Chamber of peaceful music

If you are stressed or fried or just ready to be done with your day, settle back, choose a song and close your eyes or watch the video and relax. Be still, be quiet and rejoin yourself. Whisper to me  Night light  5th dimensional shift  Balance Spiritual  Letting go  In the spirit Way to heaven  My orchid spirit  Solaris  Deep space Space music Spirit of sound  Solar empire  The visionary Floating Lunar Native

Meditation: One hour solfeggio consciousness and intuitive expansion meditation. Solfeggio was the original musical scale used by most until the Catholic church realized its frequencies were healing to the human body and shortly after the scale was changed and the solfeggio was locked away until rediscovered not long ago.

7 Responses to Chamber of peaceful music

  1. Thank you. As a young-onset early-stage dementia patient, if I have music on this is the kind of music I need. Thank you 🙂

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  3. bentpeople says:

    very soothing music… I had it on in the background as I was doing some writing and found myself really open to the flow of my thinking. Thank you for that… I’ll tune in again.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Hey there BP…Glad you enjoyed it. I need to update it and put new stuff in so I’m glad you reminded me. Glad you stopped in! Blessings….VK

  4. vision5d2012 says:

    What a beautiful resource! I am frequently looking for soothing music. Now I know where to look.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Thank you Vision5D…..Some of the music is really mesmerizing..I use it to write my blog by. Have a wonderful day and blessings….VK

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