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I am adding this page on for everyone to check in and see what others are feeling during this magnificent shift and to be able to ask questions about health, natural healthcare, healthy diet etc. Please add your two cents and come back often so we can support each other through it all. Thanks.   VK

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  1. Hi VK.. I do not know if you still follow Jean’s site.. I think that is where we met LOL.. But I have one of her posts to share. which others may be interested in.. Given the state of things at the moment..
    You posted about the Ebola before.. But you may find this extremely interesting

    Love and Blessings DW

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  3. Purpleskyz says:

    Yep.. weird weather here also. No snow at all except a trace before xmas. Today it is sunny and near 40 degrees. For the last week in January that is crazy!!! Last night we had thunder and lightening with a slight icy rain. So weird…..

  4. Raven says:

    Snow Monk checking in… yes, very intense for me too. Lots of “stuff coming through” as PS says. I am getting ready to make some big changes and today all the possibilities just sort of lined up in a row and said, “Pick one.” Husband and I were watching video of our surf buds in Costa Rica surfing. We are going to visit them in CR in a few weeks. They are older than we are and they surf like they’re 15 on big waves. Husband and I just looked at each other and we knew immediately we had to get back to the sea. We just KNEW, right VK?

    Loads of dreams again too. Skyz and I have been comparing notes about those. I feel like I’m working all night processing stuff, but not my stuff, other people’s stuff. Like I’m doing all this light work for different people that I know, trying to make them catch up/wake up. Maybe we’re living other lives at night?

    Anyway, it’s a ride on a fast wind for this bird! Definitely full moon energy. Love you guys!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Ohhhh….Costa Rica sounds so wonderful. Great waves there and sun and WARMTH! My son used to surf Costa…Great spot. Hope you guys have a fabulous time but come back! Snow Monks in Costa…Hmmmm…That should be something to see. Dream on Raven…I so wish I remembered dreams. Oh well…Carry on! Love and stuff…VK

      • Raven says:

        Funny but the warmth part doesn’t sound so great to me. I actually love the cold so that could be an issue. It’s actually really hot there, but we’re going to be up in the mountains when we’re not actually on the ocean and it’s cooler up high in the rainforest areas. Doesn’t matter really, there is more to life than personal comfort every minute of the day. Love and stuff back!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      I prefer the middleland between hot and cold….Definitely not in love with cold, at least not the cold we have been buried under for so long now. Warming up some today!!!! I look forward to it. We were 20 below the other day and mid week we are supposed to be 47 degrees. Insane! VK

      • Raven says:

        Twenty below actually qualifies for cold. That’s how our winters used to be all the time and it’s not bad when you are prepared for it. But not any more! It hasn’t been below zero here in two years now and I can tell a huge difference in the bug population in the summer. Weird that you are getting this type of cold instead of us. The world is spinning out of control! I think part of it has to do with the pole shift and the magnetosphere shrinking. There is also a rather new theory out from Suspicious Observer that the Mayan Baktun cycle is actually a sun spot cycle. That cycle ended 12.21.12 as you know, and we are headed toward what is called The Mauder Minimum, which means the sun goes quiet and we get a Little Ice Age. If you aren’t familiar with this guy’s amazing videos I’ll send a link to this particular video, but I think you’ve posted his stuff before.

  5. Purpleskyz says:

    I will! Very important stuff coming through. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Purpleskyz says:

    Hi VK! I am having pressure headaches and intense dreams. Very enlightening ones at that. The dark ones on on their last legs. The LIGHT beings are winning. We won’t be bombarded much longer I think. So we have to hang on just a short time longer.
    Much LOVE and LIGHT to ALL here!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      It’s been a trip that’s all I can say! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sleeping has been sporadic at best, no dreams. Glad you are being blessed with them. Listen to those messages! VK

  7. Visionkeeper says:

    Greetings to all….Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing intense energies right now or headaches? Having quite the time slogging through everything right now. I suppose the full moon added to it, but this seems like more. It is a thick and sticky energy that weighs you down. It seems very heavy at times. It’s like I am being worked on inside and out for some new phase or something… VK

    • Hi VK, Hi ALL…
      Just looking at the conversation about energies VK.. and I can agree that those energies this last few days have been intense… Its not often I get so tired or feel at a low ebb.. But seems like my nerves have been frayed along with my emotions.. And so I just had to retreat into my shell… LOL
      Ive crawled out long enough to moderate my comments and call in here… .. I got my acupuncture treatment this afternoon, and so hope she put all those needles in the right places lol… And hope I have now got ‘re-plugged’ into the system to receive some Positive vibes my way…
      The weird weather hasnt helped here in the UK either.. as its been snow, now rain and Gales… So Im a bit like a tortoise today who pops my head out to see the world…
      My head has been receiving those incomings of high pitch noises this week.. Yesterday in particular… And Dreams… I will agree with PSkyz very Intense…..

      Ive also noted the sky and the Chemtrails in action Mega again over my skies…

      Wishing you all a good week and take care all of you… and I am trying to get back to some Basic’s Medi and Quiet time… of Self indulgence…
      Blessings DW xxx

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Hey DW….Glad you are surviving it all….Seems we’re getting hit from all sides, and as you said, the weather doesn’t help. Hopefully we’ve been updated and soon to be complete and be done with all of this. Hang in there girl and enjoy your ‘me’ time. VK xxx

  8. HI ALL….. Hannah glad to see you here and sorry about your illness.. and everyone else I hope you had a great Christmas,… Lots of catch up reading to do here, I only skimmed the last few as I made a point over Christmas just to chill with family..
    While I know many are feeling an urgency of doing something, I really feel for you guys over in USA as you see first hand the problems which by reading some of the above seems to be escalating with laws past etc etc..
    Here too new legislation which is giving Fracking the go ahead here in the East Midlands to extract Gas.. As all the Coal mines in our area now shut down, and North-Sea Gas has nearly all run out.. We rely heavily on Russia for Natural Gas..
    It made my blood boil somewhat when my hubby read it out from a News paper he’d bought.. And I could hear myself as I ranted back at what he’d just read out..
    And then I stopped myself..
    As I heard myself.. Yes I dont like whats happening, but logically as One person there is nothing I could do to alter it… But I thought about the energy I was then giving out.. as I got angry as I heard myself shouting back at the stupidity of it all, when we know we have alternative energy sources….
    And all I was doing was adding to the Negativity of it all…

    So while I know sitting on our butts and sending out love may not always seem like doing much, I would just ask those to investigate Prayer circles who send out in certain area’s and watch how Crime rates are reduced.. When 911 happened the energy was detected around the world to alter..
    We Can ALL help from our armchairs by using our Thoughts Energy and create a peaceful Energy in which those who wield the power of the dark, Light will surround and outshine the darkness every time..
    Yes we do need Faith like VK says… but we can ALL of us change the world by altering our way of thinking….
    Remember WE are the Shift.. We are the ones we have been waiting for… Use the greatest tool ever given to man.. Your MIND… and let the world begin to shine… Believe and Have Faith..

    Blessings and a Happy Bright 2013 to all
    Love DW xxx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey DW…..I agree with what you write but at the same time I just cannot understand why the spiritual community seems to think being active in making change is wrong. They stiff arm the idea and yet the world is falling apart around them….just don’t get it….For some reason they seem to think you can’t do both….Oh well…I am thinking it may well be time for me to hang up the keyboard for something different… VK

      • No VK I dont think you should be hanging up your Key Board.. You have inspired and worked so darn hard to bring enlightenment and encourage others over this past year.. Im not agreeing anyway is right or wrong.. Im simply saying that ..
        If this Divine plan is in order, if everything we know is going to plan… then we should have the faith you speak of to KNOW ALL is as it should be.. and the only thing I personally can do, is keep blogging adding my thoughts, and keeping the ‘Light’ as bright as possible.. For to add any sort of negativity is only giving the dark ones power… Thats all Im saying here VK..
        I get it that you and others are sick to your back teeth of just seemingly sitting back and taking it..
        But thats just it.. We aren’t just sitting back.. We are fighting back with our LIGHT! 🙂
        Take Cheer Vk.. You are much needed here with your own Mission.. Do not give in or give up.. We all do things the way we see fit.. and we are each part of the whole.. Even the Dark play their part as Hannah said.. We are all upon this Journey Together my good friend..
        Love DW xxx

  9. Visionkeeper says:

    Hi Hannah…. I understand where you are coming from, but my point is, in the time we spend sitting on our meditation cushions pumping our love out into the world, each day new laws are being put into place, more of the environment is destroyed, more of our rights disappear etc.
    That is just a few things that have happened the last few weeks not to mention over the Christmas holiday they passed GMO salmon so now that can destroy the last of our waterways. If we continue to just sit idle being love there will be nothing left of this planet or our freedom what little we have…Everyday something new is happening to further destroy our world. Where did the spiritual community come up with the idea that you can’t do both??? You can be passively active by being love and spreading the light but can also be active and be non compliant.. There is room for us to do both and try to save our world before it is all gone. just my thoughts….VK

  10. Purpleskyz says:

    Yes we do Hannah. And many blessings to you on yours.
    Friend me on Facebook… Debra Payne… the one with the pyramid of Giza avatar, if you would like. HUGS.

  11. Hannah says:

    I have been “raising my voice” through much more liberal posting regarding Ascension, Ben Fulford reports, channelings, and select articles reposted from AK and David Wilcock on my facebook page. I know that the message is getting out, as I have had a sporadic flow of friend requests from folks that I have not had strong associations with, especially most recently .I share my understanding with anyone open to listening, from friends and family, to coworkers and even a few residents at the nursing home. I left off being self conscious some time ago. If and when I am directed by my Higher Self to take on a leadership role in the 3D community, I am willing.

    We each have our own individual calling at this time.
    Blessings to you on your journeys. Hannah

  12. Purpleskyz says:

    Hi Hannah! Hope you had a wonderful holiday besides the illness. Hope you and your family are well.
    You said the “quiet movement”. Great point! We have been quiet especially in the US. That is the first thing we need to change. We need to be LOUD!!
    The THIS MUST END Liberation Movement should be LOUD!!!
    The love movement is quiet. The next step needs to be real LOUD!!!
    I can no longer listen to the quiet whispers of love right now.
    It does not change anything but that which is within.
    It is time to go outside and LOVE as LOUD as we can!!!
    Did I mention we should be LOUD enough? LOL

  13. Hannah says:

    Love is not passive. It is energy in motion. IT is the God Force that is ending the control of the dark ones. I have faith that our Love is shifting the collective consciousness of humanity and the power of the people is returning, moment by moment. We are the conduits of change.

    I also have faith in the work of the many white hats of various forms and dimensions that have been working consistently for years to put into place the foundation upon which our new governance and financial structures are coming into being. We have the reports of Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, Poof, Cobra, Gaia Portal, the Galactics, Ascended Masters, and the digest offered by American Kabuki (among many others in touch with insiders of this quiet revolution) upon which I place my trust that the Divine Plan is unfolding. As we add our personal transformations, we are bolstering their work.

    We have also been advised to send Love to the dark ones; they are of the One as well. They are on their paths back to Source too. Spirit has not left them out of the Shift. They will either transform or they will be gone from this Reality.

    Our evolution IS the revolution of Spirit. We are the Pillars of Light through whom Gaia is spiraling, returning to her former state in the 5th Dimension.

    That is my mission.

  14. Visionkeeper says:

    Hi Hannah….Sorry to hear you were so sick! Not fun at all. I personally feel the disappointment came from thinking oh my God we are still here and still facing the evil of the dark ones, we won’t have peace. We are still human Hannah, and I feel it was natural for people’s 3D minds to go there and feel defeated. Where we made our mis-step was in not shrugging it off and returning to our hearts and 5D more quickly and perhaps having wished with all our hearts that the control of the dark ones would be ending. I do not agree with you however in your comment of this is not a call to arms. Love and light is is the glue that will keep our new world together, but ultimately it is up to us to oust these idiots and clear the way for the new world. You can be love all you want but I don’t feel just being love will do that work for us. We learned that lesson on the 21st….VK

  15. Hannah says:

    O while I live to be the ruler of life, not a slave,
    To meet life as a powerful conqueror,
    No fumes, no ennui, no more complaints or scornful criticisms,
    To these proud laws of the air, the water and the ground, proving
    my interior soul impregnable,
    And nothing exterior shall ever take command of me.

    ~~ Walt Whitman

  16. Hannah says:

    I’ve been following this discussion and offer caution.

    First, a bit about my experience on the 21st. I was sick as a dog. The stomach and intestinal flu had been making its rounds at work for a week or so, and I was hit suddenly and hard at 10pm on Thursday night. Up all night every two hours puking or running to the toilet. Called in sick and laid in bed running a fever all day on Friday. Then my fever broke and I was as good as new, ready to work on Saturday. I wondered, what the hell was THAT?

    My best guess was that I was purging more old 3D crap, for lack of a better word. Letting go of the old drama was brutal.

    From there on out I have felt increasing joy. My dreamtime has been somewhat disturbing, as yet more stuff comes up for clearing, which I recognize immediately, bless and release. My days are continually more uplifting.

    I have been a bit surprised by the blogs reflecting such deep disappointment. It is as if folks have been very selective in their choice of expectations. We have been cautioned for months to not go there, to focus on our consciousness shifting, our High Heart awakening.

    So I have. I am. Every Now.

    My red flags go up with the sense of urgency that I think I am perceiving.

    The Shift is within first and foremost. Each individual is responsible for their own transformation. That is my understanding. As we ascend, our radiance shifts our Reality. We shift everyone, every everything within our field. Stay focused! Do not let attachments of any kind sway your ascension. We need you!

    It is not necessary to have a call to arms. That is of the old paradigm. It is our Love, our increasing Love that will usher in the New earth.

    My friends, my family, let go. Allow. Just allow.

    I love you All. Hannah

  17. Raven says:

    OK, I’m hearing some anger and frustration here, but also some fighting spirit, which I love you for. I get that. We’ve all worked very hard to clear past issues and deal with the flexing energies that bombarded us for quite some time. Up until 12/20, I was feeling fabulous, energized and optimistic, full of cool ideas, ready to face whatever came at us, and definitely seeing the light at the end of the dark one’s tunnel. Now all I feel is defeated and deflated, while everyone around me feels great! Something diabolical happened to me that day while husband and I were skiing. It was so harsh, like a giant hand slapping me in the head. I have no idea what happened and I still cannot get a grip on myself. Right now I have nothing to contribute to this forum or any other because I am plum out of ideas, juice or optimism, so I am going to go within for awhile, step away from the computer, and contemplate my navel. I will step back when I have something useful to contribute.

    Love you all, stay in the fight. I will check back soon.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Raven….Have a good quiet time with yourself….Please remember as much as I don’t want you to misinterpret what I’m saying, you are in control of your thoughts, so if you are feeling this way, it is up to you to change these thoughts. You have the choice of staying locked into defeat, or you have the choice to see things differently. It is just a matter of actually DOING it…..It is scary to think of remaining here in 3D amidst all of this insanity, so if we want out we must create the way out. Nobody is going to do this for us. It is up to us as it always is….Be well friend and know we love you…Don’t be gone too long. I’ll miss ya…..VK 🙂

      • Raven says:

        Thanks for the pep talk, VK. Everything you say is correct. Today I felt so much better, my honey dragged me out to go skiing. It was a gorgeous day and the snow was perfect. First time I’ve felt well enough to wander outside since The Great Zap. So much of my sadness was thinking about how much I wanted peace and prosperity for everyone. Looks like I’m not alone in all this (isn’t it lovely when you find this out?) Here’s a good link that says it well:

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks Raven…That article speaks exactly to what many felt I think. Ultimately what we all were experiencing was a loss of power! We all forgot temporarily how powerful we really are, that we are in charge! I fell, we all fell for a short while, but we are getting back up.and I feel our next mission, should we accept it:) will be to get off our meditation pillows as I say and get down to the unavoidable work of getting rid of these dark ones and taking back what is rightfully ours. We hoped ascension would do this for us I think, but we found out the hard way it would not, so back to the issue at hand we tried to avoid. Taking care of this problem ourselves! We will do just that when enough people reach the same conclusion and decide it is up to us as well. We WILL do this!!!! So glad the sky over your head is getting brighter…We are in this together! Love ya….VK

  18. Visionkeeper says:

    Raven…Take a listen…Skyz sent this to me….Very interesting….VK

  19. Purpleskyz says:

    Whew Hew!!! Now that is what I am talking about right there VK!
    Let’s just say that we are here and staying here on poor old damaged Gaia.. We are not going anywhere until we pass into the next level, call it 5D or heaven or what not. So that said what will we need to do next? Get this group of colossal A Holes out of power and behind bars where they belong.That is why we are all “awake” now. imo… and I could be wrong of course but this is the reason I think. We need to make sure that every child has food and water and shelter. That means we must demand… world wide that these so called governments STOP robbing us and take care of the issues that they are paid to do.If they thought the 60’s revolution was a big deal… they ain’t seen nothing yet!
    VK… I remember a few months back that you were getting pissed off that nothing was happening and no one was doing anything.. You were on the correct path with that there anger. It is what will spur on the next wave of po’ed Light Workers. Maybe that is the very reason that we are awake and were “fed” this whole 5D thing to begin with. I mean there has to be a reason that hundreds of thousands of people were 11:11’ed for the last 20 something years and all of the rest right? We need to get that and push forward now.
    The way I see it… we can either close our eyes again and go to sleep or we can stop talking and do something. All of this has meaning. We just need to sort it out.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Right On !!! Like that fighting spirit 🙂 I figure whatever I do with this site next, should I decide to go on, is try to get minds to come together and figure out ingenious ways we can begin to take the dark ones foundation apart and bring them down. I am NOT staying here in 3D and continue on with this insanity. Either we work together to bring an end to this or I am outta here. Not sticking around to suffer this BS any longer. SO I guess we need to turn OWR into a think tank/brain storming hang out, roll up our sleeves and get some work done!!! Welcome back SM…. 🙂 VK

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Sorry Skyz…I got mixed up on Ravens comment and yours….What I said stands for both of you however….. Sorry 🙂 VK

  20. Raven says:

    Did anyone experience the Mayan AcTah’s 8 minutes of spiritual enlightenment? I was thinking about all the things foretold that never happened: CERN going off, Nibiru, disclosure, Terrance McKenna’s zero point, Clif Bot’s coastal catastrophe, lots more. I am having problems discerning what is real and what is not. Anyone else feeling a little lost about all this?

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Merry Christmas Raven…Thought of you this morning when I got up and it was snowing. I did not hear anything in the 8 minute window either. We have to remember that Ac Tah is no different than anybody else, he didn’t have a clue in hell as to what would happen. How could he? As for Cern, it was on but how are we to know what it feels like or what it really does. It may have done something we don’t even know about. I really don’t listen to a lot of that stuff R, it is all speculation and as you are now seeing, most of it never comes to pass. I definitely look at this whole thing from the male/female shift in energies. Being in the feminine energy now will allow the warring to stop and the gentle love to begin encompassing the planet, but that will not happen over night or in an 8 minute window. I imagine it will be a slow unfolding process.
      To keep looking for what didn’t happen etc. will keep you trapped in 3D Raven. Move past all that as it was all just somebody elses word anyway. We cannot listen to anybody else but rather listen to what is going on within. Think of it this way: If you hadn’t heard about all of those predictions and had just gone into this ascension process with no preconceived ideas in your mind, how much better you would feel now. There would be no let down of any kind. Big lesson for all of us to take from this is to not fall prey to what others are telling us will be or what will happen etc. It is such a huge set up other wise. It is such an awful part of being in 3D not to know who the hell is telling the truth! It will be so wonderful to get to 5D where there are no more lies and deception! It has made getting through these end times so difficult and so depressing. I am so sick of lies!
      Hang in there Mountain lady/snow monkey….I have decided that going into this new year I will now spend my time and energy focusing on how we can gather the masses together and get everyone to no longer COMPLY so we can brings these creeps down once and for all. Time to get off our meditation pillows and get active!!! Have a happy day Raven and go walk with your pups in nature. That always makes you feel good 🙂 VK

  21. Raven says:

    VK, I had no preconceived notion about what I wanted to hear. We have all undergone a huge amount of awakening and change according to our paths and we all learn from what each other has discovered. Thanks to you gathering us together, we have come to trust each other’s opinions or I would not have bothered posting this.

    I think “the light thingy” is what is bothering me most about all this, only for a different reason than what you are thinking. One of the ways I became “awakened” was through a guided healing meditation that I started doing way back in the 90’s. I was diagnosed with a terminal disease and told I had five years. This rang my BS meter off the charts so instead of going the standard drug/surgery route, I tried self-healing where you bring light into your body. It was so incredibly powerful that it cured me completely in a very short time, plus fixed up a bunch of other stuff that wasn’t all that great to begin with (allergies, for example.) At the same time, however, I also started practicing qi gong, and was studying to be a tai chi master, so there was a lot of light coming into me from different sources, all of it good it seemed to me, especially since if I had gone with the doctors I’d be dead long time ago. I haven’t been to a doctor since and I use light whenever something goes wrong, although it never does anymore since I adopted the phrase “I don’t use my body for illness.” So to me the idea of bringing healing light into your body makes perfect sense, something TPTB don’t want us to know because then we wouldn’t need doctors at all. That message is what tingled my antenna.

    So I also believe there is a very strong case to be made that we have all the light we need inside us. I have also used my brain to heal, where I talk to me brain and say, “I have a sore throat. Go fix it” and it does. I don’t always use light. Interestingly, the subject of illness comes up a lot with my B&B guests and I tell them, “You have all the healing power you need inside you.” I don’t think a single person has believe me.

    One thing I do know for sure, we are powerful beings and that idea I will never doubt again no matter what crap the dark ones throw at us. Thanks for your thoughts, VK. You keep my little brain humming.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      I can see where you are coming from given all you’ve said you encountered in your life. Glad all is well by the way!! I guess it all comes down to one very strong point, we are powerful beings with many abilities to do whatever we desire to do, including healing ourselves. We don’t need anything more, but if bringing in more light helps then so be it. Whatever works, works, just as long as you don’t feel you can’t do something without the help. So glad you are good now and a part of this amazing moment in time with all of us. Keep on keeping on Snow Monk and know you are loved. Stay in the light….VK

  22. Visionkeeper says:

    Okay SM….I will try not to keep repeating myself here 🙂 First off I couldn’t even read that whole thing. Talk about being preached to. He/she talks about not listening to information anymore like channelings etc. and here he/she is doing just that. Being so bold as to tell me I don’t have a higher self, its just my spirit. Could well be, but how the frig does this person know diddly squat? Is he/she an ascended master? Talk about preachy. It gave me a very negative vibe half way through hence I stopped reading and tossed it out of my mind..Did not get good feelings at all.
    I have never meditated and I surely found myself out of the matrix okay. Granted maybe I would be far more spiritual if I did, I don’t and won’t know. We all have ways of going into the stillness and that doesn’t necessarily require meditating. I think turning off the media chatter is also a way of going into the stillness as that chatter is no longer in your head. I certainly have NOTHING against meditating what so ever. In many ways I wish I could get myself to do it. My only gripe with it is the light thingy. I personally don’t feel it is productive to feel you have to call light into you as if you are lacking it. We are filled with our own light of God and complete just as we are, so push your own divine light out into the world from the most sacred space, your heart! Powerful !!!
    Probably not what you wanted to hear SM…Sorry…That article really set me off. Which is good I guess as it creates dialog amongst people. Have a happy and gas up the snow mobile for Friday’s shindig….Happy day and love….VK

    • Visionkeeper says:

      P.S. I don’t think everything we were taught was wrong, just the part that keeps giving us the message we need to get our power from some place else. I think meditation is wonderful and my fav is Qi Gong, but I do it through myself and for myself, not trying to bring anything foreign into me from a supposed higher source. That subtle message has conveyed to us for eons that we need to get help from somewhere else. Wrong!

  23. Raven says:

    Up for discussion if you are interested… the video VK posted of George K the other day has been niggling at me. I went back and read everyone’s take on it and then this was posted on Shift Frequency yesterday, which takes a similar course:

    I have been pondering both of these and I have a few thoughts on them. To me it basically says, “Everything we were taught is wrong, it’s all deception.” I tend to agree with Mish’s feeling that much of the energy work we have done has helped us greatly, without it how would be any different? Sure we all have power, but how would we know how to break free of the matrix to connect with it? I also think at this point we are able to distinguish when the dark ones are knocking on our doors, versus light that fill us with joy. Maybe I’m wrong about this…or maybe these two lightworkers, who both have big followings, have been hacked. See what I mean?

  24. Purpleskyz says:

    Hello Everyone!
    So I was giving some thought to your dream Mish, and with snippets from my dreams I think I have come some interesting possibilities.
    Your dream was very specific in that The Prince was involved especially with you being O-. That is the royal blood line. It is said that 7% of the population is O-.
    So that coupled with my family story made me realize that it is possible that all O-‘s are direct descendants of some royal linage. We are the red headed stepchildren. So how interesting that so many negs are workers against the ruling elite?
    Now if the concept of the Royals being Reptilian is true… that would then be true of us. Of course the linage has been diluted. But it would explain why it is said that negs are tracked through out their life times. So it is not all that far fetched to think that maybe there is a telepathy of some kind that is or can be occurring. That is where my dream comes in. That the energies will effect blood types differently. I am still contemplating what it could mean. If anything… but it feels important.
    Well I just wanted to get that out before watching Survivor. LOL
    have a good night all

  25. Mish says:

    Both of the books you mentioned VK sound interesting – I’ll look them up 🙂

    I have only been out of my body when sleeping a few times that I remember. On one occasion I bumped into an elderly man who I think was in spirit and asked him what he was doing in my house and on another occasion I bumped into my next door neighbour and we were both quite surprised, (although I don’t think she remembers the experience!) A third occasion, was when my son was a baby and he used to sleep in our bed, I ‘woke up’ and found myself floating just below the bedroom ceiling. I turned my head to find the my son was floating just beside me, eyes wide open and smiling at me. I pulled him to me and together we flew towards the wall – I don’t know if we crashed, because that’s the last thing I remember….lol

    Brightest blessings! Mish

  26. Mish says:

    Hi Vk & all,
    Thanks for the reference to more Hadron information, I will deifinitely take a look.

    I do agree with Raven, in that your gift VK is your connection to your higher self and the spirit of the earth – you probably don’t need to remember dreams to get your guidance. You’re getting guidance all through the day, through your connection with Spirit & Mother Earth I’m sure. You also have a wonderful ability to communicate these feelings and ideas…

    Your son sounds lovely – with his brilliant scientist’s mind, he sounds like he compliments your intuitive/philosophical nature. It’s lovely that there’s such a deep, loving connection between you, even if you don’t share much physical 3-D time together.

    I do seem to travel a lot at night, but then I can wake up feeling exhausted in the morning…lol Not always fun – and interpreting symbols from a dream can become frustating, but it seems to be the best personal guidance I ever get. But we do all have our different ways of receiving guidance and you are blessed with your own unique connection to life and the spirit realms. I do very much value what you (and others here!) have to say. Sorry if I’m repeating myself, but I am genuinely grateful to be able to complete this last leg of the journey with fellow travellers and friends.

    Also, thanks Raven for your message from your guides about the Hadron collider. I do feel strongly too, that they just won’t be allowed to get away with this. If Karma has anything to do with it, it will all blow up in their faces before they get a real chance to destroy the rest of humanity!

    Brightest blessings! Mish

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks Mish…Too much kindness will give me a big head though….Dreams can be very important. I told Raven about a book a while ago called the kin of atta are waiting for you. Did you read it yet Raven???? Did you like it??? It’s a well known spiritual book that is centered around dreaming being how ones lives their life. It’s pretty good. Give it a try…
      If we can’t stop these creeps from doing their Hadron Collider we should at least double up on our work at visualizing peace and open our hearts to love as wide as they will go. We need to make some effort to stop this….If we are secure in our hearts that means we are in 5D and if we are in 5D they cannot get to our thought processes. If they can’t get to our minds they cannot succeed at stopping this shift.We need to do this as best we can…..As many of us as possible!!!
      Have you been Out of body on your dream journeys??? Just be careful and don’t crash into anything 🙂 We need you in one piece so you can keep coming here and sharing with us. Take care Mish and keep those dreams coming…. VK

  27. Mish says:

    Hi VK & Purpleskyz!

    Thanks for your lovely comments about my son…..he keeps me in line at the tender age of 14 (sometimes going on 140 and sometimes going on 4…lol) He is very grounded and spiritual at the same time. He wants to see how far he can get with his football which he is totally dedicated to, and has now realised that yoga and qi gong have helped him so much with his energy, endurance and strength, but also psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Who knows, one day he might pass it all on and maybe football will incorporate some of these healthy, balancing practices?! 🙂

    I did pass your messages on, hope you don’t mind, and he had a kind of embarrassed, happy glow about him 😉

    Sorry, I missed your dream Skyz, there must have been an overlap there. But yikes! I’m RH-….and so is my son….

    It’s amazing, that you dreamt of blood types and bloodlines! Wow, will you let us know what you think it all means, once you’ve worked it out?

    Don’t worry though, we’re definitely not infiltrators 😉 We are totally opposed to the darker forces on this planet. Interestingly, I had a dream once that my son was ‘born’ out of a pod, in the middle of a road. There were 3 pods and he came out of the middle one. It occurred to me recently that the 3 pods might be Orion’s belt and he (his spirit) came from the middle star? Once I had pulled him out, two men in black appeared (I know, corny but true…at least in the dream), and chased us through the streets. We came to a shop, where the shopkeeper recognised us and told us to go out the back of the shop where there was a rectangular ‘pit’ in the middle of the floor with a group of people standing around it. They told us to jump into the pit, (it wasn’t too deep as my upper body was still above floor level) and then they held hands. An incredible white light was produced by these people and when the men in black ran into the room they couldn’t see us!

    I met my son in a dream quite a few years before he arrived, and woke up with his name in my head. He was holding hands with a young man who must have been a spirit guide. He was a lovely gentle soul, so at least I know that my son is in good hands 🙂

    I also had a meditation experience with a close friend once. We both went quite deep, we seemed to travel to another realm/world – and ended up in the same place in our meditation. When we came out of the meditation and discussed where we had been and what we had seen, we both said that we’d been to a planet called Altea, and felt a really strong connection with it.

    I remember reading other’s posts on here about feeling as though they were from other stars/worlds and having the feeling of wanting to go ‘home’. I do get that strong ‘pull’ sometimes too, but hey-ho, work to do here first!

    If you find anything out about RH-, I’d love to know (good & bad, don’t worry!)

    Hope that makes sense and thanks again for your lovely replies 🙂

    Brightest blessings! Mish

    • Visionkeeper says:

      I don’t remember dreams so i can’t add anything about them yours are quite extraordinary Mish…Nothing plain Jane about you nighttime….It’s wonderful that you have such a wonderful connection with your son. I am extremely close with my son as well. He has a brilliant scientific mind(no bias there 🙂 ) but unfortunately it does agree well with my very deeply spiritual/metaphysical mind. We do well together, but I miss not being able to share all of this with him. So it goes. We can’t have it all I guess. We do love each other deeply though and what more does one need than that. We should just be blessed to have healthy kids we love and who love us. So many don’t have that.
      Love the pod dream….He definitely must be an Orion being of light. Of course the number three is the trinity. He is blessed by creator….Have a great day Mish….VK

  28. Raven says:

    Yikes! I feel like I just walked into a Calculus 600 class! So much going on with everyone, and here I am thinking 12.12.12 was Ho Hum… NOT! I’m going to bullet point a few squawks:

    I’m familiar with they are attempting at CERN (to the extent any outlier can be who understands quantum theory) and when I heard about what they were planning on 12/21/12 I asked my guides (who are always present with me lately, protecting? More like hovering.They have a lot invested in all of us, you know) and they indicated that CERN was very much like what the Atlanteans were messing around with and almost destroyed the planet. They assured me that Creator has made the decision that Gaia will be protected. To me that put that puppy to bed.

    Did anyone happen to watch the 12.12.12 Iluminati rock concert last night? Supposedly to raise money for the victims of Sandy (wink, wink) complete with the numerical symbolism and the usual corporate suspects- Chase Bank, Pepsi, etc. I can guarantee not a penny will reach the hands of anyone who needs it. Once you take the red pill you can’t get back into the Matrix… This is a good thing really.

    Dreams… wow, we’re having them. Mish, yours was awful. And I had a royal blood line dream as well. Bloody awful it was too! I was awakened early this morning by the Eye of Horus in my face– black, evil and pussy, totally disgusting. Who are they kidding? A force moved into my body and woke me up with a start. I knew right away what it was and I sent it packing. The last time this happened the dark force laughed, like I wasn’t even worth bothering with. This time there was no laughing. The dark ones are making their last stand because they have to, they are losing their earth playing ground. We of the Light Family are very strong and they know it. That is why we have suffered and fought through this life of ours, to make us into Light Warriors. It’s all becoming clearer.

    I think we will be coming into ourselves in these next days. It’s very helpful to read about all your experiences because it helps everyone else decipher their own.

    Love and light to all my Light Family.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Goodness….Squawk!!!! Yes, lots going on it seems…Especially in the dream scenario. I don’t remember dreams so I have nothing to offer there unfortunately. What they are trying to do with the Hadron is extremely dangerous and yet once again one more thing we were never asked about how we felt about building this machine. All the people of earth are of no consequence it seems. The majority would have been against building this travesty…I would like to hope the light beings will be able to deflect the energy they will be zapping the earth with and neutralize it….Along with what Ac Tah is doing in Guatemala and Mexico. This is the last brutal scene of this ghastly play and hopefully we will have a curtain call and be done with this!!! Pray hard and visualize this stupid evil machine breaking down and failing its mission…..VK

      • Raven says:

        VK, someone told me a long time ago that when people cannot remember their dreams it’s because they have a strong connection with their Higher Self in other ways that us lowly dreamers don’t. That’s obviously the case with you. The rest of us have to dither around with interpretations, symbolism, etc. You’re lucky because you get to actually sleep while you sleep!

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Oh I wish Raven…sounds nice 🙂 I do wish I could remember dreams sometimes. Every so often(rarely) I do remember…And I never forget! I still remember a dream from when I was a child! strange…I was just out walking to the mailbox(long driveway) and it is a deep azure blue sky and 50 degrees out. unreal! I talked with creator the whole way about what i want to manifest in my life with this new moon. This seems like a special new moon being in this time frame and all. Might as well try to make the best out of it…Put our intentions out and hope for the best. Thanks for making me feel better about not remembering dreams 🙂 Have a good one…VK

  29. Purpleskyz says:

    Whoa Mish! Your dream is interesting on so many levels! The royal blood line is all RH-. I was told that my linage is linked in that a royal slept with the help and that would have been a great-great=great-great grandmother. There may be a few more greats in there. LOL
    Funny we both had a royal blood line dream. Many messages in yours. Thanks for sharing. Gave me a new read on mine. 🙂

  30. Mish says:

    Yes it was weird and creepy….I’m not sure, possibly trying to reduce our energetic frequency? I have no idea where the ‘hybrid’ bit fits in, maybe if they dominate and consume the divine feminine within us energetically, it could have some effect on our evolution? From what I understand, this is about the evolution of Sophia/Gaia with all of her spiritual human inhabitants, and therefore the awakening of the divine feminine in us all. I may be on the wrong path here, but it’s a guess 🙂 The darker forces are fighting for their survival because they know that once the great awakening takes place across the board, the game is up and they’re outa here! So they’re like a parasite, clinging to their host at any cost.

