Back soon…

Well, maybe I am not totally crazy, but some days I feel like it! I will not be posting for a short while as I have company coming and I am not sure how long they will stay. If I find free time to post things I find interesting I will do so, otherwise I will not be writing for now. I shall miss you all! Stay in your hearts and hold the light. Blessings to you all … VK


About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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10 Responses to Back soon…

  1. 007blueray says:

    Namaste VK
    Enjoy and create precious moments with your ‘company’. Everyone needs frequent breaks and I may take a break soon.
    Much love and blessings,

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Namaste Agnes…..Thank you. It will be good to see my friend. I haven’t seen her since I left Maryland eight years ago…We have much catching up to do over a glass of wine and good food! This is long overdue for me…I shall be back soon and if I have time will post short blips of thoughts and the Oracle Report…Blessings to you…..VK

  2. Hi VK, Enjoy your company… we are still here… Its good to take a break.. πŸ™‚ see you soon
    DW xx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks K….I appreciate that. I am looking forward to laughter and a happy heart for a while. It will be nice and the fall is beginning to turn now so we will drive the dirt roads taking pictures and eating picnic lunches…Hoping all is well with you. Enjoy your fall as well….Blessings….VK

  3. Eileen says:

    EnJOY! (((hugs)))

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks E….I’ll definitely enjoy the laughter and lighter heart for a while! Happy weekend and communing with nature πŸ™‚ VK

  4. purpleskyz says:

    Have a wonderful break VK!
    Enjoy and have some fun πŸ™‚

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks Skyz….I intend to… πŸ™‚ Off to clean the house now and get ready. Have a good weekend and have some fun yourself. We all need it ! VK

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