Greetings my fellow Wayseers… I found yesterday to be a very intense day. It began with a barrage of negative comments on this site that left me empty within. It made me question ‘ is this only as far as we have come?’. The solar flares were pouring in contributing to the intense emotions and then we here on the East Coast were getting pounded with Haarp. Perhaps they were trying to interfere with the global manifesting going on, who knows, I just know at times I get sick of all of it. So all of these frequencies were squirreling around inside me and I began to wonder if it was maybe time to stop writing this blog. Nothing was feeling right, nothing was in balance, everything felt out of sorts. It still does somewhat, perhaps I just need a break. There is great sadness within, it is so hard at times to fathom the depth of depravity going on in the world. I will never give in to the madness, I just grow weary of having to fight against such evil and ugliness day in and day out. I will never give up hope and I will continue to carry the red hot coal from the fire to ignite the darkness that surrounds us. If I am gone a few days just know I am taking a break to find my center again and I will return. Blessings to all, keep the flame burning!

Love and Light,


About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  1. Bonnie Marche says:

    We are spiritual warriors means we are dealing with “spirits” our own and the “ego.” Feelings of sadness, defeat or discouragement or any negative thoughts are the ego’s way of holding on. Never underestimate the relentless power of the “ego” to keep you down. The feeling of dying is just the ego having to leave. Seeing this take heart and let go. πŸ™‚

  2. Lia Wijnbergen says:

    Please don’t give up this beautiful site! I love to read it, and look foward to it every day!!! I send you a lot of sunshine from my heart, Lia

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thank you Lia so much! I will not give up until we reach the new world we are creating and the light is shining brightly! Glad you enjoy being here. We love having your energy be a part of it….Blessings and light…VK

  3. purpleskyz says:

    I could not agree more Catherine! Well said!
    Now this is how the New Earth will be. All of us coming together to help each other. Even if it is just some kind and wonderful words.
    Magical indeed, and heart warming and special!
    Love to ALL here.
    Blessings to you VK. You make a real difference. Thanks….

  4. Catherine Catalina says:

    I for deeply moved by all the posts here is so affirming that just when you think you are in this “alone” just surrounds feel whole again..thank you all for sending your kind regards to our dear light loved soul..VK..bravo..I wish you could hear my applause to all who have risen to the occasion and spoken their heart..thank you and thank you I am changed because of the love being’s just all so I would like to share one of my particular quotes..THE AIR IS RARE….and it is a fine thing..C*at

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Who knew one blue soul could bring together so much love!!!! It blows my mind and fills my heart with love and hope and proof that indeed the heart people are in control of the world now…My love and thanks to every one of you.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      You are twinkly Cat!!! Thank you and I too am changed forever. Something happened here today that changed a lot of people I think. It is beyond moving….It is beyond words. It just is and that is what is so beautiful! VK

  5. Sue says:

    Yesterday was intense for me, too, observing the chemtrails being sprayed. I actually *gulp* posted on Facebook about it, even though chemtrails are so beyond the pale for so many people that they just can’t seem to grasp what’s happening.

    The day before I went walking with my mum for two hours and hugged trees. I needed the day before to handle the day after, but then this morning I am feeling a little like you. I feel depleted and just so soul-weary. I am so sick of these evil bastards trying to ruin our earth.

    hugs to you. I hope you feel rejuvenated today.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Blessings Sue! Thanks for your warmth as always.I feel so blessed to have so much support from all over. I know what you mean about the destruction. It is extremely difficult to deal with. Very depressing. I am sorry you too are feeling whipped and worn from all the crap. It is endless but the battle will be won in the end. We just need to keep lifting each other up when needed and keep on going. Hoping you feel better in spirit soon! I send you hugs and hope….VK

    • Raven says:

      Sue, if you google “sylphs chemtrails” you will be amazed at what you find. Basically sylphs are sky elementals that clean up chemtrails. Once you look at a few photos or videos of them you’ll be able to recognize them when the chemtrails are being sprayed and the sylphs arrive. I see them all the time and have many photographs- they appear as angels and birds most often and are easily recognized. As lightworkers, we can call them up, bless them, and help them do their work. Just knowing about them can help with the anger the CT’s cause and you can take an active role in helping the sylphs clean the skies. Namaste!

  6. Freddie says:

    Hello, Dear and Valued Beacon of Light: I’ve never posted here as I usually follow your warm, inspiring and beautiful messages over at Lucas2012 – but decided you could use a bit of warm fuzzy right now.

    Re: Your blog postings: They help me to keep going – and that’s truly saying something, as I’m another committed LW right out there in the fray, daily – no $$ in it, but it sure is what drives and fills my life! LOL! And without the inspiring words of such wonderful, beautiful and emotionally generous Souls as yourself ‘out there’ (in here, actually! πŸ™‚ it would be a much, much harder uphill slog! Please stay in the mix, and do take a break. No one can row this boat endlessly.

