyone about turning off their televisions. If we continue to watch we continue to stay buried in propaganda and oblivious to the truth of what is happening!

If we are awake, we are able to reconnect with ourselves, understand ourselves better and know who we are! We must sit quietly like the owl and take time to observe ourselves. We are not bodies born into life on earth to work as slaves for the elite. We are deep and complex beings, we have a soul/spirit that guides us if we pay attention, we have gifts to offer the world if we look for them. We are far more than who we have been told we are. We have been pushed into lives in which we have very little time to become the observer for good reason. We work slave hours five-seven days a week. We have bought into the insane idea we should fertilize our lawns thereby making us have to spend all our free time mowing them. They do not want you to have enough free time to get to know yourself or begin to see what they are up to.

If we know ourselves we have great strength within. If we know ourselves we tend to trust in ourselves and if we trust in ourselves, we have a healthy self-esteem and self-worth. If we have all of those wonderful traits we have the courage to disconnect from the lies, face the truth and stand on our own and fight back. Every bit of television advertising is geared towards delivering the message to you that you are not good enough. If you are not good enough then you must need help, you must need drugs, you must need things to fill you up, you must need what they have to offer you. WRONG! You are perfect just as you are, you have yourself to rely on and your spirit to guide you. You CAN become self-sufficient!

If we open our owl eyes and begin to watch everything from a different perspective we will see the truth begin to emerge right before our eyes and we will sit in amazement at how duped we had been all of our lives. It will be shocking and may take days or weeks to digest what you have just discovered, but do it! Truer words were never spoken in that quote that said “The truth shall set you free”. Have courage and go for it! You won’t be sorry you did. Our freedom depends upon our waking up and saying no more to the dark ones.

Blessings to you all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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13 Responses to Be the observer

  1. Catherine Catalina says:

    YOWZA…ON MANY LEVELS ..the wee sweet peaceful owl had me a little confused as representing your article….oh, I GET IT NOW…. maybe the little birdie is BEING THE ‘GOAL”..BEING PEACEFUL..NOT WATCHING ANYTHING OUT IN THE BIRDIE’S WORLD and taking it personal ..The little birdie knows for sure it didn’t have anyting at all to do with that nasty stuff..nope little birdie is ..just DETACHED . ..ONLY BEING WITHIN….THE WEE BIRDIE ..IS THE TEACHER..NATURE ROCKS!!! iT IS SO SIMPLE AND PURE..THANK YOU LITTLE BIRDIE.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Cat…..The owl represents the awake people who are being aware of their surroundings. Owls sit quietly and watch the world, they turn their heads completely around to see everything. We must be owls and pay attention to everything if we are going to be awake….Owls are wise beings. We should be as wise!! VK

      • Catherine Catalina says:

        Your little owl has it’s eyes, it appears it is “going within” for it’s wisdom…and we all know that’s where it is to be found…what a wise ol’ owl for wisdom learning is a life’s work..I don’t think I will ever “know it all”..that will keep things interesting.:)

