It has been a long road…

Looking back over time I see that I have been here posting about our journey and what is taking place, for over a year now. So much has gone down since I first began to capture it all in words. It has indeed been a long road and so much has occurred that I think we sometimes lose sight of what has taken place. Many continue to wonder ‘are things really changing’ ‘will we really finally see our freedom’ ? The answer is yes IF you choose to believe it will. In the end it all comes down to what we believe in and will we manifest it. We will if we are doing our part in this magical moment. So let us recap what it is we are actually supposed to be doing and how we are supposed to do it.

Let’s begin with self-love as it is what makes this whole process work and without it we remain stuck in 3D. Love and joy together create everything in the universe and if you do not have self-love you do not have love and joy surrounding your life. We cannot create and manifest without love and joy so we must first create self-love and believe in ourselves and our beliefs one hundred percent! There can be no doubt if we wish for the process to work. So we must learn to believe in our self, trust our self and our beliefs and learn to love who we are, as we are, as we all make up the bigger, universal energy of one.

We must learn to understand that we are not victims in our lives. We always have a choice to change our lives if they are not making us happy. In order to do this we must believe in ourselves and believe in our ability to do whatever we desire to do. We have no limitations, only the ones we create in our heads and by having no limitations, we create our own freedom for ourselves, but we must believe this, not just in our head but in our heart and we must not waver in our beliefs. There is nothing we can’t do!

Learning to be in balance is also a key area to be aware of. We have been so divided forever now in our world of polarity and duality. It has been forced upon us through race, religion, sex, social class etc. It has become a way of life to us, therefore it will take more of our attention to break out of this way of viewing our lives. There is only one universal energy in the universe that we are all a part of. If we remain in this divided state of being we are unable to create the wholeness and oneness that we all desire so strongly. So start right now ceasing to view the world through divided eyes. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, black or white, all that exists is the oneness of divine love.

Opening our minds to all possibilities is also essential on the journey. If our minds are shut down our thinking is limited to such a small area of our brain. If we are not open in our thinking we are unable to receive the messages that are coming to us all of the time, be it through synchronicity, dreams, intuition, channeling, whatever. The messages are there for us all of the time, we just are not aware of them a great deal of the time. So awareness and being in the now will aid us in opening our minds up to receive. Ask your higher self to help you remain aware at all times and believe in the messages you are receiving. If you don’t believe, what good is receiving the messages?Speaking of higher self, feel free to call upon it at anytime to help you with living your life. It knows what is best for you.

Joy, as I keep saying, is such a huge part of this journey, for creation is born out of joy and love, so if we are not feeling it or creating it in our lives, how can we possibly create the world we so desire to live in? We must be open to experience joy in order to bring it into our lives to use it to create our dreams. We cannot be afraid of feeling joy and many of us do. We want to feel joy but when we get it we fear loosing it. Remain open to accepting joy into your lives and stop allowing fear to shut it down.

So how do we break this all down? It is all about oneness and we must first love ourselves before we try to understand anything else. Once we have learned to love and accept ourselves as we are it is then time to change how we think about and see life, by expanding our minds and remaining open to all possibilities. Reprogram your thinking out of fear, out of being separate or divided, use your gift of choice to lift yourself up out of captivity so you can soar in freedom and live a life of joy so you can create the kind of world you want to live in. If you choose to change and grow, set your intention to do this for yourself, commit to it and follow through, and everything else will fall into place.

Blessings to you all,


About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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12 Responses to It has been a long road…

  1. ohnwentsya says:

    Thank you for sharing the link to this post visionkeeper. I feel I would have gotten more out of it if you had not in the next email I received called me a TROLL which was extremely rude, unkind and not loving, nor evolved, kind etc. I came to your blog thru a friend of mine reblogging the post I first read, open to what you had to say, interested and excited to read a new lightworker perspective.

    I was so disappointed that the first thing I saw was a group of people ganging up on another person, being condescending and unkind. That does not make me a paid troll, if you clicked on my name you would easily have seen that I have several blogs and have for years.

    Just because someone disagrees with your limited perspective and feels open enough to discuss that with you, thinking that perhaps you started a blog in the interest of growing and sharing, does not make them a paid troll. Not everyone who reads something they like but feels something is missing is going to just flee in mortal terror of encountering something not like their perspective.

    I might have learned something from you had you chosen to behave in a mature, spiritually evolved manner and shared why you did not agree with what the original commenter who was being picked on had said, or what I expressed.

    Instead you have chosen to be rude, condescending, paranoid (paid internet troll???!!) and unkind.

    Having courage means overcoming your limitations, your fears and your insular “in the box” way of seeing the world, not choosing to do just what you like and mocking anyone who does differently. (just because you built your own box does not make it better than the box you were programmed with by your culture)

    Ghandi would most assuredly not have lauded a bunch of spoiled white folks who choose their own comfort over taking action to improve things for all, that is EXACTLY what he spent his life resisting and eventually overcoming for his country to become better for all.

    (The idea that resting within ones own comfort and ignoring the suffering of others makes the world better is a standard colonizer view, it is not a new revelation from ascension no matter how it is phrased or framed.)

    Living in 5d means acting from LOVE not self absorbed comfort, you *begin* with self love so that you can get there, but if you stop with self love that is solipsism not spiritual growth. People sitting about loving themselves and feeling comfort and joy is not uncommon where people have all their material needs met.