    Rest, recoup and go DO Nature. Hug a tree. Kiss a frog. Dance in the Rain. And sing to the Stars. They do sing back – and when the dust of despair and fatigue and ‘Gads! It’s so DARK out here!’ go bye-bye (and they will), come back when you’re ready and continue the journey. You are SO loved – and so ‘not alone!’

    Major Hugs and Blessings from a Fellow Traveller on this Transitional Train to the Stars.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      What a wonderful post Freddie! It means a great deal that you came over to leave it off. I am very blessed in so many ways. How nice to have such faithful followers away from here as well. Wow! I am already doing better and will return soon. There is much left to do on this journey. I am not giving up the ghost now. Be well new friend and stop by and say hi again sometime. Blessings and quiet peace to you

  7. I agree with SilentWindofChange. Take a break, yes, but keep up the blog! Have the negative comments be something that fuel you! Take care, Christine

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks Christine! Oh I’ll keep at it until we make it to our final destination and no longer need assistance in staying in one piece πŸ™‚ Blessings…VK

  8. Sorry you’re going through a bit of a ‘dip’ at the moment VK, but let it pass! Take some time for yourself and return refreshed!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      I’m already re-energizing T and will return very soon. Maybe a day or two off. It has been a learning curve for me. We can’t grow without them. Thanks….VK

  9. Thank you for sharing yourself. I am always uplifted by your reports and the reality of the world. Knowing I am not alone in what I feel is a blessing!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thank you Gwen!!!! So glad to see new people coming out of the corners. Good to have you and everybody else aboard the good ship HOPE headed for the new world. Thanks for your kind words. I’ll be back soon….Blessings….VK

  10. Catherine Catalina says:

    Darkness always seems to be afraid of THE (YOUR) LIGHT…and fear makes people do mean says more of them than you. Don’t take it to heart..don’t resonate with it on any is not who you are…lightness of being is who you are…and it shows in so many of your thoughts. We are all just in the “constant state of becoming” are love.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thank you Cat…Such wonderful words you speak from the heart. It really means a great deal πŸ™‚ I’m not taking the negativity to heart but rather chose to see it as a way to learn where my weaknesses lie and how I can grow stronger…Never miss a good opportunity! And yes you are correct, we are all in the act of becoming! A magnificent work in progress. I am so glad to have you and all the others here at OWR…Its a great group! Blessings…VK

  11. Mish says:

    Dear Visionkeeper,

    I am new to this site, but just wanted you to know that everything I have read of yours is truly inspiring and I completely resonate with it. I wanted to thank you, because I’ve been searching for a place to feel ‘at home’ and that’s how your site makes me feel. You just make sense to me and things seems to fall into place. Every day I read your latest blog to see what wise words you have for the day and I often send your link to friends who feel as I do.

    I do understand how you feel (as other people here have said), it just seems like a long, hard slog at times, with sometimes no end of the dark times in sight. On top of that, there are people out there who are very fearful of the incoming light, because I think that deep down they know that it means profound change at all levels. In my humble experience, it’s always fear which makes people attack, perhaps that might make you feel easier about things?

    Voices like yours are like glimpses of light in the darkness. I’m not sure what people have said to you, but they will never extinguish your light! Please don’t beat yourself up for being human too – after all we are spirit having a human experience. Be kind to yourself and do whatever you need to re-charge. I’m sure when you’re ready, you’ll be back like a blazing comet πŸ™‚

    Love, light & brightest blessings to you! Mish πŸ™‚ (U.K.)

    p.s. the link to ‘heart people’ filled me with hope and brought tears to my eyes.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Wow Mish! What a wonderful introduction! Another UK friend πŸ™‚ I really appreciate your thoughts and they lift me up and keep me afloat amidst the storm. So nice to know you come and read and share with others.You are so right about the fear of light equaling the fear of change! People are terrified to let go. It is why I started this site. I know the biggest fear people have about change is the not knowing what comes next. I wanted to show people there is a lot more once you change and it it is far more meaningful than what they have now. Hopefully some will see this and find the courage to take the leap. I really want to thank you for adding your wonderful comment. Don’t be a stranger and chime in on comments !!! Take care and stay in the UK light beam….Blessings…VK

  12. 007blueray says:

    Namaste VK,

    Sorry.. I’ve been very, very busy and didn’t have time to read everything. If it’s a consolation, there are other lightworkers who are being ‘bombarded’, caught off guard and off centered. I felt the energy for the past few days and don’t worry. The energy is very volatile and others choose to vent it out in a physical way through words. It’s not of your doing or anybody’s … it is the 3D grid that’s dismantling and all energy have to come up to the surface and knowing that it’s going to be dismantled.. it’s much like .. the ‘drowning’ of the dying grid (coming up for their last desperate gasp for air) and those who are still ‘attached’ to it, are ‘reading’ the messages in a ‘purging’ format .. .or writing in ‘purging’ format and it’s all right because .. everything and everyone .. serves a purpose in assisting this format to de-construct by being in the grid itself.

