What’s Behind Door Number 1?


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So, “where am I headed?” I ask myself. It seems that everything in the world seems to be spinning out of control, is the complete opposite of what reality should to be, in fact it is just plain insane on so many levels. “How do I deal with this?” I ask. I know I am far from alone. The majority of the world I would imagine are feeling much of what I am experiencing as well. I can feel great unrest swirling about inside me and at times I just want to scream I can’t take this anymore. Then again, some days I feel powerful and strong and hell-bent to push on towards what I think is the right direction for my life. I know I often feel like I am trapped in the middle of a television game show much like Lets Make A deal with Monty Hall. So I decided not to allow myself to be trapped within this insanity, but rather play along.

I look at what is going on around me and think of three doors that I could choose to go through to move forward in my life. I could choose door number 1 which is to believe everything I see and hear and follow along with everybody else, or door number 2 would offer me the chance to fight against everyone and everything that felt so wrong to me and demand justice from people who have no regard for justice, or door number 3. It offers me the ability to view life as I so choose to view it, to use my intelligence to find ways to go around the obstacles being placed before me and go with the flow regardless. To create the life I choose to create because I know above all else that ” Our thoughts create our reality”. For everything that seems to not be working in the world there is an opportunity to create a new way of doing things.

I choose door number 3 of course. I no longer believe a word of what I am being told is the truth, instead I choose to research the truth of the world for myself and by doing this I have discovered a hidden strength that anchors me and gives me hope. I treasure hope. It is a life-preserver to me, it always keeps me afloat in the wildest of storms. I always know that truth resides within myself and therefore I always believe in myself, no second guessing or creeping doubts about what I am seeing or thinking. I can feel comfortable in this as I do my homework rather than skate through life on thin ice believing in what I am told. My spirit and soul tell me what I need to know and I never doubt them. My spirit knows what is best for me, what my life desires and who I really am.

Many years ago when I first became aware of the illusion of life we have all been living under, I was shocked! It took me three days to digest the fact that our Government was not at all what I had always believed, that they did not have my best interest at heart, that in fact they were against the people and on a mission that only included a small group of wealthy people on a quest to take control of the world. Wow! Sounds like a sci-fi movie does it not? That is why it was so hard to wrap my head around and actually believe in it, but once I did, man oh man, what a different journey I suddenly found myself on. The lucky thing about 2014 and having this happen to you, is that millions of people are experiencing this awakening together. Few were doing it when I was doing it and it made it very frightening at times and very difficult to believe what was going on.

Times are different now and the truth of the world is beginning to spill out and people are suddenly seeing the reasoning behind the insanity playing out before us all on stage. It doesn’t make the actual act of facing the truth and accepting it any easier. That will be a mind-blowing experience for everyone no matter what. It is not a gentle change one eases themselves into. It is abrupt and cruel and threatening, but still manageable none the less and that we must not forget. If we choose door number 3 we are given ways to deal with everything. We can choose fear and chaos and lies from doors 1 and 2 or we can choose the truth, face it and use that truth to build strength, from door number 3. Detach yourself from the drama and stories you are being told and listen to your heart instead. What is it telling you to do or believe? That is where your strength lies. Your heart never lies and your spirit is always there to guide you once you connect to it.

Remember, we cannot create a new world of love and compassion and truth if we are trying to create it with negative and fearful minds. Think positive thoughts and always look for a better way of doing something if something feels wrong. There is always a way around the boulder in the road. Be clever and think outside the box. We are in tough times and most likely they will get even tougher in the near future. In order to survive and rise above it all we must be willing to release the old ways of doing things and have faith in a new way being created.  Out of all bad comes good! Hang in there, be willing to face the truth, have faith and hope and listen to your heart. The new world awaits us all.

Blessings to us all,



About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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7 Responses to What’s Behind Door Number 1?

  1. ” Times are different now and the truth of the world is beginning to spill out and people are suddenly seeing the reasoning behind the insanity playing out before us all on stage. “..

    Door 3 Vk…. has been for a long while now.. And like you in those initial findings VK of discovery I found myself feeling physically sick.. that war could be contrived and disease could be manufactured.. Yet when you look back at war crimes and how those German scientist were used and knowledge retrieved, the pattern on Genetics and other things make sense from way back then… It is sickening.. but we have to believe and have hope for the future and its only people like ourselves . and the ones who are basically good human beings who will at the end of the day I truly hope help change our world for the better..
    Much love VK for all you do.. xxx Hugs Sue

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Yes DW….It is more than the mind can accept at times to allow ourselves to face the reality of what has and is being done to humanity by a few perverted souls. It gets scarier every day. Now with them bringing Ebola into the main stream in the hopes of it escaping and their being able to declare a need to quarantine the population in Fema camps is just one more thing that is next to impossible to believe. How could anyone do such things? But they can and they are. We now have ebola crossing our southern borders with the influx of people. This reality is what makes being awake at this time so difficult. We will get through this I imagine. It’s what I hope and try to believe in no matter what. At least we all have each other and a strong desire to see human consciousness raised up so we can move beyond all of this insanity. Time outs are a good thing to re-energize. Glad you took time away. Hang in there DW…We will get there sooner or later! Love to you..VK

  2. Tom Merriman says:

    Yes, VK, I prefer the sound of Door Number Three also!

  3. Barbara says:

    Door number 3 for me, too. Interesting development, VK, I was thinking I had to get out of the town I’m living in, go somewhere quiet, less people, etc., when this morning I realized that this town needs me! This town is behind door number 3 and I’m going to love it into the very best town it can be, and the really neat thing is to do it with no judgment and just watch it unfold into its natural grace and dignity. Ah, yes, wisdom is where the heart is. I’ll just make a public apology here to ‘my town’. Love, B.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey B….
      I remember before this last move I made, I was trying to find a spiritual and awake place to move to where I could talk to the people and be understood. You know, like minds. I looked and looked and then suddenly I realized I always ended up in dark places because it was my journey to wake people up and bring light to that space. I wasn’t meant to live in awakened spaces that would be easier to live in for me. I was meant to struggle in the dark so I could learn and hopefully others would learn with me. Sounds like perhaps you have encountered the same situation? Glad you feel comfortable now digging in and staying put. Start lighting up the streets and sharing your glow. Keep us updated on how its going 🙂 Good luck my friend…Blessings and love…VK

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