    I read the post about Cern and the Hadron Collider – interesting and frightening at the same time! I don’t believe the forces of light would allow these buffoons to destroy our beautiful planet and lets hope Sophia/Gaia kicks them off if they even think about it!!

    If they want to find the God particle, just look within – it’s as simple as that…lol Aren’t we all particles of God? Woah, how did we all end up on a planet with these crazies!

    I loved the post about the musical swings – fantastic!

    Also the Oracle Report was really uplifting today 🙂

    Thanks for all of your time and effort VK – great job 🙂

    Brightest blessings! Mish

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hoping you’re right about the light ones stopping this. A while back a Mayan guy was talking about 2012 and he mentioned how the dark ones were trying to stop the incoming info with a large and powerful machine. Everybody went right to the Hadron in their mind….They are doing all kinds of things in mexico where the info is supposed to come into the planet to counteract what they will be doing. And then i saw the article today which sealed my idea about which machine….The real battle is on now!!!! VK

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks Mish for your support and compliments…appreciated 🙂

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Mish….If you go to the post called Not a coincidence, Doreen left a long rely about what the Hadron will be trying to do…Just in case you want to know more 🙂

  31. Visionkeeper says:

    Quite a colorful dream Mish…My God, what a creepy dream…They would die trying to preserve their precious bloodline….I can’t see why he would be trying to mate with anyone OUT of his bloodline. Maybe they are realizing that they don’t have love and they are trying to add that to their bloodline to try and defeat us…? VK

  32. Mish says:

    Hi VK,

    Oh no! I haven’t heard of the Hadron Collider…what the heck is it?! I’m going to have a look at your latest post to find out!

    I really do believe that if we stand together, we will defeat the darker forces, but like you just mentioned, it’s with our minds – our greatest (positive) weapon, using our thoughts to create the kind of world that we want. I agree with you, in that it will take some time, it is a gradual process. In the last video you posted (2012 – The crossover), they said that in the decoded Mayan prophecies, the window of opportunity/awakening is from 2007-2015. Maybe that’s why they’re throwing everything at us now?! The thing is, once they have thrown everything at us, and we have survived and even evolved/awakened, what more can they do? Apparently, we are far more powerful than the darker forces, because we have an eternal spirit, we are pure consciousness which they are supremely jealous of. We are the true co-creators of our world and have powerful allies on our side 🙂

    Funny, I had a very strange dream last night….bear with me here, because this is super weird. I dreamt that I was back in my childhood home, sitting in a room when out of a cupboard sprang Prince Charles of the (so called) Royal Family.

    Now, I have absolutely zero respect for the Royals…as far as I’m concerned they’re just another form of parasite, when the Queen, who is one of the richest people in the world, (if not the richest), can allow a proportion of ‘her’ people to live on the streets and starve. We’re talking about people from all walks of life, many of whom are youngsters who had to leave home because of abuse.

    Anyway, back to the dream….Prince Charles was prancing around the room like a complete idiot and I was watching him in sheer bewilderment! The next moment, he leapt on top of me (fully clothed) and started trying to ‘mate’ with me (I was fully clothed too). I was getting angry and trying to push him off, but the message coming through was that he was trying to create a hybrid.

    Looking at this symbolically, I’m wondering if this not only represents the domination and control by these illuminati bloodlines, but also something more? An attempt to ‘soil’ the purer genetics/energy of humans (funny, when they think of themselves as the ‘pure/master’ race through all of their inter-breeding!)

    Anyway, just thought I’d share that with you for what it’s worth 😉

    Brightest blessings! Mish

  33. Purpleskyz says:

    Morning ALL!
    Mish… what a wonderful description of your day. I LOVE your son. He is the very essence of the Rainbows that will bring our planet to a new level when his time has come to do so. You are blessed.
    Hannah… I am so HAPPY for you! You are exactly where you should be. My mother was in a nursing home for 10 years. I know how heartbreaking it is to see those that have been put aside. The fact that you can be there for them is wonderful. I am so glad all is well for you. Keep on glowing.
    Sue… You work to hard. 🙂 I miss you and I understand. No worries. HUGS

    There is one thing that I did not mention yesterday. When I woke up I still had a dream in my head to think of. The dream was that I was in a pub seated at a long table with people I don’t know but knew. There was a lot of folks partying and lots of noise. But our table was in deep conversation. One of the statements I remembered was something to the effect that blood type may dictate what energies are absorbed. Now this could have been an answer to many of the blood type questions that I am always in search of… or it could just be that I have been contacted by one of my fav site authors re: RH- blood type and have been thinking more about it lately and I worked in many pubs over the years and the dream just incorporated all of that. So I am not sure….
    VK.. thanks for yesterday and this place. Connecting with all of you is just so special.
    Much LOVE to you!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Skyz…..Amazing dream…Of course we have mentioned before how RH neg is actually an alien blood type 🙂 This place is always here with waiting arms to greet you all. It is wonderful to have you all here to share with. So thank YOU. Have a great day and glow in that light beam….VK

  34. Mish says:

    Hi VK, Raven, Hannah, Purpleskyz & all,

    I thought about Raven’s question re 12.12.12, and my thoughts were that, depending on what we needed, we all possibly experienced the influx/upgrade in different ways. Your walk in the woods sounded very spiritual to me Raven. Hannah’s experience of love, joy and bliss sounded beautiful too. Purpleskyz long soak in the bath and violet ray sounded wonderful – healing and soothing. And VK’s experience of waking before dawn to see the stars twinkling in the sky was a magical moment. Perhaps this is all a glimpse of a greater reality yet to fully materialise?

    My experience was one of intensity – a bit like a long distance runner that can see the finish line but still has a way to go. Feelings of exhaustion mixed with elation. Relief and doubt – will I make it? Sounds strange I know, but on a spiritual level, I feel it’s been a long, hard journey – I’m sure many of you can relate to this? At the same time as experiencing growth throughout the journey I have also experienced the darkest times of my life. These have manifested in different ways, but the most distressing have been attacks from darker forces, either on a psychic/energetic level (much better after doing qi gong, which strengthens your energy field and elevates your vibration so that you’re out of reach), or even from nearest and dearest – and for no logical reason.

    This has made the journey all the harder (and more lonely) at times, but I really feel that the darker forces/archons can hook into the unsuspecting/unprotected and those functioning through a vibration of fear/anger. John Lash speaks about the ancient gnostic scriptures where all of this is exposed and calls these forces the archons. They are also known as mind parasites, who manipulate and feed off this negative energy for their agenda, which is to prevent people from awakening and suppress lightworkers. For my part, I think the lesson is not to engage with these forces, no matter how unjustified it feels and who they are expressing through. Something I’ve still yet to master!

    For me, this has been the most distressing part of the awakening process, because it all hinges on opening the heart centre, which can then end up getting bruised if you’re not surrounded by positive energy.Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe it’s me and my karma, but yesterday definitely touched that place deep in my heart and was quite overwhelming.

    Saying all of that, I still have plenty of times where laughter and smiles rule the day! It’s just the long, hard grind for the body, mind & soul through these times.

    Love, light & brigtest blessings to you all! Mish

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Mish….you said it all in that comment and yes, it has been a hard journey at times. We are all so different yet the same, but our mental differences will effect how we experience things the most. It will be different for everybody. I think we have to learn how to be more in tune because things slip by us without notice because we are not tuned in closely enough. We are learning but we have not yet perfected it, but hopefully we will. I am very concerned about that latest article I posted about the Hadron Collider about to start up. That Mayan guy I was not too happy with did speak to this. I don’t believe he mentioned it by name but it didn’t take too much imagination to put 2+2 together and come up with 4….This is definitely their final attempt and a very powerful one to either destroy the freaking world or destroy the incoming info we need for evolving! Don’t know what we must do about this short of doing what I mentioned, meditate on this machine breaking down or failing at its mission. Talk about dark forces. This is pure evil….VK

  35. Hannah says:

    Well, I wouldn’t say that my day was too far off normal for me, but then again, every day is now filled with moments of sheer joy. I am finally doing my work, serving by simply loving the seniors in my care in the nursing home. I am paid to play. I just am Being, and it is soooo easy.

    I was standing outside having a smoke before clocking in, when a kitchen worker joined me. Upon being asked what I thought about the 21st, I launched into a very passionate and joy filled rendition of my understanding, which included 12-12-12. He surprised me with his interest and openness to my thoughts. He made my moment when he told me that I was “glowing.” This was not a come-on; he is about 25 years my junior.

    After that Love was flowing in, about, around, toward, and through me all day.

    On the 12:12:12 I met a woman who is bed bound for our planned mediation together. Within minutes I felt electrical surges in my High Heart space and in my brain. I could feel my field growing larger and larger, and it also felt as though my hair was standing on end. I was filled with simultaneous deep calm and an overwhelm of an emotion that I can only identify as Bliss. We were interrupted when her lunch was delivered. I just continued to sit there for a while, not wanting to move, sleepy and joyful.

    This feeling did not remain in intensity, yet in retrospect I moved differently through the rest of my day. I had no hesitancy, responding with deeper Wisdom and even Reiki as needed. Twice I was thanked by observers for my service. One such woman, struggling with dementia issues of her own, was overcome with gratitude to the point of tears. I was humbled and so very grateful to be useful in these powerful, yet simple ways. Combine this all with singing carols with a room full of our elders singing their hearts out, being led by a guitar playing gentleman with a gloriously soothing voice and, well…my day was my new normal.

    Oh, yeah, when I arrived home my youngest daughter called to tell me about how humbled she felt to serve a young lady who sat in her chair this afternoon. The girl was a gymnast whose spine was broken about a month ago. My daughter gave her a new hair style, and arranged for further services for her in the salon. My daughter began to wake up within the past couple of months. I’ve not pushed at all. Mama is overjoyed!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Wow Hannah!!! Things are rolling along for you and all seems well. I am so happy for you! Sounds like your day was full of meaning and that in and of itself is what makes life worth it. Helping others is a grand way to fill up inside. To see you are making a difference in the world is so gratifying! Glad you are in Bliss Hannah….VK

  36. Raven says:

    Thanks Mish, I did not know about the birch having that meaning. I’m going to make a concerted effort to find out what kind of sweet trees they are. I’ve lived here nine years and that’s pretty lazy of me…

    So I was just chatting with PurpleSkyz on FB and we both agreed that 12.12.12 was kind of a let-down in the sense that nothing much happened that either of us could tell. I mean I got my “scent” thing and all, but otherwise the day felt very average. How do the rest of you feel?

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Raven….I don’t think a lot of this will show up and blow our socks off, I think it is a gradual occurrence…I am sure as well that we all see things differently according to where we are in the evolution process. I pretty much just kept feeling energy, so much so towards the end of the day I was getting agitated and I didn’t want that. So much is being kept from us it is hard to see the progress we are making. It would have been nice to have something mind blowing happen. I pray we see or feel more on the 21st. If not I think a lot of folks will feel let down. It will be our own fault for falling into the 3D trap of assuming something will happen and pinning all our hopes on it. This is why I don’t like all the channeling stuff that is building peoples hopes up of this and that which is going to happen. That is 3D thinking. To be able to go with the flow is 5D thinking. It would be great though to see or feel something….Keep on keeping on (Squawk)……VK

  37. Mish says:

    Thanks Raven 🙂
    I loved the picture you painted too, of walking in the snowy woods with your dogs and smelling the buds of the birch trees (in the middle of winter no less!) Sounds amazing! You can always trust the intuition/instincts of animals too – so if they were sniffing the air, well…!! It kind of reminded me of Narnia 🙂
    I know you said you weren’t sure if they were birch – but anyhow (and you probably already know this!), but doesn’t birch relate to ‘birth’ in the druid ogham? Might be quite fitting, even if only symbolic 🙂
    Brightest blessings! Mish

  38. Mish says:

    Thanks VK, so lovely to have discovered you and this wonderful group…just in the nick of time! It’s such a fantastic place you have set up here – so a huge thank you to you 🙂 It’s lovely to find someone/somewhere that not only shares wonderful pearls of wisdom, but also encourages a positive & kind community spirit 🙂
    Brightest blessings! Mish

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thank you dear friend…You are an integral part of OWR…We are all so lucky to have come together to share this journey. Nobody should be going through this spectacular time alone. I always say, if nothing else occurs from here on out, tho sad that it would be, we at least have made wonderful friends and have reconnected with ourselves on very intimate levels. We have come a long way! Thanks for being here….VK

  39. Mish says:

    Hi VK & all,
    Just touching base with my experiences for the day! Some of what other people have said definitely resonates. My computer is not right – it’s been very ‘twitchy’ all day – and when I was catching up on some of the David Icke Wembley day, it suddenly decided to switch itself off…and then back on again. Then it wouldn’t work properly and kept stopping the stream, switching it back to the start all the time. It’s still twitchy and ‘flashing’ a bar at the bottom continuously. Quite strange, it isn’t usually this temperamental!!
    At around 12-ish, I was on the computer and suddenly realised that I needed to go and meditate. I’d heard that either 12 noon or 12.12pm were good times to meditate today, so thought I’d wait until 12.12pm. At 12.08 my son came rushing in and said that I should hurry up, because he wanted to be ready for 12.12pm. The really strange thing here is that although he knew about the date (12.12.12) no-one had told him about any timings (12 minutes past 12!) He seemed to just know about it! I then did a strange ‘Mum’ thing and asked him if he’d brushed his teeth (!) – and he looked at me sort of bewildered and sort of disgusted, saying,’I don’t want to remember 12.12pm on 12.12.12 as brushing my teeth!!’ It was all pretty surreal, but quite lovely too as we stood in the lounge exactly at 12.12pm, candles lit and holding hands with our eyes closed and focused on love, light and healing. After a few minutes we stopped and he said he felt dizzy as someone else here mentioned. He was then buzzing with energy and I felt completely overwhelmed with emotion and not quite here for the rest of the day. I also noticed that the qi gong was much more intense today too! Just a pretty intense day all round – deep and magical 🙂
    I loved reading about everyone else’s experiences here!
    Brightest blessings to you all! Mish

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Wowsa Mish….What an incredible sharing you had!!! That is REALLY special. i am proud of your son. He must be well connected…An Indigo child perhaps. Yes we all seem to have run up against Tech issues today. Don’t know what that was all about. Flares? Haarp? Who knows….It was a pretty intense day that’s for sure. So glad to have you here as part of OWR….it is a wonderful group. So, on to our final due date now….Birthing our new world…Thanks for stopping by….Blessings to you…VK

    • Raven says:

      That was very cool, Mish! I’m so happy you were able to share that with your son! Thanks for sharing that smile with us.

  40. Hi All, I read earlier your comments here VK and was at work, I managed to get some 10 mins me time at 12 noon, and connected to Our Earth Mother, I just seemed to swell with that Feel-good factor… And breathed in what I can only describe as a fragrance of freshness so subtle and soft was it… Also went slightly light headed…. But I had to come back to reality as I was supporting others…
    But a Great feeling as if we are One… We are on our road…. and so all each of us can do is keep breathing it in…. Love Light and Happiness wished to you ALL here, Sorry not much time on pc as a busy week, so Im trying to type a new post and connect to those who have left me messages.. tell Purpleskyz Ive not forgotten her site, I just havent had the time lately with extra work coming my way….
    Love to you And Stay in the Lightness of just Being! xoxoxox Love Sue ~ DW

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Glad you were able to grab those ten minutes…The collective consciousness feels each and every one of us…Don’t work too hard now…this is one chance we will not get again for 27,000 yrs!!! You are needed and we want you well and rested for this…Not long now….Be well and stay in the light beam….VK

      • Will do even Hubby been telling me not to over do things, but as a relief worker illness and holidays staff have been short so Ive had to cover extra shifts…. and plus had a training day yesterday thrown in, so busy busy, My only day off tomorrow but ive been asked to look after my Granddaughter for the day, I will keep in that Light beam VK, and THANK YOU xoxox

  41. Raven says:

    Skyz, I get that violet aura all the time. I just LOVE it! It always makes me smile.

    At 12:12 I made a video out in the middle of the forest of the snow coming down, will post it later on FB. Other than the pure joy of the day, I had a weird one… we have these trees (I call them sweet birches but I don’t really know what they are) and when their sap runs in the spring it fills the air with a lovely sweet smell. This only happens for about a week in May when the buds open. About ten minutes after the 12:12, the air filled with this aroma! Even the dogs were sniffing the air and looking at me. It lasted for about five minutes. Don’t know what it means but I take it as Gaia sending her sweet thoughts to me. Ho boy, what a glorious day!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Sounds like a great journey into nature….Love the smells coming through! That was strange. Messages I guess. Glad you had a wonderful time….VK

  42. Purpleskyz says:

    LOL no ….. Tribbles are trouble! 🙂

  43. Purpleskyz says:

    Just took a nice hot soak from 12:12 to just now. I had a violet aura in my closed eyes screen pulsing upwards. It stayed for a second when I opened my eyes. I tried to connect to the grid.I am very relaxed and kinda weak but that is most likely from the hot water.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Sounds wonderful…I take it Tribb wasn’t allowed in to interfere???? Violet is such a beautiful color…lucky you….VK

  44. Visionkeeper says:

    Interesting that this flight took off today of all days…What the heck are they up to? Trying to stop our awakening? Ain’t gonna happen!!!!
    btw….Very, very slow internet connections today as well…Having a lot of computer errors…Trying to stop us this way as well? Or are there solar flares afoot?

  45. Visionkeeper says:

    Another woo woo occurrence…I was working on the computer when I suddenly realized I needed to check the time to meditate at 12:00…I looked and it was 12:12….Okaaayyyy…..

  46. Purpleskyz says:

    So Nikki, finally had to call my computer tech and he talked her through how to fix it. He knew how to fix it but said he had never encountered it before. He is the one that just set this new computer up for me a couple of months back. So that says a lot. LOL! Pole reversal sounds about right. If I listed all of the issues I have had this year alone with the electronics at the job I know most would not believe it. But it amps up when I am not there. We joke that the places misses me hahahaha. It is like a kid throwing a tantrum…. jeeezzzzeeee

    • Visionkeeper says:

      So did he say what was happening? Not many if any people were lucky enough to have their own personal pole reversal 🙂 Your day was special as well….keep enjoying….Lucy might have screwed around with it while you were sleeping. She was irked cause she couldn’t get in that lamp…..VK

  47. Purpleskyz says:

    Morning Everyone!
    Whoa VK! That is some powerful sleeping! How wonderful to be able to really see the stars at night. You are blessed.
    So far, I woke at 8:11. I had 84 emails waiting for me, I am trouble shooting the work computer with my daughter because I took today off, and whenever I am gone something happens. Today the screen is loading upside down. Has anyone ever heard of that? The whole world is upside down!!
    I tried so hard last night to stay up so I could do a deep thinking time between 12:12am and 12:21am. Did not happen. LOL
    Have a great day and touch back later!
    Much LOVE to ALL!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Sounds like you had a pole reversal with your computer lol! Never heard of such a thing, then again look what day it is….Going within at 12 P.M. to do a bit of praying for peace, love and the new world. I hope you have a good one. I’ll keep checking in here….Hugs to Pax and of course you as well….VK

    • Raven says:

      Whoa! That has to meaning something VK. I’ve been around computers since the mid-80’s and I’ve NEVER seen that one. I’m going with pole reversal too, although that’s pretty darn scary. YIKES! Let us know what happens!

  48. Visionkeeper says:

    Okay…12-12-12 started out grabbing my attention. This has happened to me once before. I was awakened out of sleep by a heavy thud on my bed. I reached over and felt my sweet kitty Maymay who was pressed up against my side for warmth, but she was still in a deep sleep. Okay I said, now I know what was going on was in a different dimension or she would have been awake and growling. My big protector:) I decided the last time this happened that I wasdoing was coming back into 3D from having been somewhere else but I hadn’t mastered the art of going in and out of dimensions quietly yet. This re-entry this morning was not nearly as intense as the first so I must be improving my skills 🙂 It certainly started my day off in a special way. It was 3:00 a.m. then as I mentioned in my post, I went out on the ascension porch to check out the day and it was mind blowing!!!! Absolutely crystal clear and every star stood out brightly blinking and flashing against the blackness of early morning. The air was cold and my nostrils stuck together when I breathed in deeply. The only way to describe my day so far is magical 🙂 Hoping you all experience something wonderful today as well. I will be thinking about you all and sending out my love….VK

  49. Raven says:

    Haha… well not really. I just found this news clip. This is why Raven lives in the mountains. This is where I used to live… Gaia is breaking her water, better get your water wings on…

  50. Hi Everyone…. Yes Manifesting Love… Love….. and more love… we have to keep rocking VK….. Smiling, and enjoyed the vibes of listening to the music…. And will be sending via a moon-beam or three around the world… 🙂
    Update on the Sun, its now gone behind yet more rain clouds….. … have a great day all of you xox DW

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Love and moon beams for all!!!!! Put on your water wings DW and stay safe 🙂 VK

    • Raven says:

      Glad to hear you are high and dry. This raven always builds her nest up high for this reason. It has been raining here for two months, I have seen the sun once in that time. I believe Gaia is redistributing her water to balance. People have likened what she is going through in ascending as giving birth to a new world, so it all kind of makes sense. We just have to hang on to her like a pile of midwives!

  51. Visionkeeper says:

    Okay troops…Time to get rockin’ and get on with business….Our time has come and it is time to rock and roll….Take up your positions, do what you personally came here to do and start flooding the planet with love! Blessings to you all…VK

    The latest on the news I caught surfing through channels was the increase of 2200.00 tax per family to keep us from the fiscal cliff! This freaking cliff was created by the banksters and I for one am not paying to keep us from this cabal created cliff. It is time I think for everyone to say NO WAY! We didn’t create this mess and we are not responsible for it!!! Enough is enough…

  52. So loved that Video ….thank you for the share Hannah…. brilliant! and tearful… Have a great week all you lovely people…. Keep Shining!…. 🙂 xxxx

    • Raven says:

      Sue, been hearing about big flooding in your part of the world. Are you dry?

      • Hi Raven, Yes lots and LOTS of rain and floods… various roads flooded where I live, but I live on a hill thankfully, and our area has not been hit as hard as in some places near over-flowing rivers and canals and streams…. A couple of people have lost their lives, and Many have had homes flooded…. Thankfully though the Sun is out this morning even though the temp’s has dropped and we have snow forecast for next week now… But Im fine, thank you so much for asking Raven….. 🙂

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Hey DW…So glad things have not gotten worse since last we spoke about this. You guys have been saturated off and on since summertime! Enough already. Now the snow. I hope it has the sensibility to not keep going! Glad you are getting sunshine to at least lift a few spirits up 🙂 Stay dry and stay in that sunlight. Full moon eclipse tonight. Put it to good use….Love and hugs…VK

  53. Hannah says:

    Have any of you noticed people opening to the shift, regardless of their awareness? I have been dumbfounded at the way in which folks have entered into forgiveness, releasing victimhood, choosing to love. My best friend of thirty years relayed to me this morning of the incredibly wonderful and loving Thanksgiving that she experienced with her family. Also, her relationship with her daughter appears to have done a complete turnaround. She shifted (which I had almost given up on), and then the rest shifted. Nothing short of miraculous! In Joy!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      I’ve seen people at the stores that look like complete sleepers and then they say and do something that blows me away and i go “whoa! I never would have thought.” It’s quite fun actually…We’re on a roll now!!!!

  54. Hannah says:

    Just the way the they are identified. I had to assimilate that one as well. 🙂

  55. Hannah says:

    The J and K pods pass through Puget Sound every spring and autumn. I have lived on Whidbey Island for 15 years, and have only had the pleasure of witnessing their passing once in person, as I have not lived on the water, and am generally not in tune to these events. There are some very serious Orca watchers here! The one time I did see them I was taking a break from cleaning someone’s house. I was sitting on the front porch having a smoke, and the entire J pod came all the way up to the water’s edge to feed. Needless, to say, that was a very long smoke break! The joy and wonder of connection was immense. I am pleased to have had this presented to me to share with you all this morning. Hannah

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Again, thanks Hannah. They are so magnificent!!! At the cost of sounding dumb, what are J and K pods??? I know what a pod is but am curious about the J and K…. 🙂 VK

  56. Purpleskyz says:

    I remember when she first “came out”. I think it was Dick Cavett that I saw her on talking of this. I loved her for her bravery. Talk about a head of her time eh?
    Glad you had a good rest VK. If Pax slows down a bit I hope to catch some pics. 🙂

  57. Purpleskyz says:

    Raven thank you also! Great info. Saved 🙂
    It has been great fun here today… I wonder where VK is? Taking a day of rest I will bet. A well deserved one. 🙂

  58. Purpleskyz says:

    Oh Hannah thanks so much. The cheers and joy from the people brought tears to my eyes. So wonderful!!!

  59. Hannah says:

    From my neck of the woods yesterday. Enjoy!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Awesome Hannah….Loved to hear the people cheering them on. It was as if the Orcas knew they were being cheered…Thanks for this treat!!!! So wonderful to see them. How nice you guys get to see them…..Are they there often???? Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Blessings to you….VK

  60. Purpleskyz says:

    LOL Sue… I suppose better to concentrate on one planet at a time. 🙂

  61. Purpleskyz says:

    Hmmm… a water planet. Now that is not something I have not thought about yet. I know I LOVE the water. I needed to be near it and was for 7 years. But then one day.. I needed to leave. I now know I needed to change my behavior not my location. LOL Having kids was the catalyst for that for me. I needed 4 to really be put to the test I guess.
    I am also connected to Orion as we have spoken of. I know this. I would love more info on Terrans Kepler 22b.

  62. Purpleskyz says:

    I wonder if Atlantis is part of the answer to the water thing. I always feel like it is.
    I watched the movie The Descendants last night with George Clooney. I watched because it was filmed in Hawaii. I so miss being there. Anyway while I lived there I found that though I needed to be near the water I could not get over my fear of being in the water. I have had panic attacks in lakes since I was a child. I could swim like a fish but was only comfortable in pools.Weird…
    I always thought I must have drowned in a previous lifetime. Sometime I can almost remember that….

    • Raven says:

      Skyz, I also enjoyed the movie The Descendants, not the story at all, which I found depressing, but the scenery and feel of Hawaii. I could feel the moist, tropical lushness of the plants, the ocean breezes and I enjoyed those sensations very much. That must have been a beautiful time for you, but we had other fish to fry!

      Water has always played a huge role in my life, from the day I was born on the edge of the ocean, to living on a sailboat and on an island. I was a long distance open ocean swimmer and surfer most of my life. I feel more at home in the water than I do on land, and because of this it’s so odd that I did not associate my dreams with cleansing, as Sue suggested. I got sidetracked with “wishing for water” because where I am now, high in the mountains, I am about as far removed from the ocean as you can get, although I have a gorgeous river and many alpine lakes around me. When I was living on the beach, I received a strong intuition to leave and move to the mountains, to this particular spot where I am now. I know why I am here, I have a job to do, but I still long for the smell of the sea.

      Instead of the drowning sensation you have, I feel I am from a water planet and I actually went in search of that planet and found it, in Orion, my home star system. The planet is now called by us Terrans Kepler 22b and it is theorized (but of course unproven) that the planet is entirely covered by ocean! So am I dreaming of home? Or am I cleansing? Or both? I told you once I do my best thinking under water, and it is so.

      Everyday is so darned interesting… I love waking up wondering, What amazing thing I am going to learn today?

      • Dolphins were said to come from another planet, and we are water based….. stands to reason we are attracted to and affected by, thats why the Moon pulls the tides and we get our emotions pulled too…
        Lovely chatting and didnt know you were once in Hawaii PSkyz… sigh,,,,, such a lovely place…. But volatile with all those volcanoes! ..

  63. Thanks Raven, 🙂 , water is cleansing…. so thats always how I view water in a dream… thank you for the well wishes…:-)

  64. Raven says:

    Holy moly! I’m sorry to hear everyone is feeling really bad. It sounds like clearing work, last minute body memory gunk being dumped. I have been through a few of these this summer during the last big CME’s. It was awful but it’s over quickly as you are seeing and I always walked away with the sensation that I had gotten rid of some “bad stuff.” We have to be “squeaky clean” to shift, the cleaner you are, the easier it will be and I’m thinking these late in the year CME’s are for this very purpose. I always had this insight once I was over it and it looks like you are all feeling the same. This is why we’re all here, Comparing Notes!

    BTW, I don’t dream of fish but I dream about water in some form almost every night. Some angels are claiming water is the key to it all but I haven’t got my head about exactly what that means yet. I’m keeping close tabs on all my animals but I cannot detect any strange behavior in them, although it has been raining for many weeks straight and we have yet to see a sunny day since early October. This is usual, more or less, but very hard on one’s mood.

    Anyway, enjoy your Sunday. I’m betting in a few days Skyz and Sue will be light(er) beings!

  65. Purpleskyz says:

    Hi everyone!
    It is just so interesting to hear all of the animal and fishes happenings. 🙂
    I also find it helpful to know what the flares are doing to you all. I think I had a whopper of a flu but I am also not counting out that some could be flare related symptoms. I am still a bit weak from it all.
    The animals and birds around here have been really acting oddly for weeks. As I sit here and look out the window the geese are literally circling my neighborhood quite loudly I think the creatures are telling us.
    Sue… I love that your fish talked to you… And I wanted to tell you that your newest entry helped me yesterday. I am/was feeling distant from the Ascension concept. reading your entry helped me to pop back into perspective. So thanks 🙂
    VK… I am so thankful that you have your place here for us to gather. Bless you.
    Have a wonderful SUNday

    • Glad you related Pskyz to that, Im still ponding on how to proceed but Trusting a Plan will come together as I voice my thoughts…
      Update on the Fish… they are all looking fine today… and the angel fish is back on form as we seriously thought he was a gonna in real tank time 🙂 not just in my previous nights dream LOL…
      Interesting…. but then the birds, fishes, dolphins and killer whales have all been vacating the planet for a while en-mass…
      Yes I think we can all learn from Natures messages… Even the trees are dying as well.. Here in the UK we have them with diseases which are spreading among the Ash… Transcending happens throughout ALL of our species… 🙂

  66. Thanks VK…. Oh Hubby told me to tell you also that our Fish were all off it yesterday too…. resting on the bottom of the tank.. ( tropical ) and yet all are fine again today…. Another strange one…

    I had a dream about Fish last night I was saving many of them that were floundering in shallow waters only to put them in a huge pond when then drained again to leave them floundering again, just as I knew a volcanic eruption was about to take place in a place with pure white bounders, I shouted warnings to children who came running from everywhere, and I got some to a shelter of sorts which I knew in theory wouldnt keep us safe and yet it did… I woke up thinking that the fish’s environment water was being taken away… I also the night before dreamt of one of my Angel fishes which kept jumping out of our tank, I kept putting her back, but she turned on me at my last attempt and spoke.. saying NO its time I went, I want to go! …

    Believe it or not VK I dream of Fish often, and often they swim in air not water as I swim in air-flying kind of with them…

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Strange dreams…Amazing that the fish were being effected as well. My cats have been off for days. One in particular. He either sleeps or hunts outside but he keeps perching on a table by the window and just looks out and if he goes out he goes down to the first floor cat door and comes right back in only to resume the perching on the table. It is kind of driving me crazy but I try to understand they are feeling it as well…Makes me think we are REALLY shifting now, no doubt about it!!! Here is fish medicine: Blessings…VK

  67. Hi VK Purpleskyz just had to share yesterday with you guys…
    As you know Friday I was bright writing blogging posting my Journey of souls post,Couldnt sleep but felt great alive alert no problems..

    Yesterday morning Saturday I awoke, my head spinning literally the room wouldnt stay still, had to have hubby help me out of bed. felt nauseous but wasnt sick, and thought I had got Vertigo, it lasted all day. I couldnt eat only drank and ate a little toast, and in the evening a little fish… Iwent back to bed and I never do that ever….. I came down in the evening in dressing gown another never for me,… But so poorly I felt..

    I woke up today not as bad but still dizzy headed, I had to cancel a church service I was due to do tonight as no way will I be able to stand or drive…
    When I rang the lady connected to my booking she also said another medium cancelled last week with exactly the same symptoms!.. A week last Thursday my sister also had the same…. couldnt stand up room spinning!… felt sick but wasnt…

    Sure hope you are feeling better PSkyz …. I was terrible yesterday… and even now the words sway a little on the page as I focus… as my head seems compressed is the only word I can use around the temples… Has there been another Big solar flare recently only Ive not been keeping abreast as been knitting and not on my PC much?

    Thanks again VK for this wonderful platform to speak our thoughts

    hugs DW xx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Yes DW….Major solar flares and we are all feeling the same thing more or less. I think Skyz had the good old fashioned flu but many others have the dizziness and rolling stomach, headaches and fatigue. I am betting my money on this being solar related. These flares have been very large! The Oracle Report often mentions them. I can’t remember if her last did or not. These seem to be picking up in intensity UGH but hopefully it means we are shifting more as well to balance it all out. Hang in there. These are not much fun right now…Sending love and hugs…VK

  68. Purpleskyz says:

    I have just spent the last 36 hours sick as a dog! Vomiting, dizzy, running a fever, came out of nowhere. I rarely get sick. I literally slept for 24 hours straight. My entire body aches and my head is still pounding. Might be the worst flu ever!!!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Oh Bummer Skyz….I guess it can’t be attributed to the solar flares…We had headaches, body aches and rolling stomachs but not to the extent you have it! Poor thing, get better quick. Nurse Lucy will love on you…Not much we can do from so far away but send love and prayers! Hope you feel better soon….VK

  69. Just dropping in as Its 3:22am here, cant sleep and need to write up what Ive just wrote long-hand in my journal at the side of my bed…
    Yes I was washed out for no reason and ringing in ears for me got worse… and I felt spaced out, not with it, couldnt concentrate on much at all, in fact I went to bed when I got home from work in the afternoon, and slept 2 hrs and woke up with head-ache from deep sleep..

    Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving weekend, We dont celebrate it here where I live, But I am Thankful for ALL my blessings in my life….
    Keep up the good work Vk and hello to everyone else on here… Right now back to my typing up my post! …At last I am on a Mission 😉
    Happy Holidays 🙂 DW

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Oh you’re as bad as me….Up at 4:00 a.m. this morning…Cats fed and wondering why…I guess it was these wicked solar flares DW…I’m willing to put up with it if we get to where we want to be quicker!!! It is not fun however. I am just so thankful I know what is going on and I’m not running around thinking I’m sick and something is wrong….Hang tight and stay well…..Blessings….VK

  70. Visionkeeper says:

    Oops…Forgot…I agree about the knowing helps. I can’t imagine facing all of this not knowing a thing about what is going on. I mention flares to people who are semi awake and even they don’t have a clue about the flares….How can you be alive today and not know this stuff? Weird!

  71. Raven says:

    I already spoke of this in my comment to your post today. I experienced all of these symptoms and I believe there is more to come since there are more flares on the way. I also sense we are going to have even more as we approach the 12:12 portal, so I’m mentally prepared to hang on to my hat as best I can. I work through this with aerobic exercise (if I can, rest if I can’t) eating very little, spending a lot of time resting and a lot of time outside walking and playing with my dogs. They are so full of joy that it lifts me up too. In that they are teachers of what I am supposed to do and be.

