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A few snow flakes are blowing about in the air today and the temperatures have plummeted announcing the arrival of  winter. I am contemplating starting up the wood stove today. That always makes the cold, blustery days seem more acceptable. We shall see. As I have been sitting here watching the snow swirling about out the window I found myself deep in thought about what really matters in life, what I am blessed by. I think if someone were to ask me what about me matters most in how I live my life, after saying honesty, my next big thing would be my curiosity. It literally has kept me alive. I cannot imagine living my life without curiosity. I would never know the wonder of things and the excitement of the spiritual world. It is magical, it is what makes life magical and life without magic is dead boring! There is a great deal of autopilot living going on these days. We have been surviving on autopilot for eons and because of that we have lost the magic. We are disconnected from life, unaware of the steps we are taking or where we are going. This way of living has unfortunately gotten us in the predicament we find ourselves in today.

Curiosity is so essential to survival. If we are not curious about what is going on in the world that means we are not researching for the answers that will help to keep us safe. Many think they are safe in their comatose little bubbles, but nothing could be further from the truth. Those bubbles are bubbles of denial to all that is going on in the world. People feel safe because they are turning a blind eye to everything taking place around them, but how is that safety? There is great truth in the old saying ” Knowledge is power”. If one is aware of what is happening to them they are equipped with the power to know what is bad or good for them, otherwise they just hang out in the bubble and never know what is headed their way until it is too late! There is great strength in being curious about everything in life. It keeps us awake and aware and up to date on all things.

Curiosity has worked well for me on so many levels. Take my Lyme disease for instance. If I were not curious about my health and knew my body well, I never could have put the puzzle pieces together that led me to realizing what was bringing down my health. I don’t have health insurance so it is imperative for me to maintain good health and avoid medical bills. I have self healed for many years now thanks to alternative medicine. If I were not a curious person by nature, I am certain all of this understanding would have passed me by all the while I became sicker and sicker. Years ago when I was fighting against mosquito spraying in the town where I lived, my battle led me to delve deep into the horrors of chemicals and their health effects to use for my defense. This in turn led me to the eventual discovery that the Government I knew was not at all what I thought it was! It was shocking and a bit overwhelming to discover this, but discover it I did and it has brought me full circle to where I am today.

Curiosity is essential for survival on all levels! If we are not curious about ourselves, we do not know ourselves on a deep level. We do not know if we are healthy or sick, content or frustrated with life, what we want from life or what we need from it. If we don’t question what is going on in the world or what our Government is doing, we lay ourselves open to being hoodwinked and lied to. It is happening all the time today. For a person whose life revolves around honesty, I find it extremely difficult to deal with the mass deception taking place on society right now.  If you do nothing else with your life, I urge you to activate your curiosity. Forget the diversions of television and drama in the news, or the empty entertainment designed to occupy your time. End all that and turn instead to activating your curiosity and connect with yourself and the world around you. That is true reality! You won’t be sorry once you find the courage to pop your safety bubble and join those around you in the know of the world at large.

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I am a seeker and a visionary with a strong desire to see the world move beyond the darkness and oppression and shift forward into light and higher consciousness. It is my earthly mission to offer hope to the world and awaken the slumbering people so that we may all come together and co-create a loving and compassionate world.
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  1. Great message VK.. Get curious with your Inner self.. and get to see how we tick… 🙂 and what has influenced our thinking since we were born.. .. Once we wake up to how our lives have been indoctrinated we then can detach from its controlling mechanism .. But to do that we have to open up our hearts….
    Loved your message.. And hope you stay warm as Winter sets in early and I feel we are in for a long one.. xxx Hugs DW xx

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