Are we ready to peek behind the curtain now?


Well, are we ready now to take a peek? How about a good long stare and face the truth of what is going on? We made it through December 21,2012 and now I feel it is time to wake up those last-minute stragglers still perched on the fence and not quite willing to swallow the truth. It is time now, way past time actually. Please realize that the saving of our wonderful planet and our way of life depends on as many people as possible waking up! If we want to see the hundredth monkey come skipping across the finish time and tipping the scales in favor of the light, then we all best do what we can to awaken those around us. Awakened people know the truth of what is going on and in knowing the truth we know how we are being lied to and what to keep our eyes on. The awake ones also have learned the absolute necessity of how to accept and deal with the truth without letting it envelop them and drown them. It is not always so easy to hear the truth and brush it off and leave it behind, but it will destroy your hope and faith is you allow it to grab hold of your heart. I think alternative news is valuable in being able to show the news but without the added padding of fear the regular news brainwashes us with. It is so important to steer the sleepers towards alternative news.

It is, in my opinion, essential when trying to awaken people, to be able to offer these people just opening their eyes and minds, alternatives and answers. I think it would be wise for us to make out a list of alternative news websites and addresses and then copy that list a hundred times and carry them with you at all times. If you encounter someone who seems nervous about waking up but is still showing interest in knowing more, ease them into the truth but always provide them with a copy of your list so they can dig deeper for themselves. Sometimes it is easier to find the truth on your own rather than just hear it from someone else. We cannot just awaken people then walk away and leave them to deal with the horror alone. I would also add a list of spiritual websites so they can get a big shot of hope and faith in the arm as well. They must always be made to realize they are not alone!

It is imperative as well to explain to them examples of things that have failed in the paradigm but quickly be able to show them how new ways of doing things have been created to replace them and how they are working well. We have to be able to supply frightened people with proof that our other way of life can and is working, that they are not just jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. The world as we know it is crumbling apart quickly now and to so many this is an extremely fearful thing. They are unable to see that the old MUST die off for the new to be born, because most don’t even know there is another way of being. We can never expect anyone to accept change unless they are shown an alternate way of doing things that they can safely go to, once they step off the rock at the edge of the stream with one foot and place it on the rock in the middle of the stream. This moment in the act of change is both precarious and vulnerable for you are neither firmly on land nor secure in the stream. Show them the path to a better way of being step by step. Just supplying the truth to sleeping people with no backup is cruel. Do it gently, but please do it!

Blessings to us all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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22 Responses to Are we ready to peek behind the curtain now?

  1. William says:

    Happy last day of the year the illusion of someone doing it for us!
    Could you or a reader so inclined, compile a list of alternate news
    sources that are note fear based and post it for us. Carrying the
    thought forward, have you ever wondered why there is yet to be
    a TV network based on higher consciousness… news, forums,
    documentaries,movies etc.that are of an InLightened perspective?
    There are surely aware BEings with the ability and the funds to
    pull it off. I mean if Al Gore can do it, why can’t those responding
    to a higher note do it?
    To a Lightfull New Year!
    Will I am

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hi to you as well Will I Am….Happy New World New Year’s eve….On the right side of this website is a list of many sites both spiritual and alternative news. Have a look for yourself. They are only alternative news so very little fear other than the reality and truth of what is going on…..No way to make that cute and fuzzy….Have a great night friend and stay safe πŸ™‚ VK

  2. debbymanynations says:

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  3. Amanda says:

    Hi, VK!

    Yes! We should be spreading the light far and wide, and that includes helping our sleepy-eyed brothers and sisters manage the fear of waking up. Thank you for this post. Happy New Year!

    Love and light,

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Happy New World New Year Amanda!! This is our mission in the coming year ahead. We did a excellent job at 2012 now we move forward with this mission….We will do an excellent job at this as well…Moving on…. VK

  4. Visionkeeper says:

    Interesting…Zen’s page won’t load again. This has been happening a lot lately. He has connected one to many dots I believe…..VK

    • Purpleskyz says:

      Yep… he is ruffling feathers! I have had issues all week going to his place. Imagine fist shaking up in the air!
      Hopefully I will be able to bring fists up in the air soon. LOL
      Then you know you are doing your job. The job we came for. πŸ™‚

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Just want him to stay safe…These dark ones have gotten awfully trigger happy….I see Hilary now has a blood clot keeping her from testifying about Benghazi. I wonder if they will just make her disappear completely….It is all so sick…..

  5. Raven says:

    Ho boy, VK. This is a pile of stuff. We who have been down this road already know full well what lies ahead for those who sleep with the cloak of denial wrapped tight. It’s like chipping pieces of ice off a glacier. I have often asked myself why some people woke right away and others simply refuse to honor the truth. I yearn for truth and embrace it like a lost friend, so it’s hard for me to understand why others shy from it. I know whenever I post some “alternative” idea on my FB page, the only person who Likes it is Skyz! The rest of my friends who still abide me ignore me. Part of me feels that people should simply seek and value the truth for its own sake, it’s not up to me to make them uncomfortable, so I will wrestle with this some more. Thanks for giving me the impetus to do this.

    Happy 0001 everyone!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Yep, it is a pile of stuff Raven….But ya know, I have this theory that as we go along this journey blazing the trail, all those that follow will have an easier go of it and the ones who follow them will have it even easier. It makes sense to keep the process flowing along until we finally meet up with that old hundredth monkey….Wonder if it will be a snow monkey????

    • Visionkeeper says:

      We must awaken gently but firmly. As long as we provide the road map of a working alternative plan already functioning that they can believe then it will be fine. Give them the list of websites to go you, speak to them of what is right and working in the falling apart world and send them on their way. If we just talk to them they have the option of not listening. If we give them the list and a few words the curiosity will get the better of them when they get home behind closed doors. I don’t think anybody is void of temptation πŸ™‚ VK

  6. VK I so agree with Every Single word written here my friend,, Its so hard when you have come to that realisation of the TRUTH not to let it swamp you as it can drag you down into a pit of despair as you see the world in which we thought was real is no longer so.. As we have been duped and hoodwinked, controlled and managed like sheep in a pen…. So many of those Sheep still unaware of how their fates are being manipulated..
    It takes a brave Sheep to jump the fence and stand alone… but as one jumps out of that Negative pit of Miss-information Then another will follow…

    I hope that you can become the Good Shepherd VK and keep us all in line with your staff of Wisdom Keeping! … as we join you in your VISION for our New 5D world…

    Love and Blessings this Last Day of 2012 …

    Let the Love and Light Stream Forth into the Hearts and Minds of men..

    Love DW xxx

  7. js says:

    Thank You VK,
    Love & Caring to All for 2013
    Knowledge is growth.. our own lives will be an example also..

  8. Laura says:

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  10. Purpleskyz says:

    Morning VK!
    Happy New Years Eve day to you and everyone here!

    What a wonderful idea … to create a list of sites to hand out. LOVE this!!!
    Think I will put it up on the Out Of Mind site also.

    Much LOVE to ALL here
    a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2013!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Good…Spread it around. People have to hear the truth, but they also need to learn how to research for themselves and usually once they start there is no going back…The more they learn the stronger they become. Have a happy πŸ™‚ VK

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