How We Can Heal The World…..

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In channel surfing for my weather this morning on TV, I passed by CNN and saw Chris Cuomo doing an interview with a guy working for the Russian papers I think it was. The Russian guy was trying to tell Chris Cuomo that he didn’t have his facts straight about what is really going on over there concerning the shoot down of that plane, because he was relying on his facts he got from YouTube and social media which is how CNN creates its news stories. Chris Cuomo went off interrupting and raising his voice and over talking this guy and in the end went on the attack of this Russian’s character, all because he couldn’t make this Russian guy say “Chris is right and I was wrong”. It frankly was embarrassing to watch.  It was disgraceful and insulting! Both parties just needed to respect what the other thought about the situation and accept their views and all would have been well, but ego got in the way.

What stood out to me above all else was a vivid and crystal clear example of where humanity is stuck in our evolutionary process. We cannot seem to detach from our egos! We still have to prove ourselves right, prove others wrong, feel we know best, cast our judgements. It is pitiful to observe ourselves in action. The daily distractions being pumped into societies heads has definitely halted the ability for any self introspection we should be taking in order to grow and heal ourselves. All of the truths we should be facing about ourselves are getting lost in the trivia and dramas exploding daily around the world. It is very unsettling to realize how far we still have to go to turn this train we are on around and get it headed in the right direction. Until everyone is willing to go within and observe themselves honestly and make the supreme effort to change themselves, we shall remain hung up in ego battles that lead nowhere and do great harm to humanity.

It is time we remove ‘I’ from our vocabulary and replace it with ‘US’. The world is so hung up on what ‘I’ wants and needs and deserves above all others. The only ‘I’ we need to be concentrating on right now is the ‘I’ needing to do the work within ourselves to release our egos and begin seeing the world in terms of we are all equal, we are all one, we are not better or worse because we no longer judge others in order to raise ourselves up. These ways of being are what has allowed the corruption to explode out of control and for compassion to become extinct. It is a serious issue that needs addressing and until we do, we will continue to flounder as we are now, loosing others respect and honor. I believe the outrageous atrocities taking place in the world are occurring because humanity is so far gone it needs more and bigger dramas to slap us awake. How much more will we need is the big question? It could all end quickly if people were just willing to do their own work within and get busy doing it.

A great way to begin reconnecting with ourselves is to ask ” What is my life’s purpose?” It is a huge question to answer but to make it easier to discover, all one really needs to do is to look at what is one’s major ‘wound’. Therein lies the answer. Take that wound and create a purpose from it rather than falling prey to it. It is there to give us strength not weakness. If we have a purpose, a reason for being, life takes on a whole new perspective and gives us meaning. If we are happy within and fulfilled by our purpose, there is little or no need for ego! If we wish to save our world and save ourselves, it is time to do our own personal work and add our strength and caring to the world so that it may grow strong and heal.

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About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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2 Responses to How We Can Heal The World…..

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    if the world could be an amplifier to hear this music, I think everyone would pause long enough to let your question of their purpose sink in…..
    I stay away from the TV, it always feels like tentacles reaching to keep me in place as the world passes by….that doesn’t mean I have my head in the sand, I just know the reality is not in our news today, it is choreographed to keep mankind it a constant state of panic, anger, with no hope of us moving forward into peace without wars, sort of a contradictory of thought I think…
    I believe more are waking to realize the mess greed and lust of power has brought us into..
    slowly changes are being made….I have faith in mankind to find the humanity in itself again
    it will be painful, but life is full of pain….
    a wonderful post VisionKeeper….I will think on my purpose as I head out to work in my gardens in a little bit…Gaia always has the best conversations to show me….
    Take Care….You Matter

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Nature is the best healer of all MR…Good to see you. I rarely see the news unless I happen upon it like this morning. My gosh, to watch it everyday would be devastating, especially if one doesn’t have the ability to release it quickly. It has been well documented over time that the dark has discovered way to penetrate our minds and take control and TV is their greatest weapon of choice. I prefer green beans and tomatoes and dirt over propaganda!!! Enjoy your gardening and good luck finding your purpose 🙂
      Blessings to you….Enjoy your day…VK

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