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Having posted the ‘wake up post’ before this, I wanted to follow-up on a positive note. There is already far too much negativity going on in the world and it must be counter balanced with positive and uplifting thinking as well. I can’t urge you all enough to make a part of your every day be centered on imagining positive change. After all, whatever we choose to concentrate on in our thinking, we manifest into our realities. Everyday we are blasted with bad news and fear porn and the question we should ask ourselves is “What am I doing with this information?” Are you allowing it to weigh heavily on your shoulders and succumbing to it or are you transforming it into something better? The bad things we are constantly being shown are bits and pieces of insight that are showing us where we must make change in the world.The bad news is like a neon road map. Rather than being weighed down by it, use this information to make the world a better place.

We have marvelous minds that have no boundaries, but we only use so little of them, and by using so little of them, they are shrinking from lack of use. Just like any muscle in our bodies, if we do not keep active and move, they become atrophied and begin to waste away. We must use our minds, think outside the box, and allow them to expand and grow and help us to overcome the situation we find ourselves in. When confronted by something negative or fearful, take time out to think deeply about it, turn it around in all directions and search for the answer that lies hidden within. There is a solution to every problem, we just have to look for it. I saw so many situations far beyond my immediate control and found it unbearable to live with. I chose blogging to try to wake people up and help them see a different side to life than what we were being given to see. We are only shown what the dark wishes us to see and even that is manipulated to serve their agendas.

If an issue going on and it grabs at your heart-strings and causes you great discomfort, you are being shown the area in which you are meant to make a difference! It is up to you to find a way outside of the box to make that difference. The destruction of the earth also bothered me greatly, so I eat and promote organic food in my small way of not being part of the destruction. There are hundreds of things you can be doing to make the world a better place, you just have to step up to the plate and do it! Listen to your heart, it will guide you, it will show you what matters most to you. We all have our areas of what matters most thereby providing a multitude of people to fan out and perform different projects so everything gets covered in the end. If something isn’t of great importance to you and you do nothing and then feel guilty, don’t! We can’t take care of everything on our own and so we then accept that there is somebody who has our back who is concerned about it enough to do something. It is called trusting others.

The only way all of this works is if we are all doing our own part in making a difference in the world. If you see something that tears at your heart in another country do not give up. Find a way to help in some small way through starting an organization, doing charity work for that country,start a collection to help get what is needed, blogging about it, whatever. There are ways to help, but thinking outside the box, the boundaries we have all been held captive in for so long, is a must if you wish to find the answer to your dilemma! This is how we are all going to change the world in the end. By allowing our numbed bodies to thaw out and begin to feel compassion again. The perpetual war machine has deadened us and shelved our compassion in the dark. Turn on the light and find your compassion again, allow yourselves to care about others as well as yourselves. It is a bit painful to come back to life much like when your foot falls asleep and begins to tingle furiously. It is short-lived however, and well worth the discomfort. Reawakening ourselves to feeling compassion and love again is the answer to all of our problems. Find the courage to make your life all about making a difference in the world. Think positive, imagine positive change, see the positive change and go for it!

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About Visionkeeper

I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  1. Excellent thoughts VK.. and so agree with your sentence “The only way all of this works is if we are all doing our own part in making a difference in the world. “.. Keep on keeping on VK.. I know we are Winning despite those who would like us believe otherwise.. x DW

  2. David says:

    If we, and I mean the whole of the human race was to concentrate on exercising compassion in their own corner of the world on a daily basis what a different world it would be. Concern yourself with what you can immediately change for the better and encourage your immediate contacts to do the same. Love, David

    • Visionkeeper says:

      You are absolutely right….Not a hard thing to do. You just have to want to do it and desire for peace in the world 🙂 Have a happy day David….VK

  3. futuret says:


    • Visionkeeper says:

      Don’t think like that Futuret!!! That is violent! See them either changing their ways or being led quietly off to prison so they can sit there and come to grips with what they have done. If thoughts create our reality, if ALL the good people are seeing a better reality together as one, then it shall be.

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