We Have No Beginning And No End…


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We are infinite beings! How convenient for the dark ones we bought into death and dying and made the funeral business prosper. All of life has been programmed and pushed along in a certain direction to make money! Life has been all about money and not our money unfortunately. As soon as we make it, clever ways have been created to take it away. The death and dying scam was perhaps the most harmful one we bought into. It has changed how we view our lives and created time limitations that are not real. we do not die, we merely leave our human bodies and continue on in our next life, however we choose to live it. We go on and on and continually evolve and reinvent ourselves. Think about that for a moment. Why in heaven’s name would Creator put us here on earth to live a few short years and that is it? How did we ever buy this story that we die and life ends?

Earth is probably one of the hardest schools we go through on our journey. It is so dense and filled with self-destructive dramas playing out.  I think we would have graduated with honors a long time ago if we hadn’t had our lives interfered with by the dark ones. If we had been allowed to live our lives freely minus all the death and destruction of wars and poverty and ignorance, we would have risen more quickly into the frequencies of love and compassion. But then it wouldn’t have been our school of lessons. We are dealing with the hand we were dealt and we are finally coming awake to the truth that we are far more than we were ever allowed to know. We are beginning to remember and as we do we will not settle for the crumbs we handed anymore.

In this 3rd dimensional living we have seen ourselves as a body mostly. We insured our bodies but were never allowed to insure our minds. Now the Psychiatric mega corporation has increased control over the human mind creating manuals that determine if we are insane or sane by standards contrived by money hungry people, creating diseases out of thin air that need to be medicated. It was the dark ones way of medicating the masses to try to slow down the awakening of the people. They are so egotistical they actually assumed they could control the universe and alter its plans for our evolving into higher consciousness. I have news for them, the universe is far more powerful than they are and whatever plans are in place will go forward regardless.

It is time to begin thinking of ourselves as limitless and far more than our bodies which are nothing more than our vehicles for maneuvering through life on earth. We are energy and energy has no end, energy is a force and we are to be reckoned with. We are here on this mission and this mission is to raise up humanity’s consciousness to new heights and free ourselves. It is time for us to alter ourselves much like the frog that lost its tail. We are departing the lower dimensions and entering the higher realms where love resides and compassion for the whole of mankind. We are departing thankfully, the lower dregs of ego and its insidious dramas that continue to plague the planet. Strap on your wings and get ready for take off! We are about to fly free from our cage and sweep through the cosmos.

Blessings to us all,


I am choosing throat chakra music in light of everything going on in our insane world right now in hopes it will balance our courage to speak out for justice and peace and defend it.

About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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