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As everything around us is pretty much sinking and burning and exploding, many begin to wonder how to weather the storm and survive the insanity. It is not easy in these times of constant disinformation and propaganda. Minds are being yanked every which way vying for our attention. First and foremost, we have to shut all that interference out completely and only listen to our hearts and our gut and what they are telling us. After all, it is WE who know what is best, what is good for us, bad for us, right or wrong for us. To listen to ourselves we must first believe in ourselves and trust that what we do or think or say is correct. In order to believe in ourselves we have to know our inner selves! What do we believe in? What are our priorities in life? What matters most to us, who matters most, what do we stand for? The major distractions going on in the world over the years have been designed to keep us from paying attention to these matters. We have been told just listen to us( Govt.) and we will take care of you because we know whats best. Really? I don’t believe so.

In order to survive the major changes taking place here on earth, it is crucial we learn how to think outside the boxes we have been cowering in for so long. We have to stop using our three-dimensional old paradigm minds and allow them to open up and free themselves to bigger thinking. We survive these times by being able to reinvent ourselves and let our old selves fall behind as we surge forward. As the old ways of doing business begin to implode and fall to the wayside, we need to look deeply into that empty space and think about what we would like to see take its place and then insert ourselves into that space and make things happen! A clear example of this is the organic movement. Years ago people began to say I don’t want to eat this contaminated food being forced upon us, and so they forged ahead and began to create organic food that was cleaner and healthier and as more and more people began to buy it, it grew and expanded and began to push conventional food to the sidelines. Someone had to have the insight to see what was needed and then farmers willing to manifest this vision stepped forward to make it happen.

This is how we will survive. First having insights as to what is needed to improve the world and then being willing to go after those insights and make them happen. We need to stop looking for jobs in the old world and begin creating jobs for ourselves in the new world. The less support the old world receives the weaker it becomes. It is time to start looking at what is NOT working for us and thinking about ways we can change that and begin to create what we DO need. We will not survive trying desperately to hold on to the sinking ship as it heaves and rolls over and slips beneath the waves. So first knowing ourselves by shutting out the disinformation and listening to who we are and what we want for ourselves and for the new world is paramount. Next we have to open our minds to bigger thinking, paying attention to what is failing and where we can create something new to help build the new world and then we have to be willing to take the risk and let get of our old selves and give birth to our new selves as we reinvent who we are. Have strength and courage and a willingness to embrace the unfamiliar and we will see the new world erupt out of the ashes and leap forward building its new foundation out of love and honesty and compassion.

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About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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