    There’s no form of judgment here and it takes a lot of courage to volunteer to be in this grid.

    Don’t take it too hard on anything and everything because… it is all part of a big classroom learning and we are all in it…whether we realize it or not. I don’t feel that those who are in participation, really ‘mean’ what they think …. truly … whatever and however they phrase it…. because they are using just their mind without being connected with their heart process.

    Please.. do take a few days off … do some window shopping (so that you don’t have to spend any money ‘cos.. I do that too) but still enjoy the beauty of fashion and everything else.. or go pamper yourself with a pedicure/manicure or a hair cut .. or just sitting at a cafe and enjoy your tea/coffee .. reading a magazine or a book … you know what I mean… just being – a human.

    Believe me or not … sometimes…. it feels good just to sit at a sidewalk cafe, sip my tea/coffee, have a slice of strawberry shortcake and watch the world go by and be the observer and not do anything. Just Be.

    Sending Reiki blessings and love your way, VK and enjoy your short vacation.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Agnes….Namaste!!!! Thanks for stopping by with your wonderful bag of pearls of wisdom…They always help and yes, you have reminded me it is time for a hair cut. I will go indulge as soon as an appt is available. Might be a while 😦 These are crazy times intermingled with solar flares and haarp and lord only knows what else. Yes there is desperation abounding right now and much 3D unloading…All is as it should be. Thanks for your input and for being your wonderful self…Blessings…VK

  13. TiamssaΓ― says:

    Hi friend. You are wise enough to recognize when your contribution is of love or not, and this is much appreciated, not only by us “down here” I am sure. So don’t blame yourself for anything. If you have to take a break – or even stop – because you feel weary, be proud and grateful to yourself as your decision is based on love. Besides, you don’t have to post daily either. You can do it only when you feel good or inspired from “above”. Our love and gratitude goes to you always, whatever you decide.
    Om Shanti.

    • TiamssaΓ― says:

      As for unloving comments, well, it only shows that you are on the right track, touching right on the spot those unwilling to look upon themselves. Only you can decide if you allow them to affect you in any way. All is a question of perspective. And this is your sacred space, so you can also not accept them if it goes beyond the limit that you set.
      This is my opinion.

      • Visionkeeper says:

        I didn’t handle it like I should have and that is what is bugging me. More to learn I guess, I am an ongoing work in progress which is better than claiming to have it all right when in fact you have it all wrong πŸ™‚ Tomorrow is a new day. Thanks T. No they can continue to come in, they teach me as they are my petty tyrants and remind me of how I do not want to live my life! Blessings to you friend…..VK

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Om Shanti T…..Thanks for leaving off your kindness and caring. It means a lot. I shall rest a few days, write up some posts and be ready to roll again. I’m in it until we complete our mission!!! Blessings to you and my thanks for being a part of the family here. It is always a joy to see you….Love and Light…VK

  14. Raven says:

    Raven checking in… Sorry to hear about your bad vibe day. We all have them now and again, only yours are out in the open for all to see. I agree with the others that you have struck a chord, but it will pass. I had the left/right brain connection yesterday spoken about by The Oracle. It felt weird, hard to describe, so there may be some of that going on your head. Rest, relax, regroup. We’ll be here shining the light for your return.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Raven…I am sure the right/left brain thingy was taking place. As mentioned in my post, the Haarp pounding has been severe as well, add in solar flares and a not so pleasant commenter and well….You get the picture. I will take a few days off and write up some posts and realign my balance. All should be back to normal soon…Thanks for your thoughts. You are always a welcome sight and a breath of fresh air. Thanks and love..VK

    • purpleskyz says:

      Hi Raven!
      I am trying to find your pups fb name so I can friend him but can not find it. Can you please repost? I want to friend you friend. LOL
      Hope all is well with you, and Hannah and all the rest of you awesome folks!

  15. neil says:

    LOVE my friend… thank you for your sharing… rest… recharge… recenter —><3<—

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thank you Neil. It was kind of you to offer your heart. I so appreciate it. There is great strength that floats about here at One World and one can never be down for long because of it. I am so honored to have such wonderful beings be a part of it all. I thank you from my heart. Sending you blessings and love…VK

  16. What is in those negative comments that hurt? As you contemplate on this, you will discover new paths and ways forward. Having conviction and belief in one’s own self is a great place to begin. This would allow us to see the unstable place of the other person as he emanates those negative vibes. It is all about the other person, not about us.



