The Bridge Of Courage…

For over a year now we have been busy building our bridge to the new world. It has been a monumental task but we have stuck with it and hammered away with great determination. It is finished now and the only thing left for us to do is cross over it. Do we have the courage to leave the old world behind and put all of our trust into the new world? Do we dare cross over into forbidden territory and claim it for our own? Have we finally finished listening to the dark ones fearful diatribes and instead prefer to listen to the beautiful music drifting over from the other side? Are we done with the ‘buts’ of why we cannot move forward? Are we done with the thousands of excuses of why we are unable to cross over? Are we willing at long last to shake off the fears constantly being heaped upon us and say no more, I’m crossing over? Well I have news for you, we are already in the new world! We have already crossed that bridge.

Of course we crossed over and sadly we have always been able to for we have always been as free as a bird but we refused to look at the real truth. We have always been free, we were born free yet somehow, somewhere along our journey we began to believe we weren’t. No matter what the dark ones ever try to do to us, they cannot do it to our spirits. Our spirits are forever free to soar and no chains or bars can ever hold them back from where they choose to go. This is the truth that has been hidden from us for so long now. We don’t need to finally be able to gain our freedom, we already have it! The chains and bars are in our minds and in our beliefs. To set ourselves free of them we must free our minds.

If we continue to think in terms of the dark ones and what they have over us then we stay locked into that belief. In doing so we give the dark ones more energy to continue onward.  Unfortunately though, if we continue to give away our power to the dark ones we will have to cross back over to the old world for the new world will not think kindly towards this kind of thinking. To be in and of the new world we must believe in it’s existence and we must honor it with our love and gratitude. We must have the strength and fortitude to say no I will no longer participate in the old world and extricate ourselves. We must be willing to toss the television to the curb, stop buying their poisonous products, stop buying into their manufactured fears and allowing ourselves to feel hatred in our hearts. Forget the dark ones! They are not here in the new world, do not allow them to be a part of your lives any longer. Do not feel hate or fear for them. They are gone and we must keep moving forward.

Blessings to us all,


About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  2. Purpleskyz says:

    I love the bridge thought VK!!
    I am on the bridge jumping up and down and and making it swing back and forth a little before I cross over to the other side though. LOL I am greatly amused by the thought of turning the tables and making the ones that need no name uncomfortable for a change. Hey… it is the least I can do after all they have given us right? Yep… jumping up and down, rattling some cages, stirring some pots. Then I will meet you all over on the other side and we can hang out and have that party we missed on the 21st! 🙂
    Much LOVE to ALL here.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Skyz…..Jump away girl, just don’t get the bridge swinging…we’re all already over the bridge so no waiting required. Blessings…VK

  3. I agree that we must make the changes to create the new world and part of those changes mean stopping buying products that do not serve you or your loved ones. Like processed food, for example. Getting off of “medicine”. I saw a former business client yesterday, a man around 60 years of age. He has completely changed how he eats, no more gluten, the dairy is gone, no processed stuff, no hormone beef. He’s juicing and in a few months, lost 35 pounds. His goal is to get off ALL medication, incl blood pressure meds. He’s off of cholesterol meds, as his cholersterol went down, and he’s testing himself to see what reduces his cholersterol. (He’s not just blindly following doctor’s orders, is what he said.) What motivated him is that he saw that his peers his age all have the same complaints, including gout, and he “crossed that bridge” and is doing something about it. He’s not particularly “spiritual” or a lightworker, but this is how we create a new world, by changing those things we can change. And becoming ever more empowered and our true selves.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Christine…That is such a wonderful story. I love to hear about sleepers popping awake and it is so gratifying to see them improve healthwise and attitudewise…I hope his friends take note and perhaps become bold enough to try to change as well. He is a wonderful guide for them to follow. Thanks for sharing that 🙂 VK

      • Yeah, I asked him whether he’s sharing what he’s doing with others, and he said not particularly, “They’re big boys,” he said. But if one of them asked him what he’s been doing he’d be willing to share…

    • Raven says:

      That is a great story Christine! YAY! While the change you witnessed in your former client is quite dramatic, I am seeing similar changes, albeit not quite so dramatic, in many people I know, some of whom only a year ago I thought were beyond help. At some point each one of us realized we are Lightworkers and that knowing helped us continue to reach out to others at times when we just wanted to say, “What’s the point?” Maybe next time you see your client you can tell him about light work. Anyone who has made such dramatic change and has reaped the rewards is probably open to much more!

      Thanks for sharing this with us. We need good stories to help us cross the bridge together.

      • Thanks Raven, I remember now that he actually did read both of my books, so that might have had SOMETHING to do with helping him make such dramatic changes, and I have spoken to him about diet and nutrition months ago. (I wrote about some dramatic changes I made, and I’m realizing that has helped more people than I thought…) But one has to look at one’s situation honestly like he did…if someone does not have any health issues, they might not want to change so fast…

  4. Raven says:

    Great post, VK! The rainbow bridge is a nice metaphor because it’s quite true, you can cross back and forth just by your thoughts. I know when I am thinking about the dark ones, my vibration immediately slows and I actually feel dark, whereas when I am outside in the glory of Gaia, my heart is soaring, joy and light energy are pouring into me. Just noticing the difference between those two states is awareness, so of course I’m choosing to remain on the new side of the bridge because it’s just nicer and calmer there. My choice, always.

    Isn’t it AMAZING what we have learned this past year or so? It has really been Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Whoo….weeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Toadie’s wild ride it has been Raven 🙂 And yes, we have learned so much it’s mind blowing to think about. We didn’t even know we were learning at times. Love that you are taking note and seeing what you are doing. That is so great!!! I can’t go on sites anymore if they are all dark oriented. It just seems so heavy. Thanks for your comment and thanks for being such a wonderful part OWR…I hope your Snow Monkey heart is getting filled with snowfalls….Blessings and squawks to you my friend…..VK

      • Raven says:

        Thanks VK. I remember back some time in the fall you did a post about the coming of winter and I said something about loving snow… Well, this Snow Monkey has WAAAAAY more snow that I shall ever need. There is 8 feet of hard packed snow/ice in my poor little garden, which is really more like a glacier than a garden. Manifest, we do!

        I love being part of this group. I was a little worried you might decide to abandon it after the 12/21/12 cusp, but I am so glad you didn’t. There is still much work to do and it’s definitely working. xoxoxox, Raven

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Eight feet!!!!!! My God….No way I could tolerate where you live. Way too much snow. A foot is enough for me 🙂 I’m still here, for now anyway. We, as you say, still have work to do. Keep that snow shovel handy Monk….Sounds like you’ll need it….VK xxxooo

  5. Doreen Agostino says:

    May I offer another perspective? Separation is an illusion. There is only Light and absence of Light to varying degrees.

    I perceive the ‘dark’ ones reflect inner emotional wounded parts of ourselves, which is low vibratory energy blocking Light from empowering solutions to the human predicament. Light is heart intelligent courage to replace judgment with justice, and end harm .

    • Visionkeeper says:

      The dark ones are light but absent the ability to shine. They are tarnished by low frequency. We all were in their shoes at one time only we have managed to move forward into higher frequencies. We were once as they are now, let us not forget that. Thanks Doreen and thanks for the link….VK

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