Let us be lanterns of light…


It is getting more unsettled by the day, people are getting harder to communicate with, not a whole lot makes sense right now and it is imperative we continue to carry the light into the dark corners of the world. I see so many people now unable to make sense of what is going on around them, they are not truly awake and cannot see past the haze of propaganda they have been living in. They need us to make sense for them, they need direction, they need to know most importantly that there is hope, there are people working behind the scenes diligently to create the new world to fill the void when the old paradigm shuts off. It is in its death throes now and this is frightening people as the evil ramps up, the war drums pound and the insanity continues. If you are not awake and connected to spirit I cannot imagine what it must be like right now to be alive. We must remember this as we go about our lives staying centered in our hearts and feeling secure in that.

It is so much like living in two worlds these days. One world makes sense and the other world is down right crazy. I find it hard having conversations with people these days, they look at you like you are speaking Greek. It is often difficult to get your ideas across and you end up walking away feeling like an alien in the world you once used to be fully engaged in. It is unsettling and not easy to deal with, feeling very much like an outsider and odd. I find I spend a great deal of time away from the public arena and I stay out in nature a lot as well where I can find the comfort and solace I seem to need at this time.

There is a part of me that feels we should be making a concerted effort to awaken people now so they understand what is going on and they will be less apt to become crazed when the system begins to go into free fall. On the other hand I don’t know how I can help them when we are now on such different wave lengths. Perhaps this is the space for the newly awakened to step in and help these sleepers. They are not so fully out of the loop as some of us are. People will be more apt to listen to them and understand them versus what we would have to say. I imagine we would appear somewhat freakish to many. I guess we need to urge the newly awakened to take the ball now and run with it, awaken others gently but firmly. We need all the people we can get to see the truth.

Now that fall is here I am sure there are outdoor fairs going on, social events where the people will be gathering and it is a good time to put ourselves out there and reach out to people. After church chatting, spaghetti dinners at the fire houses, wherever people come together in your towns and countries. Time is quickly running out and it is time for us to really go for it. It is now or never so to speak. This is our chance to make a difference and aid Gaia in evolving when the time comes. Have courage and step out beyond your comfort zones and get the people’s attention. If you bump into people who are just beginning to wake up urge them to spread the word and awaken others. It is time to take a bit of the weight off the shoulders of those light workers who have been fanning the flames since the beginning.

We are so close now it is palpable to feel the new world just around the corner. In the beginning we were still able to float amongst the many and not feel awkward, now it is becoming increasingly more difficult. This signals to me we are soon to make the shift to where we belong. I know we will be greatly needed to keep the calm when everything shifts into high gear. We must rest a bit for now and take in all the new energies coming into the planet. It can be a very exhausting process as we are finding out. Rest for now for we will be called upon soon enough and we best be ready. Stay in the light in your heart centers and be the love the world needs right now in so many ways. Light the darkness wherever you are and radiate love to all.

Blessings to you all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  1. Yes I so agree with you VK, I have found myself explaining more to those colleagues I work with about Consciousness and how this cycle is coming around.. As many are saying how their lives are taking upheavals and how strange they are feeling… I explain about the energy and how its pulling upon emotions right now..
    I get the feeling within me that things are escalating even faster as we are feeling its dizzy spin..
    But at the same time I am seeing people connecting together, Meeting and connecting on a spiritual level..
    I am excited and in ore of it all…. And yet I am going with the flow of it…
    I view the troubles around the world in a kind of detached way.. I care deeply for suffering to stop, but I also know on some inner level at these processes are needed like the last outpouring of cleansing and Karma to be completed..
    Even my own illness recently and I havent been ill for such along time.. was like the junk just had to come out of me.. even though that may sound strange its how it felt.. And I feel lighter and brighter for it… and even more peaceful inside..

    Thank your VK for writing a beautiful Post..
    Let the Lights forever shine bright within each of us.. for like you say we shall be needed very soon to help light up many more…
    ~Blessings DW xx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey DW…..I know just what you are speaking of….This weekend especially you can feel the mounting energies flooding in from the CME as well as the full moon. I would imagine the overload will be too much to bear and we will see acting out around the world. It makes me wonder what the dark ones are feeling from all these energies. It has to be a bit overwhelming for them as it it hard on all of us and we’ve been working at this….Glad your illness had a good ending with you now feeling lighter and less pulled down. There is always good within the bad I say πŸ™‚ Stay well and as you say, stay in that light beam! VK

  2. Visionkeeper says:

    Good Morning Purrsun…. I am finding out that going within is not only to straighten out our lives and clear out the unwanted, but also it is getting us prepared to be alone more as we disconnect from people we can no longer relate to. We couldn’t be doing what we are doing if we hadn’t gone within and made things right with ourselves! It is very difficult to be alone with someone you don’t know. We may not have known exactly why we were doing what we were doing at the time, but it is making perfect sense to us now….Don’t worry about connecting with frivolity, you are now grasping deeply the understanding of what really matters in your life and that is where you choose to put your energy. This is the time to be true to yourself and be who YOU REALLY want to be!!!!! Blessings and stay strong….VK

  3. Purrsun says:

    Honestly, I just don’t even want to talk to anyone anymore. Yep, time alone or in nature. Do my best to be of service to others, esp my adult children/ grandchildren. But it’s like spitting into the wind. Common courtesy is a forgotten language. I’m told No Expectations is only reasonable way. I care, and I care very much that they “don’t care”. Could it be that individuals in our lives are there to help us separate? In essence, it is a deeply spiritual and personal journey. Time to leave many things behind?
    Supposed to attend trip with ladies tomorrow. Don’t have Red Hat; don’t want one. Somewhat worried about my inability to connect w/ frivolity. But how does one reach out without reaching out? So glad you all are writing here as it does temper the loneliness.