    Living in Unity is a visceral awareness that we are all One. Had you expressed exactly the same things in your post above AND acted with loving kindness and compassion to those who disagreed with you I might have felt that I was missing something, that perhaps my lives devoted to the bhodisattva path had blinded me to some essential emerging truth in this ascension.

    Your very 3d condescension, choosing power over others by putting us down, childish name calling, and assertion of absolute knowledge are valuable as they challenge me to remain in my own center and practice compassion and unconditional love for all living beings even when they take the free will choice to be unkind and hurtful. I thank you for the practice, but respectfully suggest that you will as my grandma used to say “gather more flies with honey than you will with vinegar”;-)

    Telling others to behave in loving ways to others and then behaving in very unloving ways to others might be called hypocrisy, but perhaps it is just a lack of awareness of your own behaviour?

    (you might note that in my earlier comment I added “imho” to my assertions of my perspective and belief. This is a shortcut used on the internet which means “in my humble opinion”, noting that whatever appears before it is the opinion of the writer, that it is not an assertion of absolute knowledge but a sharing of perspective and an implicit request for the receiver to share his or her opinion of it-hopefully in a respectful dialogue rather than in condescending, dismissive, name calling. )

    If you share your thoughts in public on the internet, especially somewhere like wordpress, people tend to think you are opening a discussion, if you wanted your blog to be a gathering only of like minded friends perhaps a livejournal or facebook account limited to “friends only” would be more appropriate?

    Since I have been active in spiritual communities, including the online community for over 2 decades, I think my complete non-troll nature is well established. Since you have made your blog such an unwelcoming and unkind place you certainly do not need to worry that I will ever return to converse with you-not because you called me a troll as if we are children at recess, but because it is impossible to converse with someone who just wishes to speak and be praised.

  2. Visionkeeper says:

    Thank you SB…It pleases me to know I help to make a difference in peoples lives from time to time. It is why I do what I do really aside from recording the shift as it is happening. Yes, we are only just a key stroke away from each other. It’s wonderful! Blessings and hugs to you…VK

  3. singingbones says:

    thanks for the synopsis, VK, I am working on it….. self-love certainly but also self-acceptance and forgiveness, along with accepting and forgiveness of others’ sleep-walking. sometimes I just want to start shouting to everyone and no one in particular, Hey, WAKE UP!!!!!!!! anyway, virtual hugs to you tonight from dark Denmark…. SB

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Greetings SB….Hope all is well in Denmark 🙂 We are all working on things SB and we will complete our process no matter what! I can appreciate your frustration with the sleepers. I bump up against it from time to time, but I always try to remember we all have our own timing and it can’t be rushed. It isn’t easy. Each time we bump up against the frustration though it eases just a bit to where the bump becomes just a brush against you and hopefully in time it will just pass us by. Hang tight and keep loving yourself. You are a beautiful person in many ways. Blessings to you….VK

      • singingbones says:

        Thanks for the encouragment, VK. Some days I get more irritated with the human race than others… mostly I simply walk upon the earth more and more lightly than I did before, so yes I am making progress along these lines. It is comforting to know that you and my other blogging friends are only a comment away, no matter where in the world we all are in any moment. thanks for being a steady presence of love and encouragment for me and the others who follow your blog each day! SB

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  7. Visionkeeper says:

    Sure you can…… 🙂 VK

  8. Oh how I wish I could write as you do VK… you have captured it all so beautifully here… Yes the road has seemed at times endless and at times the weight of the load we have carried has seemed heavy, but when you look back in hindsight, those loads have been self inflicted we often do not realise we are the victims of our own choices we have made, as we fail to see that those external things we hang onto within our Material realm are not worth hanging onto at all… For they only create those inner burdens of worry and hurt.. Things which we dont always see are the very things that hold us back from rounding the bend in our own particular road…
    Once we have let those fall away our journey becomes lighter and more joyous, for we begin to see that WE are the only ones impeding our progress..
    We are ONE… We are none of us greater than another.. And this journey is for all…
    We may all at this moment be travelling upon different sections of the road.. But we are all travellers none the less… some have cast off their burdens while others still struggle carrying their loads… once we understand we need nothing but to live in harmony within our own selves, we see the Happiness explode as we open up our Heart centres to give of ourselves to be of service to others… Love is the only way forward…. as we open our hearts to each other.

    Once we move from selfishness to selfless, we see the harmony in all things..
    ““Love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is the humblest imaginable” ~Gandhi

    A great Post VK…. wishing you a most harmonious Weekend my friend DW xx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      You do write beautifully you crazy fool!!! Your blog would not be so popular if you didn’t!!! Thank you for your words. They mean a great deal. Yes, once we can get out of our own way, life takes a turn for the better. It was really an ah ha moment for me when I finally realized how critical both Joy and Self Love were to the process of creating!!! It is why we have not been able to get further along on our road to freedom. The whole shebang begins with self love and if you don’t have it you don’t have joy and if you don’t have both you don’t create! Simple as that. Creation requires both to occur. We are getting it, we are putting it together and we will succeed very soon! Have a super weekend and be at peace within friend 🙂 Still raining here so i guess I will be inside. That is cool as well. Lots to do….Love and light….VK

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