    I think knowing what is happening to you is 99% of getting through it on the upside because otherwise you would be worried that you were sick or something was wrong. Some people around me are complaining of “not feeling well.” If I tell them it’s just solar flares and energy fluctuations, they look at me like I’m crazy. Like I’m not used to this? Hang in there, VK.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Yeah, I think it is the flares too…The meat thingy is just part of lightening up I think. I was so glad to be done with bloody red meat years ago and I guess the birds have gotta go as well…It is making me harvest my garden more now so I have decent food for winter. Stuff in the healthstore tries to be good, but it is winter so everything has to travel so far and never tastes the same…Cha…Cha…Cha…changes…..VK

  72. Visionkeeper says:

    Just wondering….Did anyone else experience a strange day yesterday? I am wondering if it was the effects of the solar flares??? I was totally disconnected yesterday, even from Gaia, she could not help. I had a massive headache, food tasted lousy and my stomach just rolled around and around. It was not a pleasant day at all. Did anyone else have this type of experience or was it just me???? VK

  73. Purpleskyz says:

    Yeah! So glad to hear you are doing well Hannah!
    And that your daughter is well also.
    Much LOVE to you and a Happy Thanksgiving next week also!

  74. Hannah says:

    Well, hello there fellow Lights! I am, well, in fact, very well. Thank you for asking, Purpleskyz!

    I was recently hired into my new role as assistant activity director in a local nursing home, and I am loving it! Every day is filled with moments of delight, affection, and lots of love. On top of that, my immediate supervisor is a very dear friend for whom I hold great respect and I am in gratitude for her Beingness. A truly authentic model of of the Christ for all. I am blessed!

    My daughter was quite miraculously plucked up out of the path that she was traveling and has resettled in another state close to extended family. She is busy juggling three jobs, each of which reflect another of her varied interests. She is rooming with her cousin, and is making new friends. I miss her, yet am so very happy to hear the joy in her voice when she calls. 🙂

    I am feeling really calm. My focus is being held steadily upon Ascension, regardless of the rapidly shifting landscape of the illusion. I find that I am observing the chaos without an emotional charge. Articles or channelings that hold a negative charge or are shame based are released immediately, if not successfully avoided in the first place. I can also listen to people “unload” without becoming engaged with their energy, and then at times am able to redirect them with wise counsel. I simply am not in agreement with imbalance in any form. I do believe that my Higher Self has taken up residence within my form. I am in peace. Joyously living Now.

    Love and Blessings,

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Wow!!! Glad to hear all is soooo well at your end Hannah! I try to believe that saying ‘no news is good news’ and you are living proof after a long silence 🙂 So glad you are happy and settling in to a new life and really glad to hear your daughter is in a better space now and most importantly is happy! Keep up the great work Hannah and don’t forget to praise yourself for all the hard work you have done to come from where you were to where you are now! Bravo!!! Have a wonderful holiday Hannah…Love & peace…VK

  75. Purpleskyz says:

    Been thinking about Hannah.
    Wondered where she has been.
    So HELLO Hannah hope all is well with you!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      I have wondered about Hannah as well. i just hope she found a job she liked and life is working out for her as well as with her daughter. Hi Hannah if you are out there in this crazy world 🙂 Off to get snow tires put on…Oh joy!….Blessings…VK

  76. Raven says:

    Heads up lightworkers. My husband just informed me of a very strange and alarming thing. He asked me, “What is Agenda 21?” I told him the basics, he said, “Well they just had an ad on TV telling people to support Agenda 21. It had some older people talking about how they had lived a good life but it was time… etc.” Holy Mother of Armageddon! Now that the election is over, I guess this is the new sheeple brainwashing agenda. Odious and insidious, but also desperate. I don’t watch TV, I can hardly stand to be in the room when it’s on anymore, I guess it’s the vibes it gives off or something, so if anyone else happens to see this kind of stuff, keep us informed. Or come to think of it, maybe we’d be better off NOT knowing! Yikes!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Agenda 21 is evil personified….Now I guess we know what we are in for with Obama and no he cannot be a light worker and do what he does to people. No way no how….So it sounds like we are in for four more years of death and destruction. Oh boy, can’t wait. Thanks for the heads up Raven! VK

  77. Raven says:

    VK, I know you’re not much into channels but this is really fascinating and addresses many of the questions and thoughts we have expressed about Sandy.

    I am so fond of Gillian’s blog and I so appreciate each of you, your work and dedication to helping us all understand. Enjoy:

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks for sharing Raven. Gillian is a good friend of mine. You are right, I have a very hard time with channelings, but in all fairness I did read it! I honestly still believe Sandy was manipulated, but I think a good part of it is natural as well. Definitely it is a time of needed cleansing, no matter what form we get it in. Thanks again 🙂 VK

  78. Catherine Catalina says:

    oh..and by the the last 2 years..after the “endings” and working thru the many layers of emotions of loss….I have had so much contentment….sense of desires wanting..I am good with a simple sunset..healthy kitties..and grand-kiddies..and my son and wife in their home a few hours away..loving me from there…I had also the good ..magical..amazing “the way things come to be”.. fortune.. to have landed in my “new” home..where it was the Shambalha Meditation center of my town here in Fort Collins, Co…yes, a few years prior to my moving sweet little cottage was the “home” of meditation..and Buddhist teachings..folks came and went and created “my ” garden and filled the koi pond and left me with the most healing energy and womb-like embrace to do my dance of “healing”…magic abounds..wonders never cease..time marches on and I remain humbled..humbled indeed…Respect and Love to all..every stinkin’ tiny little nano itty bitty thang….:)

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Wow Cat…That little cottage sounds way cool. I ALWAYS say and it will remain my firm belief, that out of all bad comes good! And more often than not, better than before. Your tale is living proof. We must always remember that. I am so glad all is well for you now and life is flowing along. Stay happy and stay in your heart and all will be well. Thanks! VK

  79. Raven says:

    Raven with her usual two cents: VK, I’m not sure where you are getting your info regarding how well people are handling the post-storm situation. Most of what I’ve been reading is from people’s reports (I’m not watching TV coverage) and they are telling a different story, i.e. much hardship, no help on the horizon, severed nerves and desperation. I suppose it matters greatly where these people are located and I’m pretty sure that MSM will not tell the true story. As CC stated so well, we all go through our life wake up calls, mine happened to be a devastating hurricane on St. Croix in 1989 with very similar results to Sandy only probably worse in many ways. I lost everything I had worked for for years (two successful businesses) and gained everything that was truly important, so I know what people are going through and how it will turn out for many of them, good and bad.

    Not to belabor that experience, I would like to talk about post traumatic stress disorder. I was a pretty strong, self-sufficient person (living on a fully self-contained sailboat) and used to fending well for myself, yet after the storm I suffered PTSD in a very dramatic way, surprising to me, the strong-hearted fearless sailor, to be sure. So the people of NY/NJ, etc. are going to start displaying these symptoms soon, and you will see this if you are watching close and are aware, because what happens is that the stressed out mind will wake up (SNAP!) and realize that no help will be forthcoming, and if it is, is will be insufficient, and basically your well-insulated bubble life will never be the same after that point. And it won’t be for a variety of reasons, most of them having to do with this single idea: what you thought was oh-so important to you before is no longer important at all. One never “gets over” PTSD. I had a severe flashback watching the WTC towers fall, thinking “Nothing will ever be the same after this.” And it wasn’t. I guess that is the nature of a wake up call. We will soon start to see many millions of people waking up from a very bad nightmare.

    My second penny: We have been told by many channellers, seers and other people on the ascension path that people have placed themselves where they are supposed to be during this upcoming time of change. To wit: my cousin left her lovely home in rural North Carolina and moved to NYC a few weeks ago. What was her motivation? Certainly not the move of a highly trained intuition I’m guessing, but perhaps she went there precisely to learn an important life lesson. So I’m trying very hard to not send overt sympathy but send only love to everyone there, but also not to get myself dragged back into the whole scene emotionally because a) it won’t help anyone, and b) I’ve already learned my hurricane lessons… and so will they.

    Love to all, thanks for sharing and caring.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Got ya Raven….My point I was making was ten or fifteen years ago right at the start of this storm, looting and mayhem would have been running rampant and it wasn’t. Of course the snapping will occur and already has begun but that snapping is being driven by desperation not just a total disregard for life in the form of blatant pillaging of the remaining debris right out of the gate. Big difference. I don’t watch TV remember 🙂 I was just looking at it randomly to take note of the dark ones coverage and lies. It is fascinating to watch them in operation. I think we need to be aware of how they operate to win this battle, so I take notes from time to time. And I totally agree with you on the PTSD thing. I think a great deal of the complying quietly up until now has been because they are all in shock and soon that will wear off. Not only will these folks not get adequate food, water, and shelter, they won’t get any counseling for sure and they all will need it. Oh, btw, I was on Tortola during that storm. It was freaky and I was glad to come through it unscathed. I was really glad to get home on solid ground. That was a pretty harsh storm. My mother had just died and I went with my son and a friend to get my sanity back. He left me alone at our bungalow to go diving!!!!! I was so beyond angry I had a melt down on the plane on the tarmac where we were waiting to leave but were delayed by the weather…I just flat out lost it. Too much stress at one time will do that and so we will see it in NYC and NJ because no true help is coming their way sadly. So those are my pennies as well. Have a good one and be light friend! VK

      • Raven says:

        That’s interesting because I sailed to Tortola right after the storm! We didn’t get electricity back on St. Croix for four months, my boat was one of the few still floating, we had a generator and a functioning radio so I was very popular, but one of the biggest issues was clean clothes. Most everyone’s houses were completely blown away and most people came away with only the clothes on their backs. No hot water + no showering + no clean clothes means people got really stinky really fast, so we loaded up my boat with everyone’s laundry and sailed to Tortola, spent two days washing clothes, and sailed back with clean clothes. We were heroes! Tortola looked like paradise after the mess of St. Croix, it would have been tempting to just drop anchor and stay, but of course I didn’t. And wouldn’t you know it, right after I got back to St. Croix I met my twin flame. The storm blew us together. So what Catherine says, and you already know so well, we jump back from these things stronger and better than before, with a much clearer picture of what is important.

        Great story BTW, Catherine! Looks like we all found our little piece of peace.

  80. Visionkeeper says:

    Wow! That was quite the tale you weaved. Sorry you had to suffer so much in such a short time but also I am glad you found your way back up out of the pit of hell. I don’t think anyone is spared a tale they live through that changes their lives.That is really what change is all about, putting us to our tests and and squeezing us out the other end of the tunnel a new person. I have been watching TV from time to time not to enjoy but to observe what is going on with the dark ones. Wolf Blitzer on CNN is trying like hell to whip up chaos and rioting which I find most appalling. Given the circumstances in the storm areas I am so proud of how the people have handled it all. If they are made to keep waiting for relief of any kind all bets are off. Anyone would snap! It is glaringly obvious to see the different agendas now as things unfold. As you mentioned already, the areas coming back to life are all the wealthy areas and the poor are forgotten in hopes they will die off.I don’t think they got the snaps out of people they wanted so now they will send a second storm in to bring anyone still standing to their knees. It is so hard to be alive right now and have to witness what we are seeing. I guess we just have to pray harder and turn our lights on high beam in hopes of taking these creeps down…Stay strong everyone and yes, I’m all for snap peas!!!!! VK

  81. Catherine Catalina says:

    I wonder if the “Militia” was aware of the coming of “Sandy”? I think the “storm” will have long and wide effects. I do know that no matter what your spiritual path , how much you long to stay in the “light” and vision the world you want ….it.has little to do with the tests we are handed in this human form. I know from personal experience everyone,but everyone has a snapping point. I have been amazed at how it can throw you off so quickly. In the case of the “storm” got folks who are in shock, then operating on adrenaline, then trying to take care of basic needs, and no food, water, sleep and warmth and clean clothes and on and on..and some of those older folks in high rises are in a prison cell .unable even to leave their apartments due to age and illness…snap!!!! and now we add an election ..snap!!!..well, no matter what the outcome of that event..many will feel like it was “won” not in the spirit of fairness.. double snap!!!!! could those with out communications on the East coast .know where to they even think it a non-event as they are trying to just do they get gas to go to vote and on and on…it just is going to be a mess. Snap!!!..It is also amazing the priorities..the stock exchange managed to open, they were opening broadway shows again..and even going forward with the big marathon..until yesterday when someone finally got some sense and said..what tha??? no, we “shouldn’t ” do the marathon.. Humanity at its worst and best will be brought about..the pictures on the news look like a “third world country” and this is America..the land of billionaires, movie stars, excess and IMBALANCE. Why is anyone in this country without food, clothing, shelter..anyone? Why are these men who are “running” in the election even still talking about their promises..and gathering “votes” ..why aren’t they showin their spine and going into the trenches…the long terms effect of the “perfect storm” will be a huge catalyst for a bigger event..I don’t know how or what..I am not a psychic..but at this point it matters not what or who or why this “perfect storm” happened..I am now looking for ..the “perfection” in is a wake up call on many levels..(gas, electricity, food, water, building on water shores and on and on..i think the fire in attitudes we all know the East Coastians have other situations and in general..could help in rebuilding and stamina..and it could also show in revolt..SNAP!!!
    At 58..I lost “everything”..the house , the life I had known for 27 years, the husband, the community I lived in , friends who left, my dog companion died, my brother ..the last of my adopted family died(that was all in a few months)..I was living alone in a new town for the first time in 58 years..I was operating in sadness, grief, anger, resentment, victimhood, loss, unworthiness and the list goes on I am that was in 2007 it took several years to get back on my path. I SNAPPED big time at that time and showed sides of my self I did not even know were within..being human..and tired and emotionally drained…took me down to my knees and I wallowed in it for a few I am more grounded and have great respect for the humaness in us all. Those folks on the East Coast need some Light yes..and good thoughts..yes..but they need an actual human to touch and hug them to reassure them..that someone is indeed there for them..I missed human touch most of all ..still do this new life of mine as I head now to 64 in February..I respect the “snap’ we are all capable of..and I trust that I will not be tested it is not something I am interested in experiencing, bless those souls who chose the journey of the “perfect storm”. I am sure they are searching for the perfection in it themselves….BLESS ALL OF OUR LITTLE OL’ PEA PICKIN’ HEARTS..( I am from the south so, those are just things we say..”like for garden seed”..”it’s darker than the inside of a cow” and the list goes on..:)..heres’ to no “snapping” and snap peas for everyone..:).

  82. purpleskyz says:

    My in box is being filled with these reports.
    I am not putting these up as a fear monger. Just to inform so you ALL are prepared.
    Much LOVE to ALL here.
    Stay safe my friends

    Militia Alert: this is NOT a test, October 19, 2012
    Posted on October 19, 2012
    Source: Removing the Shackles
    I have received information from several sources, including military.

    All Militia are immediately on high alert.

    I hope you all have your preparations in order my friends…….

    ….. it’s going to be a very interesting weekend.

    ………….That’s a vast understatement by the way.

  83. purpleskyz says:

    Sure.. here are some headlines..
    Meteor Fireball Streaks Over Northern California Skies”
    A third earthquake rattles Dominican Republic’s south region
    Loud boom and shaking reported in Bay area as fireball streaks across sky
    ****This is just a few examples of the global seismic and solar happenings****

    ****Even more info coming out on military and national guard*****
    Protocol Implementation in Europe Nears Completion
    DEFCON Militia Status Page, High Alert..
    Are just a few examples.

  84. purpleskyz says:

    Things are really heating up on the sites. Hang on tight folks… things are happening.
    I wish you all the best in the coming days.
    Much LOVE to ALL here!

  85. Tiamssaï says:

    Hi there,
    I donno about U guys, but things seem to be getting intense on the inside. Also looks like it is time to unite. Let’s use october 21st to its fullest potential, lime to turn the light on !
    Yesterday I felt inspired to adress humanity in my own way, which seems to be in line with today’s energy. Maybe some will enjoy the reading…
    Om Shanti !

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Greetings Tiamssai…..Great post you did 🙂 Well done and thank you for sharing. I bookmarked your site as well. Yes, things are intense but I am finding things far lighter at the same time. Perhaps it is because I am spending all my time now in my heart. What a difference it truly does make. We can do the most good by creating joy in our lives for in order for us to create what we desire we must be joyful within. Far too many are fearful and so our creating is not surging forward as we would like it to. So be happy, create joy in your life and it will spread out to others and when the oneness is happy then we can really begin to create our new world! Blessings T……VK

  86. I so know what you mean. And you have my thoughts. I’ve just been dropped in my own swirling heap of turmoil. But remember our lights are being tested trust in your intincts. I may be absent a while. Love and bleassings

    From my phone.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      We’ll keep you in our thoughts. Swirling turmoil is manageable if you keep your head above it and I know you will!!! Just keep everything in perspective and remember we are all clearing away crap as part of this journey. This too shall pass. Feel better soon…VK

  87. Hannah says:

    Hi All.
    The Uranus Square has definitely hit me full force. My last job lasted all of a week, as a permanent partial disability reared up. This past month I ventured into a new relationship that fizzled about a two weeks ago, due to a difference in spiritual beliefs. He thinks that I am succumbing to fantasy as opposed to transcendence. As we agreed to work on a project refurbishing the exterior of a gypsy wagon (smile), and are about halfway done, we are facing one another almost daily. At this point my buttons are being pushed almost daily. Argh! In this moment I am trying to overcome feeling miffed in order to work from home painting shutters. I felt the need to remove myself from what appears to be passive aggressive behavior, so I left the worksite. I ask myself, was is being brought up to be cleared? I feel so pushed! Breathe, Self! Please, dear hearts, send me as much love as you can muster. I am scraping the bottom of my barrel as my ego wrestles for control. I feel so thrown from my center; have for the past week or so. Help! Any words of wisdom will be considered deeply.
    And yes, I have been smoking again for the past week and a half. Kicking myself for that as well.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Greetings Hannah….Seems to me most everyone is facing one thing or another these days. Lots of things raising their ugly heads. I would sit down with pen and paper and ask myself what do I really want in life? What will fill my being? Figure out what it is and go for it! Everything else is secondary. You gotta feel good about yourself first or you can’t get anything done. All these inconveniences you keep bumping into are asking you to answer these questions and take action. Remember, you can do anything!!! It is just a matter of discovering what you truly want and going after it. Ask yourself if you were stranded on an island what are 5 things you would have to have and couldn’t live without (except food and water, thats a given). It will show you your priorities….Good luck. The cigs are trying to stroke your wounded self and make things better but you know they don’t…Stand up for Hannah and treat yourself with love and patience and kindness…VK

  88. purpleskyz says:

    Get well soon Sue!!!
    Healing virtual HUGS to you!

  89. Rebirth… Yes … No point in worrying at all… Just all of us keep on living in the Now and enjoy..
    Im I may be absent for a while I came down with a cold virus, so quickly today…This is the first time Ive had a virus like this in 4 yrs… I feel terrible..And I need to get myself right for work.. as Im relief and no one to take over the weekend shifts.. So if Im not around VK for a while you know why..
    Take care… Hugs Sue xx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Get better quick DW…There have been many, many people getting very strong viruses who usually never get sick. I am sure the heavy chemtrailing has far more than weather modification goodies in them… People everywhere are coming down with a nasty virus that lingers….Hope you shake it soon….VK

    • Raven says:

      I had a cold virus recently as well, first one in about six years, so weird, but it went away fast. Rest, drink fluids, stay in bed, sleep if you can. That’s Dr. Raven speaking. Sending healing hugs from The Big Black Bird!

  90. purpleskyz says:

    You were thinking out loud… as you were guided to. 🙂
    That is what these connections we all have together seem to be about I think.
    What Sue says about living in the NOW is so true! It Enjoying the moment, that places the next moment in place. And so on….
    You made me think about the great passing…… for that is what we are going towards. But it is not a death… it is a rebirth.
    Love YOU!

  91. Raven says:

    It was fascinating reading everyone’s feelings about this, it helped me get a bit of a grip on my Self. Thanks so much. I also have been having insanely weird dreams, and interestingly pursuant to SD’s dream about water, almost every dream I have concerns the water in some way. This has gone on for weeks. I have been spending as much time as I have sitting by my pond, watching insects interact with the pond water. It reminds me of when I was a child and I could just sit still for hours because I wanted to…. and just be. I knew a lot of bugs intimately then and somewhere along the way I lost that truly vital connection. It’s amazing how many bugs live a small pond!

    These are truly amazing times, not the least of which to mention, they are chemtrailing my little slice of paradise all day, all the time. And all day the sylphs have shown up in force to protect Gaia. I took photos all day today of forms in the sky that look like birds, angels and even the eye of Horus with a sundog-type hologram for an eye. If this is September, what in the world will December be like???

    Thanks for weighing in everyone. I’m taking Purpleskyz’s recommendation of getting my affairs in order (hope my husband doesn’t find out…LOL) and of course get my garlic bed ready. What was I thinking?????

  92. Hi Raven,
    I find we just have to live in the Now.. and the rest will take care of itself. No good worrying… Im planning nexts years allotment out if that helps.. LOL.. And Im planting my garlic as soon as the frosts arrive.. 😉 Lovely to see you and take care…. ALL out there… and amazing what sort of Dreams we are having..
    I dreamt I was in a futuristic building with a friend I trust.. We knew a kind of energy was coming so we went into a corner of the building to shelter… We saw the walls and the whole building disintegrate .. We felt the blast of energy but found ourselves within water floating and free.
    So we are protected.. Water is the cleansing element.. Purity.. so Worry not.. no point.. Just be the best you can be. and I agree we are all of us I think seeking solitude… I just want to keep walking out in Nature.. and blending…
    Love light and Peace to ALL here..
    Sue xxx

  93. purpleskyz says:

    Hey Raven!

    I find this most interesting as I also feel that Ascension includes what we term death. It stands to reason that this is so. I have put all of my affairs in order. I have seen that my 4 children are on their correct path. Just in case. I just told my youngest last night that now with my son getting a job and an apartment I could die in peace with that knowing. She totally understood what I meant.

    But remember… it is said that we have the choice to ascend or not.

    Also…. A dream that I had many months ago keeps coming back to me. In this texture dream I saw that many in Chicago were in a panic. Pointing up to the sky. There were ships up there. I was telling those that I came across to calm down and it would be ok. I met an older black man that was in a wheel chair and he was a prophet. He then guided me to where my family was. It was real weird. I saw that this is what will happen as it was modern day Chicago.

    Great to see you again Raven!
    All of my extra time is now spent finding things for my site. Bu I hope you have a wonderful summers end. So go out and plant that fall garlic! And don’t worry.

    Love to you and tf!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Wow Skyz….Intense dream… I wonder if you were seeing a false flag event to create chaos and panic…It was always a plan in the works for the dark ones to cause a ufo event. Interesting!!! I just started to write dead ones instead of the dark ones. Perhaps they are dead now, their ability to do their evil stifled at long last. Would be nice. I think their power is waning quickly now but we just don’t realize it. I would imagine a great deal more chaos would have occurred lately had they still had their capabilities. It wouldn’t hurt for us to research write ups about their planned ufo events and print some stuff out so if it does come about we can have evidence to show people it is all bogus and try to quell the panic…Just a thought. If we have done our homework, clearing out within and learning to stay centered in our hearts and feel love all will be well. We are ready for whatever comes along, and it doesn’t mean death…We are going to reap the rewards of all of our hard work 🙂 Have a great day and stay in the light….VK

  94. Raven says:

    I had the strangest experience yesterday and I thought I’d share it with the group, even though it isn’t what you’d call happy or even good. I was reading some channeling thing to my twin flame. I do this often with things that resonate with me to keep him “in the loop” and on the same page with me. I don’t even remember what I was reading now, it was about the transition into 5D mostly, how we can do what we want with our lives and serve in joy, everything will be wonderful, etc. etc. When I was done he said, “It sounds like we’re all going to die and go to heaven.” I just looked at him like he was nuts, but since then it’s been in my head that he might be right and I can’t shake it, mostly because I’ve been trying to envision what 5D will be like and I can’t see a thing or get a grip on what I am supposed to be doing there. Despite months of non-stop interaction with people (most everyone here knows I run a very busy B&B in the summer) I feel myself pulling away from people and wanting to be totally alone as much as possible. All of a sudden planning for the future (planting my fall garlic for instance) seems totally pointless.

    Needless to say this has kind of thrown me for a loop and I wondered if anyone else has had this thought or how you might feel about it.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Absolutely keep your garlic plans alive!! Yes we do die of sorts and go to heaven, but it is our old way of being that dies off, not us physically! You’ll still need garlic when all is said and done 🙂 Yes some will die off who cannot adjust to the new frequencies and new way of being but surely you are not in that category Raven! As for being alone, I can appreciate that totally. My trips to town are becoming more and more scarce because I just don’t want to be around people. I think it is because we need to be still with ourselves and do the work that must be done. People are the last thing I want to see right now. Give me sunrises and sunsets and wildlife…It is Gaia or sophia pulling us in closer to resonate with her I believe. Lots of reworking of everything right now. Just stay in the light beam, plant the garlic and all will be well….VK

  95. Hi VK, and ALL Friends on here, Missed you guys while Ive been away.. and haven’t much to tell you all except I had a Brilliant Relaxing time away.. and Im refreshed and ready for the Autumn..
    I hope you are all OK out there… The energies have been tremendous these last few weeks.. so hope you are all a-tuning yourselves to them…
    Love and Light.. ~DW

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Yes we are all all still traveling along towards that light beam DW…We missed you though. Good you are back to celebrate beautiful Autumn with us all. The energies are huge and just when you think Gosh, I can’t take much more, wham! Even stronger ones enter in. They must be greatly needed by all. Glow with flow I guess….Welcome back! VK

  96. Galen says:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and
    I hope you write again soon!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Greetings Galen….Love that name! Glad you stumbled in and I hope you stay a while and join the family of good peeps here 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. I write pretty much everyday except Sundays unless something comes up. So stick around. Blessings!

  97. purpleskyz says:

    I finally had time to listen to this wonderful cd VK.
    Thanks for posting it. I will be listening to it here a lot. in the future. 🙂

  98. Visionkeeper says:

    Thanks DW….I just so want to wake souls up….If it is meant to be it is meant to be! VK

  99. Visionkeeper says:

    Here is the link to the CD Gillian and a friend and I were all spacing out to…Supposedly listening to Peruvian Spirit Whistles are ” a high speed spiritual modem which opens new channels of communications for increased knowledge, creativity and healing”. My cat was practically lying on top of my friends head while we were zoned out. She must have liked it as well! The CD is made by John Beaulieu. Yes Skyz, it is a good day, a full day(ha!)….VK

  100. purpleskyz says:

    I am so honored to be here VK!
    Thanks so very much my friend. 🙂
    This day just keeps getting better and better!!!!
    I feel the very same of you!

  101. Visionkeeper says:

    Glad you are here as part of this awakening Skyz! I have quite a few followers now but few that post and that means the most to me 🙂 Thanks! VK

  102. purpleskyz says:

    I know! I love Gillian also.
    Her site was one of the first I felt a connection to. I love it when we find these little validations that we are on the correct path.
    Thanks for your words of enCOURAGEment . It means a lot to me!!!!

  103. purpleskyz says:

    So happy today!
    It may just be the full moon but I think it is the strength in numbers that you wrote of VK.

    I am a member at and there is this man (New Age Seer) that posts wonderful heartfelt posts that really resonate to me. But it seemed that no one else there got him. So he stopped posting over a month ago. The other day when I popped on there to get some messages he messaged me and we re connected and I invited him to join me on the site I am redoing. And he did. His first post was amazing as he honed in on that person that has been a very sharp thorn in my side there. He so perfectly put her in her place and I know that she has met her match in him. See… strength in numbers. WHOO HOO!!!

    btw… VK…..
    since I put up a One World Rising category and post you there I have received many compliments on your words and insights. So thanks again for your permission to do that. You are a big hit there. 🙂

    P.S. I hope it is ok that I include the web address to the site here. I am mostly done with the reconstruction and would be honored if any of you want to visit. I have it set that guests can read and enjoy the posts and comments. But all are welcome to become members. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day all!

    And Big hugs to Raven, Hannah, Sue, Raymond and especially you VK!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Great site Skyz….Glad to see you have posted Gillian’s site as well. She is a friend of mine. She came to Maryland to do a talk once when I was still living there and we had such a hoot of a time while she stayed at my house. We were lying on the ground listening to a CD called peruvian spirit whistles going wayyyyy out there some place. She is a trip! Hummm…Think I’ll try to find that CD again.
      I am glad my words are reaching some out there in the world. While I love the awakened ones enjoying them, my real challenge is to get asleep people awakened! Otherwise I just feel like I am singing to the choir. I hope I wake some people up! Thank you for adding me on there and I am so glad ‘Thorn” now has someone to keep her in check and off your back!!! Good things always come to us! Blessings….VK

      • VK you are doing a fine job.. and those that are awake are just loving you being here.. And those that are asleep don’t know what they are missing!… 🙂 xxx

    • Hi P Skyz’s a Big Hello also to you also and I will be clicking the link.. I wondered where you hailed from, as I there is no link attatchment when you post here for me to trace you back lol.. So it will be good to visit your domain…
      Blessings Back… ~Sue xx

      • purpleskyz says:

        Hi there SUE!
        I would love to see you on the home front. 🙂 I do consider this wonderful place my home away from home though. 🙂
        Looking forward to seeing you! Have a great day!
        Love to YOU!!!!! 🙂

  104. purpleskyz says:

    just got this. AWESOME
    Word is Aug. 4th mass sightings globally. 🙂

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Don’t get caught up in dates Skyz….That is exactly what they want you to do…And even if it happened I would be hard pressed not to think it was the dark ones putting Project Bluebeam into action! I would question its authenticity seriously. Bluebeam has been waiting in the wings to be implemented for a long time! We shall see I guess. Blessings. I hope I didn’t rain on your parade 😦 VK

      • purpleskyz says:

        I hear you. After all of the hoopla and reality of what could be another disinfo campaign I reeled in my hopes for any easy Disclosure event. sigh… Oh well…It is only a matter of time. Keeping the faith. 🙂

  105. Hannah says:

    You can go to any of the Inlight Radio programs at
    Scroll down a bit and you will see programs that have already aired, the In Demand list. They are in chronological order, last show listed first. If you miss a show it can usually be retrieved within an hour of the original air time.

  106. purpleskyz says:

    I am not sure. KP usually makes the mp3’s so hopefully he will have it up soon.
    The gist was that we will see disclosure one way or another during the Olympics. Possibly Opening Ceremony. It was a bit vague but David was wound up a bit. 🙂
    That there is a meeting going on in London now with world leaders and Galactics. And the Queen….. Yep.. God Save the Queen sounds about right.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks Skyz….I’ll check email tomorrow and see if KP has put it up on his site. We all knew that an alien invasion was their desire to freak everybody out and then finish their grab for control of the world…Project Bluebeam as well….We shall see…. VK

  107. Visionkeeper says:

    Thanks Skyz….Is there some place you can go to to listen to it later? I’d like to hear it….VK

  108. purpleskyz says:

    I have been listening and what is being said is disclosure will happen at the Olympics. David Wilcock and several others. Pretty exciting. 🙂
    have a good day VK 🙂

  109. purpleskyz says:

    KP sent out an email that we should tune into Cosmic Vision News.

    Something BIG is Happening….
    Breaking News is what is being said!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      I saw that….Will listen if it is not all Olympic news. Have no desire to hear that. Thanks Skyz….Itmatter of watching your thoughts and actions.

  110. purpleskyz says:

    Sounds as if the Universe is answering your needs very nicely. I love when that happens. Excellent news Hannah!
    I hear that things in the financial world is coming together. Won’t be long. Then we must all meet up and have a wonderful get together.
    Take care
    Love ya’

  111. Hannah says:

    Hi All,

    I am still here on the island. It appears that I may be for a while. You know, the funny thing is that once I started really getting serious about leaving, everyone that I care about here came across my path and since then I have been rethinking my options. I do have time to figure it out, as it takes money to move and I have been flat broke for months.

    I have not found a job in my field, so I am working (as of today) at the local recycling center. The pay is above average, the team is upbeat. They treat one another like family. Lots of diversity. I read in a channeling a couple of days ago that we are to consider our 3D work as a secondary consideration as it is temporary. Our first is our spiritual work. That gave me the impetus to just go for it and accept a position that I considered fun and worthy work. I must admit, I do stink and am heading for the shower as soon as I post.

    My place is on the market and an investor may be interested. I have worked off at least another month’s rent, so I am going to be okay. I plan to stash as much as I can in case I am forced out. Just need to work things out with creditors. Hanging in there, waiting for global abundance.

    I have fun imaging what I will do once money is no longer an issue. I wonder what my Higher Self has in mind. Just living a day at a time, allowing. All is well.


    • Visionkeeper says:

      Greetings Hannah….Sounds as if things are okay with you and most importantly you are going with the flow and things are so much easier when we do. You are strong and doing so well on your ascension exams! I am so proud of you. Being in the unknown is not always a fun place to be. Hope things settle out for you soon and you can finally ground in the place you are meant to be in…Sending prayers and hugs and congratulations for a job well done!!!! VK

  112. Raven says:

    Raven checking in with my LightSisters! All is fine here. Weather is hot and sunny but I stand firmly with PS on winter, I cannot WAIT! I love snow, but perhaps, as a lot of people tell me, it’s because snow in the Rockies is different than snow in Pittsburgh and I’m spoiled. I’m down with that.

    I was fascinated to hear about your Troll Troubles because I think these little last minute tests are covering areas we need to work on. They test our patience and our skills at handling negative people. My test came when the road dept. showed up at my door last week and demanded that I take my business sign down immediately. It’s very small and lovely, about two feet wide and hand-carved, and it’s been hanging in the same spot for eight years. I’m ten miles from the nearest town and it’s the only way our guests can find us. Apparently this all came about when a new department supervisor (I’m going to call him The Traffic Troll) took over and he’s making a name for himself by harassing “that organic, hippie B&B,” based on his claim we were violating some federal regulation he just made up that morning.

    Long story short, my husband and I took a step back from the situation (which in the past would have really pissed us off) and asked, “What is the SIGN are we getting here?” and the answer kept coming back to us, “Keep your head down.” Don’t get embroiled in the weirdness of others because, judging by the loonies who walk through our door every day, people are freaking out in small (and not so small) but significant ways. As Lightworkers it’s hard for us to understand what they feel, but we should at least give them the space to broil in their own juices.

    In the past I would have called the governor (whom I know personally) and complained loudly, maybe written a few pointed letters to various “authorities,” so keeping my head down is not my normal way of dealing with bureaucratic stupidity. But my Twin Flame, who watches my back, said it’s the smart thing to do at this time. We quietly moved the sign, planted flowers around it, and added a photovoltaic solar light, making it better and more visible than it was before. This will irk the bejesus of The Traffic Troll, we hope.

