Just My Observation…

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A quick note to ponder in your free time. I saw an ad on my computer today talking about a new app that alerts you to the best deals in shopping to save money and time. I think it is fair to say since television has been getting a bum rap by so many people who no longer choose to watch its plethora of lies, that our savvy corporate world has now stepped in to make cellphones be the new TV’s to control us. Everything they do is often so subtle we don’t even realize what they are doing, but that slowly is changing thank God. They are creating apps now for everything, creating a fantasy life at our fingertips.  Why not have that shopping alert app on our phone so now we can buy even more stuff we don’t really need? REAL life is not at your fingertips! You have to interact with it, be aware of it or big trouble lays ahead. The distraction and intrusion into people’s lives by cellphones has become dangerous at this point, the same way television was. They entertain us and do everything for us so we can live our autopilot lives totally unaware of life around us in the world.

This distraction is what got us to where we are now, in a very bad place with power standing over us making laws that restrict us from living the lives we choose. First it was colorful and fun cellphone covers and ringtones that grabbed everyone’s attention and dragged them in. Now we have apps to put on the phones to live our lives for us essentially. It is time we open our eyes and see we are being dragged into states of non-living again by their offers. If one is already asleep they are oblivious to these tactics and they get sucked in even deeper. Stay awake to what they are doing and quite frankly disconnect with technology as best you can and reconnect with real living. Maybe then we can save our world. It is all about simplicity and remaining connected. I’ve never owned a cellphone and I’m really glad I never did. One less addiction to overcome. The internet is hard enough.

Blessings to us all,


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Time For An Attitude Shift…

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Well, thank goodness the political insanity of Mid Term Elections is now over and the incessant advertising has ended. I feel like we’ve all gone through a waring blender having our brains whipped to a frenzy. I think it may have all been worth it in the end however. While I don’t believe personally that the Republican party is any different from the Democratic party or that anything earth shattering will change on Capitol Hill, I do see that this wave of change can be used for positive ending by us if not by them. I think if we all take a deep breath and choose to see the good that can come out of this we can begin making headway. First and foremost, any change be it red, blue or purple in nature creates movement and movement always instills growth and hopefully growth can shift the consciousness of some in Washington. We have all grown accustomed to feeling gloom about our situation, but now it seems there is room to let the light in and encourage the new Republican members to live up to their promises. This is our opportunity to set aside negative thinking and instead  make a concerted effort to see the good in our future and stand behind our new leaders and encourage them to govern by higher principles.

The change has to begin somewhere and this seems like a good place to begin and shift our attitudes from doom and gloom and hopelessness to capturing the good energy swirling about this country and put it to good use. Instead of just automatically thinking well nothing has really changed because they are all the same, it would behoove us all to see new possibilities and run with them, make ourselves heard by the new ears residing in Washington now, instead of complaining it is time for figuring out solutions to problems and offering them up. It is all about what we make of this shift in power now. We can stay locked in the old mindset of negativity or take the chance to encourage new ideas and envision them being accepted and put into practice by the new leaders now taking up residency in Washington, D.C.

As always, our thoughts create our reality, and some movement forward is better than no movement forward, so let’s think positive! We no longer will be plagued by Harry Reid and his iron fist of grid lock! Now if we can just take away Obama’s pen and phone…  If we wish to be free, we have to live our lives like we are already free, not as victims. There are new and younger minds entering politics now with every election. Sooner rather than later, the old timers will be gone and hopefully the younger minds will be more open and be of higher consciousness. If we can all raise our consciousness, so can they, these times I feel are promoting that for the world at large. These times are all about humanity bursting its chains and setting itself free. This shift in power is just one more small step towards the change we have all be dreaming about and working towards. Washington has shifted its power, it’s time we do too.

Blessings to us all,


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Love It!


I always enjoy ingenious thinking and positive outcomes. This is definitely one of those moments! Wonderful idea to solve problems. Here is the article. Enjoy!

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Oh Good Heavens….


Can they not stop with the fear mongering? It has become so ridiculous many people don’t even listen anymore…This drama is getting so old and tiresome. Let’s get on with the new world already…Here is the article

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Thursday Full Moon Madness….

