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I think our time has arrived to come forward and join hands and hearts and work together as a family/clan to push out the old and welcome in the new! We are the Gentle Revolution Clan! No need for us to remain separated any longer. We may be thousands of miles a part but our minds are linked and there is nothing we cannot do if we put our minds to it. All we need is some ingenious thinking and finding ways to gather our groups in the towns in which we live. Some places will be easier to gather in than others but still we must do this. We pick an issue we find disturbing and invent new ways to either bring attention to it to promote change or else side step it entirely and create new ways of doing whatever we desire. Our revolution begins in our hearts and minds and where there is a will there is a way. This is why I have always championed keeping our minds fresh and stretched outside the box. We cannot change anything with minds that remain stuck in the old paradigm!

Part of our problem as I see it, is that over the decades as we have been given more and more by Government and became more and more dependent, we began to walk away from our minds, we ceased being creative and allowed the door to our boxes to be shut and locked and there we have remained. It is time to kick down the doors and get out  and stretch our minds while we stretch our legs and be free. A bored mind is a small mind, a creative mind is vast and knows no limits. This is what we must strive for. This is what awakening people is really all about. Not only awakening them to the truth of reality today, but more importantly to get them start using their minds again! To inspire creativity within them and show them the endless possibilities out there. To get them out of their boxes!

The main purpose of our being creative aside from creating the new world, is to let the dark ones know we are not going away and we are growing in numbers! We are the proverbial thorn in the lions paw and when we approach the problems from gentleness and quiet, we really hold more power, because it is coming from our hearts! I found it interesting the other day as I watched the closing arguments in the Zimmerman case out of Florida. The defense gave its usual bash the victim statement, but what struck me was the prosecutions rebuttal in closing. It was all about the heart and what both the victim and defendant were feeling in their hearts during the crime, it was all about feeling and passion and was way more powerful that the usual 3D summation. We ARE changing!!!

This is our new direction we need to go in now. Giving new life to our minds and to those around us. To reinstate creativity again and stretch ourselves far outside our boundaries. We cannot out power the military might the dark ones have amassed, but we certainly can out smart them by thinking with our 5D minds which they are unable to comprehend. We can confuse them with our gentleness for all they know is war and death and violence. We can rise above them by raising up our frequencies  in unison where they cannot go. Yes the end times are a battle of the minds and it is up to each of us to refresh our minds, think big and vast and realize our power lies within our abilities to be creative.

Blessings to us all,


About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  1. William says:

    VK! Thanks,…totally understood. We’re on the same page. Same thing….only different!
    Fall is not far off, hang in.

  2. William says:

    VK! Yes we are”getting there”…heartspace. I support the GRC idea. For me it may have to take on more of an isolated unity approach as I live in a rural portion of Texas and out of the closet Lightworkers are few and far between. But then, you never know, right?

    One point I would call to attention in todays GRC post that begs (IMO) for a bit more heart space is this line “The defense gave its usual bash the victim statement, but”. I detect a bit of prejudge-ment therein. I believe the defense was doing its job, as were the prosecution, the Judge and the Jury. This is how this country has applied the rule of law since its inception. Not always a perfect system or always the desired outcome. But…. where else on the planet, or who else’s system of justice would better serve the desired outcome? I would call to your attention the countries reaction to the verdict as a more inclusive testament to the expansion of our growth into heart, rather than the us/them observation of victim/victimizer( either/or…right/wrong etc) perspective. I speak of the mainly peaceful expressions by our citizens, pro or con, of the trial’s outcome. Remember Watts?

    Agenda driven heart space still carries an agenda. Over powering is still coercion, the symbol on the flag does not make an agenda more righteous. Rather than outsmarting or confusion as a means to bring light where it may not yet be received…how about seeing our brothers and sisters in the armed services thru the heartspace of them coming in to the Light….holding them in the arms of Love…. seeing them laying down their arms….refusing to follow orders. We all have our own pathway that will lead us by our own experiences back to the consciousness of ONE. The defense,the prosecution, victim, victimizer, soldier, blogger, blog reader, commenter…..on and on.
    Having an agenda base for defining the reality we perceive is limited perception of the whole. We can rise above our personal prejudge-ments and become more effective wayshowers by being examples of what it truly means to walk the talk of Being In-Light-ened. I would suggest rereading the last paragraph of your post and notice how limiting your mind conceived planning on how we
    “get there”, could use a bit more heart felt guidance.

    So this is what I would say to you if we were at a GRC get together, face to face …… because I Love you, and I Love me enough to express this to you.

    Will I am

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hi William….Yes, so many are trying hard to start the race riots but the country isn’t buying it and it is amazing to watch. Shows great strides ahead I believe. I am weary of witnessing the continual negative destruction of victims to try and save the offender. It is such a sick way our legal minds think. They need to become creative and get out of their boxes and start finding ways to win their court battles in more positive ways. Hopefully soon we won’t need court any longer because we have finally risen above crime as a way of life!
      Yes we are all one, but if one wants to talk about what is going on how do you propose we word it? The reality is that what is going on is going on right now. It doesn’t mean people don’t believe in oneness, it just means there is no other way to describe things going on right now. There are no words to use. And by the way, why do you come here if you always disagree with me Will? VK

      • William says:

        VK, I don’t always disagree with you. I come here, or catch you on Lucas regularly. You are assuming I only come here occasionally and disagree with your premise when I do. I do not write comments unless they are driven by observation of what is being presented as having a challenge to an opinion that my personal process with the subject has formed. It is like a reality check, in the sense of ….here, I feel moved enough to put out there how i feel about xyz….now let’s see if there is any feedback that will confirm my opinion or challenge the way I am holding the issue.It’s how I grow. Sorry if my commenting causes discomfort. You could also see it that your post is causing me to examine the difference in how I hold/see the vision as compared to how you hold/see
        the vision. You put yourself out , imo, as one who sees a vision worth keeping. I see myself as a light warrior, always seeking my own clarity as well as being aware of the clarity of all that my vision encounters. I am merely pointing out what I see in the sense of a lack of clarity. Your blog is one of many that act as sounding boards that inspire and challenge my personal level of clarity…..of vision if you will. If my comments are seen as inappropriate….you have the option of deleting them. I will say they are never malicious
        and never a put down. Thanks for providing me opportunity for growth.

        I would prefer to have this type of conversation privately, but as yet I have seen no option for doing so. You must have my mail address from the detail box below. Feel free
        to write me there.
        Will I am

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Hey Will….Yes I know, you don’t always disagree with me, I stand corrected. I think this intense heat warped my brain that day. It has been brutal. I just get frustrated at times when people talk about being one. Yes we are all one and yes the dark ones are one of us and we are one of them just in different stages of reality, but the truth is they ARE doing things right now, they truly are there so how does one refer to them and what they are doing? To ignore what is taking place is ignorance. We need to be aware of it and then release it…To not know what is going on is a weakness I believe. Look where not paying attention got the Jews! I always pay attention but I release it as well. Holding on to what is happening is not good either. I don’t know, its a tough call Will…Sorry if I snapped at you the other day. We are due a break in the heat wave soon thank goodness….Blessings….VK

  3. Tom Merriman says:

    Hi VK, I love the Gentle Revolution Clan! Finding creative ways to bring about change is most definitely a step in the right direction… and the opportunities are endless; the benefits will speak for themselves!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks TL….Yes, creative thinking is powerful and I believe it is what will win this battle for us. Now back to the laboratory you go….Dream up something good! VK 🙂

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