    Carry on, LightSisters, and be grateful you at least know why you are here and what you are supposed to be doing. The alternative must really suck.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Raven….The sign troll sounds like an ego driven idiot…Ego’s and ascension are big trouble. These people are having a terrible time adjusting to what is going on. Lots of insanity going around right now. You were smart to back off quietly and it sounds like your sign is better off now where it is!!! Always there is good in the bad, I love it! Glad all is going well with you guys other than troll face..Glad that worked out with little chaos. I hope we can all stay calm in the upcoming craziness, it’s going to get weird I think. I’m glad we all have each other here…Take care and enjoy the summer that is left….VK

    • purpleskyz says:

      Well I am killing her with kindness. I love the Traffic Troll story. hahaha
      You will have to keep us posted on this one.
      Have a great night!
      Love ya’

  113. purpleskyz says:

    Thanks VK. I wish she was just a troll. She is a member of the site and real po’ed that I was asked to be an admin and now she is just making it real difficult day to day. But… I keep trying to make her feel as important as she thinks that she is with the hopes that she will just accept me and stop trying to be such a meanie. LOL
    I think I just saw our first difference VK as I can not wait until fall and then winter! I love it! I did not know how much until I lived in Hawaii for 5 years. It was just so darn nice all year long that I was bored to tears with it. I love the crazy changes of the midwest and long for those 50 degree nights that I can have the windows open and the cool breeze blows over my face. Well it will be here soon enough.
    Thanks for letting me whine here. No wonder it feels like home. I/we can let it out and not feel weird. 🙂
    You be well also and let us all be thankful for what we have now as it will surely change tomorrow. Hopefully… 🙂

    • Raven says:

      PS, we are soul mates for sure. I lived in the Caribbean for a number of years and got bored silly with the constant perfect weather. I need climatic challenge and diversity! Plus we seek the energy in the air when the weather is constantly in your face. MInus 25? Six feet of powder? Cool! Add a layer and get your lazy butt out there and shovel!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Sorry you have to deal with her orneriness everyday Skyz. That makes life a real strain. I hope you can find a way to change her attitude and lighten things up. You’re right, we do have a difference on the snow! The first couple of storms I love but come March and it continues on with a vengeance I draw the line. Three months of snow would be tolerable 🙂 50’s at night I like. Just throw on another cat and an extra blanket and it is wonderful sleeping….Later gator….VK

  114. Visionkeeper says:

    Hey Skyz….
    Trolls are a total drag indeed. Sitting at their keyboards dropping doughnut crumbs between the keys of the keyboard and spilling coffee all the while being paid to be.obnoxious and irritating. All you can really do is be pleasant and nice and they don’t know how to handle it. If your feathers don’t get ruffled they get bored. Good luck, it is not much fun.
    Where I am, July ending is a freak out as it brings snow just that much closer to reality. With time speeding by so fast now it feels like we barely had summer at all. Ten days of ungodly heat
    in the 100’s now back to 50’s at night. I still have a blanket on my bed… I just dread the thought of winter but I’m hoping winter in my new little house will be easier to manage than the big house I left behind. Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Everything is at warp 8 right now…Really picking up speed and intensity. You can hear the dark ones breathing loudly with anxiety as time begins to crunch for them. One wonders when the shoe will drop. Maybe it won’t because they are crumbling so quickly now and everyone is on to them. We shall see. Pray hard for peace….Be well Skyz and thanks for coming by as always!
    Blessings… VK

  115. purpleskyz says:

    Well here it is almost to July’s end.
    How are you all holding up out there?
    I am dealing with near 100 every day and not loving it. But… we finally had 2 storms drop a little rain on us. Won’t help the crops, won’t unburn the grass but I did not have to water for 2 days so I guess that is the silver lining.
    I am dealing with a very un light like woman on the site I admin on. I just do not get some people. The ones that come to these sites and are just flat out mean I can not, will not, try to understand. I know you know what I am talking about right VK? I have tried everything I can think of to smooth her ruffled feathers and dead end. Gets me wondering how we are going to be able to co create our new world with so many still behaving like mean spirited self oriented humans. sigh…
    But enough of that.
    So I am wondering how you are Raven? How are you and Mr. Raven doing with your B&B?
    And how are you Hannah? Are you living at your same place still or are you now an urban dweller?
    I know how you are doing Sue as I pop onto your awesome site now and then. And hello to you also Raymond! And a giant hug to you VK! Thanks fr all you do. 🙂
    Well have a great months end all!
    Much LOVE and Happiness to you!

    • Hi Hannah, just dropping by here to give you some more Energy .. But by the sounds of it I think you and the Universe are getting along just fine.. keep on following your Gut and your heart my friend and the Plan will unfold..
      Blessings to you

  116. purpleskyz says:

    Great site!!!! Thanks sis 🙂

  117. purpleskyz says:

    Interesting insight. I love the way different minds perceive things differently. Very enlightening. 🙂
    What I got also was that the Lucifer that we have been brought up to fear may not be so. Part of the massive mind control that we are waking up to. The messengers keep impressing on us that even the most awake of us will have trouble assimilating the truth once it is availed.
    I found the Pet Goat one to be so full of symbolism that it is impossible to see it all at once. Very Tim Burton. And yes it is like a drug trip. Maybe that is why I like it so much. LOL The trip with out the drugs.
    You also take care and have a wonderful weekend!

    • Raven says:

      We all perceive what we see and hear based on prior knowledge, level of understanding, education, and of course the level of “programming” we have endured over our lives from all the sources of the matrix. Those who turned off the TV years ago, don’t take prescriptions, eat organic and drink pure water are in a totally different state of mind than those who have succumbed to the numbing dumbing. Plus our openness to the information that is delivered and how certain names or words ring our bells, cause distress or joy, disbelief or “ah ha!” That’s my take on why we both looked at the same video and saw it differently. It’s all good. We need all the information we have time for because “time” is running short, ha ha.

    • Raven says:

      “The messengers keep impressing on us that even the most awake of us will have trouble assimilating the truth once it is availed.”

      I think you nailed that on the head, PS. Check this out:

  118. purpleskyz says:

    Hey Raven! How are you and Mr. Raven holding up these daze? I miss ya’.
    I have been finding some real interesting stuff today. Not sure why I am compelled to post them. Here is an interesting video that may be easier to enjoy. Super cool.

    • Raven says:

      The Pet Goat vid was like a drug trip. I might have to watch it a few more times! TX!

      We are holding up fine. Usually by this time we’re both suffering from TBS (Toasted Brain Syndrome) due to not having a day off for many weeks, but oddly this year we are both full of energy and going strong. We had a chance to squeeze in a short whitewater paddling trip and two mountain bike expeditions, with plenty of energy to spare. This never happens, so we are feeling pretty happy about that.

      That said, we are both noticing mood swings, real uppers and real downers, which is very unlike either of us. We were puzzling over this, until I read an article in http://www.in5D that explained that as lightworkers increase their empath abilities they become more subject to the positive and negative energies of others. So we started paying attention to the people around us and how our moods were effected by them and we both went “ZOUNDS!” Negative guests (the minority, thank goodness) bring us down, positive guests lift us up. Now that we have made that connection, we are working harder on not letting the down people bring us down and allowing the up people to lift our spirits. This appears to be working well, however I know there will come a time when it might not because I know we still have a few “difficult guests” heading our way. We are practicing. Knowledge is power.

      Otherwise, all is fine. Your first video with Lucifer, et al. has been ruminating in my head all morning. I keep wondering why Lightworkers are encouraged to connect with nature/Gaia when that is just a creation of Lucifer for our apparent entertainment. I intend to watch the video again tonight.

      Take care my soul sister, Love and Light

  119. Raven says:

    I finally had time to sit down and watch PS’s video link. It was fascinating and made sense to me, but I kind of concur with Hannah in that the “No-thingness” doesn’t sound more enticing than a cold mountain stream, or a raging river, or a white sand beach… etc. I fully grasp we are living in a matrix prison, that there is no such thing as time, that everything we see we create in our crystal brain, that all the myths and religions are geared toward sucking us dry, and that living in the now is all there is. All that makes perfect sense, it’s just that without all that crystal brain creating, what is left? An empty Now, somehow perfect because it’s devoid of light? The void is empty but yet filled with joy/love/being? That’s even harder to embrace than the matrix of Lucifer the Light Bringer.

    Regardless, this was very engaging and thanks so much for sharing it, PurpleSkyz. I will be thinking it through more and watching it again. Perhaps I missed some critical enlightenment.. that won’t be a first for me, for sure.

  120. purpleskyz says:

    Hell girl… party at my house before if you are ever in the Illinois Wisconsin border area!!!! And that invite goes out to all of you. That would be awesome. 🙂
    I think that we are right where are supposed to be now or at least I feel that applies to me. Maybe your path will avail itself to you. It will find you rather than you having to find it.
    Also I understand your thoughts about that videos non ending. I was more in tuned to where his version of the names came in. That intrigued me. Felt correct.
    I think he nailed the whole hypnotic factor to our societies ability to look the other way and not acknowledge the atrocities all around us. How did we let that happen? How?
    Tears are meant to release our emotions so that they don’t build up until we explode. I am a non crier by nature but even I am welling up with tears these days by the weirdest things. It is these flares and downloads I believe. Very potent stuff happening.
    Maybe you are meant to be singular at this time so when your TF/SM sails past you will be able to recognize him. But I wish you happiness in what ever happens on your journey.

    well have a great night Hannah
    On a lighter note Big Brother starts tonight if that is your kind of mind numbing tv. hahaha joking although I will probably be watching.

    • Hannah says:

      Nope. Gave up TV almost a year ago, and reality shows have never appealed to me. No more smokes, no more pot, a glass of wine occasionally, no more microwave. Get my news through Lightworkers…take long walks. My one indulgence is ice cream. Dang, I’m boring.

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Not boring H, just cleaned out and healthy of body, mind and spirit. Congratulations! VK

  121. purpleskyz says:

    I just went to the website to see what you meant as I had not done that yet and I see what you may be talking of. Seems the guy is stuck on sex huh? LOL Not that there is anything wrong with that hahahaha

    • Hannah says:

      Sex is good…

      Nah, I am just a bit perplexed by this abstract no-thingness that he has left us with. I mean, I’m kind of attached to the angels and ETs and all. I also love the Divine Mother/Father. Don’t understand where his theory leaves all of that. I prefer the Law of One.

      Angelface left yesterday for CA with the guy. They did not come to see me before taking off. That hurt. She called me today and went on and on about how great they are together. I suppose she would know better than I. She has made plans for going back to school to build on her portfolio. This is good. I really do hope they end out happy together.

      Not so sure about my own love life at the moment. I have changed so much. The resonance factor is a problem. I am far less tolerant of chaotic energy and random acts of thoughtlessness. Sigh. I am seriously looking forward to meeting up with my DC.

      Put my focus back on job hunting. This weird limbo that we are all in has put a funk on my eagerness to find work. Applied for a position that would be a perfect fit with my experience, education, and skills. Feels like anything that I do right now may be temporary, though. My other thought is that whatever role I play may be just where I am meant to be as we Shift. I do see myself as being one that is able to be a source of calm in the midst. That is the mission, isn’t it? That and being a grounding rod for Gaia.

      I will admit that I went to sleep in tears last night. Reading messages on 2012 Scenario this morning that spoke of assuming our roles as the Wayshowers helped to remind me of where my focus and energy is to be. I am not dancing on the rooftop, but I am resolute in our mission. I have signed on with a couple of different mediation and prayer groups lately. The commitment has been really good at disciplining my rebel self. (My daughter did come by IT honestly.)

      Boy oh boy, these incoming flares and the cosmic alignments are just rocking and rolling all of us! Ya just gotta laugh it off. Purp, when this is all over, party is at your house.

  122. purpleskyz says:

    Hey there Hannah. Hows it going?
    I thought this presentation made perfect sense to me. Well we all have to go with what resonates with each person individually. I watched it 2 times. I found the names from the past to be very important. I have been wondering how in the world all of this could have been perpetrated upon humanity with regards to the religious deceptions etc. that we are being told of and to me this explains how that could happen. Thanks for your input. 🙂
    Now to more important things…. How are you and your partner doing? Fab I hope. Also… how is your Angel Face doing? I hope she is well. Funny… I don’t even know you yet I wonder about your daughter and you a lot.
    Well have a great day and have fun this weekend.

  123. Hannah says:

    Hey there, Purpleskyz. Watched the video and cruised through the front page of this guy’s blog. Gonna have to roll this one around on my tongue for a while. I can see where he is coming from, but something isn’t resonating. Tastes weird.

  124. purpleskyz says:

    Another interesting article here…..

    July 11, 2012
    Are We Ready for a Breakthrough?

    I couldn’t wait to share this—one of the most powerful presentations I’ve ever witnessed; maybe THE most powerful.

    The video below puts a unique spin on things from my perspective, but hear the guy out. For me it’s sheer brilliance.

    This is the kind of “event”—and I use that word because it may be a turning point in my reality—that shatters paradigms for me; the kind of event that has me thinking about it for days afterward, like a movie or book that deeply resonates with me. I finally “get it”.

    The more I ruminate on these revelations the more the lights come on. In my present state of understanding I can now illuminate the entire Southwestern United States! Seriously, it was that powerful.

    There’s some heavy stuff here. I believe this IS the key to escaping from the mess we’re in; the hypnotic trance Humanity is floundering in; the fear, the anxiety, the uncertainty, the frustration, the pain, suffering; all of it.

    This isn’t about the “buying trance” advertising puts us in; it’s about the fundamental hypnotic trance that we allow to manifest our reality, that isn’t reality at all, and was created by the cabal.

    It puts a radically different spin on many things, but if we’re going to make a quantum leap into a new reality, we need to be open to look at things differently, right?

    “The Shift” may involve a new outlook like this video offers. It was a humongous “AHA!” for me.

    I’m wondering if the “compression breakthrough”—the “critical mass” of 144 per cent of Humanity we must reach that Cobra spoke of will be the point we all escape from this false reality and enter the state of true “BEing”. He said that is when the mass arrests will occur.

    We’ve been told that all is not what it seems, and to relax, but why wait? Perhaps we can expedite that timeline if we make different conscious choices.

    Here’s a comment from another viewer: “The 3 dimensional experience is just a pesky fly, buzzing around it’s little 3D pile of shit, telling us how wonderful it’s little pile of shit is. It’s time to remove this cowpie from our focus and reclaim our REAL REALITY.” ~ John Scott (from a membership blog)

    Perhaps if a large number of people saw this video and embraced it in their beliefs, we could take the current 119 per cent Cobra said we were at on July 3rd, and take it up to or even over the 144 per cent tipping point that much faster. It’s all about raising the vibration of the masses. Leaving a “virtual” reality behind and focusing on the now and just “BEing” raises our vibration and starves the cabal.

    From the original source blog: “For those who are very short of time, this page and the video will assist in coming out of the mass hypnotic trance that humanity finds itself in today. This site has a vast amount of detail and shows, with charts, pictures and paintings, what the ultimate goal is regarding the luciferian illuminati agenda. The hope is that this condensed page will bring the reader back to discover what was never meant to be discovered.”

    Click here to watch video on Google…

    This is such an interesting video that I wanted to share with you all. Enjoy

  125. purpleskyz says:

    Would not surprise me if Microsoft (Bill Gates) is playing hardball and putting a virus in the updates. Heck…. if they can put poison in our kids vaccines they will do anything to hurt us. What they don’t get maybe is that even with out the internet connecting the lightys we will still overcome. have a great day!

  126. purpleskyz says:

    There is a virus called Babylon toolbar that not only downloaded onto my computer but another lighty on KP’s site that we are discovering. Also lots of Microsoft updates last night. I think the alert about the net going down might have some substance. I ran Spybot and got a blue screen after I removed Babylon and then I got an error signal and then a correction from Microsoft. Interesting huh? 🙂

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks for the heads up on this….Boy I hope I don’t get it….The computer is running slower but I assume it is solar flare activity….I’ll keep my eyes open. Thanks! VK

  127. I couldnt say…. My scan showed no problems.. only usual cookies.. I used cut and paste from my word to answer you blog post.. I will try just typing straight on the same post and see how that goes.. we are having fun.. !!!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      sure hope its not my end ’cause I won’t know how to fix it 😦 My whole computer is going slow so I am figuring the solar flares are acting up….Fun and cosmic games….

  128. Nope! I even tried a different browser too.. and no joy it spammed me again I think… Oh well.. these things come to try us.. and would if we let them 🙂

  129. Visionkeeper says:

    Flares have been intense DW….Had two days of almost migraine headaches and nausea. Not much fun really. I hope they are done with upgrading us for a while 🙂

  130. Well that arrived safe and sound… Maybe you can check your spam box for me?? as one or two of my regular readers posts have ended up in my spambox of late.. nothing is free of gremlins… 🙂

    Hello to Hannah, Purpleskyz and Raven and Raymond and anyone else too who drops by… wishing you well.. Im FINE.. Blessings

  131. Hi Vk… seems like my comments are not showing up on your posts just tried 2 and they disapeared for some reasone, Maybe they got Spammed .. strange things a happening.. Lets try and see if this stays.. ~Sue

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Yep got this one. Strange you lost the others. I have been more vocal lately about fighting back against the dark ones and I seem to have trolls coming onboard so who knows…Sorry you had trouble. Let me know if it continues. Solar flares don’t help any either….VK

      • No, the flares have been draining these last few days VK with head like a constant whistle.. and when it shuts down I think I have gone deaf! Lol so weird as I have lived with it so long and its buzzing… with downloads now and again..
        I will try again to comment upon your Battle fatigue and see what happens.. and I will turn off my own scanning as scanning my pc at the same time just now as I got a gremlin too.. LOL..

  132. purpleskyz says:

    WOW Hannah! Such great things for you! I am so happy to hear you are so well. 🙂 Glad your family is safe in CO. Crazy times for sure.
    Hopefully your Angel Face will see the light re: her s.p. 🙂
    She must have things to learn from him.
    Have a wonderful time with your paramour and live it up girl!

  133. Hannah says:

    Hi Everyone. Most everything is well with me. I had a major breakthrough and am the manifesting like crazy. Possibly a two day lag. Much to tell, so I’m writing in shorthand. I’m off to the local artisan festival for the second day in a row. Last night was the street dance and all of my favorite locals were sharing the love. So cool. Experienced healing with three people this week. Um…reconnected with my love who has been overseas for a year. Summertime romance thing. Skype has been helpful, although we had a falling out in February. Had to do some healing there first. Five glorious weeks to have together. Yum. Um…set my intention on moving to the city and now experiencing the development of my plan. Networking without trying! Um…estate sale great success. Landlady is very happy and I am to live here rent free until the sale of the property goes through. My personal deadline for moving is end of August. Um…my sister and some of her adult children live in the Co Springs area. Most evacuated, but have since been able to return to their homes. The fire came within five miles of my sister’s home in Woodland Park. I posted in two places my request that the ETs do a fly over and wench the fire. Two days later the video of the UFO trailing the helicopter over the fires was posted. I loved posting that followup, especially on one of my niece’s FB page! Then rain! LOL!

    Now the not so great news…my daughter is coming to say goodbye to me tomorrow. She is heading south with the guy. Myself and family are very, very concerned, which turns out to be for good reason. Both of her sisters went to try to see her off and those happenings left things dicey. The abuse and control was obvious. I have since been able to make a communication breakthrough, remaining steady and open. I have done my best to remind her of her power within and ability to make choices based on wisdom and common sense. I have reminded her of her ability to tap into the guidance of her Higher Self. I am sending Love/Light to both of them and the situation. I have requested AA Michael to surround her with his protection. Please continue to send pure Love/Light directly into their hearts. I am counting on the miraculous.

    So, with that, I am off to soak in the sun, good food, music, creative expression and humanity, my love by my side. Does it get any better than that?

    • Visionkeeper says:

      So glad to hear all is going well Hannah. If we have faith we will always pull through no matter how dark things may be. Have a great time with your reconnected love and have faith your daughter will do the right thing. No matter what happens, it will all be as it should be. Take care and stay happy……VK

  134. purpleskyz says:

    There is much “talk” of the solar waves knocking out the net this week so if we do get isolated, all of you also hang tight. I agree Raven, we are about to see much action. I can see it on the main stream media faces. I can see it in how the critters around here are eating and acting. The house creatures are acting weird also.
    How are the customers at your B&B?
    Also hello to Hannah! Hope all is well and you are happy! 🙂

  135. Raven says:

    Hi everyone! Hot here too. All the wacky weather certainly sounds like Armageddon to me! Here’s an interesting essay on Omens if you have the time. Since I read it yesterday I haven’t been able to get the concept of prophesy off my mind.

    Love to all, hang in there, I think it’s going to get a little bumpier from here.

  136. purpleskyz says:

    Now that is a fair trade. 🙂
    I think that the wildlife migrated before the fires. They seem to know. My hummingbird friend has not been seen here in 3 weeks. I think they headed north where it might be a bit cooler.
    I know a couple that just moved to Colorado Springs and is in the military. They evacuated. I have not heard if everything was lost yet. I hope they are ok.
    Take care, those flares are freaking strong! LOL

  137. Hi PurpleSkyz ~ I tell you what.. we will strike a deal.. I will send rain, if you send the Sun…
    Such extremes of weather around isnt there.. and now you have reminded me I will do a meditation before I go to bed… like I usually send out.. but with added thoughts …
    Yes cleansing by Fire and Flood.. I wonder where I read that before! 😉
    I feel for all of those whose homes have been lost and damaged both in those Fires and Floods.. as well as the lives lost and wildlife.. Nice to hear from you again also PSkyz.. have a Peaceful week.. 🙂

  138. purpleskyz says:

    Hey Sue!
    It is finally not so blazing hot here. We have had no rain in many months. Everything here is burnt to a crisp. The crops are toast. The farms are suffering for lack of rain. Send some our way 🙂
    Lots of lighty’s manifested rain to Colorado forest fires and were so successful that the place is now flooded. Seems that there is a lot of cleansing going down.
    Don’t forget the World Lib Sunday Meditations today. Lots of powerful things going down. 🙂
    Have a great week!
    Love and ONENESS

  139. Hi All.. I hope you had a good 4th of July and enjoyed your weekend. Just logging in to say Hi.. and send well wishes to you all..
    And let you know Dreamwalker is fine .. She hasnt drown in all that rain and floods.. We have been so lucky here, we live on top of a hill… Others in the UK haven’t been so lucky, with horrendous rain storms which have rivers breaking there banks and flooding homes…. And there seems no let up for July..
    Enjoy your week everyone and take care… for those Solar storms I feel may be incoming again stronger, as Ive been wacked out these past few days..
    Blessings ~Sue

  140. purpleskyz says:

    That is a wonderful story Raymond! How awesome. It is true. I see it in so many children. My grandson is 3 and he says remarkable things. But I absolutely love “You make face contact”!!!!!! I will say it often now. ha ha To cute. 🙂

    Another thing …. VK mentioned to watch the animals. They know what is up. I had a wild turkey eating in my front yard this morning. A TURKEY!!!! I live in a populated sub division. It is crazy! The creatures now include… raccoons, opossums and tons of birds I have never seen before. My neighbors must think that Mother Nature lives in this house. LOL
    Also… my 2 cats are camping out in the 90+ degree garage. Very odd behavior. It is almost like they are acclimating themselves to the heat now. So I think they are saying it is close.



    • Visionkeeper says:

      Happy 4th to you as well and to all aboard this ship.Yep the animals are hip to what is coming down the pike and I think heat may well be one of them. Gotta dry things out so you can set fire to it ya know, especially with their new lightening weapon. Great way to destroy everything ” naturally” so to speak….Insanity reigns for now but not forever!!!
      Blessings…. VK

  141. Hi, everyone! A belated Happy Canada Day to you, and Happy July 4th for tomorrow too! Happy Independence Day should hold more significance than ever “:)
    @Purpleskyz, it is good that you have noted the ‘look’ of people in Casinos, they are detached from their spiritual beings to a great extent. Casinos are NOT a good place to be. What really is more significant though is the look you get from children. Children KNOW.
    I must share something interesting with you.
    Your mention of children looking at you reminds me of the other day, at a relative’s home there were visitors, and one of them was a blue-eyed girl. She was clearly shy but studied my face. Keep in mind, this girl never met me before, and I had only just met her folks too. She has perhaps the brightest blue eyes I have ever had the fortune to see. Regardless,
    there she is, smiling at me and studying.
    Suddenly she said “You make face contact!” and laughed. She kept looking at me and said again, “You make face contact!”. This was absolutely amazing. (One of the things that has ALWAYS bothered me about people is they “AVOID” making eye and face contact, so I was really surprised) .
    She kept looking directly at me and we talked. The really astounding thing is….this child is barely 4 years old,….clearly one of us–and an old soul. Her folks are planning on moving into this neighborhood. The star children are arriving.
    Blessings on this wonderful day to everyone! ~ R

    • Raven says:

      I LOVE this story! Thanks so much for sharing this. I have met a few star children and the promise of what they bring to the world is what keeps me going.
      Love and Light, Raven

  142. purpleskyz says:

    opps should be star bros & sistars. 🙂

  143. purpleskyz says:

    Hey there Sue! How are you doing? How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row? LOL
    Good to hear that your daughter will be near soon Hannah. Yeah!
    Since I was away from the computer for a few days I am seeing quite a bit as I am catching up on things. Are you seeing what is going on in the east coast area? Total power failures that include cells and internet in the Maryland Washington DC area? Very interesting…. I think we are ready to pop this thing open. Just look at what is happening around the globe right now. Crazy time is at the starting line!!!
    Hang tight my start brothers and sisters! Here we go. 🙂

  144. Hi ALL.. long time I know.. but I have kept up via phone on most of the conversations..
    All of us have been affected in different ways these past few months especially.. So Happy to know you are all ok.. and coming out the end of your tunnels.. Me too.. Hugs to all of you.. Keep Smiling.. And Live from your hearts.. Love and Blessings ~Sue

  145. Hannah says:

    Angelface and company are rolling into the city today. I hope she comes out for the holiday. It will be good to give her some warm fuzzies and check out this guy. We’ll see. Hannah

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Hannah….Glad you are still with us. Glad to hear she will be coming to town. I hope you get to spend some quality time with her. Enjoy the holiday and I wish the best for you all….VK

  146. purpleskyz says:

    So glad that we are all so connected here! It is very cool. 🙂
    Raven you tell your hubby LOL! I love and miss Jimi. I hope we all can have the best jam session ever once we are over on the other side. 🙂
    Hannah you have a wonderful outlook regarding cities. I have friends that live in Chicago and they thrive on the city way of life. It is ironic that I am the total opposite. I would love to be in a private hidden away place. Maybe someday. I wish you great success when you get to your new place Hannah. How is your Angel and her devil doing? Hope well.
    VK.. I agree I need to smudge myself after the casino visit. The look that was so prevalent was vacancy. No light showing in any eyes. Even the clerk at the counter was empty. The only HUman I saw was a elderly black gentleman tending the pop machines. I could see that he was fighting not to let any thing rub off on him. Our eyes met and we both smiled huge grins. That was it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Wow…..Glad you got out of there and didn’t stay. Kind of like the twilight zone or something. Yes smudging will help a lot! Poor black guy has to deal with it everyday. Send him some good energy Skyz….Have a great holiday and yes, it is wonderful that our family stays intact and is doing well. Those that live in their hearts stay together! VK

  147. Hannah says:

    Thank you for this input, VK. I was growing concerned about the us/them flavor of the conversation. As a person raised in the city, who has been living a rural and isolated life for a long while, and is anxious to return to the sea of humanity, I think that i can speak for urban dwellers.

    I grew up in Detroit during the 60’s and 70’s. My family did not join in the white flight after the riots in 67. I witnessed the demise of this once beautiful and vibrant city into a fear filled ghetto. I left Michigan in 81. I understand the view of city life as being without connection to nature. For a long while, at least in my experience, this has been true. I think that this was the plan of the Dark.

    I have kept an ear to the ground throughout these decades,and am overjoyed to learn of the resurgence of life that is happening in this moment. The new mayor of Detroit is demolishing the empty, disintegrating buildings. Folks have come together, planting community gardens on vacant lots. Artists and musicians are flocking to the city creating again. This is the power of love in action; the vibrancy of the human spirit. It’s beautiful.

    Seattle has been on the forefront of urban community building for the past decade or so. Pea patches and community art projects are abundant. Formerly crime ridden and trashed out neighborhoods have been revived. Cities everywhere are being reborn, with the hard work and dedication of neighbor joining with neighbor. You do not need to be concerned that urban dwellers will not be able to find a source of connection with the Gaia.

    While I am grateful for the embrace of this natural, wooded setting, I long for human connection. Whenever I venture into the city to visit my daughters, the vibration of the human heart excites every cell in my being. I am able to connect as I choose with all who are open, awakened or not. You would be amazed at just how many are open to casual reassurance that they are seen and appreciated just for being. The God in me sees the God in you.

    We are all here performing different aspects of the same mission, to assist Gaia and all of her children in Ascension. We are all needed wherever we are.


    • Visionkeeper says:

      So true Hannah, we each have our place. I am glad to hear about the cities coming back to life and wasted space being used for gardens and such. This is good. We are all different and those that love the city thrive and those that love the country love it as well. Our energies can mingle and share and help when needed. You will be an excellent source of city info as it is needed Hannah….This will be great. I hope you guys have a great connection together and enjoy the 4th. Be well and take care. Glad all is okay and life is progressing forward for you. Blessings….VK

    • Raven says:

      Sorry, Hannah, I didn’t mean to imply “us/them.” I’ve noted I have a way of inadvertently offending you for some reason. I’ll try to keep my opinions to myself so I don’t step on your toes anymore.

      • Hannah says:

        Raven, I love your stories and of course your opinion is welcome. Whenever more than one person is talking diversity happens. You know the world from your point of view and experiences, as I do mine. We are here to learn from one another and cheer on new growth. When we disagree we have the opportunity to take another look at our perspectives. Sometimes we just need to slow down and choose our words more carefully. Authentic connections between people does require self reflection. I am okay with that. You can count on me to continue to express myself as I hope you do as well. Hannah

  148. Visionkeeper says:

    As we well know Raven, we are each here to hold the light in whatever area is ours to love. If we didn’t have city dwellers we would be in deep doo…Balance is key to all. I just worry what they will do when a Gaia connection is necessary for survival. Will they make it? Animals we should be watching most closely now as well as always. They are connected and lead us where we need to go. They feel everything and are great canaries in the coal mine so to speak. Glad your pups are enjoying life and you can ride like the wind with them. Stay high on life and be well….VK

  149. purpleskyz says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I am up in Madison Wisconsin hanging with my 3 year old grandson. He is so much fun and it is so wonderful to reconnect with the inner child within.
    On the ride up here I saw a lot of military convoys and personel on I90. There are a few bases up here but I saw more movement than I ever have on this highway. Something big is going on for sure. Maybe Drake and Cobra are right on.
    I have a weird experience to tell of. I mentioned to my daughter that I have never been to a casino and before I knew it we were on our way. The minute we entered I felt like we had been dropped into a Quinton Tarentino movie. The people were like zombies. The vibes in the air was of sadness, depression, and insanity. The faces were vacant. I could not wait to leave. I usually avoid being around that type of atmosphere. I will never go there again. It was beyond creepy. I still feel the residual effect this had on my head. It is a feeling of sadness and desperation.
    I have been seeing so many vacant faces that I am wondering also where all of the lightworkers are. I try to connect by looking straight into the eyes of those I see and there is hardly anyone home. Only a few elderly and of course the children see me back. I noticed that the kids stare until we no longer have eye contact. Very telling. Very important.
    Glad to hear from you Raven and VK. I was really missing you all as I have not had an opportunity to use the laptop until now. I hope Hannah is doing well also and a big hello to Raymond!
    VK… I hope you have a wonderful 4th in your new home. Your freedom place.
    I will be back home sometime tomorrow and can not wait to see my flowers and begin my second week of vacation. Ahhh….. so nice to not have to be working.
    Have a great holiday everyone!
    Love you and missed you!!!!! 🙂

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Skyz….Glad vaca is going well! Being with little ones is so delightful. Your tale of the casino was creepy. What is in the minds of those people if anything. Ya gotta figure people are there for one reason only, money and that usually means they are heavily connected to 3D and disconnected from reality. You should smudge yourself when you get home. It will be nice to kick back at home and do whatever you feel or don’t feel like doing 🙂 Enjoy and I am glad all is well and smiling for you. Stay clear of the convoys and yes, something is getting ready to go down. The dark ones are at the end of their journey….Drive safely….. VK

    • Raven says:

      Hello Skyz! I’ve been missing you, too. We made a great soul sister contact and then I drifted away to tend to the zombies. Interesting about your Quentin Tarantino experience and the fact you are connecting with your adorable grandson at the same time, sounds like sort of an in-your-face duality experience meant to get your attention. It pairs with what I’m experiencing with my guests in a way, only I’m dealing with the high functioning career and professional blank eyes, but taken together it all confirms what we have been told to expect. Course then you have to ask, “Am I projecting my expectations?” Hard to say, but you cannot deny how strange people seem. I had a good friend who out of the clear blue went out and bought a giant (HUGE) motorcycle and then on her first ride had a bad accident and ended up in ICU. This was so out of character for her that everyone is going “Huh?” including her husband and children.

      Anyway, glad to hear you have a week off and are enjoying your flowers too. When I told my husband I was writing to you he said, “Tell her Jimi said, ‘Excuse me, while I kiss the sky’.”

  150. Raven says:

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your garden and growing things, VK! It’s such a delightful enterprise. We’ve got chard, lettuces, and rhubarb producing now, with berries, zucs, kale, beans, onions, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and garlic coming on for fall harvest. I’m jealous though… can’t grow melons or squash, all of which I love, due to the short mountain growing season. But we grow enough veggies to get us through the winter and I take pride in that. Gardens are truly magical and I love my place greatly, too. We are connected through our love of Gaia.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Connection to Gaia is so vital to have. I watch city people and wonder how they can function without that inner connection to plug into everyday. But they do I guess. Glad you have such a bountiful garden growing as well. It is wonderful to go out to the garden and pick a few things then come back in and create an entire meal. It is magical really. One of my cats loves to be ‘Garden Girl’…She comes with me and hunts for mice amongst the greenery and twirls in the dirt between the rows. Life is good! VK 🙂

      • Raven says:

        Totally agree about urban dwellers and their lack of connection. They connect to human culture: art, music etc. which is fine and can be wonderful in many ways, but not nearly as thorough and true as connecting with Gaia. Perhaps that’s just our personal bias. As a grid worker living as far away from a city as one can possibly get, I cannot imagine NOT being connected and in the few moments from time to time when I do feel disconnected, I am totally at sea. Perhaps this is what we are seeing in them, the disconnection. I grew up in the Everglades back when Florida was a wild and untamed swamp and I made my connection with Gaia when I was about four years old (or perhaps it was mutual; she made her connection with me.) Anyway, for many years I was connected to the ocean and felt more comfortable in the water than on land, and now I’m totally landlocked. Doesn’t matter, the connection is omnipresent and completely fulfilling in all regards.

        Love the vision of your cat in the garden. Animals never seem to lose their connection, we can learn so much from them. Yesterday I took my dogs on a mountain bike ride, which they love because they can run and run and run as fast as they can, until they drop exhausted into a pond or stream and lap up the cold water. I get such joy from watching their joy.

  151. Visionkeeper says:

    Strange…I would have thought you would have encountered far more awakened beings…Kind of scary to think so many are still in denial…Sounds like nobody is connected to the earth either. They will have trouble with the shift. Something is going on big time as I am having extreme pressure in my ears and throat. Either Haarp is on high or the flares are strong this go round or my body is shifting big time…
    Yes I have many flowers planted and my organic garden is growing well. Getting lettuce, kale, chard so far, soon the tomatoes, cukes. sqush, melons etc….Good to watch it grow and stay connected to earth. I am loving my place greatly and feel everyday I am where I am meant to be and that feels good….Stay sane amongst the crazies….. VK

  152. Raven says:

    Main stream America is oblivious and thinks the whole 2012 thing is a “false flag,” while at the same time thinking all the past false flags were real. I have yet to have a Lightworker of any stripe grace my door this year (have had many in the past, how odd is that?) and this saddens me greatly; I was hoping to have delightful conversations with them. Hundreds of people have stayed here since May and not one of them has strolled through my beautiful organic vegetable and flower gardens. How can they all be so oblivious to flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds? I even have bees! They (and I mean most) are truly distracted in the sense that they seem to know the world is changing but they don’t want to face it or have any personal stake in it. At least that’s my impression. I don’t probe them too deep, no point really. It’s a bummer.

    Hope you are enjoying your new place and that you get a chance to plant some flowers!