  4. Gabrielle says:

    Brilliant post VK, I fully agree. I too spend most of my time within and in nature. It’s the only place where I can find peace. People seem to be too focused on fighting to listen to what I have to say, so I just hold the energy of Peace and Love, and send it out to them. I have been asked a few times how I can stay so calm, and I explain that it can only come from having inner peace, but most don’t even understand that. When I mention meditation, I can see most people turn off, but hopefully it’s enough to plant the seed.
    One Love, Gabrielle

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Greetings Gabrielle…..Yes, nature and going within seem to be the only two places one can find peace these days. We are so far apart now from the day to day hoopla that very few people are able to fully understand what we are trying to convey. I try but if I feel resistance I back off and just let them go on their way. I am not giving away precious energy where it is not appreciated. They will awaken I guess when it is their time. Until then I will stay to myself and offer help if it is asked for. That is the best I can do. We’ll get there eventually to that new world we all dream about materializing. Until such time we will plod on and offer support to one another…Blessings…VK

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  7. Catherine Catalina says:

    Well, mornin’ VK, Personally, as one who has been on the planet as a person who is hyper-vigilant and wanting to swoop in and “fix” it, “help”, “take care of” and on and on….I realize that most situations I entered into with out being asked(even tho my intentions were from the heart) well, usually those situations just repeat and repeat and repeat. I no longer go where I am not asked for help. I am just constantly BEING what I know to be love and peace. I am hoping in doing nothing and being the example as best I can in any given moment..well, that is just enough. There is way too much information on the net for folks not to make their own quest for information in these times . I have also recently stopped sending information, thoughts, uplifting, thought provoking and on and on to those folks I was trying to help and make a ..”concerted effort to awaken” in my personal email contacts and friends..usually I received no responses from things sent and yet I kept on. No more. Now it is less about “them” and more about my path. I am ready and lovingly willing to be of assistance. I am ready to be more efficient in my use of energy and time here.
    I look at my world thru the filter of..”wow that’s an interesting experience they chose to create”. It does not matter if it’s war or winning the lottery..I view it as a slide show as these things come and go quickly..and on to the next “headline” nothing lasts. I am confident that “awake” or “asleep” it does not matter..because I know too..things are not always..if ever..what they appear..and there are so many layers to energy..that the unseen is as powerful and the veils are thin and lifting no matter if you have your “sleep mask’ on..you are not going to be able to stay that way.. it just is not possible..so, trust is huge and I have worked hard to regain it after many “experiences” in this life that taught me not too..I am working or regaining my childhood innocence..aaahhhh..spinning round and round in my green grass and flower filled , butterfly filled, birdie filled, beauty filled garden in my pretty twirly skirt ..till I fall down laughing because it feels fun to be all dizzy and yet right there on the ground..the grass feels so good and what a lovely view of the sky ..oh my.:)

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Twice now I have tried to reply to you Cat and the replies just keep disappearing. I am sorry. I don’t have time to rewrite the whole thing over again a third time. Sorry:( We do what we can for those who desire it and leave the rest of the energy to ourselves…Otherwise we waste it. Keep twirling Cat and stay in the light….VK

      • Catherine Catalina says:

        No worries….I am glad you do reply when you can as it makes us all feel like someone heard us..and at the end of the day..we all just want to be heard. So, thank you for your time and energy you invest in total strangers..but we are all the same in the heart of it now it seems..the laws of attraction are at play in these energetic times. I a not all over the place spreading my thoughts..just you and Kauilapele..whom also resonates with my energy..carry on dear..thanks for providing this venue.

  8. Raven says:

    VK, you hit my Daily Dilemma right on the head. Even though I’ve had years of practice of being thought of as “out to lunch” by all my friends and family, now they think I’m just more out to lunch than I ever was, like I’m the one going crazy and they’re all fine as wine, even though the rest of the world is falling around their ears and they have no clue why. Bottom line is that I’m not reaching them and I don’t really see the point in banging my head against their brick walls. I do have a few friends who have come to me with questions, but as soon as I try to answer them, they put their hands over their ears and close their eyes… TMI! So, like Eileen, I retreat to nature and go within, where there is peace and sanity.

    I have come to feel that my lightworking job is not about waking people up, it’s about holding down my piece of Gaia. This is important work and I’m proud to do it. Your job, VK, appears to be to give the rest of us lightworkers daily guidance and a place to come where we are understood. If you happen to wake up a few roaming stragglers, that’s a bonus.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Raven….Yes it is frustrating to not be able to be understood by the sleepers out there and sometimes even the semi awake…I am leaving it to the newly awakened ones to do this awakening of others unless someone just happens to wake up reading my blog. I am too exhausted to take on very much more. We’ve all been at it for quite a while. Nature rests me as well as being alone a large percentage of the time. Stay in the light beam on the Ponderosa and keep spirit grounded there. That is plenty. All will come together as it is meant to so we just keep going as we are and keep the love flowing πŸ™‚ VK

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  10. Visionkeeper says:

    I guess those two places are the only ones we can go to because we are ‘out of the loop’…! I have been so on edge yesterday and even today…Yesterday the neighbors dog chased my cat right THROUGH my front screen door! There was the screen flapping in the breeze. I got him to repair it as best he could only to find my cat running through it again this morning! aggghhh…I have company coming 😦 Oh well, this is life these days so I just best flap like the screen in the wind and shut up….Stay calm and happy weekend πŸ™‚ Blessings…VK

  11. Eileen says:

    Hi VK … yes … the `gap’ is so wide now. I had to laugh when I read `out of the loop’ as I had just texted those very words to my yoga teacher after turning up last night and the place being locked up. Like you I am finding that going within and nature are the only places which make any kind of sense.

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