  2. I agree VK..too many will not wake up, and for many they bury their heads in the sand to many things that stare them in the face if they would dig a little deeper than what is put out via the media, as they get wrapped up in their dramas of soaps and violence and fear which is belched out all the time..
    While I know the big organisations have much to play and gain in the Olympics, along with all the advertising companies that are so quick to jump on the band wagon, as Big bucks are made.. I did sit and watch team GB compete with their hearts and souls .. It’s not the ordinary competitors VK who are at fault, They are just like you or I. Even if not Awake, They served their country like all of the competitors having trained and put their hearts and souls into their performances..
    I have to say that in London and within the UK itself, this Year’s Olympics have done much to increase positive energy as the Nation got behind their Team as we saw many of their Dreams come true after 4 years of hard training, and for others not so lucky their dreams dashed as we felt their disappointment..
    Forget the Gold Medals.. I saw Countrymen and women whose Nations are in conflict with one another and yet those nations competitors were embracing one another.. It’s not the common people who are at fault but those politicians and those who are in control who do not want Nations to get along with each other..But it will be the Common People who will save our Planet as we will eventually all of us walk out of the shadows of illusion we have all been blanketed in..
    London can be a very negative place with the citizens keeping themselves to themselves in distrust and aloofness.. One thing that many spoke of during the games was the fact that it brought everyone together in friendship and in that Spirit of Oneness… Which is what we are aiming for in the long run..
    I have become an Observer of many things since my own awakening, and I know I still have much more Waking up to do before I can become like the Owl.. and be ALL seeing in the Darkness which surrounds us all still, as we let our thoughts hinder our progress… I know I am still far from perfect my dear friend… But like those who compete.. we came here to this planet to perform to the best of our abilities.. While some of us remember our training routines, others are out of condition.. And for many more they are just not athletic or sportsman like.. While we know there are still those who play to win, and will stop at nothing to cheat us out of our Awareness..
    We have to just be the best we can.. We may not ever reach that Golden Light.. But we all will keep on keeping on as we aim for that One True Light.. with Love at our hearts…
    Much love and thank you for this wonderful post.. and for allowing me to share my own long winded thoughts.. DW xxx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Wow! You were on a roll 🙂 Glad the Olympics brought out some good for the area. We need all the help we can get any way we can get it! I am totally behind the athletes DW, I just refuse to watch the theatrics of the dark ones and give them pleasure. They have destroyed the whole thrill of the Olympics now. In their last days I guess their desperation ramped up and the occult symbolism got out of hand. Too bad for all the hard working kids who felt such pride….
      Yes we are all on the final sprint to the end. Hope we are in the best shape possible. Our award will be the golden light of freedom which will be shining down upon us. We will get there and that is why they are so frantic. Nobody likes to loose the good fight, especially them. You’d think they would know darkness can’t win over love!!!! Blessings
      to you dear friend.. VK

  3. rosemarymonteith says:

    Wise words I only put the TV on for a film that I want to Watch, I did see the opening ceremony of the Olympics but that was all I watched . Even the internet I just bother with pages and people I am interested in.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Smart move Rosemary!! You couldn’t have paid me to watch the Olympics…I listen to music or watch shows about cooking or homes. The most of tv is trash…Thanks for stopping by….VK

  4. Fillandra says:

    Thank you for this cute picture. The blissful owl touched my heart.
    Love love love,

  5. Vk, I find it rather disturbing that perhaps 99.5% of people generally have not been paying attention to what is being done to society. I have been observing humanity for a very long time as you have been–and what is apparent is idiocy, willful distraction, apathy, weak-mindedness, foolishness, hedonism, corporate encouragement of selfishness, lack of thought, lack of ethics, and a constant erosion of common sense–which is collectively ALLOWED and practiced religiously by lazy-minded couch-potato fools asleep in front of the television set–watching Survivor yet–and so-called “reality” shows. How sublime!
    Not a good prognosis for civilization at this point –unless a huge change of attitude is made. It is a very good thing that the concept of hope still exists. Have a wonderful day! ~~R

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hi there RK….Good Morning….I think I would become so horribly depressed at the apathy in the world I would become suicidal if it were not for the deeper understanding that lies within me. We are each but a miniscule dot in the blueprint of the universe and the universe like us has a purpose and a plan, and in that plan is the understanding that all is as it should be, as the universe has intended. Even the lazy couch potatoes fit into the plan. Perhaps they are here to frustrate you and I and others into action, perhaps they are merely a mirror showing us what we do not want to become. We will never probably know for sure. I used to hysterically hate George Bush, when he came on TV I would race to the clicker and mute it because just his voice would activate a hurricane inside me. Obama does the same to me incidentally. One day I awakened and was thankful for him , for without him we would not have been rammed head first into the beginning of the hideous truth unfolding about the illusion. All of this insanity pushes us to strive to be better and serves as a mirror to show us what we do not want to be. Despite all of the tv mind control and couch potatoes, we were still able to get as far as we have on this journey. You can’t keep a good man down. This is part of the universes plan I guess as frustrating as that is. We’ll get there RK, come hell or high water! VK

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