  153. Raven says:

    HI VK! Raven checking in. All is well, I’m just really, really busy but my energy level is high and I’m keeping a smile on my face (that’s not always the case with so many people coming and going around me like a maelstrom.) I can report, however, that people are behaving very strange, or should I say more strange than in past summers. Most of them seem very scattered and distracted, even after spending a few days in the peaceful wilderness. This is very odd. We’ve had an endless stream of highly educated professionals (including a couple of vaccine developers, eek!) many of them pregnant (I’m hoping with lots of Indigo children!) and taking their “last” trip before they settle down. All in all, not a typical group for our little green B&B and the distraction level of our guests is a rather disconcerting.

    Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying summer, although I read that much of the country seems to be having droughts, floods and other “Armageddon” type weather issues. Since I live in Armageddon weather all the time, this isn’t a factor in my life.

    Love to all my Light Friends, keep your heads down and your spirits high!— The Black Bird

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Raven….Thanks for checking in and I am so glad all is well. I figured you were buried in the B&B business, just wanted to know you were still breathing 🙂 You are a super person for us to keep tabs on what main stream America is doing and how they are reacting to the insanity. Actually, probably a lot of people don’t even realize it is insanity, but to them, the norm…Scary thought. Keep us updated if you start seeing awake people, that is a hopeful sign. Be well, stay in the ol’ heart and don’t work too hard!!! Thinking of you and missing you…..Blessings…VK

  154. Visionkeeper says:

    Greetings all and happy 4th coming up….Just wondering if all is well with Skyz,, Hannah or Raven. I know with summer activity all are busy, but just hoping they will pop in and let us know all is well and they are still breathing. Be well and be light….VK

  155. purpleskyz says:

    Thanks VK!
    I can totally imagine how happy I will be when that happens. How happy we all can be.

  156. purpleskyz says:

    Hi Raymond and to all you awesome BEings here!
    I am most fond of the saying… A Day Without Learning is a Day Wasted.
    I love the way you put the above Raymond. You are very wise. LOVE IT!
    Every day brings wondrous moments and the more we know the more we see it. It truly is a fab time to be here.
    It almost feels like you can touch and feel the air. The very smallest particles of it to me sometimes. Like electric. I am also noticing an up swing in psychic perceptions. I am actually hearing instead of just perceiving. So I can feel that things really are close. I am sure you all know what I mean since we have a real ONENESS here.
    Or maybe it is that I am ecstatic right now as today is the first day of my vacation that I am taking 2 consecutive weeks off. This is a first in 12.5 years that I am doing this this so WHOOOO HOOO!!!! Ahhh…. This must be what Nirvana feel like. 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!
    Gotta love that ONENESS!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Yeah!!!!! Vacation for Skyz!!!! Hope you have a fabulous time and just think, when this ascension stuff is said and done we will all be on permanent vacation 🙂 VK

  157. Hi everyone! @Hannah, that is wonderful and great news. The higher cosmic consciousness works in wonderful ways we find difficult to understand at times. EVERY person we are touched by has a profound effect on our lives, our very being is forever changed. Similarly, we affect others. We travel with them, throughout time; at times they teach us, and at times, we teach them in the opposite and various relationships and occurrences we are given as study. We have many, in fact endless opportunities to learn. I cannot stress enough the need to remain fearless, for living without fear is necessary to keep an open mind. There is far more to this life than is immediately apparent. All we have to do is open our eyes and see the beauty. By the way, I lost two days this week. MIA and all that. Isn’t that amazing? Blessings to all!

  158. purpleskyz says:

    Hannah that is awesome!
    Synchronistic even. That should help enormously.
    Keep us posted. Great news!!!

  159. Hannah says:

    I have really good news to report. Apparently, the guy’s mom is a lightworker. They met this week and Angelface wrote to me about her yesterday. I cruised through her site and am greatly relieved to know that my girl is connected to and is receptive to this Gracious Being. YEAH!!!! Feeling those high vibrations!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Yeah!!!!! Fabulous news….Trust is a powerful thing so keep on trusting and all will be well Hannah. Sounds like things may be falling into place. Stay in your beautiful heart and all will be well Hannah….Blessings…VK

  160. Happy Summer Solstice, everyone! May the Light shine in your heart and into the lives of all of those around you. Be fearless. The Age of Light is upon us. Blessings to all!

  161. Hannah says:

    OMG, Purpleskyz, you have given me the most rewarding belly laugh that I’ve had in ages! Soul project?!! That’s perfect! No, they have not arrived yet. She called yesterday and they are meandering their way up the coast for the next week or so. Plan to get a place together. I wish them well.
    I am wrapping up the last three days of pricing out the “estate” and the big sale is on Saturday. Closing out the end of a huge chapter in my life.
    I’ve decided to move off of this island and back to city life. My passion is community building and I am a social change agent. I am being called to go and do it. I’ve put out feelers in a particular area of Seattle and am aiming for the end of July. A young woman that I took in as a teenager lives in the area that I am drawn to and she is excited about the plan and is keeping her antenna up for me. She turned me onto the neighborhood blog as well.
    So, all of my manifesting power is fully focused. Expect nothing short of the miraculous!

  162. purpleskyz says:

    Wanted to wish all a wonderful Solstice!

    Hannah…. how is everything by you? Has your daughter and her soul project arrived yet?
    I hope all is well with you Hannah.

    Much love to ALL of you and have a great week!

  163. Visionkeeper says:

    Hannah….I wish you only the very best. I didn’t make myself very clear in my post. Sorry. I pray you and your daughter can find a space where you both can feel safe and happy…. VK

  164. Hannah says:

    VK, please understand that what feels right for me in this moment may not ring true for you. I have been feeling grateful for the assistance that I need right now through this book.

    The reason why I am to read this book is that it offers spirit (Orin) guided teachings and meditation specifically geared toward creating a relationship with the Higher Self. As I have been struggling with meditation, somehow blocking integration with my Higher Self, I believe that I am being presented with this assistance. I must make a breakthrough. It’s imperative.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hannah….I never implied you shouldn’t read that book. The messages I received were for me, nobody else. Each soul does what he must on his journey. Each journey is different as we are all different. If that book helps you at this time that is what is meant to be. VK

  165. purpleskyz says:

    Wonderful news Hannah! You must be somewhat relieved.
    My daughter, my youngest, was with a real bad seed. He is my grandsons father. Got himself thrown in jail right before she was to deliver the baby. When he finally got out his son was 6 months old. I decided that maybe if he had a chance to be with his son it might be enough to set him in the right direction. You know what they say… Keep your friends close and your enemies closer… was my thought process. Well he could not keep himself sober for even 2 weeks and ultimately I kicked him out and in no time at all he was back in jail. That was a year ago. I hear that he is still struggling and I hope that he can find himself so he can be there for Skylor, my grandson, but I know he won’t. My daughter came to her senses and realized that he can not be there for her. Though she allows him to see his son at the park every so often so the Sky Guy can at know his Dad I know that in time this will also fade away.
    I am sure you get my point in telling you this stuff Hannah. And I hope that all will work out for your Angel.
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for letting us know this update.

  166. purpleskyz says:

    Oh drat then!
    I don’t want to start talking to those guys!!!! 🙂
    Guess the farmers will have to just use the irrigation sprayers then LOL
    Thanks VK!

    • Raven says:

      Well, the Dark Ones must have set up shop in Montana… We’ve had nothing but rain for three solid weeks. Our farmers and my garden plants and flowers are very unhappy too! But today the sun came out for the first time so I’m sending all the clouds and rain east and praying for PurpleSkyz. Let me know if my Sun Here and Rain There Dance works!

  167. purpleskyz says:

    Great day here VK!

    It is supposed to get real hot by this weekend. We have had NO rain here my region of Illinois. The grass looks like it is August already. So how about sending some of that rain our way. Our farmers are freaking out already. 🙂

    • Visionkeeper says:

      You’ve got to ask the dark ones for the rain Skyz…They are obviously in control of it, especially in areas where our food source is coming from 😦 Stay cool and stay in your heart…. VK

  168. purpleskyz says:

    Good Morning Brothers and Sistars!

    Just wanted to check in with Hannah and ask how your daughter is today. Any word?
    She has been in my thoughts as have you Hannah. Intentions for resolution seem strong today. Must be the date: 6+1+4=11
    Well check in when you can and let us know how you are Hannah.

    Wishing all a beautiful day!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Skyz…..Greetings to you as well! I too hope all is going well with Hannah and her daughter. What will be will be no matter how things turn out. All we can do is pray for the best…Hope your day is as gorgeous as it is where I am. Finally the rain has gone! VK

    • Hannah says:

      Yes I heard from Angelface last night. She has decided to stay with this guy. So be it. I am to expect to meet him here in my neck of the woods sometime within the next week. They may stay in the area. I am not looking forward to the incoming drama, but at least I will know that she is within a stone’s throw.

      Took to heart your posting today, Visionkeeper. Star Trek moment…

      I picked up a book this morning that has been floating around my house for years now. I don’t remember where it came from and I just realized what it is. Spiritual Healing by Sanaya Roman. Subtitle is Being Your Higher Self. Read first chapter this morning. It is a chapter at a time followed by guided meditation. I have been looking for some way to bring together everything that I have been reading about for this past year into a coherent format. I learn best with guided instruction, at least at this point. Appears that my Higher Self knows this about me, too.

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Hey Hannah….Glad you two are keeping in touch and having her close by could really help you keep your eye on things…I’ve read that book as well…A while ago…The messages I keep getting lately are to set the books aside and get what we need to know from within. They serve a purpose up to a point, then I think we have to wing it with the knowledge we have and start counting on ourselves. Not easy taking all the info and forming it all into a library within to call upon when needed. You will do it Hannah and all will fall into place!!! VK

  169. Hannah says:

    Thank you.

  170. purpleskyz says:

    My. Shasta… that is a very significant place. A spiritual place.
    Hollow Earth Network holds meditations there. I think they had a big one with the solstice if I am remembering correctly. maybe Tree of Life? There are so many.
    Hannah…. I have no doubts that you are an awesome Mom. I can see why you fear for your daughter. From what you said that is exactly what you should do. I will join you in prayer for your Angelface. I pray she has the strength to leave this dark one and let him worry about his own soul
    Boy… it is always something with those kids isn’t it? :).

  171. Hannah says:

    Let me be clear, I am not an alarmist. I am actually rather grounded. This latest escapade of my daughter’s is distinctly more dangerous than what she’s chosen in a long time. She has ventured into the dark realms, intentionally.

    I am more than aware that this is her journey, not mine. I continue to go about my daily life, working toward my personal and spiritual goals. I am also a loving mother who encourages the Light in all of my daughters to shine. There is a reason why I was cast in the role as their mom.

    I ask for your continued sending of Divine Love and protection to my daughter. She is in a small town at the base of Mount Shasta. The man that she is with, according to the brief account she told me, is gripped by the Dark, as in Luciferian. She just began to awaken within this past month. She has chosen to put herself at great risk to save his soul. She thinks this is her Mission. We are talking about spiritual warfare here, folks. Re-read today’s Oracle report. Please join me in prayer.

  172. Raven says:

    Excellent advice, Raymond (about Hannah and her daughter.) I never proffer any advice about raising kids since I never had any, but I certainly agree with your statement about self-esteem.

    Also interesting about your time explanation. I have not experienced the “putting your hand through” sensation but my husband has. He said when he walked through what he now thinks of as a portal, there was a “time space” or a break of some sort, and then he was still walking along thinking, “What just happened?” There was no physical or bodily sensation he could describe, just a space in time. Fascinating really. He is a very brave person (he is a wildland fireman/EMT/wilderness rescue volunteer) and he wasn’t scared at all but it certainly got his attention judging by the expression on his face.

    Yes, it’s highly interesting, not at all scary, and these incremental glimpses are thoroughly enticing as to what it will be like to live and love as timeless beings. But whatever did you mean by “People are disappearing?”

  173. Hello to everyone!
    @Hannah, prayers for you and your daughter, and do have a discussion with your daughter about the deceivers, for there are many. Your daughter fled him for a reason, usually our first instincts are the CORRECT ones. We wish to ‘believe’ and trust in others, but deceivers and the dark ones also take advantage of that trust. If he is an abuser and a control freak, she must be encouraged to dump him quickly. Btw, as you probably know, encouraging and cultivating her self-esteem will probably be more effective than simply ‘trying to change her mind’ about him. With self-worth, she WILL see the light.

    Time is not ‘set in stone’, but can be distorted, slowed, sped up, stretching or compressing at will. A minute can be a day, a day can be two, or an hour, and a few minutes are quite easily missed. I’ve lost a few days ‘here and there’. ‘ Moments in time’ is more than just a comment; it can be a month. Interesting isn’t it?
    Has anyone had the strange feeling that you could reach out and place your hand or arm into the next dimension, as through an invisible curtain? Walking through a time warp as mentioned can easily be equated to walking through the dimension barrier temporarily, but one must be aware it is occurring; if you are not aware, it is interpreted to our temporarily limited understanding of the model as ‘time lost’ or ‘missing moments’.
    People are disappearing. We need to keep our minds open and aware of our surroundings at all times; not in fear, but in wonder and joy. Blessings to all on this perfect day! ~R

  174. purpleskyz says:

    Hi Hannah
    So sorry to hear that about your girl. Giant hugs to you Hannah!
    Sounds like your daughter is very psychic? Is she?
    I hope that she will be alright. I can feel your pain and hurt. I hope you will be alright also.
    Please email me if you ever need to just let it all out and have someone listen .
    This does sometimes help a bit.
    I will pray for you and your girl Hannah. You will be in my thoughts for sure.
    Hang on Hannah.
    Please know you are loved sister.

  175. Visionkeeper says:

    Glad you stopped in and eased my worries Hannah…Times are definitely hard right now I know but you must stay strong and yes, allow yourself to release. Your daughter must be old enough now to live her own life. We give birth to them, raise them and then we must have the courage to allow them to fly and make their own mistakes. Not saying it is easy, just something we must do. Of course we will send you both prayers. Be well and stay away from the drama as that will just bring your energies down. Good luck and stay in touch….VK

  176. Hannah says:

    Right after that last post I read Ron’s channel of AAMichael for today in which he gives direction on how to receive the incoming energies. This is Divine timing. Join me in receiving and sending to my daughter. My special name for her is Angelface.

    ps I sent her the link as well.

  177. purpleskyz says:

    Whoa! That is really something.
    All I can say re:time is the lack of it that I feel. I just can not seem to get anything done and I look at the clock and 5 hours has flown by. Hell… it is almost mid June!

    Your description above by the way, is awesome. I have never seen you but I could visualize the look you both exchanged. Weird things going on now.

    You should check out the Time Wave Zero site… Ian Lungold. He explains this time collapse very well.

    btw…. does your hubby remember exactly where this happened in the yard? I ask because that may be the spot for you to meditate on. Never know what might transpire. Very cool!

    Thanks Raven!
    Hope your business is doing well!

    Hello to Hannah, Sue, Raymond, and everyone else here. And a huge hug to you VK! Just for being so darned awesome! 🙂

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Don’t make me blush Skyz…..Besides, it is all of you who are awesome, for this site would not be without all of you interacting here!!! Love each and every one of you! BTW, does anyone email with Hannah? Have you heard from her? I really am worried about her as she was going through some heavy stuff…Let’s send her prayers…. VK

      • Hannah says:

        Still here, riding each wave as it comes up.

        Please do pray fro me, and include my daughter. She had chosen to return to a man that she met a couple of weeks ago out of state. She fled him on Sunday morning, then turned back around a day later. She has somehow convinced herself that he is an ET that does not know how to love and that her purpose is to teach him. She is adamant. There is also a young boy that she is concerned about. My only contact with her is through e-mails, which is sporatic, unless he returns her phone to her.

        I have been on this ride with my daughter since her father’s suicide 17 years ago. I am struggling to not be reeled in; to let go and allow her path to play out. This time feels most dangerous.

        I am spending my days pricing my mentors belongings for sale. I have been bringing my laptop along and have been listening to Ascension blogtalk, videos, and documentaries for company. Yesterday I was so upset that I skipped working indoors and weedwacked for hours. Today I have to get back on task. I have a deadline to meet. Deep breath.

  178. Raven says:

    Checking in today with a story about time. Have you noticed time is becoming fungible? My husband told me today he entered a “time warp” or perhaps a time portal, while walking across our yard. His digital watch went from 9:28 a.m. backwards to 9:21 a.m. and he “lost time” between that event. He came into the house quite shaken and I think he finally believes me that time is a random notion and doesn’t actually exist except in his head.

    Later in the day, a guest showed up to our B&B a day early! Not really…. we lost a day! Both of us! It was most embarrassing (although not a problem for the guest thank goodness because their room was empty and ready, yikes!) but my husband and I looked at each other and said, “WTF?” We’ve never “lost” an entire day before.

    Anyone noticing this kind of time anomaly?

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Whoa Raven! Loosing minutes maybe an hour? yes! loosing a whole day? no! That is unbelievable. Kind of anxiety provoking when you are running a B&B….Hubby will see life differently now! VK

      • Raven says:

        Hubby has always been very intuitive and open-minded but a skeptic at the same time. He won’t discount woo-woo things right off but then again won’t incorporate them until he experiences them personally. I told him last week that the Dark Ones will try to initiate a digital monetary system in order to complete their control of humanity. He scoffed, until he heard yesterday they are trying to do this in Greece. Eyes Wide Open.

        The lost time thing really hit him hard, because he is very time-bound, lives by his watch, which is how he noticed the lost time in the first place, whereas it’s quite common for me to just look at the angle of the sun if I need to know what time of day it is. Losing a day? This was really awful. Since it didn’t impact our guests at all, I just chalked it up to a 5D Wake Up Call. Time is an allusion, and I’m very comfortable with that. Unfortunately it’s a rare guest who gets this so I am bound to them, at least for the “time being.”

        Skyz- I have read about Time Wave Zero, but it was all related to Terence McKenna’s work. I’ve been living outside of time since I read Deepak Chopra’s book “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind” many years ago. It’s only when I encounter others or have to meet someone for an appointment that I fall back into time mode and I always feel very uncomfortable and restricted there. I welcome the “time” when there isn’t any.

        Re: Hannah, I don’t correspond with her via email but I figure she’ll get some emails that the group is talking again and she’ll show up.

  179. purpleskyz says:

    Thanks VK!

  180. Visionkeeper says:

    Hey Guys….I just wanted to share an amazing book I am reading right now. Wow! This guy is too much. It is called the secret of instant healing by Frank Kinslow…. I hope you guys will read it. It is about healing using your awareness instead of energy….Give it a shot. Think you’ll enjoy it and we can sure use our own healing skills in this next phase of what is going on….. VK

  181. Raven says:

    I also enjoy mayanmajix! I was turned on to that site by a girlfriend who’ve I’ve had for many years and it just sort of popped out that she’s a lightworker one day and wow, we’re like totally connected now! She’s the only person (other than my husband) I know personally who is engaged in this process. Seems like everyone else I know or meet is completely zoned out of what is happening and think whoever the next U.S. president is is the most important issue we face. If only.

    Never listened to Ian Lungold, I’m off to check him out. I get a kick out of Bill Ballard.

    Enjoy the cosmic show everyone!

  182. purpleskyz says:

    That is exactly how I have been feeling.
    Love Stephen King!! and Koontz… 🙂
    Maybe that is why I am not resonating with that at all. Thanks Raven! I appreciate your words. You are a great sister!
    I have been spending more time with Ian Lungold… Time Line zero type stuff. Also go to mayanmajix I am very weary of some of the LW sites. Some of those folks are down right mean to each other. LOL 🙂
    You have a wonderful week!
    Happy Lunar Eclipse Every ONE!!!!

  183. Raven says:

    Skyz wrote: “I sense big things coming but I am getting worried at the dragging along. Things need to start happening for real soon or there will be a lot of very depressed light workers out there. Some of these channels are bordering on insulting imo, example: one of Greg Giles this past week suggesting we learn to write less flowery and be short and succinct…. etc.

    To me it seems like the Greg Giles/Sheldon Nigels “channels” (I don’t like to use that word because there are real channels out there working to bring us info.) are separate and distinct from lightworkers. They both claim to represent The Galactic Federation, and from the tone of their many posts over the years (to wit: “We have all kinds of employment opportunities!” blah, blah) they tweek my personal truth barometer strongly. I don’t pay any attention to them so I don’t fret about their timeline not happening fast enough and the fact their promises have not panned out at all.

    I’m more inclined to follow the Mayan calendar prophecies because they have no invested agenda or interest in the outcome, their astrological accuracy is astounding, and their notion of circular “time” makes perfect sense to me. There are many parts to the ascension process: the “alien” aspect, the “heart-based, love” part, the astrological part, the prophesy part; and there are people holding the light and people holding the dark, and it’s pretty much going to play out like Stephen King’s highly prophetic book The Stand, until the day we pass into 5D, when the clock resets and we start over. I’ve been lightworking for about ten years, and it all seems to be falling into place the way I thought it would and hoped it would.

    That’s my personal take. I claim to have no special insight over and above a bunch of time spent reading and paying attention, weighted heavily toward studying the Mayan view of the process.

  184. Hannah… We are ONE! my sisters.. One.. 🙂

  185. Hannah says:

    Youz guys are crackin me up! I write a post, go to the store, and bam! ten new posts in my inbox! And we seem to be riding the same wave. Reminds me of what happens when women hang together and they all start mooning at the same time. Thank God that part is almost over (at least for me), but we do appear to be in sync, doncha think?

    • purpleskyz says:

      Yeah not only do the women in my family go grey early they also go into menopause early. That was a blessing that happened in my early 40’s. But yes I always synched that way with my room mates as did my three daughters. Yikes…. would not want to go through that again. Could not keep enough chocolate in the house. And my poor son. Entrenched in estrogen. Poor guy. 🙂

  186. purpleskyz says:

    lol brownie colored! 🙂
    Yes the Divines! That is what we are!!!
    Strength in numbers!
    Glad you are feeling better Raven!
    Love and ONENESS!!!!

    • Raven says:

      To you as well, my Divine Sister. I forgot to mention after you wrote about being blonde now white, I examined the top of my head for some odd reason and found my hair was also turning white on top! This is magical! Do you think we will all get crystalline bodies too? This is the hardest thing for me to get my head around about ascension. What are your thoughts?

      • purpleskyz says:

        I have been getting hi-lights and low lights for about 5 years and decided last November to let my hair grow out to see how it looked. Glad I did as it is pure white with a little salt and pepper in the back. I started to go grey about 20 years old like others in my family did. I just don’t care what it looks like cause it was one less chain that I cut from the old brain washed me
        . I remember my Mother used to say you have to suffer to be beautiful. I never thought that was the way it was supposed to be. I think we are born beautiful then, well… you know. Life happened.

        As for ascension….. because we don’t really know anything but what we have read or feel etc. , I will leave the thought open until I know more. If it means leaving my children and grandsons behind then I will stay here until it is time to die.

        I sense big things coming but I am getting worried at the dragging along. Things need to start happening for real soon or there will be a lot of very depressed light workers out there. Some of these channels are bordering on insulting imo, example: one of Greg Giles this past week suggesting we learn to write less flowery and be short and succinct. I am like… maybe you will want to shake my hand first before you go giving me lessons on blogging huh? LOL 🙂

  187. Raven says:

    Skyz, Hannah and Sue, sounds like all you guys are doing some serious clearing! Skyz in Technicolor no less! I guess my clearing was two weeks ago (mine was brownie-colored) and I’ve been on the mend and on the up since, albeit very slowly. Several weeks of non-stop rain hasn’t helped. I need some sun time badly.

    Good job, Hannah! Your experiences and the way you relate them are so informative and beneficial. I’m so glad you joined our group. Happy Birthday to you and the other Geminae.

    Sisters, it seems the Divine Feminine is ascending and we are all on the way toward a breath of fresh air. I know a lot of female lightworkers have been taking it on the chin from threatened males all their lives. I certainly fall into that group, I just had one as a guest this week. Normally I get internally irritated at being treated like an inferior being, but now I just laugh and think “Three more days, Bucko. Enjoy them!” and I’m quite sure that will we be taking a turn in the road toward New Earth.

    Love and Light to all… it’s great to hear everyone doing so well.

    • Raven, hope you are recovering from your ‘Detox’ .. Clearing out takes all forms… and will affect the body functions also.. Mine was a mental clearing.. and I know I still have some cobwebs hanging yet to sweep away.. But at least now within my Being I know that I am at last understanding why I had to experience my own upheaval.
      The Feminine is indeed starting to take her power back.. and we are all of us becoming stronger with it.. Thank you for sharing… ~Sue

      • Raven says:

        YES! Every time I think, “OK, that’s the LAST issue” three more pop up. You have to laugh.

  188. purpleskyz says:

    Hey there DW!
    We have missed you! Hope all is well. Shine on you crazy diamond!
    I also was down for the count. I finally broke down and got some antibiotics. I had my first ever sinus infection and apparently I have had it for some time. I did not know that the sinuses could create so many colors! LOL Gross!!!!!
    We are all better with the moon eclipse looming at us. It should be spectacular and I hope it does not cloud over so I can gaze!
    Have a wonderful week end everyone!

    Love you ALL!

  189. Hi all of you.. I have been keeping up with most of what has been said here on an off.. And have missed interacting with you guys.. But I have had to do some clearing of my own recently.. As I went through a very emotional crisis recently.. But I am healing now, although still a little shaky.. This is all part of the process of finding myself even more.. Although to be honest I thought there were not many more parts left to find.. Just shows some of those deep hidden emotions needed Blasting Out.. and Blast they came.. Powwww!..
    But Dreamwalker has come out of her Shell. and Intends to SHINE! even brighter… Love to you all.. DW x

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey DW….Good to see you back!! Sorry things have been rough for you but once you are out of the tunnel of darkness things get even better! You already shine DW but you’ll be a diamond now…Hope you are happy with who emerged in the end. I know we always are pleased with who you are. Now you’ll be better!!! 🙂 Blessings and glad your excavation was successful….VK

  190. purpleskyz says:

    That is wonderful Hannah!!! I am so glad to hear that you can see yourself in a different place. It’s funny…. as soon as I did that, that very next day is when I received the news that I am staying where I am at. Life sure can be fun eh?
    I wish you a wonderful birthday Hannah! I hope you have the best one ever!
    Love to you!
    and ONENESS! 🙂

  191. Hannah says:

    For the past several days I have been experiencing pressure in my crown and on the right side of my head. Lots of buzzing, and now a low tone that is mingled in with the much higher tone that has been with me for ten months. Simultaneously I have been begging my Higher Self to show me how to release dread. That along with being so damn agitated lately.

    Yesterday I received in my inbox the most recent letter from Maureen Moss. In it she spoke of choosing happiness and how important that is to do regardless, now. Hard read for me, as it seems almost dishonest to assume a state of being that is not consistant with what I think of my circumstances. I went further and accepted her invitation to listen to her most recent audio on her site. She spoke of reclaiming our power as women as we ascend. Maureen has a way of speaking that can be disarming, as she is a no BS gal. Yet, I forced myself to listen, and ended out writing fast and furiously, taking notes. Went to sleep listening to all of the tinkering going on in my head, wondering what my Higher Self could possibly do with me.

    This morning I woke up feeling as though a breath of fresh air has swept into my life. Nothing outwardly has changed. In fact, my home is to be accessed by a Realtor tomorrow, and I am working on cleaning up today for that showing. Nevertheless, I appear to have changed my way of thinking. I have been looking around deciding what to keep or what to let go, even though I have no indicator as to what the future holds. I no longer feel an attachemnt to staying here. I feel a positive change is in the works and that I am to be ready to move soon.

    I think I am done with the heavy clearing.

    I have two weeks to finish pricing out my former landlady’s stuff for sale. I feel a surge of energy to get it done. I feel an excitement that I have not known for a very long time. I am expecting goodness, although I still have no idea what that may look like.

    Thank you for your patience.

    BTW, Monday is my birthday.

    • Hannah First Happy Birthday before I forget. 🙂 And second, forgive my absence all of you..
      And Third, Well done you are on your way!.. Really, you are.. That noise you speak of has been with me in my head for over 12 mths now, and comes in even louder in surgers.
      You are clearing your path, and moving right on cue with the Transit of Venus too… ALL Good.. Keep Love and Lightness in your heart and you will sail through this.. As you clear out your home and the debris of your thoughts.. Love to you DW xx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Happy Birthday Gemini sister…. So glad you have found your way into going with what is in your life. Not always easy but it is what we must master if we wish to get to 5D!! I wrote a post today for tomorrow called adapting to what is. Took me an hour and half to write. I went to publish it and it disappeared into cyberspace! I sat stunned for a moment then laughed at the message that was presented to me. Adapt to loosing your post because it is just what is! Nothing I could do. Whatever is handed to us is what we must learn to adapt to. Sounds like you are doing a great job!! Congrats! As for your head I have had a vice on my head for days now and I can also feel the energies of the transit climbing! Don’t know where it’s going to take us but I guess we’ll see. Blessings…VK

      • Smiling here VK, as I wrote a poem on my memo pad on my phone… A long heartfelt one, just getting all of my inner most feeling out.. I read it back and thought to myself it was one of the best I had written about ME.. And I pressed to send to my own email to save, and somehow must have pressed delete.. AND Puff! Gone.. I too laughed.. 🙂 for I thought, thats just what its telling me.. LET it ALL GO! and I felt much better.. The Signs we are given I have always firmly believed in, but the Signs are coming in Thick and Fast right now.. Love and Peace ~DW

  192. purpleskyz says:

    More like a hello and goodbye.
    The sound of those chimes really were the prettiest thing I have ever heard. It was most profound. At first I thought I was going to die. That is how heavenly the sound. Then I thought on it more and decided I am riding out this wave until the end of the year at least. 🙂
    I am grateful to have a place that I could share this!
    Thanks so much VK!
    Love and ONENESS ALL

  193. purpleskyz says:

    Spirit Update:
    Last Friday morning I was just waking up, had a cup of Cafe Francais and was looking at my emails when I heard the most lovely wind chimes. I looked out side thinking they were mine when I realized there was not a breeze to be seen or heard.
    The wind chimes became a bit louder and I followed the sound down the hall to my daughters room then the chimes changed and started to sound like church bells. I had my phone in my hand and called my daughter to let her hear but she could not hear a thing. The wind chimes started up again then just stopped. I had pin pointed where the source of the sound was coming from which was a small blue ceramic box that was on Nikki’s shelve. I later looked in that box and her fathers keys were inside.
    Now I had already realized that he is the main spirit that has been trying so hard to get our attention. This just dotted the i for me.
    It was truly the most beautiful sound that I have ever heard and thank him so much for sharing. I just can not explain how weird the whole experience was though. I hope it was his way of bidding me farewell and he is now going to ascend.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      What an amazing tale of spirit! Skyz this is amazing. What a special treat. Perhaps he has already ascended dear one and he is beckoning you up as well…So many possibilities. Hold tight to this wonderful experience. Glad you were offered it…. VK

    • Raven says:

      Beautiful, Skyz! What a wonderful experience. I’m with VK, I think he’s calling to you. Do you get a sense of a specific message, or more like a “Hello, I’m here” thing?

    • Yes PurpleSkyz, those loved ones in spirit if they want us to hear or get our attention.. and can do some remarkable things to get our attention. And I am so happy that you connected and acknowledged the communicator.. This was a beautiful experience.. Love to you and yours.. DW

      • purpleskyz says:

        Thanks… It was incredible and something I will never forget. Wish I could find some chimes that sounded like that but I think I would have to go off planet to get them 🙂 xox

      • Yes I can imagine .. Spirit Chimes and Bells have their own Etheral sound.. But I am sure some windchimes that tinkle in the breeze will be a constant reminder of that beautiful experience.. Love to you PSkyz .. xx

  194. Raven says:

    Raven popping in to say hello to all my fine, feathered lightworkers. Everything humming along here in Gaia’s gorgeous mountains. This Memorial Day I am thinking about my grandfather who was the skipper of a huge battleship in the Pacific during WWII. He was a man bigger than life and and honest-to-goodness hero. Hats off to you, grandpa! Wherever your soul group is sailing, I’m sure you’re in charge. Love to all.

  195. purpleskyz says:

    Just wanted to pop in to wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend!
    Rest up cause June is gonna rock!!!
    LOVE you ALL
    Love and ONENESS

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Love to as well Skyz and to all of my readers. Good to be sharing a boat with all of you. I hope June gets us closer to the end zone….VK

  196. purpleskyz says:

    I hope you have peace in your journey Hannah.
    I do trust that you will be just fine. Patience is not required as you do not need that from me. Unconditional love and friendship is yours anytime you need it.
    You have a blessed and wonderful day dear!

  197. Hannah says:

    I have exactly what I need in this moment: A safe, sweet little home, secluded in what feels like Faerie land, enough to meet my needs, dear friends, and knowing that my daughters are doing well in their own lives. I really can’t see beyond this moment right now. I don’t know that I am meant to.

    My focus is in the holding of my Inner Child, that sweet yet deeply wounded part of me that is afraid to come out of the closet, where she hides from this world and hides herself from this world. I do not believe that there has ever been a time in this incarnation that she has felt safe, including infancy. My life review has morphed into retracing, seeking out moments of creativity and inspiration, fun, tenderness, those moments when she loved freely, reminding her of who she is, who I AM.

    When I gave up my means I was assured by the angels that my needs would be met. I have been gifted with this time and space to heal myself. That is the work that I am about.

    I do not ask for your sympathy. I ask for your patience with and trust in my process.

  198. purpleskyz says:

    We have to do Ascension work???? I must have missed that chapter! 🙂
    I am glad that some funds came through for you. See….. now amp it up! WAY UP!!!

  199. Visionkeeper says:

    Hey Hannah….Work on seeing what you want and manifesting it. I mean really get into it. Don’t just think I want this or that, describe it in detail, feel what you will feel and be like once you are living this manifestation, how does that feel to be living your dream? Happy? How does your life become when you feel this? See yourself in that scenario. draw pictures of what it will look like. It will work Hannah if you seeing being that way, but don’t think in terms of I hope, or it will etc. think in terms of IT IS !!!!! My home I just moved to has pretty much every aspect to it I have been wishing for. You have to believe in yourself and what you are trying to create to have it work. So begin by giving yourself credit for what you have already accomplished!! Praise yourself always.
    You can do this….If you can’t manifest this then you weren’t meant to Hannah. It may be time to move on and experience something new that is awaiting you…..Blessings….VK

  200. Hannah says:

    I am doing the hard part of my Ascension work, Purp. In the moment I am in the business of facing myself, as scary and painful and as lonely as that may be. The bliss will be/come. I am sure of that.

    BTW, some funds came through tonight. Between my agreement on the rent, a possible pet care gig, and these funds, I am good through June. Cool. One more month. This is good.