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I wanted to share this full moon information for Thursday’s full moon. It’s getting pretty bright out there! Lets see if we can’t use this energy to move ourselves forward and become more of who we truly are…Here is the article.

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November Night Skies…


Thanks to The watchers

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I just wanted to share this article with everyone who is interested in keeping up with the night skies and what is going on. Looks like some meteor showers are coming up so keep looking up!

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A few snow flakes are blowing about in the air today and the temperatures have plummeted announcing the arrival of  winter. I am contemplating starting up the wood stove today. That always makes the cold, blustery days seem more acceptable. We shall see. As I have been sitting here watching the snow swirling about out the window I found myself deep in thought about what really matters in life, what I am blessed by. I think if someone were to ask me what about me matters most in how I live my life, after saying honesty, my next big thing would be my curiosity. It literally has kept me alive. I cannot imagine living my life without curiosity. I would never know the wonder of things and the excitement of the spiritual world. It is magical, it is what makes life magical and life without magic is dead boring! There is a great deal of autopilot living going on these days. We have been surviving on autopilot for eons and because of that we have lost the magic. We are disconnected from life, unaware of the steps we are taking or where we are going. This way of living has unfortunately gotten us in the predicament we find ourselves in today.

Curiosity is so essential to survival. If we are not curious about what is going on in the world that means we are not researching for the answers that will help to keep us safe. Many think they are safe in their comatose little bubbles, but nothing could be further from the truth. Those bubbles are bubbles of denial to all that is going on in the world. People feel safe because they are turning a blind eye to everything taking place around them, but how is that safety? There is great truth in the old saying ” Knowledge is power”. If one is aware of what is happening to them they are equipped with the power to know what is bad or good for them, otherwise they just hang out in the bubble and never know what is headed their way until it is too late! There is great strength in being curious about everything in life. It keeps us awake and aware and up to date on all things.

Curiosity has worked well for me on so many levels. Take my Lyme disease for instance. If I were not curious about my health and knew my body well, I never could have put the puzzle pieces together that led me to realizing what was bringing down my health. I don’t have health insurance so it is imperative for me to maintain good health and avoid medical bills. I have self healed for many years now thanks to alternative medicine. If I were not a curious person by nature, I am certain all of this understanding would have passed me by all the while I became sicker and sicker. Years ago when I was fighting against mosquito spraying in the town where I lived, my battle led me to delve deep into the horrors of chemicals and their health effects to use for my defense. This in turn led me to the eventual discovery that the Government I knew was not at all what I thought it was! It was shocking and a bit overwhelming to discover this, but discover it I did and it has brought me full circle to where I am today.

Curiosity is essential for survival on all levels! If we are not curious about ourselves, we do not know ourselves on a deep level. We do not know if we are healthy or sick, content or frustrated with life, what we want from life or what we need from it. If we don’t question what is going on in the world or what our Government is doing, we lay ourselves open to being hoodwinked and lied to. It is happening all the time today. For a person whose life revolves around honesty, I find it extremely difficult to deal with the mass deception taking place on society right now.  If you do nothing else with your life, I urge you to activate your curiosity. Forget the diversions of television and drama in the news, or the empty entertainment designed to occupy your time. End all that and turn instead to activating your curiosity and connect with yourself and the world around you. That is true reality! You won’t be sorry once you find the courage to pop your safety bubble and join those around you in the know of the world at large.

Blessings to us all,


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Urgent Message From Tom Kenyon…

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I just wanted to share the latest Hathor Message from Tom Kenyon as it addresses specifically the chaos we are now experiencing in the world around us and how to deal with the stress of it all. If nothing else, it certainly tells us we are not alone in what we are experiencing! Hang on tight guys and work hard to raise your consciousness. Stay in your hearts, see the good in all bad, remain positive and be love to yourself and to all those around you. We will get through this, TOGETHER!

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New Food Matters Video…Carb Loaded

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Now I Understand…


Boy, the last couple of days have been rough and now I see we are once again being pelted by solar flares, this time a very powerful one! It is a good time to stay grounded with nature outside as it can lessen the negative effects from the solar flares. Lets hope this one blasted us with more awakening abilities and people are popping open. Here is the write up about it. Don’t fight these energies, just try to go with them, if you are feeling off, now you know why so accept it …

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