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It has been a beautiful weekend here in the mountains of Vermont. The constant breeze and sunshine have been beckoning me outside where I could walk barefoot in the green grass and smell the fragrances of summer exploding all around me. I sat out on my ascension porch for a long time and observed my mind wandering off to parts unknown far away over distant mountains and beyond. During that journey a sudden realization came to me which quickly snapped me back into reality rather abruptly. I have been feeling for quite sometime a deep frustration at not being able to stop what is taking place around the world. Many times it feels overwhelming and leaves my mind spinning in circles that go nowhere. What is this deep frustration really all about? Is it just my anger at the injustice taking place in the world and my wanting to constantly make some sort of difference? I used to think it was, that is until this thought reality slammed into my head today and twisted it all around.

I sat quietly for quite a long time and just felt my frustration, where it sat in my body, what it was doing to me. I didn’t run from it by doing something to distract me, I sat with it and asked what it was trying to show me. I suddenly realized my frustration was coming from a feeling that my brain was not expanding, I am faced with issues that require a new mind and yet mine is still anchored in the same place. It seems society as a whole is suffering from ‘brain freeze’. We don’t seem to be accelerating ourselves forward in keeping with what is going on. Yes we are supposedly ascending on this journey we are embarking on, but really, are we expanding? We are discovering love and its importance in all things, that compassion for our fellow-man is essential for peace to exist, but are our brains growing and expanding? Obviously over time our brains have grown in size from being animals to humans, but if we are moving forward to light we should be seeing radical changes in how our brains work and yet they seem to be close to the same as they have always been.

Perhaps its a case of being too close, too involved to be able to see the changes, I don’t know. I am wondering just what it may be that is stunting the growth of our brains. Is it the food we are eating now? Is it the fluoride in our water? Is it the pharmaceutical drugs we have ingested? Is it the hours of mindless television we have consumed over a lifetime? It seems something is holding back human expansion on some level. We know there is more for us to experience and yet we remain stuck on hold as if waiting for someone to flip a switch and get us moving forward again. Yes we take baby steps and experience such changes as how we treat each other, our feelings on war and violence, our awakening to truth etc. but I am talking about major changes when evolution takes a giant leap forward and everything changes. We are due for this to occur, it feels like we are past due. It is frustrating trying to solve the worlds problems with an outdated version of our brains. I guess it is time to look more closely at how we can create a new shift in our brains. I think in order to do this, we need to first reconnect with our brains and who and what we really are. We are far more than we realize and we should not be so willing to just settle for where we are. It is time to embrace our challenge to shed our fears and expand far out to places unknown.

Blessings to us all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  1. VK I am with you all the way… All I can do is switch off from the humdrum of news and the chaos which seems to buzz in my ears as everyone seems to want to chatter away at their woes in me… So Nature has been my refuge and our allotment is getting the best weeding ever.. πŸ™‚ As I pull out the frustrations and delve into Natures Balm…

    ( I have had around 3 pounds of gooseberries and 2 pounds of strawberries, Don’t think I will have enough strawberries for Jam.. We are eating them too quick with ice-cream! πŸ™‚ Another HOT day here today… πŸ™‚ Sending you love dear VK.. xox DW xxx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      I need to go look up goose berries and see what I am looking for. I have small green berries that look like miniature tomatillas….Not sure when to pick them or really what to make with them. First year growing them. They look healthy though….If you run out of weeds you can always come here πŸ™‚ Mine pop up everyday….Much love….VK xxoo

      • Oh so do my weeds VK…. We keep pulling and hoeing, Hope you found out about Gooseberries… I made some icecream with them last week… Had some tonight with some strawberries out of the garden, Yummy… Sweet and sour.. πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. Tom Merriman says:

    Thoughtful post as usual, VK (and another great piece of music to go with your words!)
    I’m feeling …distracted… I’ll go with distracted, although I’m not entirely sure that’s it. I’m getting weird thoughts popping into my head at the most bizarre of times, taking my mind away from what I’m doing. I’m being delayed – or stopped – at what I try to do (especially out driving – although here I think I’m getting a message saying I’m trying to rush things and slow down!)… I don’t feel like I’m getting any further along… I’m not reaching full potential… and whatever I DO do, I tell myself it isn’t good enough. The balance is off. I know that! I’m with you with regards to the expansion… I don’t want to remain stuck like this for long… but my mind has just piped up and told me to stop being so selfish! I can’t win! Well, I respond to my mind by saying here’s to us all expanding… and soon. See, I’m now rushing again. The balance is off!

    I’m sorry for such a lengthy reply… and your mountains sound wonderful!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Oh I so hear you TL….I am not certain what is going on really with feeling stuck and not expanding. Perhaps we are stuck between dimensions!? I do know that being stuck requires us to do new things to shift the energy and create movement again. I am working with someone right now on an issue I have been trying to resolve and just getting into this and trying to understand it has started the movement of change. It takes us saying I don’t want to be here in this space anymore, but then DOING something to implement change! Once the flow starts it is easy to follow along to the new location you are going to. I guess it revolves around intent and how you put it to use….Give it a go TL…I KNOW you can do it and I know you will love the flow as it begins to move again. Figure out where and how you can start to make a change and get out of the rut…We must always be willing and excited to reinvent ourselves! Blessings….VK

  3. observer100 says:

    Hey VK, it is all about timing and therefore patience. Those who would have prevented ascension would have succeeded if not for divine intervention. That intervention has been meeting in councils of wisdom to work out the details and have made several changes in plans over the past few years due to the opposition decision to fight to the end. How should the likes of you and me counsel these wise ones? ❀

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Good question Observer….I agree about the timing but I can’t help but feel there is indeed something that is slowing the process and throwing up road blocks. You can feel the change shimmering around us like a heat wave and yet we can’t seem to break through. It is so time to leap off the cliff and fly πŸ™‚ Blessings to you…VK

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