  201. purpleskyz says:

    To be able to handle all of that and quit smoking at the same time is monumental!
    I am finding out that if you ask…. ask out loud…. for the things that you desire that they will come to you. I am living proof that this is so. If you can stop smoking and go through what you are going through then you have the power to bring your desires to you. The universe is waiting for you to do that so you can make yourself beyond happy.The fact that you want to help others is why it will work.
    As for the student loans…. stop even giving that any thought at all. It will be forgiven. Do not give it energy. The Prosperity Pkg., World Global Fund that will be dispersed will allow any one to pay off every debt. that are not in the forgiven status. This is unfolding before our eyes right this minute.
    Another thing is that you are telling yourself that you feel like a failure in 3d. NOT TRUE!!!!! That is something that you can change in your way of thinking. You are awesome!!!! Say it!!! I AM AWESOME!!
    I do this little thing at my job. I manage a business and when a customer calls I am so damn good on the phone I have them rushing in to make a rental. After I hang up I say out loud… usually in a loud singing voice… “I friggen rule I friggen rule!!” hahaha And you know what? I do.
    See its like that Hannah. We all have the power to change even the most dire situations .You will have your dream Hannah. Just believe in yourself. 🙂 I do.
    We are really going to have to plan a pre Ascension party all of us from here cause this is very much a family.
    Group HUG!!!!!
    Love and ONENESS

  202. purpleskyz says:

    OMG really? How cool is that. Middle name is Ellyn
    I always felt I had a twin somewhere… LOL
    I have a set of twin girls so I always thought that was it but….. LOL “)

    • Raven says:

      I’ve been looking for my twin all my life. You have twin girls, I have a twin flame, and we already know we’re both from Orion. It fits! I am blonde, 5’3″, green eyes, born 1953 in Florida. That part probably isn’t as important as the Orion part. How can one know for sure?

      • purpleskyz says:

        pretty close…
        born in 54, was blond now white, hazel eyes that change color usually green. 5’4″ but I am shrinking, I used to be taller. Damn you gravity!!!!! 🙂
        Born in Chicago, Illinois. I’ll bet we look alike though.
        I did quite a bit of research on twins when I had my girls. They are mirror twins. One has a dimple on one side one has a dimple on the other. I also have only one dimple. They were endlessly fascinating growing up. Still are. One would fall and scrap a knee and then the other would do the same and scrap the other knee.
        I read that those of us that have that twin longing may have actually had a twin at conception. Sometimes there is a spontaneous abortion or absorption into the viable twin. I think I absorbed my poor twin. But I have forgiven myself for that. LOL
        As for the twin flame…. I don’t think I will ever find that man. I think I might have but I walked away and I think that is what was meant to happen. I am so comfortable in my singularity I don’t know if I could have a flame in this lifetime. I know that neither of the 2 men that I married were my soul mates or TF.
        I think you are very lucky to have found yours in this lifetime. 🙂
        Tell my brother I say hi! 🙂

        Enjoy the beautiful day
        Love and ONENESS

  203. Raven says:

    You’re not going to believe this, my name is Debra also. How incredibly cool is that? We are undoubtedly soul sisters. You will come and stay in my little slice of wilderness one day. I just know it, and it will be wonderful reunion. I can’t decide whether to cry or laugh, maybe I’ll do a little of both. Love and ONENESS.

  204. purpleskyz says:

    I also was having the hardest time with the forgiveness and LOVE your enemies part of this journey. I knew that this would be the issue to not achieve Ascension for me. One can have only LOVE and that is all. Well….. I wrestled with this so much. I needed some help. So help found me. Now I get that understanding that we are all one, since creation into infinity, and the many roles we contracted to play are also one. I can now go forward and when it all comes out I can really become effective. Until I got that I knew I would not be what I needed to be.

    I also feel like we have known one another and were drawn to this site. I see that the lighty’s are turning a corner and not hiding behind a computer any longer. That said…. My name is Debra. 🙂
    I am glad that I know you also. 🙂 I would love to come and visit once the Prosperity Packages hit and can take the road trip I am planning.

    Enjoy the beauty around you. Soak it up like a sponge. It is what really matters.

    Love and ONENESS lol

  205. Raven says:

    Wow, you really have a great way of explaining things. Perhaps some day we’ll sit down and have a long talk in 5D.

    So OK, I’ve been preparing for some time for the coming economic collapse and I have no debt and no bank accounts, other than the minimum I need for my business, so I’m good there. I’m so glad you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for your home and your financial situation, so at least that part of whatever is coming is as stable as we can make it. The upcoming, unknown “mind blowing” thing you mentioned is a bit troubling, but I know everyone, even those not awakened, are feeling it, whatever “it” is. It’s all people talk about.

    The “We are One” idea, that we were once members of the Cabal, the murderers and so forth, is a mind blower… I never thought of this! I did some past life regression therapy so I know about some of my past lives, none of which were at all pleasant and the whole experience was very difficult to go through, but I will really chew on this notion you have presented in your wonderful way. I am getting much better at forgiveness, which to me is the hardest part of this whole process.

    My gloom came from my recent episode with the stupid brownies. I was still feeling crappy, physically and emotionally, and my mind is blurry and unfocused, which is very difficult for me because I’m used to being so together and focused, and so on top of things, and prior to the death hallucination bit I felt fabulous! And I’ve been aware of living in the Now for many years and this is a habit. I never wear a watch, I never know what day it is. I go to sleep when I’m tired and wake up when I’m rested, and this has made life so wonderful and natural. Today I carved out a few moments and did some chakra balancing in my bird watching room, where I go to watch birds and trees and connect with the beauty around me. When I got to my heart chakra, I realized it felt “broken” by the brownie thing, by being so easily fooled and horribly betrayed. Once I recognized this and incorporated it, I immediately felt relieved and rejuvenated, and off I went, making jam, watering flowers, and doing my daily things with a lighter step. Thank goodness, because I don’t tolerate gloom well. Joyous is my natural state of being.

    Thanks so much for your post. VK’s Comparing Notes forum has been such an amazing experience and so helpful to know others who don’t think you’ve lost your mind.

    Love and Light, Skyz. You are an amazing soul and just in case I haven’t known you for eons, I’m glad to know you NOW.

  206. purpleskyz says:

    I should have explained that sorry…
    I meant where I will be living until things end/begin.
    The beginning of debt forgiveness in this country is starting. I am not being foreclosed on. The day before my 2nd court date I was contacted by the MHA (Making Homes Affordable) Program with regards to an application I put in almost 3 years ago. The banks are trying a last ditch effort to resolve and play nice before they are closed down.LOL They just are now getting it.
    All credit card debt will be next.
    Here is what I suggest:
    Do NOT keep your money in any bank. Savings and checking will be held up for at least 90 days. Do not pay anymore credit card payments. Or if you can not bring yourself to do that only pay the minimum.

    You need to feel your joy Raven. It is the only thing that is the hold up with this. We are only being told enough to jump start things. What is coming will be most mind blowing even to most enlightened of us.
    One of the things that I have been stuck on is forgiveness of the wrongs that have been perpetrated on the innocent. How does ONE achieve that kind of forgiveness?
    Here is how:
    Realize that we are all ONE
    We are the cabal.
    We are the Illuminati.
    We have been the rapists and pedophiles.
    We have been the murderers.
    Maybe not in this life time but at some incarnation.
    Once I started to get that then was ok with that idea of being able to forgive them/us/myself.

    We need to live only in the NOW. This very moment is all that we need to deal with.
    Unless we submerge ourselves in JOY, BLISS, HAPPINESS we are not going to be able to raise what is coming so that is all we need to focus on. Well that is what I see now.

    btw… information overload is just that. Give yourself a break and you will realize that also. The info will be so intense soon enough that a break right now will be beneficial to all of us.

    Love you ALL!

  207. purpleskyz says:

    That is really great Hannah. Keep it up!
    I have cut way back.I have some time off next week and may cold turkey at that time.

    From what I am hearing and feeling the time is very near for the prosperity packages to be released. After that all will change, including us. I am busy preparing now that I know where we will be dwelling.
    I have been able to have conversations with a man that has been a mentor of sorts and in the trenches and has given me some great info re: Ascension and what is coming. I am really seeing that what we are reading on the Lightworkers sites does not even begin to help us understand what this is that is happening. The monies coming is just a way to brighten us up more. The Galactics want us to be real happy as it is the only way to remove the photon cloud about to descend. Our work will be huge very soon so rest up! We are going to need it.

    Have a great day ALL!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      I’m ready Skyz….Hope your feelings are correct. I think the lull is about over and we need to be ready! Gather up your strength and keep the light shining brightly!

    • Raven says:

      I”m feeling out of the loop because I’m reading much lately. What do you mean by “… now that I know where we will be dwelling?” Are you talking about you personally or all of us? Do you think our group happiness (wish I was feeling that) is enough to dispel the photon cloud? I guess I’m not feeling much joy these days and I’m really trying to shake the gloom loose.

  208. Hannah says:

    Or crinkley Cheetos (Pirates Booty, if you are so inclined). Eight, count them, eight extra pounds here. Still cute, though! If i do say so myself….(smoke free) Hannah

    • Raven says:

      You’ll drop the pounds in a few months once you spend some time on your bike over the summer. What a fabulous accomplishment though! Other than the weight, how do you feel?

      • Hannah says:

        I’ve been going through some pretty dark and emotional days for the past few weeks. Feeling my absolute vulnerability and failure as seen in the 3D perspective. Lots of life review and even more tears coming from out of nowhere at any time. Deep sadness.

        I have a hard time remaining in balance during discussions of my circumstance with friends and family, as they are not awake yet and are in fear for me. I avoid these conversations if I can, which means that I spend most of my time alone and in silence.

        I have felt the clouds parting since the eclipse. Something broke, that’s for sure. I am a bit lighter. It’s helps to have read in a couple of different places that the collapse of the old, on a personal level, is not necessarily a manifestation, but rather a graduation. I’m hanging onto that one.

        I am working on the property maintaining the land, and have now also taken over arranging for the sale of my previous landlady’s belongings in exchange for rent. The idea is to clear her former home, which is right next to mine. She was a thrift store junkie so it’s tedious. Planning to be ready for a big sale in a couple of weeks. So, I am devoting time every day toward preparing for the eventuality of my home being sold. It’s so crazy that I have to laugh. I have no choice but to ride the waves while remaining in trust.

        My fantasy is that the economy collapses like yesterday, my debt is written off (that would include a hefty student loan that is in arrears), and I am able to buy this place and work from home creating and then managing the agency supporting our local elders who are aging in place. That’s my 3D plan, anyway. Not sure at all if this fits into the 5D realm. Something tells me that my Higher Self has something much bigger in store for me; that I am thinking too small. I am so not knowing what to expect anymore.

        So, that how I am. Not knowing. Just Being.

  209. purpleskyz says:

    LOL Hannah 🙂
    I will not lie to you…. I am not even trying. I am proud of you though!!!! That is awesome. I must love myself to much to deprive myself. hahahahaha
    I LOVE you too.
    Well everything will work as it is supposed to Raven. I guess one way to know for sure is to ask if you had any overwhelming desire to eat Doritos? If so then you just got some really dank stuff. 🙂
    Love you all Have a great night!

  210. Hannah says:

    Hey Purp,
    Have I told you lately that I just love you? BTW, one month and counting. And you?

    I am so glad that you are okay. Me, too. Think on all that is lovely.


    • Visionkeeper says:

      Good job Hannah!!! Keep it up girl. That is fabulous. Keep the love and light shinning brightly in your heart and all will be well…. VK 🙂

  211. purpleskyz says:

    Ok….. let me just say that I am still an active participant in the cannibus crowd and even the most potent, high THC count exotic bud will not cause one to hallucinate unless something was added to it. Ex maybe. Mushrooms maybe. Strychnine laced maybe. Salvia maybe. Pot….. nope. But that is just my opinion of course.
    Anyway Raven I am glad that you are able to not let the actions of one mess with your obligations to your guests. You have a wonderful work ethic.
    As for this list…. I will bet that the best people are on it. 🙂

    • Raven says:

      Yeah, I know, the whole thing reeks. I totally agree with you though, PS. Totally. I was thinking peyote at first. It wasn’t Ex or mushrooms though, that I know. Never tried strychnine (yikes, people do this? Whatever for?) and I understand salvia can be a serious bummer for some. It’s growing all over my garden but I’ve never been remotely tempted. My experimenting days are long behind me. My doc might be wrong, but she is extremely smart and very caring. Because I am her patient and my welfare is her priority, she weighed all the facets of the issue, including my health and my business issues. We discussed it at length and my husband agreed with her. Her office happens to be in the same building as my lawyer so we stopped in there and told him what happened. He said, “If she thinks it’s just grass you have no real legal obligation to do anything you don’t want to do.” So I’m sticking with that. I’ve wasted five work days on this stupidity already.

  212. Raven says:

    OK everyone, the verdict is in: marijuana overdose. Is this even possible? Being a hippie from the 60s I’ve had some (ok, a lot) of exposure to pot and I have never, ever seen anyone have anything like this from a stupid brownie. And mind you, I’m talking a two-bite brownie here, not one of those pan-sized things that’s more the size of a loaf of bread. My naturopath said if I went through with the tox screen, I would be on “The List” and you don’t want to be on “The List.” She had no explanation for how someone could stuff all that into two bites but she was 95% sure that’s what it was. It tasted a little funny at the time, but I just kind of popped it into my mouth and went about my day, not thinking anything much of anything. She said she’s known people to have this reaction. She said I’d be fine in a couple of days. I’m still finding this hard to believe but I cannot devote any more time to dealing with it for the moment. I just lost another whole day dicking around with this.

    Anyway, this is not a very satisfying conclusion, I know, although it’s a relief to know it’s not something dire and deadly. And get this… today I get a Friend Request from the Evil Brownie Baker on Facebook! WTH? I think she’s eating her own brownies. I’m counting that as a positive.

    OK, no more drama from me. I really dislike drama. I’m going to stick with reading VK’s beautiful, loving morning essays and go back to slinging eggs and making beds… Love you all and thanks again.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Glad it wasn’t anything worse Raven…But brownies with pot? I have heard when you bake pot it becomes much more potent, but I still have to wonder. It is your issue to deal with so I’m gonna keep my mouth shut. I just hope you feel okay with the outcome and can release this. Karma will eventually come back to bite her in the you know what so she will face her demons eventually. I am a bit surprised your Dr. chose to assume it was pot and not rule out all possibilities just because of ‘The List’…I’m just glad you are okay and hubby is okay and you can get on with life. Be well and stay in your heart. VK

  213. Raven says:

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts and your careful consideration of this strange event. The worry for others is weighing on my conscious heavily. I have made an appointment for a tox screen today and will be leaving shortly for that. I am meeting with my naturopath as well, a very wise woman and the only doctor/professional I trust, to discuss my options. I am taking the brownies with me and will do what she suggests. She knows policeman, etc who can be trusted and I will take her advice. I am not feeling well and Raymond’s suggestion about Monk’s Hood startled me. I looked up the symptoms for that and I’m quite sure that’s not it, leaving thousands of other unknown possibilities. I’m hoping my naturopath will have some insight, in addition to the tox screen.

    Most of you know I run a B&B. We are full for the summer starting this week, so in addition to any potential unknown persons who may be affected by the Sweeny Todd the Evil Baker, I have great responsibility to my guests, who come from all around the world to visit this place and have paid in advance for their wilderness vacation. Providing healthy food and a beautiful wilderness experience is my life mission and soul contract, a responsibility I take very seriously, so if I get involved with police and things and court dates, this will keep me from my duties here and upset my guests. I have a legal and ethical responsibility to them as well and I have to consider all the ramifications of that, but first and foremost I have to take care of me and my spousal unit or everything falls completely apart.

    Thank you all for you concern. It warms my heart to know I have such good friends who care about me even though I’ve never met them. This is a lesson to all, we are all connected by love and light.

    Will report back as soon as I can.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      So glad you are going to get the tox screen!! Makes me breathe easier. When the brownies are in police hands I’ll feel even better. I am sorry you aren’t feeling better. Sending you love and light and I trust your naturopath will do well by you. Keep us updated. Sending prayers…. VK

  214. purpleskyz says:

    Good Morning to ALL!
    I continue to think on this Raven and something that occurred to me is this:
    I have noticed lately that persons that I normally would have limited interaction with are gathering around me whether I want them to or not. LOL
    I wonder if your psycho chose you so you could stop (help) her. It is a miracle that you and your husband came out of this but since nothing seems to happen without a reason…. maybe the reason is so that you end this whack jobs cycle of evil bakery.
    To me it just makes sense that if we are gathering folks around us for good (light) that we will have the power to draw those bad (dark) souls to us also.
    Hope that I am not disturbing you with all of these you should do’s Raven. I have spent much time observing and studying the sociopaths mind set, and your brownie baker is a bad vibe that I have been unable to shake since I read your words.
    Love & Light and Clarity of Thought to you Raven! 🙂

  215. Visionkeeper says:

    I totally agree RK….Raven you really must set aside your dislikes of the police and think beyond to other innocent people. If she were to strike again on someone else and they died how could you deal with that? Go get the blood work asap before it clears your body!!!! Get those brownies to the cops as well!!! Just tell them not to eat them 🙂 With their love for doughnuts they might be tempted….Please do these things and know all will be well…Next time you might not be so lucky if she remains free to do these things! VK

  216. By the way, Raven, if that poison was something like Aconite (Monks hood) it can damage your liver weeks later–so act NOW…out of love for other people this woman may try to harm. Blessings.. ~R

  217. Raven, I am so glad to hear you are all right. You need to take those brownies to the police and file a report. The woman has a problem, she wanted you to eat two which would have probably killed you. Ascension experience or not, this woman is dangerous.
    We are quite capable of justifying and explaining anything away–particularly if it requires an uncomfortable action that will affect others. “Poison Sally” can strike someone –or a childwho will eat two brownies. Think carefully and take positive action, not out of vengeance, but out of love for other people.
    As Purplsskyz says DO get a tox screen for your own protection, you need to know what she fed you. You need to take action NOW. Blessings to all! ~R

  218. purpleskyz says:

    You are so very welcome. I understand your hesitation to file a police report. I try to stay as far from issues with police as possible myself. But I think getting a tox screen is a good idea. Never know what it was exactly that was put into those brownies. I would also put the box in the fridge or freezer in case you need them. Keep us posted Raven!

  219. purpleskyz says:

    Hi again

    Ever since I read about this murder attempt for lack of a better term I have been bothered. I agree with Hannah here that maybe you may not be the only person this woman has her sights on Raven. I also thought about do you still have any left for testing, plate or wrapper etc. Might be worth giving some more thought to this regarding not reporting her. I am sure you would feel terrible if she harms anyone else or animal for that matter. I hope I am not butting in on this just wanted to give another point of view. If you are still tripping you might not be thinking properly. Also, if you have certain chemicals in your blood you might want to consider getting your blood tested just to find out exactly what she put in those brownies. Some chemicals could be damaging vital organs. I am worried about you sister!!!!!!!!

    • Raven says:

      To answer the very valid concerns of PS and Hannah, I haven’t decided yet how to handle this. I still have the box of brownies and her fingerprints are all over the them, however that proves nothing considering I may have offered them to her instead of the other way around. Having had many negative experiences with police and having worked for criminal law firms and handled cases such as this myself, I have no trust in the courts and the authorities to ferret out the truth because the whole thing is just too weird and hard to believe. Every crime has a motive and there is no motive here that I know of. I have never done anything to anger this woman and in fact I have done nothing but help her out from time to time. My EMT husband even saved her husband’s life once when he fell down a flight of stairs, so I can hear the jury asking, “Where’s the motive?”

      Will she try this with others? It’s hard to say since whacked out people seem to have a habit of doing whacked out things. I have to ponder this some more and discuss this with my husband, and you are both right to bring it up. As to a restraining order, where I live it would be pointless. I am well defended and if she comes anywhere near me again it will be her very last mistake. However I do think PS’s idea of a blood test is a very good idea. I am still fuzzy (tripping? Doesn’t quite feel like that but I get your drift) but I think I will pursue that right away. Thanks for that suggestion.

  220. Hannah says:

    Hi All.

    I am concerned about your decision not to report what appears to be attempted murder, in the worst, or malicious mischief, in the least. Consider that you may not be the only victim in her sights. You may not be able to prove her actions at this point (have you the plate or pan that the brownies were delivered in?), but filing a complaint may help another should she strike again. Additionally, a restraining order and then an order for protection can be acquired without “proof.”

  221. purpleskyz says:

    OMG!!!!!! Raven!!!!
    That is incredible. I am so glad that you are both ok! How insane. It is said that we sign on for everything but man o man….. that is quite the lesson. YIKES!!!
    You are a better person than I as I would march myself right over to that biotchs house and force 2 of those brownies down her throat!!! 🙂

    Raymond….. I also have had my grandson “tell” me things. I do believe that he was my father. Same eyes, etc. When I was with him last weekend I said to him how lucky he was this time around to have such a great Mom and Dad.He said…”I know Grandmom” . It is just wonderful to be able to relate these things and not feel like a nut job! 🙂

    I hope you all have a wonderful week. And don’t eat anything that you don’t make yourselves. 🙂

    Hi VK, Hannah, Sue and everyone else! Love to you all!

    • Raven says:

      “Feel like a nut job,” boy, oh boy, I know what you mean, PS. During this whole thing I thought about you and your ghosts. I thought at the time you told us that it was very brave to do and that sort of allowed me the space to tell my whack-job story as well. Believe me, I’ve questioned my sanity a bunch because, as VK, it’s so bizarro. I’ve told two close friends, and even though they’ve both known me for many years as a solid, emotionally stable person, they both had this look on their faces like they thought I might be going crazy. And yes, revenge was in my mind for awhile but it felt so 3D, so heavy and uncomfortable, that I put it aside and worked hard on forgiveness instead.

      BTW, even though I have no children or grandchildren, I’m enjoying hearing about their past lives memories. This is very cool…. Love (and especially Light) to all.

      • purpleskyz says:

        Hi darlin’
        You are very lucky that you love your husband enough to share anything chocolate. I would have consumed both of those brownies. Had you had done that we would never have been able to talk to you again dear. I am super concerned for your welfare. This is serious you know? This woman needs to be stopped. Just sayin…… with all love and respect for you.

  222. Raven says:

    Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying the eclipse upgrade. I have an ascension experience with you for your Monday morning enjoyment.

    Last Friday a woman I have known for several years dropped by to visit, bringing a box of brownies as a gift. My relationship with this woman has been mostly “occasional friend,” because I have never really liked her very much. She’s full of problems and just not very pleasant to be around, so I mostly avoid her, but there were never any problems or fights or misunderstandings between us, at least that I am aware of.

    While she was leaving I mentioned that I would eat one of the brownies later in the day. She said quite adamantly, “No! One is not enough. You should eat two.” At this point you’d think an alarm would have gone off in my intuitional center but no. Later in the day after she left, I ate one of the brownies and gave one to my husband. Within 20 minutes I was hallucinating, within two hours I was almost dead. Both of us became violently ill, which lasted through the night. Violent visions came, I lost consciousness several times. Twice I saw the lighted tunnel that beckoned me to leave my body. We should have both gone to the hospital but were so afraid that no one would believe someone just gave us the brownies. Who would believe such a crazy story? Besides, I hate hospitals, and I would have rather died on the bathroom floor.

    While I was hallucinating, I had several interesting experiences. One of concepts that was driven home to me was that we create our reality in our heads. I have no idea what was in the brownies, it wasn’t a traditional hallucinogen, it felt like a deadly poison in my body, but I was quite sure the reality I was experiencing was mine alone.

    I was visited by decidedly evil forces. I had recently read an article by Lisa Renee, which Hannah and I discussed on this forum, about protecting your space. I cried out over and over to the evil presences to leave me alone, that they could not have my soul and I consciously protected my space as she instructed. I heard them laughing but they eventually went away, leaving me alone in my misery. I was so glad that I’d read her article so I had the tools to save my soul. How much of that was real and how much created? Who knows?

    The following day I was better, but then the poison came back about midday for a second round of brain-numbing and I was very scared that I was losing my mind. My husband was lucid enough to call my “friend” on the phone and ask what she put in the brownies. She denied everything. I was mostly concerned that my brain would be fried permanently, which really scared me once I realized I wasn’t going to die but might be permanently a vegetable. My husband kept making me drink a ginger and ginseng tea, which really helped me get past the second round and by evening I was myself again, less quite a bit of hubris and self-confidence about the control I had over my life.

    So here’s where it gets interesting. The following morning, yesterday, I called my spirit guides and basically said, WTF what that about? I got a very clear message that I can recall verbatim: “You have never once felt fear in your life (Ahoy Raymond! This is quite true, I have always considered myself fearless to a fault) and you needed to know what that feels like. You are always mellow and forgiving and have never felt such anger at anyone that you wanted to kill them. You needed to feel such anger. You and your twin flame must realize the depth of your soul contract and always be there for each other in times of deep trouble. And finally, you must forgive her because we sent her, she was just following orders. You will be fine now, so long as you incorporate all the lessons you have just experienced.”

    As soon as my spirit guides left me, I felt much better. I’m still a little fuzzy from the poison or whatever it was, but I’m able to function and think again. I have decided not to press charges or involve the police because I despise the police and I figure karma will take care of my ex-friend so there is no need for me to worry about that.

    So there you have it, fellow Lightworkers. A wake up call extraordinaire, don’t you think?

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Good lord Raven, that is the most bizzaro story I have ever heard. I cannot even fathom doing such a thing to another person. Very twisted indeed! I am sorry you had to suffer so and hubby too. I don’t know if I agree with the messages, I can’t imagine the light wanting you to get mad enough to kill someone. Seems more a lesson of where to place your trust. Never with this person obviously. It is a time of great discernment and we must get to be experts in being able to tell who we can trust. So much darkness out there wishing to throw us overboard. Hang in there Raven and Stay away from psycho woman……VK

      • Raven says:

        Bizarro is right, VK. It’s by far the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me, and totally agree with you about the anger part and the trust part. I’m no longer angry at her, that was just a temporary feeling in the heat of things, but some of the fear/paranoia is still circling in my brain, making me feel like I’m losing my mind. I’ve never had anyone try to kill me before and it rattles your core. Thanks for your thoughts and support. Hope you are enjoying your new place!

  223. Tiamssaï says:

    Hi friends,
    I just wish to share with you these videos, which hold for me great truth and great uplifting energies. For those who do not know Bashar, and if you want do get closer to yourself, and better understand yourself, then I can only suggest that you to have a look at this.

    Om Shanti,

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Greetings again Tiamssai…..
      Thanks for leaving that off….Bashar is great. I am sure we will all enjoy seeing them. I hope you are ready for the solar annular eclipse tomorrow.Wish I could see it. I’m hoping the energies boost along on this journey. Thanks again….VK

    • Hannah says:

      Thank you.

  224. Visionkeeper says:

    Which event are you referring to RK?

    • Vk, I was referring to my May 15th post here, the unusual event I mentioned to which you responded “listen to the children”. (ie. to my second-last comment above). This actually happened to me–and it completely opened my mind. Please do read that post again, you will understand. Blessings to you ~ R


      • Visionkeeper says:

        Ah….Gotcha….That would be quite a mind blowing experience indeed! Many children remember their past lives up to about five or six and then they are shut down by society. They are still so fresh when young and their brains are not yet manipulated. Yes listen to the young for they will teach us….Thanks for that explanation RK……VK

  225. Purpleskyz and Vk, that event is worth smiling about –and was more than life-changing. It is another confirmation there is so much more out there we have been taught to ignore by ignorance itself, flawed teaching and iron-clad dogma designed by power control freaks. We must see beyond the darkness, past the teaching of the arrogant–and although it sounds like a cliché, open our spiritual minds to see the Light. Blessings to you all! ~R

  226. purpleskyz says:

    That is so cool Raymond!!!!
    I am smiling from ear to ear right now.

  227. Vk, I am reposting this reply to your newest post, I feel it is important for everyone to understand this as well…..
    ” Vk, wonderful post, the key to lowering the level of fear and stress is completely understanding our previous status; ‘we are strangers in a strange land’ today, now, as we are—- exploring the physical experience and gathering knowledge. Having always had the intuitive sense that we do not belong here, it makes sense that the return to our natural state shall be natural and good. It is so interesting that you KNOW our minds (were) erased of all prior knowledge. That is a fact.
    I have always known that instinctively with remnants of memories and individuals revealed at various times in what we perceive today as ‘history’. Being very aware of what is happening and understanding it fully will generate wonder, curiosity and love –and eliminate fear. Have a wonderful day! ~R ”

    We, in a sense, are ourselves ‘time travelers’ and our excursions from our natural, spiritual state include others, the same people we have ‘touched’ previously, ie. in previous lives. The reason you meet a stranger and feel like you ‘instantly know someone’ is because you HAVE known them, but not necessarily in the same relationship/gender status. We are ‘born’ and these memories are shut off necessarily to ensure we ‘learn’ the new physical experience and lessons of being a different ‘person’ (read additional gender, relationship, disabled, occupational life experience etc. )
    There is absolutely no doubt about this. All of these things shall be revealed, little by little, to perfect understanding. Pay particular attention to what very, very young children say; it can change entirely what you believe and make ascension much less worrisome. Why do I tell you this? You shall understand, as happened to me, when a child, just learning to speak, whispers to you like it is a secret— and I quote: ” I AM YOUR grandfather”.
    Be fearless. Be open-minded. We touch others for specific reasons. The truth of our real nature is being revealed, bit by bit. Ascension to our natural state is inevitable, not to be feared. The Age of Light is upon us. Have a wonderful day, people of Light! ~R

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Glad you re-posted and added on. It is very important that all get the point of what you are saying. And yes, listen to the children, they speak volumes…Thanks VK

  228. Visionkeeper says:

    Happy Mother’s day to you as well Skyz!! Hope everybody has a wonderful day full of love! VK

  229. purpleskyz says:

    Good Morning to all of my wonderful family here!
    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of you
    I am so happy to hear you are coming through the other side of midnight.This last round of solar flares has been doing its job very well I’d say. 🙂
    You are healing and that is so perfect for right now. As it should be. Next up is perfect harmony and happiness for you, my sister. Don’t forget all of the power that you have now. You can will it to you . You can ask for help from Source and you will be helped.
    Yes the tide is changing. It is coming to main stream media, all of the nasty stuff is being revealed just as it has been said it would. Hollywood, politics, the banks, all of it. These next few weeks are going to be mind blowers for all. You are going through what you have so you can be ready to aid those that will come to you for answers. And trust me… they will come.
    Treat yourself today Hannah…and all of you. We deserve the pampering even if we have to pamper ourselves.
    Love to you all!

  230. Hannah says:

    Purplesky, I do want to acknowledge your wonderful news and reclaimed freedom. Finally. Yours is the first that I have heard of an actual account of a successful mortgage restructuring. Best news I’ve heard in a while. Hugs, Hannah

  231. Hannah says:

    I have been in the depths and am on my way back to the surface, gasping for purity of thought and consciousness (hopfully). Just about every one of my dragons has paid me a visit over the course of this past week or so. All those d words…crazed emotions riding me wildly. So many memories, aspects of my Self, sorting, facing, despairing, raging, and that’s from just this lifetime.

    I feel like Frodo on Mt. Doom.

    Thankfully, I am receiving care messages through the web, dreams, and loved ones here in 3D. I have also heard the quiet, small voice within reminding me of my worth, goodness, power, and ability to love.

    I just want to remember who I AM and get this battle over with!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hannah….Glad you have risen up from the depths of despair….So many fighting their demons right now so you are not alone. You can always come here for reassurance, we will always be here for you and anyone else in need. I know it is hard during the dragon slaying to remember to hold love in your heart for yourself, but we must try! We must feel the love for ourselves first before we can love another. Remember what a beautiful being you are Hannah, you have been a light beam to many here. Keeps those thoughts close and always bring forward what a loving soul you are. Glad you have others to lend a hand when needed….Hang tight H…..VK

    • Raven says:

      Hannah this is a difficult process but I have two thoughts of encouragement. At least with me, I was forced to deal with the hardest things first. Don’t know why this is but the process seemed to get easier after those initial hurdles. The second thing is, once it is over, you are reborn, lighter without your baggage, renovated and renewed. You can’t bypass this work, like going for dessert before your veggies, but perhaps knowing that will make it easier. We’re all here with you.

  232. Skyze, that is wonderful news. Deflation of the real estate market is inevitable, as it has been so badly abused and overblown. The rest of the financial sector should follow. Excellent. ~R

  233. Visionkeeper says:

    Great news Skyz !!!! Sooooo happy for you and happy for all of us to see the changes occurring now at greater speed. Boy won’t life be a bit easier now for you.Great way to start the weekend. Celebrate and enjoy!!!! VK

  234. purpleskyz says:

    Good Morning to all of you!
    Raymond… that is interesting about those trees. I have seen much that is occurring with animal behavior also that signals that the times they are a changing! 🙂
    Here is an example of what is going down here in the US re: banking issues.
    I am going into foreclosure on my home. I have a 2nd court date today in fact. Tuesday my son in law emailed me a link to an article in the NY Times stating that Bank of America (that is my mortgage lender) is restructuring foreclosure to be written at property value instead of what the original note said. Wednesday I get a call from the Making Homes Affordable Program that I signed up for 2.5 years ago. Wednesday I was accepted most likely and my 225k note will now be 70k and my payment will go down from 1600/month to 500/month. YEAH!!!! I am now seeing that everything we have been reading about is happening. So I am with you. Gardening, enjoying the now. And sending our Love and Light is what is truly precipitating these changes. The rest of this month will be awesome! Then the real work will being in healing our Mother Earth.
    So hang on to our hats cause here it comes.
    PS… I will post the link to that article so you can pass it along to anyone you know that is in need of that knowledge after I get back from court. I am so happy right now that I feel like I am actually floating. So awesome
    Love to you ALL!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      You crack me up RK….Yeah I know, the boxes will be sitting in exactly the same place even ten years from now….I do have to have a little order though. I can handle dust kitties but not chaos. I am trying to be good though. My foot is swollen way up. I’ll be good.
      I have the same tree issue here in VT…Many dead trees and when the foresters came out apparently they told the previous owners it wasn’t bark beetle but some kind of disease. Between solar flares and chemtrails altering the soil the trees everywhere are struggling. Very sad to see. I’m stuck with about 25 as taking them down is so bloody expensive. Not very pretty to look at but I guess it makes good homes for God’s creatures.
      The flares have been pretty intense this time around and quite large. Guess they figured we needed a bit more training and speeding up. Keep the tinfoil beanie close by and hang on tight….VK 🙂

    • Raven says:

      Skyz, this is FABULOUS news! I’m so very, very glad for you. It’s about time real people caught a break. I’m floating up in the clouds with you!

      I just wrote a huge essay about earth changes and then lost it into cyberspace for some reason, and I don’t have time to write it all over again, but to recap, there are changes going on here with animal species, flowers, and of course weather, but so far the trees seem normal, at least for now. Even out in the middle of nowhere we have chemtrail planes flying constantly, leaving behind their sickly haze that blocks the sunlight. Although I try hard not to, I find myself yelling “Bass turds!” up at them as they fly over.

      For myself being so connected to it all, I find I’m extremely peaceful and mindful as I go about my chores, they seem like a celebration and a dance instead of “work” like they always did before. We are having a beautiful spring and I’m enjoying every second. Are the colors brighter? They sure seem so to me.

      Love to you all, keep the grass in your toes.