    • Visionkeeper says:

      It didn’t hurt so much as it saddened me that such ego driven vindictiveness is still so present in the world. It definitely triggered my ego as I will be the first to admit it will be a long process to silent it forever, for all of us. There are always wonderful lessons to be learned if we look within at what has taken place. That I shall be doing.Thanks for your insights Shakti. Always a wonderful moment when you come by πŸ™‚ Blessings to you…VK

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  18. You are loved unconditionally. Have your break and refresh the spark that is in all of us and will grow into a blinding light that shines upon all. We are One and you are part of it brother.

    Love and Light,.


  19. Eileen says:

    I have also noticed this too VK over the last day or two … and wondered about the Scorpio influence that The Oracle Report spoke about.
    Sending you much love … and remember my lovely friend Kia Kaha!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Kia Kaha Eileen…Thanks so much to you friend…Could well be the Scorpio influence but the Haarp is intense. They are focusing it on the New Madrid fault line in the east and the San Andreas fault line in the West….Interesting they just passed a bill for religious rights during mass casualties…They have something evil planned. I try to stay away from it all….Stay in the light beam….VK

  20. purpleskyz says:

    Just hugged the little critter from you VK!
    It is spending the day with me here at my office. πŸ™‚
    Squishy little creature. πŸ™‚
    Have a HAPPY Day!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      And what does squishy look like?????

    • Visionkeeper says:

      What color Skyz???? Long fur, short, sex? We need a pic of Comet…He/she is now our mascot!!!

      • purpleskyz says:

        Comet is a black and tan calico. Has 3 black feet and one tan front paw. Looks like it might end up a long hair! How fitting huh? LOL I think it is a girl but not yet real sure it is so young. It is trying to nurse on my hand. Giving it warmed milk with a bit of KMR to drink. Comet just had its first real meal. Some chicken and gravy kitty food. Really went at it too.
        I will send some pics as soon as I can. I think I figured out how to get them to you VK.
        Oh and Comet said it is an honor to be your mascot. Pics coming asap.
        Have a wonderful day!! and THANKS

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Oooohhh…Lady Comet sounds beautiful…Can’t wait to post her picture for all to see. I have a black and tan as well. My spiritual cat. She and I are connected so tightly. Miss MayMay is now 7 and just a sweet heart and sound asleep next to my leg as I write. Nurse on Comet, nurse on!!!! Am including the surprise pix of my orbs that appeared the other night. Something told me to take pictures so I went along with it and was stunned to see the orbs! One pic has all the orbs, the other shows the dense almost white orb in the upper right corner…It has a design to it! I love sharing my house with orbs. Wish I knew what they really and truly are….Energy but of what? Give Comet a hug….H


  21. purpleskyz says:

    VK… that sucks that some would leave nasty messages. But that means you are important to this process or they would not bother you. As I told someone else recently… if you walk away they win.
    If you succumb to the intimidation… they win. They shall not win!!!
    So relax and take some much deserved “me” time.

    Here is a little side note. I hope it brings a smile to your face..
    Yesterday I decided to move my computer station into my bedroom as the grandson was monstering the hell out of it where it was in the family area. So here I am…. lugging heavy furniture around and setting things up and I hear a cry. A very persistent and loud cry. So I go outside and lo and behold there is a tiny little bitty kitten under my bedroom window screaming its little head off. No others in sight. Looks to be about 3 weeks old as its eyes just opened. Its little head is smaller than a golf ball. I named it Comet in honor of the happenings this weekend. Now the other 2 cats are none to thrilled but they will get over it in time. They will adjust to the newness.
    Just as we are adjusting to the newness of what is going on.

    Have a wonderful break and don’t let them get under your skin. Not worth wasting energy on I think. πŸ™‚

    Giant HUGS to YOU for all you do!
    Muc LOVE to ALL here!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Comet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! That made my day. What a cold time of the year for such a wee one to be out alone. He/she sure picked the right house. A wee little wayseer coming into your life. Squeeze it gently for me. Thanks for your kind words but as I said to Silent Wind, I need to go within and see if I handled this correctly. I can’t figure it out. That bugs me. Ah well…Onward we go. Keep the flame burning brightly. VK

  22. Visionkeeper says:

    Thank you Silent Wind, I appreciate that more than you know. I need to look within and see things more clearly right now. Perhaps I handled the negativity incorrectly. I am open to that. I will see. Blessings to you….VK

    • silentwindofchange says:

      I still stand by my previous offer/suggestion. It’s a chance to see similar discussions with others that have spent much time on this path.

  23. silentwindofchange says:

    You are viewing the negativity incorrectly. When you start getting many negative comments…

    Congratulate yourself!

    You’ve shown up on the paid shills radar. You are appearing to be a threat to them. Continue on in joy and happiness.

    Other people’s feelings of your work is not of your concern. You only need to be true to you and clearly THIS is your calling.

    Peace and love VK πŸ™‚

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