Numerology Readings

 Numerology readings by Gillian:



I sincerely hope you will take time to read about Gillian and her indepth numerology readings. She is extremely thorough and most importantly, very accurate! She has done my reading and I was very impressed with her abilities. I will leave her contact information in case you are interested. Go ahead, be brave!! Lots to learn about yourself.                                                                                                   Blessings…..VK



 Dr. Gillian Grannum is a gifted counselor who uses numerological data to clarify your life path choices and provide insight into the unique traits and abilities you’ve selected to assist you at a personality and soul level. She identifies potential challenges you may encounter and the attributes you’ve developed that can be used to overcome them.  Her specialty is that of providing you with a synthesis of the many unique qualities you have that serve to propel you forward during critical times in life.

A chart and mp3 audio recording is provided to each client. You can schedule a session that includes a telephone conference or, if you prefer, simply request the chart and audio recording be emailed to you upon completion.

Two Types of Session Available

  • 30 minute recorded session (Sliding scale of $40 – $75)
  • 60 minute recorded session (Sliding scale of $70 – $150)

Sliding Scale | You decide your final payment for the session you select based on your ability to pay and recognition of value received. A deposit of $30 is requested prior to each session with the remainder due upon receipt of your mp3 audio and pdf chart

Contact Gillian at

8 Responses to Numerology Readings

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  4. Raven says:

    Gillian is an amazing, highly talented numerologist. She did my chart last week and it was uncannily accurate and very helpful. Two days later I had two dreams where three numbers appeared prominently. This never happened to me in my life so I walked them by Gillian, she compared them with my birth chart and provided a detailed reading of the meaning of these numbers. Absolutely fascinating. If you are interested, I highly recommend her.

  5. jim braning says:

    Thanks for this gillian, looking foward to your in depth readings!

  6. gcgrann says:

    Thanks very much for placing this on your blog, Vk. I really appreciate your kind words concerning my gift. Let’s trust that those we can help find this page and utilize the services offered to assist them in these traumatic times on Mother Earth. Blessings ~Gillian

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