  235. Hi Vk, Sue, Raven, Hannah, and Purple, times sure are unusual, we have had a major tree event in our area (NW Ont.) with conifer trees, mostly white spruce and balsam fir particularly, they were green and healthy one day, but a couple of DAYS later, showing severe stress, dropping needles, discoloration and in some cases even bone dry and clearly dead. .There is lots of moisture in the ground. Trees adjacent 4′ away –the same species! –are perfectly healthy. No insects are involved. Some branches turned white with adjacent branches perfectly green. Small trees, big, mature ones, size was not a factor.
    The ‘foresters’ explain it away by saying the season warmed early and froze again and that did it. We all know that conifers don’t CARE if it freezes or thaws. Can you imagine that?
    Pines do not appear to be involved. Deciduous trees do not appear to be involved. We believe solar flares are the culprit, but even that model, why are adjacent trees healthy? If the air was sprayed, they would all be in the same condition. There is a normal amount of moisture in the ground. Has anyone else seen a distortion, highly irregular, lack of definitive, logical pattern or an acceleration of physical factors like this? Time is compressed somehow, the days flash by. This is probably the first major and definite sign we have seen in this area. Fascinating, isn’t it? Meantime, we shall persist. Garden. Enjoy life as it comes. Live fearlessly as financial castles collapse into piles of dust. Dream–and keep those minds wide open. The universe is ours.
    Vk, I do hope you take time to refresh, moving at any time is stressful and hard. Know you are in our thoughts, and never mind the boxes for a few days–boxes have a fascinating way of waiting until you open them, just as life itself does. Surprise! The Age of Light is upon us, keep that in mind……… “:) Blessings to all ~R

  236. Raven says:

    “Sniff” Now that I’ve warned you I’ll be scarce I fell terrible and sad. Sometimes I think we’re a certain soul group. I will not abandon you, promise! Maybe I’ll just try to keep my Comparing Notes novels to more of a novella length instead.

    Re: The FEMA coffins and Rahn… normally that sort of news would have upset me terribly, not a fear reaction but extreme empathy. But lately I’ve been able to take a very detached approach at world events. I can look without freaking. This is huge because I’ve always been very involved, like Purpleskyz, I always believed the only way to create change was to put your body on the line. Now it’s all different because if Light Work, so I can effectuate wherever I am. This is an amazing freedom when you think about it.. OK, end of novel. And they all lived happily ever after!

    VK- You are the Box Maven! Enjoy, enjoy your cozy new digs.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Okay Raven….Update me please. What the heck is a box maven????? And yes I am enjoying the cozy digs…Have a great weekend….VK

      • Raven says:

        A maven is an expert, so since you have been boxing and unboxing now for weeks, this makes you a Box Maven. I just made that up.

  237. purpleskyz says:

    Raven… how wonderful to have a B&B! Have a great summer my friend. 🙂

    VK… good to hear you are nearing the end of your move in.
    As for the G8 I see it as a yet another bs ploy of the govs that are scrambling for cover. And you are so right about Rahm using this event to further suspend the rights to peaceful protest in the city.
    I did attend the Chicago Democratic Convention in 69 but was safely out of the city when the bad stuff happened. My activist days though not over, are more in line with spreading love and light instead of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) literature.Yep… way to old to do the Abbey Hoffman route. LOL 🙂
    I mentioned the Fema coffins because of an article on the Vatic Project with a pic of them enroute to Chi town that I actually saw driving down the road here. I had no idea what they looked like so I was surprised.
    Hope you all have a great day!

  238. Visionkeeper says:

    Hanging in there Skyz…..Thanks! Getting down to the end of the boxes. Maybe 20 left now. Pant Pant. Can’t wait. Fema Coffins I will believe when I see a photo of them in Chicago. Don’t buy into their BS fear factor…Stay above it. We definitely have a busy time coming up and we need to stay strong despite the fear they throw out there for intimidation purposes. Have a wonderful weekend. I am making a big pot of veggie soup as the rain continues to pour down. Cozy inside though! VK

  239. purpleskyz says:

    Good Day to everyone!
    Hope you have all been well.
    How are you healing VK?

    So May 20th will turn into a most interesting time around my part of the US. I am close enough to Chicago to be concerned with the G8 meeting here. Just saw that FEMA coffins are being trucked in. Also that is the day of Annular Solar Eclipse at 7:54pm EDT. Sandwiched between May 17th which is the Ascension Christian day and the 24th which is the Ascension Eastern Orthodox day. YIKES!!!!

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    Love you all!!!! 🙂

    • Raven says:

      YIKES! is right. FEMA coffins, how proactive of them! I also read where Mayor Rahm used the G8 opportunity to suspend many demonstrations rights in Chicago forever, so if you plan on being there (I would be if I could) be most careful of your Light Body!

      FYI- I will be disappearing for a few months while I run my B&B this summer. We open in one week. I am full until the end of September and will be really busy, but I’ll try to keep an eye on everyone as best I can as time permits.

      Sending love to one and all.

      • Visionkeeper says:

        Sorry you will be away for the summer but we will keep your spot warm here waiting for you. So glad you joined us Raven. It’s a pleasure to have you here. You will be missed. If you get a free second drop by and just say hi! I know your work and it is time consuming and very tiring. Good luck and have a wonderful summer. Take care and stay in the light! Wake those customers up!!!! VK

  240. Hannah says:

    Hi Raven,

    I have been following Lisa Rene since January. She is a brilliant and courageous soul. I still must take my time digesting her work, reading each sentence very carefully in order to glean her meaning. She uses the language of higher dimensional beings, to be sure.

    This last read was a bit overwhelming for me. Her descriptions of the machinations of the dark around and about Gaia, and their twisted manipulations of a multitude of poor souls, is more information than I want to know at this time. A bit unusual for me, as I have always been a Truthseeker. When it comes to the spiritual warfare, though, I have been content to leave that part of this experience to those who battle for us in the higher realms. I have been heavy hearted since that read, several days ago. I did save the URL for the 12D Shield activation.

    I have only a glimmer of understanding of the grid, ley lines, stargates, portals, and all that stuff. I’ve tried to wrap my brain around it, but I let go, falling back on my belief that as I am meant to understand, I will. My work feels much more personal right now, in preparation…for what mission, I do not yet know. I am letting go, (hopefully) allowing who I am to come forward. That is my battle.

    My path thus far appears to have gifted me the tools needed to rebuild Gaia, being a bridge between people. I embrace diversity wholeheartedly. I dream of being able to taste and touch every culture that humanity has to offer. I long for our universal heart connection. I guess it’s all about being a lover, not a fighter.

    I am tired of fighting.
    I just want to Be that which I AM.


    • Raven says:

      You are indeed wise to pick your arena, Hannah. We are all on different paths, with our various missions and levels of information intake. The delightful common denominator seems to be that everyone is moving forward, no one ever seems to move backward, i.e. “Enough of this ascension stuff, I’m going back to teevee.” Once you awaken, there is no going back.

      I totally agree with you that LR is a courageous and brilliant soul. I would add luminous to that. I am hoping we are all destined for the same or similar attributes. I also downloaded her video on 12 D shielding. Although I seem to have been able to avoid the dark forces (so far) over the many years I have been engaged in raising my consciousness, it’s still good information to know, just in case the Dark Ones appear. It stands to reason they will put up a fight. I’m not adverse to fighting so maybe they know that. They entered my consciousness once, but I recognized them immediately and told them to get lost. I was pretty surprised that they did so actually, so LR’s “protect your space” is extremely timely and important no matter what level you are working on. It’s also important to realize the power you do have.

      I am also on a soul mission for Gaia. For me it’s to protect a fairly large portion of her most precious terrain, and I am so grateful for being chosen for this delightful and important duty. I have a special affection for those ley lines though, since I am protecting one of them. It’s funny because my professional background is as a chartographer (many years ago) and then as a marine navigator, so I am well suited to this highly esoteric mission. We are all using our talents in service to humanity and The Source. It’s truly a wonderful time to be.

      Thanks for your sharing your thoughts and opinions on LR. Namaste.

  241. Raven says:

    Just an idea to keep us thinking while VK is busy with her life change… Are any of you familiar with Lisa Renee? I just caught her most current “report” and was pretty stunned by the information she is departing. She is not a channeler, but if you go to her bio on this site you will be amazed if you don’t already know about her and her life.

    Anyway, I found this post most mind-provoking since I read it a few days ago. There is something in the vibration of her speech patterns that awakened me in a strange way and provided some interesting answers to questions I have been having lately. Anyone who has the time and wants to proffer their thoughts on this, I’m glad to hear them.

  242. Hannah says:

    Glad to have provided you with a laugh…hope it was a hearty one, my friend. I read somewhere that enlightened beings are androgynous. Your essence must be vibrating pretty darn high!

    I, myself, was out re-arranging earth and placing many concrete blocks yesterday. My body needs someone to remind my mind that I am woman, but dang, brawn can be useful. Making chicken soup today and finally getting my seeds in the ground. That’s more like it!

  243. Visionkeeper says:

    VK is a female 🙂 If I had been a male the move would have been a far sight easier 🙂 Brawn and muscles…..

  244. Hi All. just dropping in to say I have been reading your comments via phone email.. 🙂 and Im Sure VK is ok.. Moving is stressful and so tiring.. And Yes I saw the Moon all be it for a short while between the thick cloud here.. But it was a SUPER Moon.. 🙂 and you could tell…
    I may not be around for a while as working tomorrow.. and need to catch up on a few other things I promised myself… But Im with you all in thought .. Love and Light to all of you… Sue~Dreamwalker

  245. Hannah says:

    Visionkeeper, i am so, so very glad to hear that you have made it through your move (the most stressful part, at least). Please take your time settling in. Sounds like you have landed in a special little space. Heartfelt gratitude to Source for your well being.

    These past few days have been pretty weird for me. All those d-words. I did take part in the World Liberation meditation. I sat outside in this sacred space. About five minutes into my visualization of our new life, the birds started chattering, in what seemed to be a joyful manner. I stayed and breathed in their enthusiasm for a while.

    Today is the rise of the Phoenix. I am needing this breakthrough.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Greetings Hannah…Glad all is well with you. All of your energy and good wishes have kept me shining through despite the chaos. I’m taking a few minutes break right now from trying to make sense of the kitchen. I think I am slowly seeing it come together. Need to get to the store for some food now 🙂 Time for us all to rise from the ashes! Have a wonderful day and again thank you…VK

  246. purpleskyz says:

    It was super cloudy here still is.
    I joined in also at 11:30 until I fell asleep.
    Hope you have a wonderful day Raven and all

  247. purpleskyz says:

    Hey Raven!
    Hope you are having a high energy weekend!
    I am sure you are right about VK. Thanks
    Have a great Buddha Moon

    • Raven says:

      Morning, Purpleskyz! Were you able to view the Super moon? It was very overcast here, so much so that the clouds completely blocked the moonlight, but I did join in the World Liberation meditation and felt wonderful connection doing that.

  248. Raven says:

    Daily BLOG… sorry. My brain is exploding.

  249. Raven says:

    VK is probably fine. She’s taking a break. We all need that at times and doing a daily blod is probably not a realistic thing, especially at this time of energy flux. Lots of people are resting at this time. She know we all love her. She can feel us.

    • Hannah says:

      Hmmm…I have always felt that Visionkeeper is a man. Perhaps from the tone of the essays or use of words. Not really sure what that was… Regardless, I am concerned about the pain. Isn’t VK moving this weekend, too?

      • Raven says:

        Wow, I have no idea what gender Visionkeeper is! I just said “she” but I don’t know why. Obviously gender doesn’t matter, but it’s funny how we had preconceived notions about it. I’m sure VK will clear this up for us soon.

    • Hannah says:

      Thank you! Just finished reading through Denise’ article and through the entire site of the link that she provided. Aslan just took on another 10 dimensions! Love it!

      • Raven says:

        I knew you would. I kept smiling and thinking about you when I was reading it. We are all making many connections with our Source and home planets. It feels like a big family reunion where you haven’t seen those you love for eons!

  250. purpleskyz says:

    I hope you are ok VK….
    Your star family is worried about.
    You will be my first thought tonight as I pray you are well soon.
    Love and Light to all and lets bring those energies full throttle. 🙂

    P.S. I have a great spirit story for you all once the time is right. LOL..

  251. Hannah says:

    VK? You okay?

  252. purpleskyz says:

    Same here.
    Heal soon VK! We so miss you!! 🙂
    Much LOVE your way

    • purpleskyz says:

      And to all
      Have an energy filled 5.5.5
      Great things are happening. It is almost like electricity it is so strong.
      Love to you all!

      • Raven says:

        ARG! My head feels like it’s going to explode, brains flying everywhere. I wish I was as smart as my brain thinks it is. The energy is mind-blowing!

  253. Hannah says:

    Please join me in meditation, sending healing energy to Visionkeeper. I am not setting a time limit; just listening to my Soul. I will begin at 12pm, PDT (which is 40 minutes from now).
    I’ll meet you there.

  254. Hannah says:

    Anyone else feel the descent begin yesterday (or today, still, in my case)? Total free fall. Shadow reality. My saving grace is awareness. I imagine that your situation may be a reflection of such in your life right now, Visionkeeper. And the Oracle reports that we may experience three days of accelerating descent before Saturday. Oh my, my, my.

    I am looking forward to this weekend, May 5-6, Liberation Day, and rising up out of these ashes. Plan on having miracles abound to report come next week.

    Hugs all around, Hannah

  255. purpleskyz says:

    Inversion may help also. Helps to reallign the spine.

    I don’t know where you live VK but I am in Illinois on the Wisconsin border. I will be there to help if you are anywhere close. LOL
    I don’t have my teleportation skills yet but I can pick up boxes with my hands. 🙂

    I will be on my back deck at 11:30pm on Saturday pushing my light intention towards to skies!
    I hope that with all of us doing what we can that the sheer power will get the ball rolling. I am looking forward to the illusion to be reality. I hope that our people see beacons hitting them like the rays of the sun.

    Hannah… much love to you!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks Skyz….I’m getting better slowly from all the energies…I’ll fly by at 11:35 so get your energies ready. It will be just a quick flyby….VK

  256. Raven says:

    Hannah, you are making amazing progress in your life in a very short time. Excellent. The cold pack with the hot towel was great advice too. I never heard that but it makes perfect sense. Amazing what we learn here from each other.

    VK, have you ever done self-hynosis? Since you’re having to spend a lot of down time, you might try it if you never have. Basically you get really comfortable in bed with pillows (I find a pillow behind my knees eases the back considerably) and then systematically relax every muscle in your body, starting with your feet and moving up to your face/head/neck, until you feel heavy and sunken into the bed. What happens is that as soon as the body is completely relaxed, it frees the brain of a lot of effort, allowing it to be more receptive to things you tell it, like “Fix my back” “Relax my back” “Open blood flow to my back,” or whatever instructions you think would best alleviate your situation. This is what I do whenever I overdo. A few sessions usually brings great relief. I’m also going to adopt Hannah’s reiki visualizations. With all these powerful prayers being sent your way you should fit as a fiddle just in time for Cinco d Mayo and the Supermoon celebrations. I can see you dancing in the firelight! Make it so!

  257. Visionkeeper says:

    A few UFO’s would make for a speedy way to move!!!! Maybe I need the mother ship though, don’t know how much I could fit into a smaller one…Maybe they could just beam the contents of my house over there to the other one. Anyone got contacts up above 🙂 Thanks for your energy Hannah…Greatly appreciated. Me and my ice pack are literally joined at the hip….VK

  258. Hannah says:

    It’s been quiet here, thank goodness. Every weekend now my landlady and her friends are on the property sorting stuff, readying for an estate sale. I have been busying myself outside on the grounds, whipping them into shape. Overdid it a bit. Resting the past couple of days. Willing myself to go for it again between raindrops. Much easier to work unimpeded and then recluse when folks are here. Boy, I am looking forward to having my youth back!

    Speaking of which, I tried out a healing mediation that I ran across several days ago. I claimed my perfect health, while focusing on my heart chakra and bringing my breath to stillpoint. The breathing part was difficult because of the damage from smoking, but I did the best that I could. I did not feel my creation “pop” (as I understand I could have), but, I gotta tell ya, I do believe that I am in recovery from this disease. I’ll keep you posted.

    On another front, I have assumed the helm in the creation of an agency to support our local seniors, building community around those who wish to “age in place” (which means to remain in their homes until passing over). The woman who had been overseeing the project needed to step aside for a while, just as I am ready to get busy. I am not being paid until we launch (continues to be pushed out), but I am not in fear. Seems Divine Timing is at play in every respect.

    I am sending you Reiki, Visionkeeper. I try to imagine what you may look like (yeah, I’m having fun with that, in my mind’s eye you are quite a handsome one, a mirror of your heart), where your pain is and feels like, then I visualize those nerves and muscles quieting, relaxing, calming right down. Having had a lot of down time and PT when I have been injured in this area, I can attest to the healing properties of laying on an ice pack for about 15 minutes at a time. I would wrap the ice pack in a moist, hot hand towel, which allowed for my skin to gradually get used to the cold. A good physical therapist can show you how to re-align your hips, which will give almost immediate relief of the sciatic nerve. In the meantime, you are being bombarded with healing energy from your star family above and below!

    Maybe a ground crew to finish your move for you? Yes? I say “Make it so!”

    • Hannah what a Great thought~ Maybe we are the Ground Crew! 😉 … I Know Im also sending you VK… I understand all about muscle pain and spasms and over doing it.. Also well done Hannah.. Keep up those Meditations Self Healing does work…I also did Qi Gong.. Spring Forrest Qi Qong to be exact.. breathing and visualitions and exercises… moving energy around the charkras.. have a good Evening All of you ~Sue

    • purpleskyz says:

      Have you heard of the oil pulling method of detoxing our bodies?
      Use cold pressed Sun Flower or Sesame Oil… regular if cold pressed can not be found.
      In the morning before you eat keep swishing the oil in your mouth for up to 20 min. or until oil turns from yellow to whiteish in color. Caution is to be used after you spit it in sink as it will be full of bacteria. So use an anti bacterial cleaner right away. I am hearing amazing things with this oil pulling.
      Oh supposed to do it a couple of times per day until better and on an empty stomach.

  259. Visionkeeper says:

    Hey all…Hanging in here. Still can’t really get up and walk around for more than 3 or 4 minutes, then I have to race back to the bed and lie down to release the charlie horse feeling. Very painful. There must be a lesson in all of this. I sure picked one hell of a day to move, on a super moon…
    Insanity! I will be very glad to be on the other end of this move….Thanks so much for the love and healing energies. It means a lot. Hope to be back next week. We shall see. Keep the energy going guys. Appreciate it!!!! VK

  260. Raven says:

    Feeling the love, Purpleskyz! All is well in my little section of the Gaia Grid. Supermoon this weekend, flowers and birds popping up everywhere, and I’m feeling powerful and centered for a change. I’ve been sending healing vibrations to VK and another close friend who is having shoulder issues. There is plenty of stress going around it seems. Those of us feeling good should help by sending our healing thoughts to others, and I am. Love and light to my star family.

  261. purpleskyz says:

    How is everyone doing out there?
    VK… hope you are feeling better!
    Just wanted to shine some love on my wonderful star family!!!

    • Hi Purpleskyz… just caught your email.. just cooking dinner.. or you may call it Supper.. 6pm just gone here.. 🙂 Well wishes to VK too.. will be back later to read up.. x

  262. Visionkeeper says:

    Thanks Everybody…I appreciate the healing energies. I am going to reply in this one comment as I can’t write but a few moments then I have to stop…I guess packing up this house alone was just too much for me but I kept pushing it to get it done. Don’t know how I will finish now…Putting that out to the universe. So thank you all and stay busy in here until I can return again…..VK

  263. purpleskyz says:

    Thanks Raven! I know what you mean. Long ago I realized that when I did not listen to that little voice I would regret it. LOL
    I did not read of any injury until Hannah just put that up.
    I hope you get better real soon and healing vibes sent to you form myself also!!!
    Did you hurt yourself carrying boxes? Oh my

  264. Hannah says:

    Oh, Dear Visionkeeper, I am so sorry to learn of your injury. I am sending you healing energy today, and every day until you are healed. Rest. With much love, Hannah

  265. purpleskyz says:

    Happy Monday!
    So I wanted to give an update on the smudging.
    When I talked to my friend, who is a healer and came into my life last summer, she said to ask what this spirit is trying to tell me/us before I chase it away. And VK said something that stuck: the phrase “my ghosts”.
    So… I got out the sage on Friday morning. Kept looking at it through out the day until I decided that I would do it the next day. Mostly because I was not feeling well but something was holding me back. The same was true for Saturday.
    Saturday night I found out the reason that the “spirit’ was bugging out so much last week.
    My daughter had brought her babies father back into the picture and into the house. I won’t say how I found out but I did. When I approached her about it she turned bright red and told me I was making her uncomfortable. LOL
    So… I have decided to keep that spirit around as it was definately trying to relay the message that my daughter was again making wrong choices. It is my little alarm bell to what is going on and I am glad to have him around. After I made that decision it was quite all day Sunday and no disruptions in the night.
    But I want to THANK all of you that were helping me along on this. I have an awesome new family!!!
    Have a great day!!!
    Love You

    • Raven says:

      That’s great Purpleskyz! What I found fascinating was the little niggling that told you not to chase the spirit away. In the 3D GET IT DONE world we call this procrastination but so often something shouldn’t be done at all. Seems you are lucky to have such a practical, in-your-face ghost helping you out. Cheers!

    • Hi PurpleSkyz. 🙂 Happy to see your Spirit friend is a Friend! and wanting you to take notice of a situation… Very perceptive of you.. and a handy friend to have around. Great that you have an Awesome New Family.. and it probably is a family member too… Late here, so just dropping in to say Hi to you and everyone… have a great May Day… 🙂 xx

  266. Hannah says:

    Feels like it’s another aspect of releasing the old while making way for the new. Everything is collapsing in my world, and that collapse appears to be accelerating. I do believe that you all are aspects of my New.
    Our New.
    Our Now.
    God experiencing God.

    Loving embrace.

    • Thats exactly it Hannah.. We are making way for the New and the Old has to come to the surface in order to be cleansed.. We are all of us being challenged with various aspects of our selves as we step forward into this New Experience..
      Wishing you All a Great Happy Sunday 🙂

  267. Raven says:

    To purpleskyz and Hannah, all Lightworkers are detoxing to a certain extent, depending on their past lives. Our environment and food system is so polluted that our bodies are naturally shedding all the pizza and hamburgers we’ve gunked up in our cells and organs, not to mention alcohol, nicotine and various other substances we’ve all partaken of over the years. The carrot at the end of the addiction stick is knowing how energized and powerful you will feel when all that stuff has been expelled, leaving you with a crystalline body vibrating with pure light energy. Good luck to you both, the journey is the destination.

  268. purpleskyz says:

    Funny you mentioning lemon Hannah as I have been drinking tons of hot lemon and honey as of late. I also cut way back about 6 months ago and have decreased the amount of nicotine that I took in. You know the games. LOL
    I bar tended for many decades so that was the main problem with alcohol for me, quite social that profession is. Always lots of after work parties. I changed professions 15 years ago and have only occasionally drank hard alcohol since. I still drank stuff like hard cidar, the teas etc. on weekend until about 3 years ago.For the last couple of years it just does not taste good anymore and I get an instant headache. especially wine. Must be the sulfides.
    We can do this! You are right! 🙂

  269. purpleskyz says:

    Hannah that is WONDERFUL!!!!
    I myself am battling that addiction. The last one standing in my way. 🙂
    I am almost to the point you are and am planning my great escape.
    I feel a support system coming on!!!!! LOL!
    The baby carrots are in the fridge and I have an amethyst thumb circle to keep my hands busy.
    I see there are so many reasons we have all found each other here. I am honored and privileged to found you all.


    • Hannah says:

      I can’t take any credit for not smoking, my dear. As many times as I have quit I have started up again. No money is a huge incentive. One thing, though: I have been drinking lots of water with organic raw lemon juice for three weeks. I must have been detoxing, because I am not really feeling the need for nicotine; it’s more the psychological addiction, my old friend, that I miss. That and the oral thing. We have been told over and over that the damage done from smoking is the hardest to reverse. We can do this, Purplesky!

      I have been doing really good with other habits. No wine for a good month and I have been eating healthier, as well. Coffee in the morning is my last stand. I just have not wanted to undo any of my spiritual progress. I want to feel everything that is coming up so I can observe and release. I have a resolve that appears to be holding. It is difficult at times, though. I am so grateful to have you all at this time.

  270. A message to VK and ALL of YOU!
    Yes VK… we thank you… Your Posts and commitment to raising awareness is outstanding.. Thank you for giving us a platform in which we can all communicate. I am sure I speak for all of us as we give you our thanks..
    We are all of us upon a journey of discovery.. In finding each other on here, we are also in the process of discovering ourselves. And I am always amazed, but shouldn’t be, at the synchronicities we find… I could tell you a story a long one, about my own Mother but I won’t.. I could tell you tales of those I support with learning difficulties and Mental Problems, but I can’t.. .. We all of us have our own individual stories, our own reasons for our paths to have led us to this moment in time..
    I give thanks that I know there are so many such souls out there around our world, who are sitting within their own vibration, seeking, sending, and sowing their seeds of Love into our world..
    I Give thanks that our World has such as your good selves..
    Because WE ARE THE ONES.. who are Here to CHANGE OUR WORLD~ WE CAME For this Purpose.. And as we will succeed… Have succeeded ..
    Love to you ALL… ~Sue Dreamwalker

    • Hannah says:

      Two days, no smokes. I am eating everything in sight. I am taking the bike for a spin. Wish me well, it’s been quite a few years.

      • Raven says:

        HA! I well remember my first bike ride after quitting smoking after 25 years. So funny that memory sprang to the surface as soon as I read your post. I had to climb a huge hill to get home and when I got to the top (amazing in itself) I felt like someone was stabbing my lungs with an ice pick. Boy, was I proud of myself… and I never touched another cigarette… You go, Hannah! We’re all here with you.

    • Raven says:

      Gratitude is an amazing feeling, isn’t it? I’m very proud to be part of this world of light shining souls. Thanks for lifting us all up, Sue.

  271. purpleskyz says:

    Thanks VK!
    For providing this space and for your kindness. Don’t work to hard. 🙂

  272. purpleskyz says:

    Thanks Raven
    I feel like I know you also. I agree we are here on this site for a reason!
    I hope everyone checks out the post I put up. It is about the Prosperity Packages that so many have been telling about!
    Please go to the 2nd link and fill it out if you are in need of help.
    I did not do the smudge thing today… But first thing tomorrow. Started running a fever then a nose bleed so I wanted to be feeling a bit better. 🙂
    But really check out that post!!!!!!!!!!!

  273. Visionkeeper says:

    Wow, you guys are setting this section of the site on fire. Looks like everyone is connecting and getting established. This is great, glad this is working for everyone. Hannah really kicked this all off. Thanks Hannah. I am really glad everyone is feeling so good with each other. If you need me just holler, I’m in and out often between packing boxes….Have a great weekend and stay centered in your hearts. It’s why life is working for you 🙂 Blessings…. VK

  274. purpleskyz says:


    Prosperity Funds Gifting

    For those who are in desperate need of monetary assistance, may want to submit their request to receive economic help from individuals involved with the Prosperity Programs (PP). These individuals who are in these Prosperity Programs are receiving billions/millions of dollars and want to help their communities by spreading the wealth.

    John MacHaffie has done a wonderful job in setting up a place for those involved in the “PP” and those who need financial assistance. These financial donations do not need to be paid back and are a gift, no strings attached. If you are an organizational leader and do not need personal financial assistance you may still apply for the charity/organization that you would like to sponsor or develop.


    Form To Request Financial Assistance

    If you are part of the Prosperity Programs or a Dinar Investor than you may want to become a donor to those in need. John provides a link for you to be involved and get a list of people/organizations that need help. The link for donors are

    I do not know John MacHaffie personally or am affiliated with his websites. I am just sharing information in which people have been asking about. Please take responsibility and continue your due diligence into the major events that are about to present themselves to humanity. These are exciting times!

    My Best Wishes To You And Yours,

    ~ enerchi

    • Hannah says:

      Thanks Purplesky. I checked the site out and have decided to watch and see. I am not familiar with anything happening there. I am signed up for BridgeFunds on 2012Scenario that will cover me from the time of the collapse until the new economic systems come online. From my research, it appears as though we may all be sitting pretty comfortably sometime this summer. Love to you, Hannah

      • purpleskyz says:

        I am not signing up as I hold dinar. I will be donating like crazy after the RV. I saw on american kabuki that things are going to get started very soon. The month of May will be very exciting for all and I am so happy that we can all share this experience together.
        Have a good night all. 🙂

  275. Hi Raven, Purpleskyz, Hannah and ALL~… Yes Painful issues seem to crop up and test a Lightworker to the limit in many respects… But like Raven said we signed up for this journey.. And we grow with each experience..Its only through going through our own particular journeys that we grow and become who we are today.. Love to you all.. Hope you all have a beautiful Weekend. ~Sue

  276. purpleskyz says:

    Awww… 🙂
    The way I felt when she had her stroke and was hospitalized was relief. I knew she could no longer harm herself anymore in that environment. That she was safe. Even when I started running away from home at 12 years of age it was not because I did not love her. It was because I could not live with her and her disease. Time was the great equalizer in many areas. After her stroke she became the sweet heart that was always there and was a favorite of her care givers.
    I pray for your clients daughter that she can come to terms to reach out to her Mom. Hope she can realize that her real Mom is in there…somewhere inside of the body she knows as her Mother.
    have a blessed day Hannah!
    Much Love to you!!!!

    • Raven says:

      I was in a health food store today and saw a basket of smudge sticks. You immediately popped into my mind. This is so weird because I don’t even know you, but at the same time I feel like you’re a good friend. So I took a whiff of the sage and sent you some blessings, right there in the store.

  277. purpleskyz says:

    I also had a mother that when she died it was a huge relief.
    She was a life long alcoholic. She had a stroke and was in a nursing facility for over 10 years. She had little recollection of past and in the end had Alzheimers. She died on the night of 2/09/2009 on the night of a lunar eclipse. I saw her every weekend and in the end several times a day. I held her hand at the end and told her we have forgiven her and go to the light. I was at total peace with her departure and know that her life path was what she made it or was supposed to be as such. It is a forgiveness that made the world correct for me.
    Hope you don’t mind the intrusion in this post but I found the similarities stunning.

    • Hannah says:

      The work that I let go of recently was as a private caregiver specializing in Dementia. My last client was (is) late stage Alzheimer’s. I was able to incorporate Reiki into my sessions with her; we became very bonded. My client’s daughters avoided contact. I pray that my client senses my continued love for her and presence despite my physical absence.

      I am very happy (not exactly the right word, but you get the gist) to learn that you stayed in relationship with your mother even as your loss was measured over many years. You are a beautiful soul. Wiping the tears.

      • Raven says:

        Holy smokes..! The path of a caregiver is a hard one unless you are very grounded in your own skin. If you know Reiki (very cool) perhaps you can parlay that skill elsewhere at a later time in another venue.

        Regardless, as you can see, we are all expressing very deep psychological issues with virtual strangers, primarily because we sense the compassion in one another. Once again, it is VK’s energy that collected us together. There must be a reason or it would not feel so right. Blessings to you, Hannah, and everyone who has held their Light for all of us.
        Onward and upward.

  278. Raven says:

    This post is to Sue Dreamwalker (because there was no reply button where I wanted to write this.) This is regarding our mothers… my mother stopped talking to me many years ago too, mostly because I veered far off the path she had intended for me. She died just a few weeks ago without any contact. This experience we share (you and me) is extremely painful and I hate to admit this but it’s the truth, when she died I felt a tremendous relief, a huge weight lifted from my shoulders and as you did, I let her go. Oddly, I never once dreamed about her. So I just wanted to say “I feel your pain, deeply.”

    The Lightworker path is a difficult one (Are you listening, Hannah?) but we did indeed sign on for this and, to quote Chief Dan George, we will endeavor to persevere.

    • Hannah says:

      Listening. I want to sink into my thoughts about this for a while. Will share.

      • Hannah says:

        I disappointed my mother when I left her religion. After that she was never able to see me. She disappointed me by not protecting her children from an abusive father. So I took my free spirit as far away as I could without falling off of the continent, literally.

        I forgave my dad several years before his death. He has asked for forgiveness twenty years earlier, and waited rather patiently for me to release him. Mom never took accountability. That was my hangup with her.

        The dream I had of her last week was my first since her passing. In it she was washing her laundry. We were chatting pleasantly. I remembered that I had some laundry as well, and left to fetch it. (Note that our laundry was separate.) I put on roller skates and felt my youth as I skated through crowds of people, zooming in and out, whipping myself around poles and jumping up curbs. I felt so alive and strong and young! I searched and searched until I forgot what I was looking for. I’ve been pondering this dream since. I think it my first real remembering of being in the 5th. I have been imagining mom as she is now, watching me, and proud of me.

        On the flip side, my eldest daughter (I have three) has been estranged from her sisters and myself for almost three years. It appeared as though we had made some progress toward healing, and then she pushed away again. The person that she describes as her mother is so foreign to me. Makes me wonder how much I may have demonized my own mother unfairly. Certainly makes me much more appreciative of the mother who did the best that she knew how for me within her level of understanding. I was blessed to have had that.

    • Raven have you noticed already the sister-hood here developing ? We are all drawn to that which we need.. Love and Blessings to you my friend xx

  279. purpleskyz says:

    Me too!!!
    I have used the phrase feel like having some fun today twice already this morning.. LOVE IT!!
    Bill Murray is a Chicago boy and the Groundhog day movie was filmed here in Woodstock, Illinois where I live so he has a special place in my heart.
    I realize that all of you will be sitting on my shoulder while I smudge this house. I have been asking “What is it you want to tell us?” hoping to get a mental message.
    VK…. you said Good luck with YOUR ghosts and they made me say… They are my ghosts aren’t they. Somehow that thought is very important so thank you.
    Have a fun filled day all
    Love You!!!

  280. purpleskyz says:

    Thanks Sue!
    I will need all I can get. Last night not one thing happened. I think it feels what I am doing and decided to behave and not scare the wee one.

    • Raven says:

      Ah, the power of intention! If all else fails (although we know it won’t, that’s one of those silly idioms that infects our minds) I would call Bill Murray to come and make lots of laughter. As you can see I’m feeling very silly this morning for some reason, but I just wanted to check in and say, SMUDGE!

      • Its great to be in that ” Silly Mood”…. Raven… We could all do with an injection of Humour first thing in a morning! :-)… Im all for laughter to add brightness into our world.. Enjoy your day~ 🙂

  281. Sending you a few energy vibes across the airwaves Pupleskyz.. in your Ghost-busting! 🙂 xxx ~Sue

  282. purpleskyz says:

    Good Morning to ALL!!!

    VK…. best wishes and blessing to you and your new abode. Super FUN!!!

    I am going to meditate, get the sage out and go at the clearing of any dark that may have sneaked in here.
    I talked with my friend who is so very gifted and she added to the wonderful advise that you all have offered to me. I will check back later and let you know if calling on Ghostbusters is the next step. LOL! love that movie. haha

    Have a wonderful day
    Hannah… sweet dreams 🙂

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thanks Skyz….I appreciate that. It will be wonderful when I am at the other end of this journey….Good luck with your ghosts…VK

  283. Thinking of you and your Move VK.. and thank you for the link… Yes I agree with the article.. When we add our protests to whatever organisation or event we add our energy. Mother Teresa said that she would attend an ‘Anti War Demo’, but Would attend a ‘Pro- Peace rally..’ How we inject our energy into the World with Out INTENT has a huge impact and affect.
    “”If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.””
    Mother Teresa
    Wishing you all a Good Day! ~DW xx

    • Oooops me and my typo’s ~ “How we inject our energy into the World with (Out ) OUR INTENT has a huge impact and affect.”

