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I was re-reading the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz yet again and if only everyone were following the Four Agreements, how much better the world would be! I am continually astounded by the lies that are being flung around throughout the world right now and many from the highest positions in the country. Very disturbing to think our children are being taught the skills of dishonesty by our Government. It is invasive into our lives and so it is imperative we counteract that negative energy by living our own lives with integrity and love. The children need more than ever to have role models to emulate and so parents are needed to live up to their highest integrity and be there for them. We need to keep fighting against the immorality going on by raising our personal bars higher and higher in becoming the best that we can be! It is slowly working and we should stay focused on that fact to urge us onward.

Look at the Super Bowl for example. A very laid back show for once in a long time. No real Illuminati shenanigans going on, a great many of the ads were warm and fuzzy ads appealing to opening ones heart up. Now this is certainly new and different and we should welcome the change openly. Things in the world are definitely changing, if we just pay attention to what is going on around us. It is about time the television messages being driven down people’s throats were not demoralizing, but rather showing some inspiration to become more caring about others. This is a good thing as Martha Stewart would say. If we pay attention and take notice of these small changes taking place, it gives us encouragement to keep going and keep fighting for what we know is right!

There seems to be so much wrong going on in the world, but really there is a whole lot that of right going on as well. We ARE making a difference, so if we try harder and keep on trying, we can push this shift over the edge into freedom and peace. The ultimate lesson we all seemed to have learned at the end of this long journey we have been on, is the fact that change must begin within ourselves first and then ripple out from there. We cannot change anybody but ourselves and in doing so we will ultimately change the world. It is a slow process but a necessary one if we wish to embrace our freedom. If we make it our priority to live by the Four Agreements everyday at every moment, we will be well on our way to completing our mission to change the world. It takes nothing more than our round the clock awareness of what we are thinking and what we are saying, not taking anything personally, not making assumptions and always doing our very best. Isn’t the grand prize of our freedom and our inner peace and happiness worth the devotion to living properly?

We truly are making a difference so lets keep working at it…

Blessings to us all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  1. Hi VK,

    I have not read this Don Miguil Ruiz book but have heard about it. Your post motivates me to do so now.

    I believe any change should start from Home , that is, us. Agonizing over all that is wrong with the world and its institutions by itself may not do much. I have come to realise that I need to strive to live my own life , to whatever extent I can, based on:
    1) Integrity-My word.
    2) Authenticity- Become aware of my inauthenticities.
    3) Always make myself the Cause of the matter in all situations- This is a place I have chosen to stand in as I view and deal with life
    4)Becoming committed to something bigger than myself. I have chosen learning.

    Your post has in fact triggered some thoughts about what I could myself write so thank you.

    Remain blessed my friend.


    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hello my friend! Good to see you πŸ™‚ This book I read early on, many, many years ago on my journey into self. I think it is a valuable book for people wondering what they can do to make things better in the world. As we well know, it all starts with us ‘being’ the changes. If one lives their life according to these four agreements then they shall live the life they were meant to live with deep meaning and purpose. Can’t wait to read what you write! Peace to your heart…..VK

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  3. Barbara says:

    Hi VK,

    Haven’t read this book, but I picked up your vibes! Here’s what I’m noticing. For the longest time I would watch and feel as gatherings of people (geez, even in a crowded elevator) went to what I called, “the lowest common denominator.” It was very uncomfortable, not to mention sometimes scary crazy, and oftentimes I would need to leave the arena! What I’m noticing now, and it can only grow, is that people in groups are not going to that lowest common denominator anymore. They’re at what I might call the midway common denominator, and soon, very soon (I know, I know, ‘soon’ is a word that doesn’t sit well in the now) but soon we will see, feel, and experience THE highest common denominator and when that happens, oh, how we will know what the inspiration to love means. And yes, you/me/us are that high common denominator, as you so well say:

    “We truly are making a difference so lets keep working at it…”

    Thanks, VK, and all who comment here. You keep me balanced. Love, B.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey B !!!! Greetings to you. I truly hope you will consider reading this book. I know you are well on your way to the pent house level, but it really is inspiring. I mention this book a lot here because it is a magnificent guide for new people to the journey to become whole which will help us all grow in large numbers to complete our mission. I read it years ago and have since re-read it numerous times. It really is a brilliant discussion of what is going on in the world. Pretty soon we will all be living in the pent house looking out over a brand new world. Time to refuel and then keep marching towards freedom. Good to see you my friend and thank as ALWAYS for popping in to share your thoughts….
      Blessings and love….VK

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  5. Kate Swaffer says:

    Yes, I love this book too, and have decided to re-read it after this lovely blog… thank you. Stay well my friend… thinking of you as you weather the snow storms… love and hugs xox

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Glad you enjoyed this book as well Kate. I don’t know of anybody who didn’t love reading it and having it inspire their changes in life. It is a remarkable book. The wood stove is cranking so I am warm and cozy. Hope all is well down there. Be well friend and thanks for popping in!!! Much love….VK

  6. Tom Merriman says:

    Ah, VK! I own this book, and enjoyed it the first time I read it – I think I shall flick through its pages once again. Thanks for the reminder!

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