Oracle Report August 28

Happy day to all. Here is today’s Oracle Report. Please enjoy and adjust!


About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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4 Responses to Oracle Report August 28

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Namaste Agnes… I do enjoy photography and partake in it often. It has been interesting with digital and the no film expense etc. You are right, it does take patience, especially nature photography as one must be still and wait. There is definitely a great going on behind the scenes. A great deal must transpire to create one picture. Especially outdoor photography. Nature is my thing anyway so I enjoy that the most. I think I could benefit from a class to better what I do. It is just getting me up and out to do it. I am a real home body, but I think I could gain a lot from doing it. We shall see. I’ll let you know if I do it. Thanks for your thoughts as always…Blessings to you…VK

  2. 007blueray says:

    Namaste VK,
    Is this a real tree? It’s absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for putting up, yet another fabulous picture. Makes me want to go out and connect with my trees ;-))
    Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful week ahead.
    Much love and blessings,

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Namaste Agnes…
      Yes it is a real tree I believe. There are some magnificent photographers out there these days! Makes me want to get into photography! Yet another way to express oneself. It is a gorgeous picture. Do go out an hug a tree and feel its energy. What a wonderful rush that is. You too have a gentle week and be at peace within. Blessings…VK

      • 007blueray says:

        Good morning VK,
        Broaching the subject on photography….perhaps you might want to start this great hobby. I’ve been learning to appreciate photography and the inner world of observing the ‘behind the scenes’ happening instead of just observing from our immediate peripheral view.

        Taking photos of butterflies sucking the nectar, the lady bugs on a leaf etc., teaches me to be more patient as I aspire to take that near perfect picture. Patience isn’t one of my forte and having since taken up photography as a leisurely hobby, I’ve realized that apart from what we perceive each day, the ‘behind the scenes’ are unfolding in its own natural course without a care in the world.

        It has been an amazing journey and I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate what’s been transpiring behind the scenes. What we don’t immediately ‘see’ doesn’t mean that ‘nothing’ is happening.

        Everything is happening and tagging its own synchronicity, leading and creating the splendor of the much bigger picture…which we do take for granted …. at times. Small drops indeed do make the ocean.

        Let me know your thoughts, if you will….

        Much love and blessings,

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