      • Visionkeeper says:

        How right you both are!!!! I call it stepping around the stone in the road or resourcefulness. There is a way around all of the obstacles standing in our way if we just reactivate our creativity!!!! That and creating ways to bring communities together to become self sufficient and able to help one another. There is no need for chaos when things fall if we have taken the time to prepare ourselves as a group….Thanks for your insights DW…You must have a day off! Enjoy 🙂 VK

      • Seems I need to read what I write before posting.. VK.. Im always writing backwards with letters… I should point out another of my Typo errors too… Mother Teresa said she (( Would NOT attend a Anti War demo )) . ..
        Totally agree with your Statement VK on Communities… heres to the Community Spirit! 🙂

  284. Visionkeeper says:

    Hey Everyone….I am sorry I have been absent from all of this wonderful bantering back and forth but it is serious crunch time for me and the move I must now get ready to make to the new house. I am really flat out but getting close to finishing everything. I wish I had time to comment on everybody’s posts but just can’t. I hope you will all continue onward and keep the glow flow going in here. If you need me specifically just ask me. I read the comments, just don’t have time to comment on each one. I am very happy to see the chatter Hannnah hs stirred up in here. I am very proud of our wonderful family of peeps who are helping to create a One world Rising!!! I am leaving off an interrsting article I find very enlightening and a good one to discuss as we go forward on our journey….Have a good day everybody! Blessings….VK

  285. Hannah says:

    Wish I could have my morning coffee with you all. It appears that the postings are 7 hours ahead of me, and somehow you all seem to be online within an hour or so of one another. Curious. I’m very tired today. Didn’t get much done. Going to bed early. Peace out, my friends Hannah

    • Hannah…. Here I am having my morning Tea with you, and it matters not the time difference.. We are all connected via thought.. We are a growing community of like minded souls here for one another.. We may not be there in the physical to help you within your material world.. but we are definitely here to help each other through what at times can seem some turbulent times of unsettlement..
      Change is always unsettling as we want to hold onto the familiar..Our planet is changing and we too are feeling those changes within our bodies, our dreams, our relationships, our career paths. Nothing is being left untouched.. So too is our past, as it comes to the surface as old issues and emotions surface as we deal with past hurts, regrets and forgiveness issues . Our whole cellular structure is going through a kind of metamorphosis.
      Please seek out Acupuncture treatments if you have been guided to have them.. I have been having acupuncture treatments for 3 yrs now, starting at one treatment every two weeks to now once a month for pain levels. It helps enormously.. and I have been treated for emotional issues and all sorts of in-between problems along the way.. With much success..
      Sending you much love and peace.. ~Sue DreamWalker DW..

    • Raven says:

      Also toasting you with my morning tea, Hannah! I’m just east of you in the mountains of Montana. There is much happening in your life, but it all sounds good so your gratefulness for the process is wonderful to hear. I’m totally with Sue Dreamwalker (don’t you just love that name?) that we are all connected via thought and our compassion. I will only add to your post that I experienced a period of intense dreaming where old issues, times people hurt me or I hurt other people, came upon me very rapidly, within a few weeks time, because I asked to clear them. It was an astounding experience, the dream messages were quite clear, I took action, and felt a great release, allowing me to move on to further balancing. So I guess what I’m saying is that you are on the right path for you at this time, and your new family is here in support. Sending you warm wishes from the Rockies.

      • Good morning Raven, 🙂 and having my afternoon cuppa now :-),, Totally agree with Dreams and releasing past issues.. My Mother has been entering mine, and she didnt speak to me for 10 Years prior to her passing.. Despite more than several attempts upon my behalf to bridge that gap.. Still within my Dreams she wouldnt talk.. But I Knew I still hadnt released the hurt.. Until the dreams came and I was able to speak within my dream-sate my thoughts… and the dreams have stopped of her.. so I have let her go at last with all the last remnants of remorse I hung onto.

  286. purpleskyz says:

    That is so wonderful! I am glad that things are balancing out for you.
    It is so hard for those that are always the rock to ask for help. My daughter tells me I am stubborn to not ask for help… I just tell her NO I am Self Relient. We are both correct. 🙂
    Have a blessed day Hannah!
    Love and Healing to you

  287. Hannah says:

    Hello and good day to you all,

    I am still here. I’ve been going deep exploring and experiencing my shadow, asking for and receiving release in the most graceful and loving ways. Spontaneous tears of gratitude.

    My ego is fed by by the sense of abandonment. I am used to being the hero, the strong one, able to prevail, yet simulateneously seemingly unable to become fully responsible for my own well being or able to embrace my potential, to create.

    My former landlady was also my mentor, my college professor, who gave me a home when I needed one. She saw in me what I have been struggling to reconnect with. She supported my process. We were neighbors on her property. She left her physical body in January. Her best freind inherited this space, and hopes to not have to sell. She told me last Sunday that she intends to continue to support my process, respectful of this legacy. Pure grace.

    The Oracle readings challenged me to ask for help, which is quite painful for me to do. I asked for help over the past couple of days from two women who had been offering friendship. I had previously opted to remain alone rather than to be transparent about my ongoing circumstance. I feared judgement.

    Both of these dear souls came through for me beautifully, providing rides to tie up loose ends, in preparation for being within bicycle distance for errands. My car is currently unusable. One is a woman who was also close to my mentor. She recommended that I ask for acupunture treatments from another who lost our dear friend. This will be a bit harder for me as I must ask fr.caiy nte ude. Deep breath.

    This past week I have been seen in my most delicate form, responded to with respect and compassion. I have chosen to be completely transparent about my struggles, inner and outer. I haved experienced healing in one relationship, a process that was not easy on my ego. This is a freindship that can now continue to be, in a much more healing and loving manner.

    I have also had several nights of vivid dreaming, with more recall than I am used to. Two of those dreams involved forgiveness; my mother (who transitoned five years ago) and a former long term lover. I am deeply grateful for this release.

    One other thing, I lent out my college portfolio to the current instructor of this class for him to peruse. As I was adding back in papers and documents that had been pulled from it for interviewing purposes, I was drawn to the thoughts that I had written. I was reminded of my passion for social justice and community. I have had on my desk a task that I have left undone (for an undue amount of time) in support of creating community and support for seniors here where I live. It is time to get back to work on this project.

    One step at a time. One revelation at a time. An overflow of grace and healing. Deep gratitude.

    Blessings to you all,

    ps My daughter recently moved out of an apartment that had an unseen entity. I’ll check out the link and may send it on to her. Thanks!

  288. Yes Pupleskyz in every room until you feel within your self that its cleared.. Call in the Arch Angels too if that makes you feel better, I use Micheal as he is the warrior who cuts the cords of negativity.. Will see if I can find a link which may help you out also.. Sue..x

  289. purpleskyz says:

    Oh thank you so much Sue
    I happen to have a bag full of sage that I grew a couple of summers ago. I thought that is what you meant by smudging but wanted to be crystal clear. My grandson will not be at the home tomorrow so I will do this when he is not there as you suggested. Do I do this in the corner of every room? I would think so…..
    This also happens in my garage. The toys go off when I enter every eve. I always say Hello. 🙂
    Last night things were being thrown against the wall in Skys room and woke him up. Did not like that at all. LOL
    Thank all of you so very much!
    Love to you from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

  290. purpleskyz says:

    Good Morning Raymond
    I loved your post.
    I stand tall and fearless as I wait for the curtain to draw open for all to see the truth.
    I am intrigued by your last sentence re: spirits and poltergeists as you have read I am having issues.
    I was going to ask Sue to define smudging as I now know I need to do something soon after last nights happenings. Again we are not fearful but I am determined to remove the elements from my grandson before he is effected.
    So any and all help will be most appreciated.
    Peacefully thankful 🙂

    • Raven says:

      purpleskyz, I read this this morning before I came here and I thought of you, about the “strange things” going on due to the breakup of the Matrix.

    • Purpleskyz, smudging by burning a bundle of Dried sage or dried segments of it in a bowl will do.. I have a Native american feather, which was specially designed for that purpose, but anything a Hand held fan, or a piece a card, will do to waft the smoke from the dish into the corners of the rooms will do..
      I light the sage and ask within a prayer for those who are of Light to draw forward with their love to help me clear the space I am smudging.. Use your INTENT to create a balanced and harmonious feel as you chant your prayer as you waft smoke into the room asking for those who are not welcome to be taken to a place of Light and safety, where they may join others of similar vibration.. Like Raymond has stated do not be fearful, But make it clear with your Intent, they need to move on from the vibration in which they are causing your home and you problems.. You do with with Love and Light within your being. .. You may need to do this several times… But know your Grandson will be protected. Ask for those Higher beings of Love and light who guard and protect your grandson to draw forward and you give them permission to help cleanse the space of Negative Entities or vibrations..
      ( I have found several years ago, I was being sent quite violent ‘thought forms’ these thought forms can also cause strange occurances to happen.. Again I asked those Higher Light beings to draw in and cut the cords which had been sent.. It works.. It really does ) ~ Sue

  291. @ Vk and Sue, if you wish to remember your dreams, while in your dream state, raise your awareness level and remind yourself that you will remember when you awake–and you will. “:)

  292. hi Vk, SD, Raven, Purpleskyz, and Hannah, I do hope each of you is in a condition of internal peace without fear, for that is what we all need to be able to open our minds for the quantum leap in the frequency shift that is taking place.
    @ Hannah, nice to meet you again, you shall understand that (again) soon. I was intrigued by your comment some time back about finding your ‘tribe’; interestingly, I call certain individuals “my people” immediately because you are. We are in fact and spiritual nature a tribe, a collection of ‘like’ spiritual beings traveling through the space / time continuum together; we have been in contact before, several times, in previous times throughout the ages in the past.
    Each of the people we touch with our lives in today’s ‘reality’ is a person that has been known to us previously, but not necessarily in the same vis-a-vis relationship, to one another, not necessarily even the same gender. You know how some people are ‘old souls’? We are.

    Just as an example, a son may have been the mother in a previous relationship, or an aunt, or an elder; or any close relative, for that matter, in a previous existence. Remember our journey is one of learning; to learn you must experience; to experience you must BE in an existence whether it is in a physical realm or not. I suppose one must fully believe the issues of karma, reincarnation and other rationales to understand -but it clarifies to remember there is much we do not believe,— not because it is wrong,– but because we have been TAUGHT it is wrong by ‘others’, usually the dark ones, espousing a devious agenda for their own purposes.
    About animals too, we can communicate with them, there is no doubt.
    By the way, the previous comments about the reptilians–the ugliness and seemingly mindless descriptions of the ‘reptilian aliens’ has been generated by the PTB to generate fear of the unknown so that humanity will ‘huddle for protection’ under the deception of the false churches, political leaders, and the evil in the dark. People and souls are more easily controlled when they are afraid of the unknown.
    Continue to open your minds with purpose and be fearless; even with the knowledge you each possess at this point, you shall be surprised at what happens. Blessings to each of you. The Age of Light is upon us.
    Btw, be aware of spirits, poltergeists and deceivers. Their intent is to make you afraid. Stand firm in the Light.

    • Raven says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Raymond. Your fearless message is extremely important at this moment. I have been wondering what happened to Hannah. I hope she is okay and that she comes back.

    • Hi Raymond, yes the veils are getting thinner.. And we can expect more appearances of the above mentioned..By holding Love in our hearts we dont allow them to feed off our fear.. Thank you for this Raymond.. ~Sue

  293. purpleskyz says:

    Thanks Sue. I am not fearful nor is my daughter. Like I said I am getting ticked off at the intrusion at this point. I do know a good medium that is coming back to my state in a few weeks and I will invite her to help me.
    Thanks so much for your thoughts. Good luck with your situation also.

  294. Hi Purpleskyz..
    No it doesnt sound like ‘Dad’ as Im sure he wouldnt want to scare…. It could be an entity that has attached itself within your vibrations,especially with the younger element. But .. I suggest you try smudging your home, with some sage, and asking for those in the world of Light to come and cleanse your home… Do this in a prayer type ritual make sure the little one not present though when you do this..
    I have got a similar thing happening within my own Sons home.. their Daughter is just 16mths.. I have smudged their home, but it appears its a small sprit child that has attatched itself to my granddaughter.. As we change so too the dimensions are thinning.. so Again its difficult to say.. But try not to add any fear into the situation.. .. If you can find a reputable medium who could link in that would be even better.. Sorry I can not help any further, except to remember that Thought creates.. So create your own bubble of light around each of you and your home, as send out your thoughts to say only love and light is welcome within my home.. ~DW

  295. Visionkeeper says:

    Sounds like you are connecting with our friends DW….Take a camera when you go for a spin 🙂

  296. purpleskyz says:

    Hi All!
    I also have been having dreams that stay with me when I wake. Very colorful, with a feeling of being very busy in them. Lots of people I don’t recognie but know in them.

    Hannah those doctors are called practicing physicians for a reason. I can not tel you how many times I have found they are wrong. 🙂

    So…. I am having some odd things happening. and would love opinions from you, my new soul family. 🙂
    I have my 20 year old daughter and her one year old son living with me. Her father passed away 2 years ago. Since then we have had more than a few weird things happen at the house. Example: Mirrors flying off the walls but not breaking. Fans being turned on. Doors opening etc., the usual poltergeist type things. At first I just accepted them as her Dad left without being able to make amends and he needed to be near her. That was then. Now what is happening is beyond weird and I am thinking I have it all wrong. Things appear from out of no where. Food goes missing from the frigde, whole meals. Yesterday I came home and all of the ceiling fans were on and windows opened and the heat was cranked. My daughter was not home all day, as she was in school and swears she would not leave it like that, and I believe her.
    So my thoughts are….. maybe there is something to the E/D school of thought. Extra dimensional. If a being was popping in and out it would explain some of the things that ghostly activity can not. I know… sounds crazy and I can not talk to anyone about what is going on. Both my daughter and myself are really getting well… kind of pissed off about this invasion. I can always tell when “it” has been around from the way the cats and dog greet me when I come home. And sometimes they just stare at the ceiling all at the same time and then look at me like…”What… can’t you see that?”
    It wasn’t until last week that I even entertained the E/D idea because of a specific thing that happened. But it seems the only rational answer, as if that is rational. I swear I am not losing my mind. Have any of you had this type of thing happening lately?

    • Raven says:

      Yikes! Never had this experience myself, but if I did I would follow Sue Dreamwalker’s advice about smudging. My tribal friends tell me this repels negative energies quite effectively. The medium is a good idea too. Let us know what happens!

  297. Hi ALL. I dont know about anyone else this past week.. But have any of you noticed an increase in vivid dreams this week..I can honestly say my dreams are usually quite vivid at most times.. But this week especially its as if they are not even dreamlike any more.. But so real, upon waking I wonder if I were in some other alternate reality already..
    Just curious! to see if any one else this past week.. ?? ~Sue DreamWalker

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey DW….Wish I could say oh yeah, me too, but unfortunately I do not remember my dreams for whatever reason. Every once in a blue moon I will… I wish I did. VK

      • Well some of mine you would have wished to forget also believe me.. But I have been able to feel, sense, touch, and smell within these dreams far more vivid .. And in them on 4 out of 5 dreams I have been visiting or they have paid me a visit.. our ET friends.. ( I think they are the friendly ones LOL ) But in the most Crazy of situations as they use Telepathy !.. but so real.. Just thought I would ask… Thank you VK.. xx

    • purpleskyz says:

      I read that they are visiting some in their dreams and taking them on dream flights. Also answering questions that we have. Have been on a flight?

      • Purpleskyz,
        No but they are the Tall ones.. and the ships are in huge numbers as I see a fleet of them.. I am being told not to fear.. and that events are coming to a head………… But its the detail in them which seems so real, as I dont remember the conversations as much as feeling, smelling etc.. weird… I know when I am Astral travelling as I have had several Lucid ODE which I still remember to this day every detail..
        its not like that …

  298. Hannah says:

    Thank you VK and Raven for your insight, support and kindness.

    After I posted earlier I read Steve Beckow’s comments that he shared about Ascension today, as well as Yeshua through John Smallman on the same topic.

    It appears as though I AM ascending, moment by moment; that it is not necessarily a singular event. I believe this because of the “peace that passes understanding” in my heart, along with physical sensations and increasing sense of knowing that are with me always now. I look forward to Being fully awakened and Being in the embrace of my loved ones.

    I agree, Raven, that my physical healing in on its way. My most recent re-surrender to whatever will be has brought great relief. Funny how that works. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Last summer I had an incredible experience of absolute forgiveness for the major traumas of this lifetime. Since then I’ve been able to forgive more often in the moment. Not always. That is the part that I am facing. I also have been waiting to be forgiven.

    Ho’oponopono: I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you.
    I hope to be able to say those words face to face.


  299. Raven says:

    I don’t even begin to profess having a clue about 3D/5D ascension. I know I’m going, but I don’t know when or how. I’m content to let it happen as it happens, not trying to control the outcome so I can enjoy the experience, therefore I cannot address your question directly. I’m not sure anyone can, which is perhaps why you are feeling confused.

    But I do have a clue about something called an “uncurable medical condition” because they told me I had one too, and that I would be dead within five years. Today, after 20 years of being symptom-free and remarkably healthy in all regards, “they” are still telling me I have it because it is simply “not curable.” By now most people realize “they” (by which I mean the allopathic medical community) are mostly in the business of separating people from their money and/or getting them hooked on prescriptions, and curing people is the last thing on their agenda.

    I’m suggesting that perhaps they are wrong about you, that your Higher Self knows this, which is why you are no longer afraid, and that all you need to heal yourself is already inside you. Give that idea a workout and see how it resonates. Now I must go prune my lilacs.

    • Raven I too have heard do this and do that.. about getting ready for Ascension, and in the beginning got so confused with all the information pouring in.. I decided to follow my own heart and instincts, thats all any of us can do.. For our journey is individual.. even though we are a collective.. We have to stay centred within our own selves and love ourselves through the process.. until we find we are in that place of Peace..
      ~Love Lilacs by the way.. 🙂 Enjoy your day today. DW.

  300. Hannah says:

    What is my life’s purpose? This is the question that I am anticipating an answer to momentarily. This past week I let go of my work. A medical condition that I have been struggling with reared up and I had no choice but to let go of having any personal contact until I am healed completely. There is no known cure in the medical community.

    Amazingly, I feel no fear. I am vibrating with energy, yet it is filled with anticipation. I am listening intently, open to direction, awaiting inspiration. I am told that I am loved and cared about deeply, and that my needs are being met. I believe that to my core. Those in the know of my situation are confounded by my trust. So am I, but I am grateful to be so.

    This past week or so I have been feeling the incredible flowing energy pouring up from Mother Earth through the soles of my feet uniting with the Love beamed through my crown from Father Sun. After several days of overcast, rainy days here in the Pacific Northwest, the Sun is shining, and promises to all weekend. I noticed that the clouds floating in the pure blue sky this morning appeared to be airbrushed. Moment of delight.

    I grew up in a mid western city. I found contentment gardening, growing vegetables for my very large family. It has been a long time since I have taken the time to immerse myself in this way. I currently live on an island on leased acreage. I don’t know how much longer I will be here, as my landlady passed on this winter, and the new owner is considering selling. I have decided to live as though I am staying in this sacred space. I am going to be outdoors enjoying Our Mother, along with our wildlife family, as I plant a vegetable garden for myself and to share.

    It is a new experience for me to be so at peace regardless of the collapse of my 3D experience. I sense that I am being beckoned into the 5th.

    I listened to the replay of Linda Dillon’s channeling of Universal Mother Mary on blogtalk radio last night. Mary invited all who choose to Ascend at this time to do so, that there are no limitations preventing any of us. We can do so at with surrender.

    There are a few relationships that are in need of healing first. I may have to allow for this healing to be extended from a respectful distance purely within my heart. My attempts at reconciliation have not been successful so far. Ego. Mine and others. I would think that this a limitation, even if self-imposed.

    Do we, or can we ascend and then continue to live in the 3D as an Ascended Being? Or does it mean leaving 3D altogether? I find that I want to be here on Gaia to assist with the Shift, yet my Soul longs to be in the 5th. The teachings that I have read on this have not been clear to me.

    Your understandings?

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hi Hannah….First off just know you don’t leave earth to be in 5th D…The shift is in consciousness. There are many, many dimensions going on here on earth, we just can’t see them as they are vibrating on a different frequency as ours. You will be here just in a different dimension, one far more loving and peaceful!
      Sorry about your illness. That is never easy but again, know that we will be doing self healing very soon as we raise our consciousness so you will heal yourself.Do not fret long over this as it will not be with you long. A simple change in how we think can heal so many things even now, illness included. People with positive, loving attitudes heal quickly.
      You are wise to heal those relationships you speak of. If you can do it face to face perhaps calling and if absolutely not, then writing I guess. I just think healing would begin so much quicker if you could physically find the courage to heal it face to face. If the other party won’t accept your healing then so be it. You will have tried and cleared yourself at least and that is all that is needed. You will prosper from this clearing out for sure. Good luck.
      Just know you will be where you are meant to be as are we all. What will be will be and try your best to just go with the flow of what is happening as it seems you are already doing well….You are being watched over. Ask for help when you need it, give it when you can and you will be loved and cared for. You just have to trust and believe which you seem to be doing so you are well on your way down the right path. If you need anything let us know and we’ll do what we can….Blessings….VK

    • Hi Hannah, first like VK.. I am sorry about your illness.. But please do not believe ALL that the so called Medical experts say.. I was walking around with a stick and full of pain, aprox 10 yrs ago. not being able to walk up my own stairs with out stopping and feeling so ill..
      Now I am active gardening Walking and still working part-time, the other part time looking after my 16mth old Granddaughter.. who can tire out an army lol..
      Healing comes from within our own mind, as we tell ourselves we are Well…
      I started Qi Gong exercises and taking short walks, which got to the stage of an 8mile one in one session..
      You seem to have the right attitude to life.. Keep your Light and love shining and stay in that Peace and harmonious vibration and you will be fine, Do not get too bogged down with the whys and wherefores..
      We are all going through this process together..
      Love and Light to you DW

  301. Raven says:

    Hannah, that’s interesting about lions. Just last night I stumbled onto a Facebook page called 1,000,000 Photos. I scrolled through their walls photos, which are amazing BTW, and noted many of them concerned people and lions (and other big cats as well) cuddling, smooching, and doing all kinds of things one would think impossible to do with these massive creatures. There were so many of these shots (mixed in with all kinds of other photos) that they were noteworthy in their volume. Perhaps you should pay them a visit.

    As a side note, I am big into dogs myself, and I have a therapy dog I take to various group homes for abused kids, etc. I’m very fortunate to have a wonderfully mellow, loving dog friend (her name is Reggae) and our therapy work involves helping these kids make an emotional connection with animals to experience unconditional love, which is something many of them have never experienced with the people in their lives. One of things I have noted over the past year or so is that animals, all animals really, seem to be waking up as well. Perhaps they are moving to 5D with us? I have no idea, they just seem a lot more prescient, and some of the kids, those that are psychically able to, are making this connection as well. So perhaps this is somehow related to your love of lions.

    BTW, we mainly stop in to Comparing Notes when things are popping or something happens to the group that we all kind of share. Astrologically we are in a period of balancing, so when the next unbalancing period happens, we’ll likely be back moaning about our symptoms and yakking about it.

    Love and light, Raven

  302. Hannah says:

    You all live! I was wondering if i had missed out, due to noticing that the last conversation before my entry was a month ago. Yeah!

    Theta therapy. Well, my therapist put me into a hynoptic (theta) state that opened my consciousness to retreiving repressed trauma, then guided me through releasing the corresponding emotions and then remaining open for new information to be downloaded. Sound familiar? Had she told me that she was opening me up to the input of my guides I may have run screaming! Little did I know that she had begun my awakening, which ended out being a very long process. The following link offers a brief explanation:

    Also, I studied the link about galatic races and I may be a Pleaidian or possibly an Arcturian. My intuition leans toward Pleaidian. I recall reading somewhere about a feline race. I felt a kinship. I have a particular leaning toward lions. I have loved them since Aslan, of C.S. Lewis. I’ve had the same lion picture watching over me since I was 17 (30 some years ago). Recently I’ve wondered if this could be the image of my Twin Flame. That thought brings comfort.

    Listened to Cosmic Vision News tonight. It’s #1 on blogtalk “Spiritual” after the first episode last week. Love it!

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Glad you’re back….Thanks for the info on Theta….Interesting indeed….CVN is a great show. i think he will do very well with it. It’s a hoot to listen to. Hope you have a great weekend, everybody else as well…..VK

  303. Visionkeeper says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments about this site. I really appreciate it and I really appreciate all of you as well. This place wouldn’t be without all of you so thank you. Have a good weekend….. VK

  304. purpleskyz says:

    Hi Hannah!
    You made me think of something when you mentioned theta.
    Scientology. Long ago I had looked into this because I have alwayI loved anything science fiction. I read the whole websight. Thought how weird those people are. Not from the concept but the way you have to PAY so much money for each tier. After all of the things we are finding out now the concepts aren’t so crazy. I wonder why I never hear this mentioned on any light board etc. That whole religion is alien in nature???? Oh well, don’t need to confuse myself any more than I already am. LOL!

    I started trying to get my 30 year old twin girls to get prepared with just some supplies and now they think I need mental help. 🙂 sigh…

    Anyway welcome Hannah! This site is very warm and feels like home to me also!

  305. Hannah says:

    Hello VisionKeeper, Raven, Joe, Spacemuffin, Sue, Purplesky, and Raymond (where’d he go, BTW ~ come back!),

    Just this afternoon (noon, PST) I decided to look further into VK’s site and found you all. I have spent the past hour reading every entry. I think I just may have found my tribe. I hope so. Lonely out here in Lightworker/warrior world.

    I post what I can, as diplomatically as possible, on facebook, with the hopes that I am making an impact even if my friends and family don’t acknowledge what I’ve shared (I do appear to have one follower out of over 100). In person or over the phone I get a lot of u-huh’s and abrupt endings. I am sure you all know what I mean. At this point I don’t care if I am seen as crazy; I just want to get folks to wake up!

    I have always had a deep knowing. I told a therapist that a few years back. “I just KNOW things…” “Ah….” she replied. Then proceeded to lead me through theta therapy. That was in 2004. I ran into to her last fall and while we hugged I said everything that I needed to in just a few words, “I’m awakened and ascending.” Her glow and deep gaze told me that she understood completely. I miss her.

    I think I have been in the process of waking up since 9/11. When I look back on my path, all of the movement has been about awakening. I ran across Matthew’s Messages in 2007, and have followed him since, but I didn’t really get around to understanding about Ascension before last fall. Gregg Braden, David Wilcock, Linda Dillon, Steve Beckow…the list has grown. It’s been good for my soul to realize that my values of humanity, justice, mercy, peace, harmony, God, have a place and purpose in this world after all.

    Thankyou, VK, for opening up this forum. Hannah

    • Hi Hannah, The thanks go all to VK here on this site, but its good to meet you Hannah and Welcome to the fold of the Awakened.. Blessings sent and here’s to the foreward March of the Warriors Way to the Light.. ~Sue xx

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey Hannah!!!! Glad you stumbled in and we will love having you. A good group here and we help one another get through all the insanity! I know what you mean about ‘Just knowing’…That’s me. Never heard of Theta therapy. What the heck is it??? I know exactly what you mean about most people not understanding what you are talking about. I think all of the light workers face the same dilemma. Come on back and stay a while. Grab a cup of tea and settle in 🙂 VK

    • Raven says:

      Welcome to the flock, Hannah.

      “I just know things…” is perfect! I wish I had one piece of worthless fiat currency for every time I said those words.

      You’ll fit right in.

  306. Raven says:

    I find this whole discussion about Celestine Prophesy fascinating! I remember so vividly upon finishing the book my whole life changed immediately, especially realizing what it meant to live synchronistically and the journey that ensued. As VK says, it was a very long journey of discovery and that it is speeding up so fast now, as they warned us. Love to all…

  307. Visionkeeper says:

    DW….It is the way I have always lived my life. I just know things. It is a state much like being clairevoyant or clairesentinent etc. I can’t think of the word for knowing but it is in the same group…You just know…It is strange in some ways but I always pretty much enjoyed the gift unless it was knowing too much about the dark ones lets say….VK

  308. purpleskyz says:

    Hi Raven
    I would have loved to surf but I made the mistake of seeing the movie Jaws right before I headed off to Cali. Wrong thing to see. It kind of paralized me with fear. In Hawaii I did body surf at North Shore but only once. I realized I needed to be by the ocean not in it. LOL!

    Hi SueD!
    Seems that CP has had an impact on quite a few of us. It really did change how I looked at things. I still hold that book dear. I loaned it to someone awhile back because I felt he was really ready to understand some things but needed to realize them for himself. Very powerful book to me.
    I have also been seeing the number sequences lately. For the longest time I thought I was just daft. So good to find us all having the same things going on right?

    Have a wonderful day all!

    • Hi PSkyz, I find nothing is by chance… gathering here together on VK’s excellent site for one.. ( sorry to swell that head of yours again VK 😉 ) You too enjoy your day/night/experience and nice meeting you 🙂

  309. Hi All.. VK, Raymond, Raven ,and Purpleskyz. and anyone else I missed. It is great catching up here and reading all of this.. and smiling as I think the Celestine Prophecy when first published also set me to my path. Although I was already upon my Spiritual Path but It got me thinking to just at what stage I was at.. Now of course a whole lot more info and many, many years later down the track and the twelfth insight now read it shows me also how we are given “ Insights” all through our lives..
    A dear friend once gave me books to read early in my Spiritual development years, and I scoffed at their content , because I wasn’t ready for the information. .. And yet years later through my own searching, this information surfaced again, via differing sources and was also verified via Spirit communication.. Which again re-enforced the ‘Signs’ which we are all given along our pathway..
    It’s about opening ourselves up now to that information, and once we do we see a whole new World as we unearth what reality is, and to what we have been led to believe..
    For many years now I have been digging as you have VK.. And only now do I smile at how quickly now many are becoming awakened to that which is around them, as they begin to question, and seek answers for themselves… And they now many I speak to say I am not so Crazy after All..

    In answer to the 11:11.. you will start to see sequences of other numbers too.. such as 222 333 etc… Im now seeing lots of 555’s …

    • Visionkeeper says:

      You know DW, things are so different now. I too read CP and things blew open for me and my reading and searching and digging and asking heated up. Learning about synchronicity was a real eye opener and changed how I lived my life. A long journey indeed. Today those who are searching are being gifted quite quickly with answers compared to the old days. Lucky for them and I am glad for them as it urges them along with less work. I kind of liked the long journey and the digging as it took me to so many places and I learned way more than I was looking for, but at this juncture we need SPEED!!!! We need everybody awake and soon.
      I have been having very strange sleeping patterns. Waking at odd hours like 12:30 or 2:30 and very much awake. I just get up and do things and eventually go back to sleep. As I always say I think we are getting downloads. Been seeing 11:11and 5’s and 3’s…I hope we are learning all that is being sent our way…Take care and blessings…VK 🙂

      • Me too I feel also VK that much we absorb we dont always take in as retaining info, but have an inward knowing, unexplainable to some…. if someone should ask me How I know.. I just do… does that make sense?

  310. purpleskyz says:

    OMG!!! You must be my twin!
    I am also a 60’s hippie. LOL I also was a student radical. Was at the Chicago democratic convention etc. Spent my early 20’s living in Hawaii and tripping around California. Hanging out with rock stars, working in clubs. haha Ahhhh the good ol’ days. 🙂
    I also read CP when it first came out. ( I was just on that site checking out the 12th insight info. )This is so weird.
    A friend kept telling me to read that book and one day I found myself right smack in front of it in the library. After reading that everything clicked a different way for me.
    The 11:11 thing started about 2 years before I read CP.
    Well maybe I have been on this process for longer than I think. I am so glad that we could have these chats today Raven. Thanks… you have helped me enormously.

    • Raven says:

      Oh wow… and both from Orion! Perhaps we are from the same soul group! This is cool.

      Yep, the gold old days… did you surf too? That would cinch the connection for sure, that was my life passion until I settled in the mts. I still trip to Costa Rica once in awhile.

      I didn’t understand about ascension until recently this year. I’ve been meditating since1970, studied tai chi, ate organic, did all those hippie things that were actually all a part of the awakening process because we kept ourselves off of the matrix by being different and apart. We had a dream of a peaceful world remember? Maybe it’s finally coming to pass. Thanks, purpleskyz, you’ve helped me too!

  311. Raven says:

    I’ve been at this since 1995 and I still read constantly because they are constantly imparting information. Just keep at it until it all falls into place for you. Some of what I read doesn’t resonate but most does. Regardless, it’s all so fascinating and mind-bending. We could all be characters in a science fiction novel for all I know. Oh well!

    My journey started with the book Celestine Prophecy. At the time I read it I was island-hopping around the Caribbean, pretty much sailing around wherever the wind blew with no useful purpose other than bothering lobsters and the occasional tuna. CP opened my eyes that I had a mission and needed to go find where I supposed to be. I left the boat, bought a camper, and wandered around the U.S. for two years looking for what, I had no idea, but I knew I’d know it when I found it. Many, many synchronicities later, Gaia led me west and connected with me in a most startling way, “Right here, right now, this is the spot,” she said very plainly and I stopped roving and settled into this homestead in a national forest. I should add I was a 60’s hippie and anti-war protester, always bucking the system and manifesting peace in my own way, despite constant harping by The Establishment that peace was never possible for humanity. Heh Illuminati, you were WRONG! LOL!

  312. purpleskyz says:

    Hi Raven
    Thanks for the info. I go on in5D often. I have read and tried to absord all that I can to try and wrap my mind around the concept of Ascension. I am all for having my kidlings and kids with me through this process. Hope this happens like that.
    I have read Edgar Cayces predictions since I was a teen. I just last week went through the info on in5d about Cayce and that was a turning point for me to letting go of fear based emotions. He specifically stated that when the upheaval happens, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana (I think) will be the place to be here in the states. I live in Illinois. I had long forgotten this. How synchronistic of VK to have a Cayce spot above today.
    I am most thankful for this awakening. It was an interesting chain of events that got this going for me. How did you become aware of all of this?
    Thanks for your help and kindness Raven! You are an awesome Lightworker.
    Much Love to you!!!! 🙂

  313. Visionkeeper says:

    Interesting piece on sun spots and consciousness and Edgar Cayce…..Enjoy! VK

  314. purpleskyz says:

    Hi Raven!
    Wow… it sounds like you have an awesome place! How very cool!
    I have always said that if I could, I would live up in mountains kind of pioneer style. Would definately miss the internet though. LOL
    I also do not feel alone with all of the wonderful like minded folks that I am connecting with these days.
    I don’t have a 5D plan as this is all pretty new to me. I just really came to this last summer so I am not real sure what 5D will be. I think I still need much work.
    I am not sure that I want to leave my children and 2 grandsons either. I am very connected to all of them. My grandsons are my heart. I think both are indigos of course. 🙂
    I guess I will just wait to see where I will fit into the big picture.
    Wishing you a beautiful day also!!

    Hi V.K!
    It is interesting that we are all so much alike with many traits that at some time in the past might have been perceived as odd or weird. As we said in the 60’s…. Let your freak flag fly!
    Have a wonderful day VK and thanks

    • Visionkeeper says:

      You guys enjoy and have a wonderful day as well…I am off to pack more boxes…VK 🙂

    • Raven says:

      You don’t have to leave your kids and grandkids, especially the Indigos. According to my readings most of them will be making the transition (although I understand some are supposed to stay in 3D and help others.) And you don’t have to give up the internet to live in the wilderness, they have satellites! I would go bonkers without Internet, however I have felt for about two years now that the internet will be going away one day and we’ll be back to one-on-one. I hope I’m wrong about that. Or maybe everything will be available telepathically!

      There are many good references for learning about 3D-5D ascension. You would not be on this forum if you weren’t planning on ascending. The link that VK provided below to the Cayce information comes from a site called In5D, which is jam-packed with articles and a wonderful reference. Some people, like me, have been involved in this process for many years, others are just waking up. Don’t feel bad about that, feel thankful. Most of our roles in 5D will be re