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I wanted to share this amazing article with everybody. This young kid is so talented in his art work and his message is most powerful. Watch as his creations unfold before your eyes. Thanks to


About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  1. kibitzer3 says:


    With all due respect – and I know what you’re getting at; but – we wouldn’t be here in 3D if we didn’t still have something/things to work on. If only to be better examples of wholeness/consciousness/awareness to those around us. Or, if only to be such examples, period: having returned purely to lend a hand to and for the transformation taking place. In which case, yes, one can stop looking at oneself for areas of progress still to be made towards being our true selves more often, and simply accept ourselves as we are; and just get on with radiating love and light. But it’s actually an ongoing process. Wr are on a stairway to the heavens. Not heaven, singular.

    And no. 2: Don’t worry about not having anything to say. There’s still a lot of living yet to do – awarenesses to access – while the Change is taking place. But some people WILL have less to say, while that process runs its course. Getting in touch with the still point within, and all that jazz. I imagine that you are one of those souls. But, e.g. and personally, I would still love to hear about your observations of the nature around you; what simple little awarenesses that you come across. That sort of thing. Or examples of your creativity. Hey – you’ve still got a lot left in you, VK. And thanks for what you have shared of yourself so far. It has been a delight coming across your blog site. I don’t always comment. But one doesn’t have to, does one??… 🙂

    Just being can be the order of the day.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Kib….I didn’t mean we don’t have issues, I was talking about accepting oneself as one is warts and all. We tend to think of ourselves as broken and not worthy because of ten thousand little things we must fix first then we can be worthy. We are worthy and loveable just as we are. I’m thinking things through this weekend and we shall see what I come up with. Thanks for being here with us all. We’ve still got a party to plan 🙂 VK

  2. Mish says:

    Hi VK,

    Thanks so much for sharing the link of the young guy who painted that fantastic mural! Not only does it have an incredible message – but wow! what an artist 🙂 It’s just brilliant to know that so many people are aware of the globalist’s attempted take-over and the illuminati!

    There was an article you wrote a couple of days ago about our towns and cities….how grey, dirty, ugly and uninspiring they are. I’ve always felt like that, even as (or especially as!) a child growing up. My son feels it too. It’s interesting because we were both watching the download of David Icke’s talk at Wembley and he was talking about a group of entities known by many names across the world, (demons, the flyers, the annunaki, the chitauri and the archons in gnostic teachings).

    Anyway, the Archons, although extremely clever and devious, infiltrated the minds of humans (by interfering with our DNA), thousands of years ago, when humans were co-creators with the divine source. The Archons became our ‘gods’ and although clever and devious, they are somehow an ‘inorganic’ race with no creative imagination and so cannot create themselves, but have to imitate and use another species in order to create a world that they would choose. They also need a source of food, which happens to be low level emotional energy. This ties in very nicely with your idea that ’emotional reactions’ are like programmes and that we have to move beyond the ’emotions’ and into our heart centre. By manipulating a world to produce low frequency energy, (fear, anger, greed, envy, violence, wars etc) – they have their source of food. Basically, they are parasites. Lovely. (Said with sarcasm!)

    The gist is that they have created a world, a system where they have a direct food source, because they have enslaved humanity in their energy matrix. The grey, depressing, dirty polluted and uncreative environment is a product of their totally uninspired, sad, pathetic non-existent imaginations…and as for wars and violence….well don’t get me started! I prefer your version of the world any day 🙂

    The way out of this is to raise our vibration, to reach a certain high frequency vibration which they can no longer tap in to (and neither can the global power-elite who are their puppets!), which is what is currently underway 🙂 Yay!

    This ‘awakening’ is exactly what they’re trying to prevent – but apparently this agenda goes back thousands of years to the ancient bloodlines, so they’re pretty determined. They won’t succeed, we know that in our hearts. But all the same, it’s good to be aware 🙂

    Also, I think you’re right…the more sinister forces have made us feel inadequate – for good reason. The longer they can keep us from the truth, which is that we are divine beings (or infinite consiousness as David Icke says) and co-creators of our world, the longer they can keep us enslaved. So thank you for reminding us of that 🙂 We really do have to remember who we are.

    Don’t worry about not having anything to say at the moment – whenever you do post something, there’s always more than a few gems to contemplate. I’m sure when something inspires you, you’ll write. Don’t force anything, it will come when it’s meant to – and time is going so fast (I’m sure I read somewhere that a 24 hour day is now being condensed into a 16 hour day – because of the way time is speeding up or at least the perception of time!) So don’t cause yourself any anxiety. It would be lovely if you could share whatever you find and I’m sure we’ll all do the same. You’re an inspiration, but creativity should find it’s own flow in it’s own time 🙂

    Thanks you for being here and sharing with us 🙂

    Love & brightest blessings! Mish 🙂

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks Mish….We definitely need to raise our vibrations which is why we need to stay centered in our hearts and be love. Love is the highest vibration there is hence the dark ones try to stay as far away from it as possible.
      Not sure what I will be writing about. As I said, things are changing so fast including my own thoughts on things, that it is getting harder to write about stuff when a day later I can feel differently. Something will come forth if I I keep looking at my pictures for stories to emerge. We’ll make it to 21 Dec. together anyway! Party time!!! We just need to keep shining our love and light brightly and starve those suckers to death, no??
      Thank you for being here and being a great commenter and sharing your feelings. It has been an incredible journey here with everyone. I never knew it would turn into this when I first started out with just two followers, we’ve all come a long way!!! Blessings and light beams….VK

  3. Hi VK,

    I remain intrigued by your new post. Yes, indeed there is a heightened awareness in folks’ mind to improve. And I believe the cycle to do something about it starts with ourselves. What is improvement really? To me it boils down to being conscious of the beliefs and aspirations of people around us. As we honour and acknowledge this aspect in their lives, we support them in their journeys. This then becomes our own yardstick towards improvement.

    Cheers and God bless.


    • Visionkeeper says:

      But we must stop this idea that we need to improve and begin to accept who we are as we are. The need to improve is nothing more than distraction from knowing who we really are by accepting who we are in the moment….VK

      • You are right VK. Acceptance of who are is at the core of our self actualisation and development. I therefore see such acceptance as the biggest change and improvement in our perception and life. To me these aspects remain intertwined.

        Awhile back I had written about this in a post and am happy to give the link here.

        Cheers and God bless.


    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks for the link….Checking it out now. Yes I would agree with you. The greatest improvement we are making right now is the one of self acceptance of who we are and that we are fine just as we are….They are intertwined, yes….Self actualization is such a grand burst of empowerment,,,,Wonderful stuff 🙂 Blessings Shakti…Always so glad to hear from you you. off to read your post now. Thanks again…VK

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