Dear World….

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Dear World,                                                                      I was going to write this letter to world leaders but then I thought, why bother? They are not listening. Their ears are blocked and their eyes are closed and their hearts are shut tight with heavy locks and the windows in their souls are boarded up, shutting out the light. So instead, I decided to write to the world in hopes of finding my way inside people’s hearts that are open and welcoming. I sat down a while ago and turned on the TV to take a break from what I was doing. As I clicked it on, the first thing that boomed out at me was some program declaring that America is having a heroin crisis and all the commentators were arguing about why we are in this crisis, what could be causing it. Really?

Practically since the world began, humanity has been taken hostage by a few wealthy power-hungry individuals who have made it their soul mission in life to take control of humanity, turn us into slaves and run the world. For a long time we have been sleep walking our way through life, oblivious to what was happening to us, doing as we were told and disregarding our own desires to live our lives as we so chose to live them. The Occupy Wall Street movement brought to the surface all of the inequalities we were suffering, it highlighted the culprits stealing our lives from us and stirred up the glowing embers of unrest within us all. For a great many people, the sleep walking ended and the cold reality of what was going on in the world slapped them upside their heads. The great awakening had begun.

Since that time the injustice and anger has grown as the disrespect forced upon humanity has grown and tried to strangle our hearts. It is no wonder to me at all, that this country is deadening its pain through drugs as a way to escape the reality of what is happening.  We are finally awakening to the truth of who we are and realizing we are not living the lives our creator planned for us. We are now face to face with the lies of what our lives have been, up until now, and we are told lies over and over everyday to try to make us see life as they want us to see it. In our hearts we can feel this is not right, reality is not as we see it and our discomfort is growing quickly. We long for truth and honesty, but creating a world centered in truth and honesty seems like such a huge hurdle to overcome, and so for many they are falling into the trap set for us to succumb to drug addiction for escape so we are easier to control.

I truly hope EVERYONE will wake up and face the cold, hard facts of what is happening to our world. It is time to embrace the discomfort the truth has laid out before us, instead of running away from it. For every soul who finds the courage to open their eyes to the truth and walk through the fear, that is one more soul that can no longer be controlled. There is no point in wasting time being angry and laying blame on others. We were all needed to play out this drama we are seeing before us. As greatly as the awakened ones were needed to save the world while there was still time, the dark ones were needed to play their part as well, to create the struggle we are now learning to overcome. There really is no right or wrong to point our fingers at, everything we are witnessing playing out on the world’s stage is exactly as it was meant to be. Creator is waiting patiently to see if we will come together in unity at long last, to win back our freedom and embrace love and peace in the world.

Those drowning in drug addiction have gotten mired in the drama created by the dark which has allowed them to drown in hopelessness and despair. We know from raising our own children, that we learn best by example and so we must be the example the world needs to move beyond addiction and all the other ego centered pitfalls so many are falling into because of hopelessness and despair. Let us face the truth of who and what we are, demand our freedom back and live our own lives in truth, honesty and love. Let those who are struggling see that there is a way to move beyond the horrors playing out in the world, that truth can be faced with grace and lives can be rebuilt with dignity through the power of love and faith. It is time to end the ever-present division that we have been locked into and see each other for what we truly are, human beings fighting together to expand ourselves out towards new horizons beyond where we are today. We must not question ourselves or our mission, we must continue to go forward into the new world knowing what we do and what we believe in is right and where we are headed is indeed the heaven on earth we have all been longing for.

We are being asked to open our eyes and see the truth without fear and to open our hearts and reach out to one another unconditionally. We must stop clinging to the lies we have been living because we are afraid of the unknown that lies ahead. What could possibly be worse than what we have endured for so long now, being suppressed from the greatness we were meant to enjoy? If each and every soul finds the courage to take this step forward, the freedom we ache for in our hearts will be ours that much sooner. Please Dear World, be strong and do what you know in your gut is the right thing to do. Face your fears, walk through them head on and all will be well. Remember, we are not alone, we are all going through this together and we can all be support for one another. Together as one, nothing can ever stop us from being who and what we were meant to be!

Blessings to us all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  2. Purpleskyz says:

    I am with Josie! We need to stop being nice about it and take control.
    It starts within.

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